Get the fat suit ready for Bada
by | August 17, 2008 | 10 Comments

While news is quiet of the 200 Pound Beauty sequel, plans are under way for a musical version, starring SES lead singer Bada. (The film sequel will be losing the sleeper hit’s original plastic-beauty Hana, star Kim Ah-joong, who opted not to return to the franchise in favor of other projects now that she’s catapulted to stardom.)

This musical version will be the follow-up stage role to Bada’s previous theatrical turn as Esmerelda in Notre Dame de Paris, for which she received favorable reviews. She’ll share the double-cast role of Hana with musical actress Yoon Gong-joo (really, Yoon parents? You named your kid “Princess”?). The male lead role, originated by Joo Jin-mo in the movie, is yet to be cast.

The musical version of 200 Pound Beauty will begin its theatrical run on November 27.

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10 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jane

    Sorry, just confused about one bit. Two actresses will be playing Hana in the musical? Are the actresses different before and after the plastic surgery in the musical? Maybe I’m just confused because in the movie I assumed that it was Kim Ah-Joong in both was, wasn’t it?
    LOL, so many questions!

  2. javabeans

    No, “double cast” means they’ll both play the same part, but alternate performances.

  3. Iranian Espresso

    Thank You. Interesting.

  4. Jane

    LOL, Thanks for answering! :]]

  5. simone

    LOL i’m not surprised there’s a gong-joo haha.
    My schoolmate’s called Princess. Yes, that’s her first name!
    I’m with royalty all this while. *sticks nose in the air*

  6. Di

    Was it really necessary to make this into a musical? I don’t think I could sit through it.
    Are even the Koreans running out of new material for original scripts? *disappointed* o.o;

  7. Lucies

    I’d love to see Ock Ju Hyun in that role too! She’s such an amazing singer and musical actress!

  8. cinderella

    For some reason, I don’t think she’ll do the character justice…

    Nor do I think that they should make a sequel for 200 Pounds of beauty, she could ruin it…

  9. lh14

    cinderella/ you’re totally wrong. I had a chance to watch this musical when I was in Seoul and it was a really entertaining musical. Bada’s voice is too amazing to describe in words. No wonder why they said she is one of the best singers. Her vocals is so great! I was also very impressed by her acting skills. Overall, I loved the musical. It’s much more romantic than the movie version. And the best part was when they had Bada performs the song “Maria” again at the end of the show. While performing, she asked the audiences to clap along with her. Bada is very professional. She really know how to light up the stage. The audiences went crazy during the 4 mins long of her ‘Maria’ performance. Everyone were out of their chairs, jumping, singing and clapping along with Bada. It was very wonderful! I had a really fun time watching the show. And Bada is very very nice in person. If you have a chance to see her in person, you’ll be amazed by how great her personlity is. She’s much more beautiful in real life than on tv/photos. Bada is a great musical actress. Good luck to Bada! 🙂

  10. 10 takepon

    @ lh14 – How nice to see your comment, it’s not hard to tell how well people know about the artists they’re commenting from the comments they made 🙂
    and yeah a lot of people don’t know how well Bada can do, a little bit underestimated isn’t she!

    Now, go for the awards Bada~

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