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by | August 14, 2008 | 15 Comments

New actress Song Min-ji appeared in the August 13 episode of horror drama Hometown of Legends and is now sparking lots of comparisons to pop diva Lee Hyori.

What do you think, Hyori-esque or not? (Or, should I say, Hyorish-esque? Hyorish-ish?)

A few more shots:

15 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lucies

    not really, hyori is prettier!

  2. haj

    i don’t know if i agree but i definitely see it.

  3. etsy

    nooo…this girls not really pretty…at all.

  4. lime

    no. SHE’S wearing a shirt.

  5. asianromance

    she does look like hyori when hyori is not being all hyorish.

  6. simone

    i may sound eviiil but this ‘hyori’ looks quite bad dressed in korean garbs. not sure how the real hyori would look like if she’s dressed in it LOL

  7. anna

    From those pictures, they’re very similar.

  8. K-lover

    They have similar noses and mouths but other than that I think Lee Hyori is more preettier. Must be the eyes.

  9. Dirty Basement

    I don’t see it. I think she looks like Mina.

  10. 10 Jay

    Then again, anyone can look like anyboy nowadays with plastic surgery and all…

  11. 11 Jay

    Then again, anyone can look like anyboy nowadays with plastic surgery and all…

  12. 12 A !

    Ugh, I hate comparisons like these, but whatever.

    Lee Hyori and Song Min Ji are both beautiful in their own way 🙂

  13. 13 JiHwan

    At a quick glance they look similiar. I guess you could say they pass for siblings, but if you look closely their features are different. Hyori is much prettier. I dont get why people just jump to the conclusion that they had plastic surgery just because they look similiar. People can look similiar. It’s normal.

  14. 14 LCfanxx

    I think Hyori is prettier. She looks like she had plastic surgery.. o______o unatural beauty. She looks like a trans as well. whoops!

  15. 15 nobodyjusme

    i can see a little…

    hmm…is this what hyori(sh) would look like if she was pale-skinned??

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