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Ladies keep their cool with Samsung
by | August 28, 2008 | 24 Comments

Samsung Electronics unveiled some new appliances at its new-product presentation on August 28 at its headquarters in Seoul. Some of the machines being launched include newfangled washing machines and kimchi refrigerators, which boast the ad-buzzwordy “3E” strategy — or emotion, ecology, and energy saving.

Sounds like pretty mundane business, if not for the appearances of Samsung’s three high-profile brand models: actresses Han Ga-in (who has advertised for Samsung’s kimchi refrigerator), Lee Da-hae (in her third year in the spokesperson gig), and Yoon Eun-hye (which explains the reason for her singing the “Salad song” recently).

The ladies look nice, if not their best (mostly I’m struck with how skinny and washed-out they seem). Kind of bland and muted, but this IS a product presentation, not a fashion show, I suppose.

Also, the length of Han Ga-in‘s hair reminds me how long it’s been since we’ve seen her last, sporting the cute, sassy short ‘do in Witch Amusement. I wonder if she’s planning to extend her break now that her husband (Yeon Jung-hoon) is acting (with Lee Da-hae) in the new East of Eden.

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24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. choram

    Preeeetty. 🙂

  2. kim

    pretty girls! but they all look so skinny :/

  3. dazzled

    i agree with kim, which kinda reminds me of the old xman days where they used to tease eun hye for being “fat” or anything that had to do with her weight.

  4. lovin'it

    Haha I love all of them! But yes they are too skinny!
    I hope to see all of them acting soon 🙂 I love their dramas.

  5. Minny

    OMG I couldn’t recognize Ha Ga In, because of the long hair. I was thinking…hmm I have seen that girl somewhere.

  6. michi

    Minny, me too! I was like…who is that???

    I think HGI’s face looks rounder here…

  7. Carmie

    LDH looks soo tiny and i almost couldn’t recognize HGI. I think it’s the hair. YEH looks cute though. However, they look a bit too skinny especially YEH and LDH. HGI’s outfit and hair makes her look a little fuller.

  8. bird

    hmm han ga in’s hair looks kinda like kim min hee’s.. is frizz the new black now?? but i should be glad if that’s the case.. hehe -_-

  9. Avience

    all three are my favorite, love them very much!!!

  10. 10 Angela

    Hmm… I wonder why, but I’ve never liked Han Ga-in. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed one show or movie she’s been in… except maybe some of Witch Amusement which I watched solely for Jae Hee. She just pales in comparison to the leads from Coffee Prince and My Girl, two of my favorite dramas… ^_^

  11. 11 Liv

    I really like YEH – she just seems like such a fun and cute and genuine person – the kind of person you can imagine actually hanging out with.

  12. 12 asianromance

    Han Ga In’s hair makes her look old. Love her pants but not feeling the shirt. Lee Da Hae and Yoon Eun Hye both look like they need to eat a sandwich or two. They’re too skinny! And is that a ribbon in Lee Da Hae’s hair?? Yoon Eun Hye’s got the best look.

  13. 13 zinaa

    Eun yoon is the most preeeeeety one

  14. 14 JiHwan

    Kind of unusual to see these 2 beautiful ladies (HGI & LDH) together. Also ironic that Yun Jung Hoon is co-staring with Lee Da hae.

  15. 15 bon bon

    Han Ga In and Yoon Eun Hye look so pretty.
    Lee da Hae needs to eat a burger.

  16. 16 luci

    Lee Da Hae looks so cute and pretty!

  17. 17 Yin

    Han ga in looks soo washed out with that hairstyle.
    I liked her short hair

  18. 18 leyla k.

    YEH looks really nice<3

  19. 19 chai


  20. 20 lilwuman

    wow shes sooo skiny compared to when she was in my girl. i mean shes still pretty but very skinny for her height.

  21. 21 lilwuman

    oh i was talking about lee da hae heheh

  22. 22 nonono

    lee dae hae have typical face of asian, nothing special bout her, why people say she’s so pretty..omg..open ur eyes widely, she look like thirty years old woman to me, look older than her age, for me the one whose beautifull face is jojo (woman rnb singer in usa), i like her coz she’s beautifull singer with excellent voice..lee dae hae far away ugly if compared wth jojo n all hollywood actresss i think…sorry 4 da hae fanatic fans..

  23. 23 Javafiend

    I nearly choked when I realized that woman on left was Han Ga-in. Because my first reaction was “what’s with the 90s hairdo?” Too young, talented and spunky to be sporting such a blah style, and it does absolutely nothing for her gorgeous facial structure. Really hope that it’s for an upcoming project…

  24. 24 Armin.A

    thanks for beautiful pictures

    please send me to my Email more pictures of Yoon Eun-hye


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