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Celebrating an early birthday in Japan
by | September 21, 2008 | 14 Comments

Currently in between dramas, Yoon Eun-hye headed to Japan to celebrate her 24th birthday (25 in Korean terms) with Japanese fans on September 19.

The party was a little premature — her actual birthday isn’t until October 3 — but she took the day to interact with approximately 1,400 Japanese fans in attendance at Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. Among the activities were a “question corner,” a dance-off with fans, and photo and handshaking time. Her recent CF jingle “Salad Song” was played, and Yoon sang a Japanese ballad originally recorded by Jpop duo Kiroro, “Nagai Aida.”

Toward the end of the event, Yoon explained, “I should have worn comfortable shoes — I regret wearing these. My legs hurt and I’m sorry to be showing you a tired appearance. Next time, I’ll come wearing comfortable shoes. I heard I received more than ten boxes of gifts — when I get back to the hotel, I’ll have to open them.” She said she enjoys being in Japan and promised to return.

Her popularity in Japan may not be on par with other Hallyu stars or even proportional to her fame in Korea, but she enjoys a sizable fanbase due to her two largest hits, Goong and Coffee Prince (the event had been planned to host 2,000, but only 1,400 attendees signed up, and Yoon explained that Hallyu men tend to command larger fanmeets than the ladies). Goong, which was an early 2006 show in Korea, aired in Japan last year, while Coffee Prince was also a big hit in Japan; in fact, this event progressed in talk-show format taking the concept of a “Coffee Prince Store #2.”

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14 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Anonymous

    Out of topic, but who is Sevensess? Is Sevensess you with different name? or there are two of you?

    I am sorry to ask but I just read Beethoven Virus and realized the recap was done differently. It’s just…not your style.

    I’ve always love your recap, like….always! They are great read! But I was lost reading Beethoven Virus recap, don’t understand a thing.

    The recap was just description of scene after scene which no explanation where the scene was or what happened leading to that scene.

    See this

    Kang-hyun claims her winnings (”the best churros in the world”) at an amusement park. Neither the churros nor the park are really Hyun-soo’s thing, so he sits out while she rides a roller coaster. (At least Kang-hyun doesn’t let his non-participation dampen her own enthusiasm, and thus her enjoyment fuels his.)

    With this——–
    Just as Kang is about to leave, the mayor gets a call from Jung Myung Hwan, Kang’s erstwhile schoolmate and bitter rival (only in Kang’s head). The mayor looks like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. —- (WHY the mayor was so happy? What did Jung said? for all I know he probably called just to say hello)

    Kang demands that they find another replacement (the idea being that this orchestra needs a conductor who will continue in much the same style).
    —- Demands to who? Another replacement of what ?

    Sorry, don’t mean to offend you or Sevensess for that matter.

    Just want to get it out.

  2. juliette

    i love her top its super adorable =]

    thinking about coffee prince 2 huh
    that would be way cool i already bought the first drama once it came out =)

  3. javabeans

    Anonymous, Sevenses and I are different people. I asked her to contribute her recaps to this site because I love her funny, entertaining writing. I’m sorry if you had trouble reading a recap — and while I welcome criticism (and I think Sevenses does as well), please remember that these suckers take hours to do and a healthy dose of commitment. With that said, I’m always conscious of recaps being difficult to follow for people who aren’t actually watching the series — names and actions and motivations that we take for granted when we’re watching onscreen can get lost in a written transcription. I’ll take this as a note to keep that in mind as I’m writing my recaps as well.

    (Btw, “caught with a hand in a cookie jar” doesn’t mean happy — it’s an idiom meaning somebody looks guilty, like they’ve been caught right in the middle of a crime. Or cookie-theft.)

  4. bree

    I like this look of YEH. It’s not over the top, it’s just simple. She’s almost 24/25? She doesn’t really look like her age. Coffee Prince #2.. sure, why not. I just hope if they ever make a second one that it would be the same cast. Maybe that’s asking too much…

  5. Carolyn

    It’s still a bit depressing to think of a Coffee Prince #2 without Lee Eon. Before, I’d probably jump and down in joy and anticipation, but I don’t think I’d like to see it anymore…

  6. minnie

    YEH Japan fanmeeting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL3ZdFCLHXw

  7. lovin it

    would love coffee prince 2 with same cast..
    but lee eon 🙁 🙁 RIP
    and i love yooneunhye!

  8. angel

    wowwww … i always enjoy your writing …. and quite frankly i just read the last couple of sentences of each writing and then right away i know what you are talking about … i just thought i should let you know … keep up the great work

  9. bei

    the thought of coffee prince 2 made my day.. in fact my whole week! 😀

  10. 10 nhetski

    i think some fans misunderstood the part about coffee prince 2 — there is not CP 2, the Japan fanmeet was dubbed (or themed) coffee prince store #2 (like they — YEH n fans — are in a coffee shop talking/enjoying themselves)

    thanks for sharing the news 🙂

  11. 11 wietske

    I like Yoon Eun-hye with short hair so much better. and the thought of a second coffee prince would be awesome. but the thing is, the second serie most of the time turns out to be much worse then the first one..

  12. 12 invisibelle

    God, I love her. I just wish she would do a drama this year.

  13. 13 cha

    hi! does anyone know the anime series “VAMPIRE KNIGHT?” Its soooo very nice! Im a super fan of it! If someone will turn it into tv series.. I wish YOON EUN HYE will played the role “YUKI”. When i watched the series.. YOON EUN HYE fits that role.

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