From Coffee Prince to On Air
by | August 29, 2008 | 12 Comments

Coffee Prince‘s scene-stealing “Harim,” or actor Kim Dong-wook, is taking the stage for his musical debut in the lead role of frank and straightforward “Alex” in the production of On Air: Season 2.

On Air: Season 2 is described as a “cheerful romantic musical” that takes place at a radio station, centering around a younger DJ and a stiff older female PD (gawd, run that older-female trend/cliché into the ground, will ya?). Despite sharing its name with the popular SBS drama series, the two On Air musicals (Season 1 ran earlier this year) share only a tenuous link to the drama; this isn’t an adaptation or sequel, but rather a loose spin-off.

Kim Dong-wook’s character in the musical takes some of its cues from real life, it seems. Apparently Alex in Season 1 was a idol singer who faced lip-synching accusations. But now in Season 2, he’s called away to fulfill his military service, and finds himself coming back after his discharge to unexpected public attention. He dreams of making a grand comeback while working as a radio DJ.

The musical runs from October 7 through January 4 of next year.

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12 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Liv

    Well clearly I really love him because I think he looks adorable in that pic despite (or because of?) the bowtie.


  2. Sue



  3. lala

    i agree with you Liv. He looks so adorable in that picture. ahh i love him!


  4. LOVIN IT.

    i LOVE him tooooooooo! what a cutie!


  5. JiHwan

    I’ve never been a fan of this guy. Even durng his coffee prince days, I though Lee Eun was much cuter.


  6. nurse.v

    He’s so adorable. I just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket ;-)


  7. Cherry

    it’s great to see how Kim Dong Wook working on another project after his role in CP =) but I definitely miss those off-the-script scenes the CP cast created…


  8. Felicity

    Cutie Kim Dong Wook. By far, the most talented Coffee Prince out of the three (even though I also adore the other 2 princes). Glad to see him land bigger roles. =)


  9. anne

    big fangirl of him
    looove him!


  10. 10 amy

    i love him… he’s beautiful and has wonderful voice. i wish i could go to his musical


  11. 11 Elle

    yeah…enuff of the older female trend already!


  12. 12 Emma C

    He’s too cute!!!!!! Loved him in Coffee Prince AND Unstoppable Marriage!!!!!!!


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