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Ara for Etude House
by | September 12, 2008 | 18 Comments

Ara, who’s the current brand model along with Jang Geun-seok for Etude brand cosmetics, shows off what’s being touted as a new “smile with your eyes” ad campaign for the line. The marketing push capitalizes on women’s desires to look like Hyori, Sohn Ye-jin, Seo Min-jung, and other noted eye-smilers — with one magic wave of a cosmetic wand. Tyra would be so proud.


18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cinderella

    Ara seems to be going a long way! Considering how young she is…

  2. Sue

    except ara herself doesn’t have that eye-smile thing.

    i LOVE hyori’s smile.

    OMG KIM RAE WON’S TOO. it’s so amazingly cute.

  3. xmerokox

    I absolutely love the bottom three photos of her! So sweet and gorgeous. I completely adore the eye make up 😀

  4. Sere

    I wonder if I could pull that off?


  5. jippo

    Am I the only one who does not understand what a 눈 웃음 is or able to discern who has one and who doesn’t?

  6. mim

    the first top picture didn’t look like her 0_o
    she has big eyes but i don’t see the “eye smile”

  7. Miki

    Yeah…. the first pic is pretty but there isn’t the “eye smile”. Anyway, those comes with being truly happy and smiling with your eyes, not with any makeup. You don’t have to be gorgeous to have those.

    But I do have to say her eyes and eyelashes look gorgeous there. I actually like that and her first “natural pic” then her finished pic. Too overdone.

  8. jenjen

    the makeup is too thick….
    normal people wearing that would NOT look that good

    i always thought ‘eye smile’ was just pretty eyes that light up a face…ive never seen son ye jin with that much make up on

  9. Tiffany80

    Ara is so pretty. Here’s a clip of her and JGS for Etude house.

  10. 10 Jessica

    You know who has a great “eye smile” ?

    Kim Ha Neul. Her eyes have that natural curve when she smiles 🙂

  11. 11 jo

    tyra would be proud of what? the ps skills or ara being plastic and looking fantastic?

  12. 12 Kyu

    Gosh, Ara isn’t plastic. <_<

    She’s very pretty in those pictures. She’s the perfect makeup model. Heck, she’s the perfect model.

    – Kyu

  13. 13 cm

    ^ agrees with kyu. just because pop seoul thinks everyone is plastic doesn’t mean they are. now it’s like any pretty girl has a good photo, people yell “plastic!” *rolls eyes*

    ara was a child star so there are lots of young pictures of her floating around. she’s not plastic.

  14. 14 joyce

    ^^ uhm.. actually there was a rumor of an ear surgery, because her ears were really pretty big when she was younger
    but it’s still rumor

    i don’t see the eye smile she they’re trying to convey
    like i see the first picture and i don’t see it AT ALL

    people who have real eye smiles are tiffany(from snsd), hyori(the original one, or so they say),then there’s son ye jin who is blessed with really expressive eyes,
    when she’s not smiling, there’s this delicate aura aound her, and then she smiles

    really, really lucky

  15. 15 Shay.

    HAHA, Tyra would be proud.

    She keeps yapping on about “smiling with your eyes” when half of the models can’t even smile since they’re such drama queens -___-;;

  16. 16 vivian

    I like her eye make-up. Too bad she skipped that step.

  17. 17 Candy

    In the first picture she looks like Lee Da Hae in My Girl.

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