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Open Thread #45
by | August 29, 2008 | 31 Comments

Got plans for the holiday weekend? (That reminds me: Go buy the drinky.)

I guess the approach of Labor Day means the start of school for all you young’uns? To whom I say: NEENER NEENER. I am so glad to be out of school. Even if the “real world” is sometimes stupid and intimidating.

Happy holiday, folks! Drink up, but wisely. ;)


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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bambooshoots

    UGH, sometimes I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that I’m still in high school. I hate my stupid teachers giving me stupid summer homework. And I hate that they make it seem like three months of vacation will erase the misery we have to go through the rest of the year.
    …But then again, this totally beats paying bills and taxes and whatever else adults worry about =]


  2. La-Nuit

    Dude…what happened to the rest of the Hometown of Legends episode summaries?


  3. yetti

    wow, i so didn’t appreciate the neener neener. reminds me of drapery world.


  4. javabeans

    Upcoming recaps will be coming, but please be patient. These summaries don’t just write themselves (although sometimes it would be nice.)


  5. Rachael

    Hurrah for Labor Day weekend after going through my first week of classes. I only have a year left in college before I’m offically an adult, though I’m hopin’ that will be waylaid by grad school.

    I also just wanted to say thanks for the recaps. I go through phases where I’m just not up for watching dramas, but find myself instead reading more of the recaps of various TV series. Esp the ones I don’t think I’ll ever get around to watching – like the comedies. I just can’t watch over-the-top ones without grimacing. So reading them works out better for me in the end.


  6. enkhee

    I’m an adult, but not very old, and I still go to school.

    I don’t miss high school though. Being an adult is worth all the problems it comes with. Plus, it’s not like we can push it back for later in life.

    What happened to the Korean drama world? I’m so ready for another Coffee Prince.


  7. Sue

    ergh. started last monday! (college freshieeee)


  8. JiHwan

    Oh so you’re out of school, dramabeans. What do you do for living, if you dont mind me asking. (if you do mind, then feel free to ignore me).


  9. yetti

    i’m a mental patient


  10. 10 nurse.v

    Gah! Another busy day here in clinic … (oh yes, the life of an adult…) but couldn’t resist posting something…despite my 5 patient charts open and ready for major charting duty….(yeah, I’ve got prioritizing issues…)

    Looking forward to the long weekend. Phantom of the Opera is in town and got excellent seats for this weekend — woo hoo!! Otherwise, crossing my fingers for good weather for the “last of the summer” bbq’s. Then the rain’ll come…as it always does ;-(

    Have a great weekend everybody!!


  11. 11 minime

    Haha lucky lucky javabeans, I’ve still got 12 more years of glorious all-nighters, whining residents, and disgusting coffee…a.k.a med school LOLS
    Thanks for the great work on the blog…you make my day


  12. 12 Toya

    For the weekend? I’ll be searching for someone, ANYONE who is subbing We Got Married. It is my current addiction. Korean Sub Utd has stopped subbing and I need to find another place to watch the show… (~.~)” Gonna miss that sub team, they were the only ones with decent subs.

    Edit: Yep, I realized I have no life after I read that post, but what the hell, I like my streamed media. And I just realized mysoju is down…


  13. 13 coco

    Hey Javabeans! Have a great weekend. Do you have time for a life? I appreciate your blog and acknowledge the amount of work it takes to maintain. Just keep those “Gourmet” recaps coming !
    I never had the opportunity to go to College so I envy all you kids out there. Don’t take it for granted. That being said, I shall head to my fridge in the kitchen of my house and find a beer. Isn’t being a grown up great!


  14. 14 Liv

    I’d never want to go back to high school, but every now and then I wish I could just pop back into college – particularly on mornings when I wish I didnt have to go to work and remember how I used to skip class with nary a second thought. But then I think about how I am getting paid to work (instead of paying to do homework) and I realize there is an upside to this whole “working” thing :)

    As a side note, I am currently reading through your Air City recaps. I thought about watching it, and decided to get your take on the first 2 episodes….and have fallen into your carefully laid out trap to make your readers not able to stop reading the recaps so that by the time they’re finished, they have no interest in actually sitting down to watch the show. Anyway, your recaps for Air City are hilarious – Im actually tearing up reading them. Im glad I didnt have to do the actual work of watching this show, which seems pretty terrible, but Im endlessly thankful that you did because I havent laughed this much in a while :)


  15. 15 belleza

    This is one of my favorite quotes on high school:

    “I have to say I don’t think leaving high school is the answer. I don’t think leaving anything is. The thing is, I kind of admired you.”

    And one describes how college really felt like for me:

    “The worst feeling is suddenly realizing that you don’t measure up. And that, in the past, when you thought you did, you were a fool. “


  16. 16 Felicity

    Javabeans, that’s one hot banner you have up there (the Song Hye Kyo-Lee Junki-Lee Seon Gyun one). Good combination of beautiful people. :) Prolly my fave banner so far out of the new ones on rotation. Thumbs up to the creator!


  17. 17 Miki

    lol. I guess I would be one of the young’uns. School starts on Thursday and my summer homework still isn’t done. Whoever thought up of that idea needs to die…Ugh. And I need to review Latin vocab too…(don’t you hate dead languages?)

    Congrats to all who has Labor Day off. But you guys don’t get summer vacation so….:P


  18. 18 Sevenses

    Hey, La Nuit, you’ll be glad to hear that I’m uh.. back from frosh madness (to continue next week, yerch) and writing again. :D Don’t fret, they’ll be ready soon.

    I’m definitely a young’un. And I’m not sure I was entirely sane when I signed myself up for five years of school followed by years and years of grueling work. Oh well. We all have to do something in life. At least I have dramas.


  19. 19 deeta

    Oh god, I’m so nervous to be starting university after 2 blissful years of college. It’s suddenly feels like univ is so intimidating and just so… huge. To top it all off, I’m at a point where I’m pretty much clueless as to what I am gonna do/can do/want to do in life. I wanna get a job but heck, I’m so lazy.


  20. 20 it's all good

    Oh God! I’m thinking of going back for grad school. Maybe I should rethink that!


  21. 21 choram

    Grad school sucks like hell! :(

    Someone get me out of academia………………………………………………….


  22. 22 K-lover

    Ha…ha with all this whining of school coming to a start, it ain’t that bad till you flunk.


  23. 23 belleza

    First impressions of Younha’s 2nd album:

    I guess Younha genuinely loves J-pop, because 75% of Someday plays like Go Younha 2. Much of the of record plays like a sequel to Go Younha. Big 80s rock choruses, guitar solos, and loads of piano phrases and string backups. Save for “Memory” (track 2 of the record), which is written by Tablo and is a wonderful Clazzi-style house number, there’s superficial electronic flourishes. The 2nd half of the record emphasizes adult contempo friendly folk-pop, and some of the orchestrations could have come from a Chihiro Onitsuka record.. If you liked “If” or “Yubikiri”, you’ll really like the 2nd half of the record. “My Song and . . . ” is entirely in English. Not until track 12 is there what would be typically characterized as a K-pop love ballad. There’s a few piano interludes — For Catharina and Rain+The Bar. “Telepathy” is one of the weaker numbers on the album, but it does reflect the sound of the album. And other tracks like the shlocky “Hero” sound like they should be on a Korean melodrama. The Tablo written number, “Memory”, will be a big hit whenever it’s released. It’s AWESOME!!!! Track 7 is a laid-back pop-jazz number that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Norah Jones record.

    I’m not sure how this album will take, but you can tell that Younha had pretty strong creative control over the record. It never feels like she’s pandering to any one demographic, and the material, which still suffers from overproduction and an anemic mix. (See Rumble Fish to see how to mix in guitars, piano, and orchestra touches while keeping the voice front and proper.) There’s no real push into R&B or soul, which is the usual direction for “maturity” for a K-pop female vocalist. Instead, she brings out her inner Vanessa Bon Jovi Carlton. If you’re not loving that, there’s still the stunning Tablo number.

    Younha/Tablo — Memory


  24. 24 La-Nuit

    YAY javabeans and sevenses! Sorry, I didn’t mean to rush or anything but, I really like reading your stuff. Lolz.


  25. 25 K-lover

    Wow @ Belleza’s review. I checked out Younha’s previous albums too and her lyrics. So I could not quite fathom why I could not find as many korean songs since most of her songs are mainly japanese which is a little weird given that is the first site I see when I google for romanized lyrics.

    Other than that I do love her strong vocals with Tablo’s rapping.


  26. 26 triple6

    really like the song. thanks once again for a nice one!


  27. 27 Oatmeal


    School started which means only one thing…..EXAMS!!! So thats what i pretty much am doing for this whole week and labor day. I got 2 exams and 2 quiz coming up this week and the next back to back!!.
    Remind me again why i should like school? because at the moment i’m getting fuzzy.


  28. 28 diane

    is it just me or did this summer lack some good dramas? Now that we started school…it seems like some good kdramas are coming up..go figure..thats how life works. ;) …labor day will be reading/studying already. college sucks !!! jk


  29. 29 Ina

    I have been sooo hooked on mysoju for my dramas and the website no longer exist!!!!! yikes!!!!What to do????? first no more Lyptika on Veoh and now no more SOJU. Any suggestions????


  30. 30 Sonam

    Ina, have you tried . Woah….I can’t believe Soju’s gone! Goodbye Soju and thank you!


  31. 31 Ina


    Everytime I tried crunchyroll my new laptop goes crazy and gives me virus warning danger alert signs so I’ve been hesitant and cautious in the past.