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I hope that numero is uno
by | September 20, 2008 | 11 Comments

(Yeah I know, it should more accurately be numéro un, but that’s just not as funny.)

Actor Kang Dong-won took some time away from his busy film schedule to show off his fashion sense in October’s Numéro Homme Korea magazine. (His last film was 2007’s much-lauded M; his latest, Jeon Woo-chi, co-stars Im Soo-jung and is set for a 2009 release.)

The special edition of the magazine features a couple other “male fashionistas”: actor Cha Seung-won (Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth) and Big Bang-er G-Dragon.

Apparently Kang Dong-wan calls the concept he’d prepared for the shoot a “sport bohemian” look. Um…. yeah. Cha Seung-won’s pose is supposedly “dynamic” and his styling “hard-boiled.” G-Dragon sports “bold makeup” and plays with both masculine and feminine characteristics (its suicide boyz, y’all!). I think I have a different term for all three: “femme glam.”

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11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shaenna

    I love Kang Dong-won but, he needs to cut his hair.

  2. sere

    I like the pics, but uh ahem kinda emo?

  3. Annie

    Kang Dong Won?? are you serious?
    It’s the same guy who slept night after night outside the Mc donald!
    so homeless style. yuck!

  4. mzpakipot

    what is up with these great actors losing weight? he looks skinny, like Jo In Sung..let me add, my won bin too..

  5. K-lover

    Yeah I can even see the ribs which isn’t a good sign. He looked better when he had some fat.

  6. asianromance

    horrible outfits! and KDW needs a haircut!

  7. mj

    do we know anything about his nose? i don’t remember his nose like that? and I went back to watch some of his old flicks … and can’t tell.

    he’s still my favorite … i know magazine pictures never do justices on people.

  8. -t-

    all i can say…wtf?!?!?

    i like kang don-won but i barely recognize him with his hair…

    fashionable? more like questionable

  9. belleza

    “I like the pics, but uh ahem kinda emo?”

    Kang Dong Wan looks like an emo ajuhmma. That’s hot.

    Overall like the Lord of the Glam/Visual Kei pictures. The bottom middle one could plausibly pass for Gackt some years back. More androgyny please!

  10. 10 phuongthanh

    I think not everyone can looks good in this outfits but these guys can.Admire admire.

  11. 11 hantamthieu

    Extremely skinny – what’s wrong with this pic ??? Just like a skeleton. Maybe coz it’s taken sideway, but still… I don’t mind the hair though

    funny 2 see others also pay attention 2 his nose… it’s beautiful

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