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Lee Eon dies in accident
by | August 20, 2008 | 191 Comments

Oh, man.

Model-turned-actor Lee Eon (also spelled Lee Un, most famously of Coffee Prince) has died in a motorcycle accident.

The 27-year-old, born Park Sang-min, was on his way home following the wrap party for KBS’s Strongest Chil Woo early on the morning of August 21. He was riding a motorcycle and ran into the guardrail of the overpass, and is said to have died almost immediately.

The news has shocked everyone; online, netizens are abuzz in disbelief. Just the night before, he had been onscreen in Chil Woo‘s finale episode, and the sudden news is, to say the least, startling.

Lee Eon got his start modeling, but shot to mainstream levels of fame when he took on the role of simple-hearted but lovable Min Yub in last year’s Coffee Prince. He followed that with a stint as a cable-TV MC, then returned to dramas with Who Are You? and, most recently, Strongest Chil Woo.


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191 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lizzie

    what????????????? NOOOOOOO
    is that true? OMG, hic hic I’m crying right now
    I love this guy in coffee prince and who are you
    he is very talented, NOOOOOOOO

  2. jippo

    Such a crazy world, and at such a young age!
    I was looking forward to seeing more of his work.

  3. Christina

    omg (face)
    that’s soooo sad! i loved him as an actor in coffee prince!
    he was so cute and funny!
    T.T i’ll pray for him
    R.I.P. Lee Eon

  4. addicted

    I adore him. Deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  5. Sevenses

    OMG NOOO. That’s so tragic! I loved him in CP… and now he’s just … gone?! *deep breath*

    My sympathies to his family, friends and fans.

  6. docmitasha

    I can’t believe it. Wow. What a loss. He had so much talent and potential. Its painful and startling to read this.

    My sympathies to all who knew him, and to his fans. Rest in peace, Lee Eon, and thanks for the memories. I don’t know if watching your work again will ever feel the same.

  7. betchay

    My GOD, very sad news & so young indeed.
    I liked him in Coffee Prince. RIP

  8. veronica

    i saw this somewhere else and didn’t believe it.
    wow. he was my favorite one out of the princes!

  9. nurse.v

    Absolutely heartbreaking ;-( I’m so shocked and just overwhelmed with disbelief (and grief). I feel as if I’ve just lost a dear friend. I really enjoy watching him and his presence will surely be missed. *sobs* My deepest condolences to his loved ones.

  10. 10 ed

    this is too shocking, my jaw just dropped. i was looking forward to more and mature performances from him in the future. it reminds you how fragile life is. there seems to be so many motorcycle accidents, viz. monday kidz singer. RIP lee eon…

  11. 11 invisibelle

    ohh, what a shock, how incredibly sad :( I definitely looked forward to seeing him in future dramas :(

  12. 12 ed

    p.s. omg…he was the tough as nails coach in Like a Virgin. so memorable in a short, thankless role. sigh sigh sigh!!

  13. 13 Jae Young

    I feel like so many people are dying in Korea in motorcycle and car accidents. They seriously need to look into reeducating drivers out there ;_;

  14. 14 phuongthanh

    WHAT THE …??????????????OH MO OH MO!
    I can´t believe it,totaly!!!!!!!!!I CAN´T!
    How come so many korean celebrities have car accidents and motorcycle accidents these days?!!!!!!!
    R.I.P. Lee Eon, hope you will doing well.

  15. 15 infiniti512

    I cant believe this!!! He was so young and just getting started. I wish his family well.

  16. 16 tlina069

    OMG… I cannot believe it!


  17. 17 valmy

    I did not want to believe it either.

    I am soo sorry to hear this.

    I hope he RIP and best wishes to his family!!

  18. 18 Malinda

    Wait why is he riding a motorcycle in the first place? Im shocked and confused. Was he drunk? Is he too poor to get a taxi etc? More info PLEASE /sad

  19. 19 ayana

    R.I.P Lee Eon.

    My deepest sympathies & condolences to his family and friends :-(

  20. 20 Nancy

    Oh my gosh, I just got shivers. I loved him in CP, I was looking forward to more dramas from him. He is such a cutie too! This is such a sad loss, R.I.P. my prince.

  21. 21 Mr Kpop

    Man, what a tragedy!


  22. 22 Amber

    so tragic. he was very promising.

  23. 23 heibai

    This is absolutely heartbreaking.

  24. 24 violetish

    oh my… i don’t even know what to think, just that it is a shame such an awesome actor had to go so early.

  25. 25 avonmarissa

    This tragic world we live in- here one minute, gone the next. May he rest in peace.

  26. 26 daydreamer

    oh gosh. i’m just as shocked as all the rest of the world. rest in peace. :C

  27. 27 Philippa

    I’m really shocked! He’s sooo young!
    He’s an amazing actor.

  28. 28 Miss_Sandalettes

    the news is frightening… i am really shocked… this guy was so full of promise…

  29. 29 K4Ice4Thu

    This is a horrible horrible tragedy..
    I don’t even know how to react..

    May Lee Eon rest in peace.

  30. 30 strawberrygrl

    Lee Eon!!!!!

    this is the second celebrity death related to motorcycles THIS YEAR!!
    what kind of tragedy is this?


  31. 31 Sue


  32. 32 E

    AHHH i still can’t believe it….he was so talented! R.I.P!

  33. 33 Miki

    OMG. Are you serious?

    I mean…he was JUST in Chil Woo….He was just here…and then, gone the next.

    What a shocking and tragic way to die. Such a young, talented guy……

    May he rest in peace, and, quite frankly, at least he became famous at what he did before he died. Surely that’s some condolence. Though now we can never see what else he could’ve done…

  34. 34 xmerokox

    I’m so shocked.


  35. 35 =[

    omg…how sadd!

    R.I.P. Lee Eon

  36. 36 ladychick

    Did he not see that guardrail? Why did he run into it? Man, this is too tragic :(

  37. 37 Auntie Mame

    How sad! After watching the finale of Strongest Chil Woo, I was looking forward to seeing his next project.

    And, from some interviews that I saw, I will always remember him as being a down-to-earth person and someone that was having a good life.


  38. 38 popcorn

    My face nearly (literally) drop from my head after reading this.

    Oh my mother, that is so shocking.

    Wow, this makes me feel sad. I like the guy in Coffee Prince.

    *snif* Awww, RIP poor fella.

  39. 39 snow_angel

    omg…i’m so shocked. he’s so young and his future is so bright. RIP

  40. 40 sLaVe

    I was just SO shocked when I saw this. Even more shocked because I just saw a picture with him, ShinYoung, Jessica, and Tiffany on their latest appearance to SST!

    God, he played my absolute dream boy in Coffee Prince and I always remembered him since. I absolutely fell in love with Min Yeop and thought he played his role really well. I enjoyed watching him on Shim Shim Tapa with ShinYoung too :(

    Ever since Coffee Prince, his modeling AND acting career had been picking up/doing really well. It’s so unfortunate but may he rest in peace <3


  41. 41 cattleya

    i feel sad…RIP to this actor.
    i noticed in Korea that their celebrities are attending(every year) either a wedding or a funeral…

    i think these actors should hail a cab in order for them to reach their houses safe…
    they, being sleep deprived and perhaps intoxicated, are prone to accident.

  42. 42 ivanovie

    Oh My God!! really shocked me! i can’t believe my eyes when i saw the headlines! i thought it was another Lee Eon..not this Chil Woo Lee Eon..i just saw him last night in the final eps!

    huhuhu..this is so sad..he’s just about to rise..Rest In Peace Lee Eon..My Condolences to his family and friends..

  43. 43 kagemusha

    Condolences to Lee Eon’s family and friends. Such a tragedy in the prime of his life and career. He will be missed.

  44. 44 haj

    i just returned from hopping around the house screaming.
    i CANNOT believe it. this is some kind of sick joke, right?

  45. 45 T___T

    It’s just so shocking. He did such a good job playing Min Yub in CP. He was such a lovable guy. Rest in peace Eon. You will be remembered!

  46. 46 aya

    Hard to believe such a thing would happen to him.. Rest in peace Eon. You will always remembered. God bless.. (omo i’m tearing)

  47. 47 norie

    omg…i couldn believe this either!! he’s just there yesterday…i swear i just saw him on a radio show..how could he have gone just like that???
    gosh i feel so nauseous…
    deepest condolences to his family!!

    korean celebrities should stop riding motorbycicle. It is so dangerous.

  48. 48 samlun

    I cannot believe it, feel bad for his family and friends
    Rest in peace Lee Eon
    many people die in motorcycle accidents.
    Let drive safely.

  49. 49 itzkristinee

    I’m very sad to hear this. And I am in total disbelief. Because he’s an amazing actor. And he was not only young but he was a rising star. Just last week I was watching Coffee Prince and I was laughing when he went to pick up Angel at the park because she finally is willing to date him. And I saw him in Who Are You? and In Strongest Chil Woo. I’m very sad I wont be seeing his smile. We’ve lost a very good actor and great person today. =*( He surely will be missed. And may he RIP. and my condolences go out to his family and friends.

  50. 50 joo.ji.hoon

    i cannot believe it….All I have to say is that I have loved his performances, his sweetness and sensitivity was just enchanting…

  51. 51 Angela

    This is so sad. When I first read your headline, I thought you had to be joking. I remember watching him in Coffee Prince, and I just loved the cute innocence he brought to that character. And now he’s passed on?! I’m still in a state of disbelief and shock. He always seemed like such a sweet person. His poor family, friends, and co-stars…another star gone before his time.

  52. 52 cg96

    I am really shocked.He is so adorable in Coffe Prince.He is so young to die.May he rest in peace .

  53. 53 hangook_sonya


  54. 54 Rokku

    Oh no, that’s horrible to hear. My jaws were on the floor when I read this. This is so sad, condolence to his family and friends. R.I.P.

  55. 55 rei

    so sad…… RIP…

  56. 56 enkhee

    R.I.P Lee Eon

    this is unbelievable.

  57. 57 eyna

    OMG!! i was shocked! i can’t believe this news.. he’s so young..


  58. 58 JiHwan

    wow.. i’m still in shock… He just finished filming too. God bless Lee Eon. RIP

  59. 59 Gaisasi

    OH , I couldn’t believe this news. Last night I saw pictures from the party of SCW and then this morning I have a bad news.

  60. 60 winnieee

    i can’t believe this, i just can’t .. im shocked .. speechless i wish this wasnt true, i hope its not.. its really tragic he just started to get famous and he was in coffee prince; one of the best dramas i watched , i dont think i can re watch coffee prince knowing he passed.
    eh life.., his family/friends and the cast of coffee prince must be having a hard time right now.. the cast all had a special bond w/ each other
    rip.. eon i hope u are well in heaven

  61. 61 Jane

    He’s..dead?? Whenever I hear that stars are dead I can’t believe it for a few seconds because I can’t believe that a life has ended. And the event/effect is so much more magnified because of their celebrity. I can’t believe he’s dead. RIP.

  62. 62 din

    this is truly shocking.. and sad..
    and he was doing such a good job on his career..
    maybe it was really his time..
    gosh. these kind of deaths always leave us.. hanging.

    may you rest in peace.

  63. 63 wandergirl

    Ohmy. I was so shocked when I read the headline :(

    My deepest sympathy to his family, friends, colleagues.

  64. 64 kirara43

    OMG. this is so sad.. Lee Eon. you will be remembered .

    Rest in Peace.

  65. 65 Toya

    OMG that is a shock. He was so young… He was a good actor and my condolences go to his family.

    It’s a damn shame.

  66. 66 simone

    OMG. this is so shocking! :(
    Rest in peace Lee Eon.

  67. 67 freyja

    really heart breaking.. i can still remember his smiles..

  68. 68 Brit

    Wow. Completely tragic.


  69. 69 Cor

    This is shocking. Incredibly shocking, considering he had so much talent and relatively untapped potential. And incredibly tragic, considering all the popularity he’s gained from only a couple of dramas.

    My condolences to his family and friends, who must be so heartbroken at his sudden death.

    …Suddenly, celebrities don’t seem so invicible anymore, do they?

  70. 70 HyAena

    Rest in peace, Lee Eon. Shocking and tragic, especially given his youth and how quickly he was rising in the industry.

    Honestly, although I’m not Korean, having lived there for a little while, I have to say that driving there can be quite terrifying. I can only hope all these tragedies involving young, talented celebrities brings attention to the importance of road safety. Because far too many people, both famous and not, have been lost.

  71. 71 Jo

    OH! MY! GOD!!

  72. 72 Mics

    What!? OMG no! Argh this is why I hate motorcycles. It’s too dangerous! RIP Lee Eon. I loved him in Coffee Prince.

  73. 73 tae-seung

    this is so shocking. Condolences to his family and friends. Hope we don’t hear more tragic stories this year.

  74. 74 Emma C

    Somebody please tell me it aint so……………… :(

    My sympathies to his family……………..

  75. 75 estelle

    I realli can’t believe it… My fav Min Yeop…

    I’m realli in shock.

    Rest in peace, Lee Eon. You’ll always be missed and remembered.

  76. 76 Irene

    NO WAY!! it is so unbelievable.. Please tell me it is not true!! although I didnt watch Strongest Chil Woo but I saw all his other drama.. NO WAY!!


  77. 77 Si Yi

    OMG. I am in shock after reading your headline!
    He’s so young… and has such a promising career ahead of him… It’s such a tragedy.
    This death somehow affected me more coz I liked him in his lovable character in Coffee Prince.

    RIP Lee Eon.

  78. 78 PILK

    Deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans.

  79. 79 cookie

    very sad news, so tragic. i still watch him here in manila on strongest chilwoo and thanks to javabeans, i was able to catch him on who are you. he was adorable in coffee prince. gone too soon… i read that he is an only child, i pray for his family and friends.

  80. 80 ginnie

    Oh no…
    Sigh….this is sad news….Why didn’t he pay more attention on the road?
    Why..Why Why……..\
    it is such a loss.
    I hope his last moments were as painless as possible and rest in peace.

  81. 81 cinderella

    OMG! That’s so hard to believe. When I read the title, I thought you were just joking but this is so hard to believe!

    PS: The date kinda feels weird coz it says he died the morning of Aug 21 and technically it’s still Aug 20 here in US. So, it feels weird thinking that he died on aug 21 which will technically be tomorrow here… Weird, huh?

    May he rest in peace…

  82. 82 MyMai

    He was and is such an adorable actor :( My condolences to his family and friends.
    They really should do something about the south korean roads… to die at 27 is more than a tragedy. RIP.

  83. 83 Paula

    This is just so sad and tragic :( May he RIP TT.TT

  84. 84 ivan

    omg. thats so sad. R.I.P….he was a good actor…

  85. 85 tuesday72

    When I read the tweet updates from the one I am following I got shocked and deeply saddened by the news…though I’ve only seen him in Coffee Prince -I’ve grown to like his character. May he rest in peace.

  86. 86 marshalls

    OMG this is so unbelievable :(

    He was such a character in Coffee Prince. His potential would’ve taken him far.


  87. 87 esther

    i’m so sad!
    he’s such a good actor!

  88. 88 katy rose.

    oh my gosh. I can’t believe it…he was a great actor…and he seemed like if you knew him he’d be a nice type guy. may he rest in peace.

  89. 89 goaly

    oh that is so sad… such a huge shock to me, i really liked him too.
    you never know when something like this could happen.
    ill pray for him..
    rest in peace.

  90. 90 D

    geez, why can’t the studios make the actors/singers sign a form that they cannot operate a motorcycle while working for/on projects, they can do it on their own free time when they are not working for any one. this is tragic so many stars have died this year in motorcycle accidents….he will be well remembered , this is so sad, God Bless his family …….

  91. 91 suzukensg

    OMG~~~ And he has been having such success in his roles so far! Was looking forward to more dramas with him. Real pity, and my condolences to his family. Hope the rest of the Korean (and other international stars) drive safely (be it a motorcycle or car) and stay safe!

  92. 92 Steph

    Omg. I am just now reading this and I’m completely shocked. I loved him in Coffee Prince and he came off as such a cool, chill guy. May God make it easy for his family members ….wow.

  93. 93 koalabear

    he’s just a promising actor and he’s too young to die…may Lee Eon rest in peace and time heal the pain that his family and friends are feeling right now

  94. 94 cathysf

    Such a youth. R.I.P. Sadddd

  95. 95 Mel

    I am speechless right now TT.TT

  96. 96 Tiffany80

    I keep reading this story everywhere and it just hasn’t hit me yet. Just unbelievable. R.I.P.

  97. 97 Bee

    So sad.

  98. 98 Sophie

    Sorry to hear that…I really love his character in Coffee Prince. Rest in Peace.

  99. 99 ly22

    i can’t believe it,may he rest in peace

  100. 100 the sp

    OMG I CANTT BELIEVE THIS NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS ALSO EXECPTING TO SEE HIM AGAIN IN OTHER DRAMAS THIS IS JUST SO SAD FOR ME *sob* I THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST A REALLY HORRIBLE BAD JOKE BUT IT’S NOT *sob* R.I.P. LEE EON . . . May you have so peace and are no in a better place. ( today i felt like something really bad was going to happen or did happen and now i know why) : (

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