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Joo Ji-hoon and Yoon Eun-hye, (almost) back together again
by | September 1, 2008 | 198 Comments

Goong lovers, take note! Your favorite faux royal couple, Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon, just may be teaming up again in a new drama.

The two former onscreen lovebirds are top picks for the lead couple in MBC’s new Personal Taste [개인의 취향 — working title]. One rep from the drama side explained that the production company is nearly finished with its casting and contract issues, and put the likelihood of a Yoon-Joo match-up at “very high.”

The plot: A restless girl wants a gay (male) friend, ’cause fag hags are cool. The guy wants a place to live, so he pretends to be gay as they live together.

In an interesting genre pair-up, we have the director of the jokey rom-com Fantasy Couple (Kim Sang-ho) and the writer of the weepie Sad Sonata (Lee Sung-eun) working together.

Okay, first of all, we have several favorite kdrama clichés built right into the premise, including two of my favorites (cheesy but effective!): enforced proximity (the better for falling in looove!) and mistaken/pretend identity (to add angst when the pretender has to unveil his/her true self). This sounds like a hasty potluck of past hits, drawn upon in hopes of re-creating prior successes, like a Coffee Prince meets Fantasy Couple meets Bottom of the Ninth with Two Outs.

Second of all, it sounds AWESOME.

Via Today Korea, Sports Seoul


198 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jo

    it is def. cliche ridden. but sounds EXCITING!!

  2. wHOOsh

    sounds interesting! haha :] …although i’m not too sure how well joo jihoon would be able to act gay…or fit a gay persona…it just. doesn’t fit to me. eh. should be funny though 😀

  3. robbo4

    Great news!! With our girl out galavanting across the globe at break-neck speed, it will be nice to finally have her “slow down” for a change so that we may get the chance to study her doing what she does best; making us fall in love with her again over the span of 20 or so hours and a myriad of emotions. Happy to have you back, Eun-Hye. Now if we can just get Goo Hye Sun out of those costume dramas and back into the present, my K-Drama wishes for 2009 will have come true!

  4. gallivanter

    This sounds AWESOME. And the thought of them together again makes my heart happy. I can’t wait!

  5. Hype

    SOMEONE sounds happy 😛

    • 5.1 Temzy

      Yeah am :).i wish d 2 of dem should act anoder film 2geder.cause,dey re cute

  6. javabeans

    keke. I don’t care too much for the casting (JJH has never rocked my socks — although i CAN actually see him pulling off gay, since he’s so metro already) but the story sounds wonderfully cheesetastic. Although I hope the PD doesn’t ruin it by going too over-the-top.

  7. ohgeeze.

    It’s not even cliche, besides the living together.
    I don’t think they’ve ever done a “fake gay” thing going on.
    Because in Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo actually thought he was gay and didn’t care.
    Whatever. That’s so exciting.
    That’d be amazing.

    And i absolutely loved Bottom of the 9th with Two outs.

  8. Sangah

    Ooh I can’t wait for that =D
    I really loved Goong so seeing the 2 of them together in a different drama will be cool =]
    And he’s gonna try being gay; I’d love to see how that goes, LOL.

  9. kotatsulove

    ah, i wish it wasn’t JJH, but otherwise this sounds pretty good! i’m excited for another YEH drama!!!

  10. 10 jo

    why are you so hyper? LOL.
    Goong was a disaster for me, so much so that I simply avoided dramas starring respective actors. Yes, including Coffee Prince, but that’s a different story.

  11. 11 lipzx

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love these two… yoon eun hye.. my girl hahahaah love her and i cant complain that shes going to be workin with joo ji hoon again cuz they are awesome together i must say.. so im really excited that they are makin a movie together…

    • 11.1 nida sta catalina

      I love joo ji hopon , goong yoo and yoo eun-Hye very much, i hope princess hour and coffee prince have a part 2,, i love to watch and i been waiting for their movies.

  12. 12 Anonymous

    WOOT WOOT! YEH and JJH together again!! so excited! and it does sound like a drama where Coffee Prince meets Fantasy Couple meets Bottom of the Ninth with Two Outs. thank you for the news. this is where i get all of my kdrama/music/entertainment news! thanks dramabeans!

  13. 13 pully

    I’m starving for new drama. This doesn’t sound too cliche’ or cheesy for me. Even though the characters do seem stupid but it will excited to see how they pull off. “Fake gay” !!! LOL

    True, Goong wasn’t excellent and overrated but I enjoyed it.

  14. 14 enkhee

    you’re right. it does sound completely awesome. i wonder when it’s gonna come out. somewhere around next year, i’m hoping.

  15. 15 jippo

    reeling from absolute giddiness…

    which MBC series is it following?

  16. 16 Hazel

    Omg! They’re my fav couple! I can’t wait to watch them! <3

  17. 17 E

    this drama sounds hilarious!!! I WOULD Totally watch it…even if Joo Ji Hoon and YEH aren’t in it together…I can totally see them in these roles though!

  18. 18 Monziii

    I LOVE IT! This is my slice of drama heaven! Not only will it rock my socks but it will rock my world! I may be getting my hopes up but I can’t wait until it starts airing 😛

  19. 19 asianromance

    The story sounds fun but I really don’t like Joo Ji Hoon’s acting. Yoon Eun Hye- though she is not a fantastic actress, she’s still a good one- will be outshining him scene after scene. Joo Ji Hoon has an aloof monotone model quality while Yoon Eun Hye really shines on screen.

    but who knows- maybe this drama will be for Joo Ji Hoon like Hong Gil Dong was for Sung Yuri.

  20. 20 Carmie

    That could turn out to be a pretty amazing drama!

  21. 21 glo

    is it wrong of me to be incredibly excited already? ive been craving a loveydovey addicting drama..

  22. 22 theedqueen

    oooh goody I hope it’s true! I’ve actually taken a hiatus from watching k-dramas for a while because I’m feeling extra lazy, but I’m totally gonna start again when ‘The world they live in’ starts and I’ll definitely keep an ear out for this since the story does sound cheesy but fun! Gosh I hope it’s those two again, I’ve missed them.

    And once again yay for cheese!

  23. 23 anne

    aww! i missed those two together!
    this sounds like so much fun! for everyone!
    i am really enjoying korea’s new craziness

  24. 24 jacky

    BS!!! W.T.F!!! they know it’s lucrative, but they really just don’t have the balls to really make a gay character …what a damn shame!

  25. 25 didiellza

    OOO PLEAAASE (GJEBAA) don’t play with my weak heart! If theay are not pairing up at the end…. theeen. ….. then….. I don’t know what I would be able to do the people saying that!!!!!!!!!!

    I really hope soooo that this is not a game!! hehe
    Fighting! Yoon-Jihoon couple!!

  26. 26 lele

    sounds good, i hope they are cast. but usually this stuff doesn’t work out.

  27. 27 yayaya!

    i loooove these two!!
    i hope it really works out in the end!
    it’ll be almost like three’s company but a korean version!
    i wonder if they’ll put up a mr. roper type character??! haha.
    so excited!

  28. 28 all4movies

    Is it the camera angle or does YEH look like she’s had some plastic done?

  29. 29 jennyo88

    I love it. I am so looking forward to it. I think they make one of the cutest couples. She always has chemistry with her costars

  30. 30 K-lover

    Hooray for the reunion for Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon! ^_^

  31. 31 Mari

    Wow, sounds fun. I had this image of JJH trying to act the part of a gay friend…hilarious. We’ll see though.

  32. 32 Cheesey


    I’m very excited about this one

  33. 33 choram

    Wow look at all the comments! I guess I’m not the only that luuuuuuuuvs CHEEEESE. 🙂

  34. 34 katy rose.

    this drama EXCITES me. as long as it doesn’t, you know, suck. Because it has a good premise, but that doesn’t mean the show is going to be like, “Oh My God This Is Pretty Freaking Amazing Stuff Right Here” status or anything. sooo. fingers crossed the writers&PD don’t totally screw up what could potentially be really good.

  35. 35 deeta

    omg, if this comes true, i’ll just die. I’m anticipating both YEH and JJH because despite hating Goong, I so loved this couple. I hope it does come true. To be honest, I cannot wait to see if JJH could pull off gay, that would be awesome.

  36. 36 Jae Young

    Yeah, I love this lame, hackneyed sort of plot. This is why I know I can rely on you, javabeans, we totes have the same tastes.

  37. 37 ...

    lol… sounds wonderfully predictable! lol! keep us posted please!!!

  38. 38 Minny

    YAY!!! I hope they both get cast in the drama.
    I dunno…I can’t picture JJH acting gay.
    I still think of him as Prince Shin Goon lol.

  39. 39 alyson

    I’m excited. 🙂

    I liked Goong, and the premise sounds really hilarious. Kind of like Chuck and Larry, but actually funny I hope.

    Haha, I can already imagine so many cute scenes, like JJH having to pretend to be attracted to guys, and getting jealous when they talk about it.

  40. 40 varms

    OMG!!! I WISH!! Sounds very interesting… Even if they weren’t up for the drama, I’d still keep an eye on it!!!

  41. 41 myah

    Not too crazy about Joo Ji Hoon, but I’m pretty crazy about Yoon Eun Hye. I loved all her dramas including The Man In The Vineyard.

    I actually can picture JJH in a gay role because I’ve always thought that his body type and the way he walks and dress is a bit gayish, so this role is a perfect fit.

  42. 42 fizzy

    Goong’s one of kdrama I never get bored of watching.
    Especially a scene in ep 10.. butterflies started flying in my tummy once I saw that.
    Me and my best friend can even memorize almost all the scenes in Goong.
    Sadly not many share our enthusiasm.. sob..sob..

    So, for JJH and YEH to be together again.. it’s a DREAM COMES TRUE for us!

    I too think Goong 2 would be too much to handle, but this new drama sounds fun.
    I need to get YEH’s boyish image from Coffee Prince (though I LOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE her in it..)
    Need to see her all feminine+cute again..
    For old time sake..

    Hope this will be real!

  43. 43 sang hee

    Great news! I love them in Goong or Princess Hours! I hope this team-up materialized as they have a great chem together! I just can’t wait! (Palei palei or hurry in Korean, not sure if I spelled it right though). I sure am excited already! Love them both!

  44. 44 irees

    oh! can’t wait! i do hope they come together again.

    i mean, really… my patience has run out for goong 2. i doubt it’ll ever happen.

    i can definitely see ji hoon playing a gay role. XD his body type just fits it.

  45. 45 akh

    OMG, this is freaking AWESOME. the cast is already make me excited, and the plot really… BOOM!!!!

  46. 46 Philippa

    OMG! I hope they get picked! That’s going to be AWESOME! Plus the director and writer!
    The plot sounds amazing! And it’s kind-a fresh in a way the ending might be predictable but still it sounds awesome! I bet it’s going to be hilarious!

  47. 47 madisonlane

    HEHEH! OMG I cant wait. I love their pairing together!! 🙂

  48. 48 Honeymae

    It looks as if fans are jumping in conclusion too fast. I wouldn’t get that excited yet, cause YEH hasn’t even received nor seen the script yet. And ultimately, it’s not even sure whether she’s going to accept it or not.


  49. 49 eunhyefan

    Im not really a fan of the yeh-jjh team up but i am open to see if I can feel the so called goong chemistry some fans are so grooving about. I agree with javabeans that jjh can definitely pull off the gay role, the guy is so metrosexual, look at most of his photos, he TOTALLY got the look – ultra sophisticated gayish whatever you call it. The role is perfect for him. This will probably be cheesy but I am excited with the storyline.

  50. 50 lovely

    The plot is cool.

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