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Kim Rae-won for L’Oreal
by | September 13, 2008 | 15 Comments

It looks like this trend toward bringing men into the wonderful wide world of makeup isn’t going away anytime soon — rather, it’s on the rise. Now we’ve got Kim Rae-won, flush from his success in the just-wrapped drama Gourmet, endorsing L’Oreal Paris’s men’s skincare line, as it was announced earlier this week.

A rep from the cosmetics brand announced Kim Rae-won’s selection as the exclusive campaign model for the launching of L’Oreal Men’s Expert Hydra-Energetic Turbo Booster (a ridiculously long product name to obscure the product’s function? Check!) in Korea, saying: “Kim Rae-won always portrays a sophisticated image with his energy and strength, and he fits the concept of this product extremely well.” (Kim will be the first Korean to endorse this line, joining others like Matthew Fox and Pierce Brosnan.)

I dunno; I agree that Kim Rae-won has got a really engaging energy, but he doesn’t really seem to fit the metrosexual image. In fact, he seems more like the traditional type of guy’s guy to me, not someone you’d think cared a whole lot about which name-brand moisturizer to use to maintain his silky smooth complexion. Where’s Jo In-sung when ya need him?

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15 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ezra

    I so agree! Jo In-sung is more of the skin care brand model. LOL. XD

  2. nileey

    maybe they are hoping the ladies will fall for it and buy it for their men!

  3. abe

    maybe they’re trying to get all the guy’s guy to start using skin care products. All the metrosexuals are probably already taking care of their skin. KRW does seem to have very good skin.

  4. ed

    first he cooks, next he’s beautifying his skin…but no worries, the army comes after all this!

  5. Sonam

    So handsome yet so real and natural. That’s his magic.

  6. Bee

    Perhaps, l’oreal’s trying to tackle a new target group, the “average guy” type of person, who’s manly but still wants to look good? 😉

  7. jenjen

    ed, its because he’s going to the army that he needs all these skin products

    and wheres jo in sung when you need him..hmm in the army?
    wait, why do you want jo in sung when theres jang geun seuk!
    not only is he just as metrosexual, he’s younger…u gotta get them while they’re young

  8. sang hee

    why not? i agree he’s handsome & so natural if I may reiterate one of the comments here! way to go Kim Rae Won! aja

  9. mimi

    jo in sung ?? hahahhaha.. he will pulled out his Cf since he will in military service . maybe won bin Quite suitable for this.. kim rae won not to cosmetic guy suitable face hahha

  10. 10 invisibelle

    His character in Attic Cat was pretty vain, in a totally adorable kim rae won-ish way. I can totally imagine that guy stealing Jung Da Bin’s money (I forget the characters’ names) to buy energizing moisturizer. hehe.

  11. 11 Wishywashy

    lol I thought Lee Jun Ki would be a better fit for this.

  12. 12 mimi

    jo in sung is naturally get flawless skin you can see from the first time he debuted,, his brother too.. yeah JIS, jang dong Gun, they are a Cosmetic brand man..

    i think Jis not that metroSexual, when he was appearing in Infinity challenge he not using any make up,, Noh hung Chul Wore it. hahaha i believe all aCtor handsome are Metrosexual since his face his Asset hahahha..

    even kang ji hwan wears 7 Type of cosmetics hahahha

  13. 13 oom

    I love you so much “Pretty boy “

  14. 14 simpledimple

    i agree with u. KRW is more like the rugged type, manly man . no argument tho to his good looks, so all is good.

  15. 15 mylene from manila

    well.. the expert l ‘oreal speaks for itself. they choose rae won coz they know he’s suitable for the product.No question about that….Go raewoners…

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