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Kwon Sang-woo weds Sohn Tae-young (finally)
by | September 28, 2008 | 63 Comments

After all the hullaballo, Kwon Sang-woo finally married Sohn Tae-young today (September 28), and I for one am glad, since we won’t be having to hear about it anymore.

The couple gave a press conference prior to the wedding, as the wedding itself was closed to the press. Sohn Tae-young wore a Kenneth Pool gown, which she bought on the couple’s recent trip to England.

Kwon: “I’m finally getting married. I’m so nervous — my nerves don’t begin to compare with any film festival or event I’ve been to. … We’ll live happily together. I vow to love her forever.” Sohn: “It doesn’t feel real yet. Actually, I wasn’t nervous at all while getting ready. But now I’m starting to feel it.”

When asked about kids, Kwon answered that he’d like three, but joked that Sohn “has agreed to two, for her figure’s sake.”

And, since it’s not every day such a huge Hallyu star gets married, we have a pretty impressive guest-star roster that rivals the red carpet at some of the largest industry events.


Kwon’s best bud Song Seung-heon, actor-director Yoo Ji-tae and date Kim Hyo-jin:

So Ji-sub, Park Shi-yeon:

Choi Ji-woo, Cha Seung-won:

Ha Ji-won, Jung Woo-sung:

Jang Dong-gun:

Lee Byung-heon, Lee Beom-soo:

Lee Dong-gun, Lee Jung-jin:

Married couple Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in:

Lee Jung-jae, Jung Joon-ha:

“Matchmaker” Kim Sung-soo (who introduced the couple):

Byun Jung-soo:

Park Yong-ha (looking a little Liza Minnelli), So Yi-hyun, Oh Ji-ho:

Hwang Bo, Park Jung-chul, Shim Ji-ho:

Via Mk.co.kr


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lavy

    there sure were a lot of a-list stars! (and Lee Byung Hun was there!!!)
    best wishes to them!

  2. bebo

    “I for one am glad, since we won’t be having to hear about it anymore.”

    i KNOW…me TOOOO! man, i was getting sick of hearing news about these two, their wedding and how they were always trying to avoid being seen together in public before their wedding. enough already! so maybe they’ll act normal now. πŸ™‚ on top of having tons of a-lister guests…there sure are a lot of ppl in black! most of the men look great but the women should have some color at least.

  3. eternal_pnk

    Wow, what a beautiful wedding. So PRETTY!

  4. Ishida

    Byun Jung-soo totally rocks with this clothes, at least she wears something different and not black, I love it!

    Even if Ha Ji-won and Park Si-yeon are stunning in black.

  5. plip

    im crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to catch more celeb photos from their wedding! what a feast!

  6. geri

    jang dong gun = hottie
    lee jung jae = hottie
    kim sung soo = hottie

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. anne

    wow! soo many stars!
    those two are very lucky

  8. Liv

    Interesting – are there no negative connotations associated with wearing black to a wedding in Korea (actual question) – from the number of people in black, it seems its actually the preferred color of choice? Also, Kim Sung-soo looks gooood!

  9. haezi

    yeah, it’s not considered faux pas to wear black to a korean wedding since white rather than black is traditionally associated with death/mourning.
    at korean funerals the family often wears white (one has the option of the “Confusion/Eastern” white hanbok or the “Judeo-Christian influenced” black hanbok–I’m not labeling, this is how they refer to the hanboks at some hanbok stores) so that connection between death/bad luck and black isn’t as prevalent in korea.
    i guess koreans mostly associate formal occasions with black, whether it is a wedding, a funeral, or some party/event.

  10. 10 Mindy

    most everyone wore black like they’re going to a funeral -..-

  11. 11 JDGLEGRA

    Please get married Mr. Jang Dong Gun

  12. 12 haezi

    did hwangbo catch the bouquet (based on one of the pics)? is this just a fun reference to the show “we got married”? funny. love the look on choi ji woo, kim hyo jin, and ha ji won!

  13. 13 jo

    Ha Jiwon-GORGEOUS!!
    I miss her SOOOO MUUUCCCHHH!!!
    I was so amazed by her appearance. OMG. Come back Ha Ji Won!!! T.T

  14. 14 Suzy

    Yeah, what’s up with all the black?

    edit: oh, thanks haezi!

  15. 15 HyAena

    Congrats to them! I hope they stay together, for their sake and mine (I really don’t need to hear about them anymore).

  16. 16 questions846

    Thank god it’s over – I mourned one day because he was my first k-celeb crush but just ew. The gooey lovey dovey crap was making me want to throw up.

  17. 17 shena

    What’s with many of the women celebs wearing white?? Don’t they know only the bride is supposed to be wearing that color on wedding day?
    I’m Korean-American, and will never understand why Korean celebs go in the aisle together and do those unnecessary “events” that take place during the ceremony. But from the looks of things, maybe these two didn’t do them.

  18. 18 Anonymous

    Why is Jang Dong-gun wearing jeans to a wedding?

  19. 19 starz12

    hahhaha. so cute, dress is soo fine..but almost all of the guests are wearing black, Park Shi yeon and Haji woon is completly black like they on way to a funeral. Lee Jung Jae in second picture made a really big leap..can you see how wide the distance between his two legs, having a long legs is really something.. Jang dung gun is holy hot and Song Seung Hun and Choi Ji Woo is simply hot and gorgeous.. i hope this two A-listers celebs will settle down soon.

  20. 20 abe

    There’s a lot of black going on for a wedding, almost looks like a funeral. Maybe they’re mourning that KSW isn’t available anymore.

  21. 21 catcha

    im a little suprised hwangbo was there. but thats great. go kim sungsoo—total hottie.

  22. 22 SH

    yeah why do they wear black in a wedding in Korea? Ha Ji Won for one wore black & most guys? Is this the wedding outfit perhaps in a Korean wedding? Anyway, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of the bride & groom & Congratulations to one of my favorite actors! I’ve mixed feelings now seeing him married — I guess fans have that kind of perception that when your idol per se is married he’s not completely with the fans anymore! I don’t know just a thought! She’s a beautiful bride & he’s very handsome! SSH looks cute as well as So Ji Sub! It’s a beautiful wedding no doubt! Best wishes to you both!

  23. 23 Sere

    Liza Minelli? Buahahahha!

    Kim Sung-soo is soooo cute

    “and I for one am glad, since we won’t be having to hear about it anymore.”
    Hmmm, until she gets pregant, that is. But in the meantime, we’re freeeee! eheh

  24. 24 kswfan(atic)

    why is everybody in black i mean almost everybody — as if they’re going to a funeral! yeah maybe they’re mourning that he’s no longer single! let’s really hope he loves her forever as he said in their press con & they stay together forever as I’m happy for him although I’m kinda jealous now that he’s no longer 101% ours (my fellow fans). I hope he doesn’t forget his fans cause of his beautiful bride! May you live happily ever after! God bless!

  25. 25 asianromance

    i wish the kwon sang woo and sohn tae-young had more lovey dovey pics- like Ha Ga In and Yeon Jung-hoon wedding album pics a few years back. KSW and STY look so cold and elegant.

    I know that black is an acceptable color to wear to an Asian wedding (and black=formal)- but still- why was practically EVERYONE wearing black! I know they couldn’t wear white, but why not pink, blue, purple, etc? At least mostly everyone dressed decently to the wedding- with the exception of Byun Jung-soo, who looks like she was about to hit the clubs after the wedding. Choi Ji Woo was the best dressed female at the party, IMO. At least it looked like people were enjoying themselves and having fun- especially Jung Joon-ha. hahahaha. So Ji Sub looked HOT! And so does Matchmaker Kim Sung-soo- he must be so proud as being the one to get kwon sung-woo hitched.

  26. 26 sang hee

    Where is one of his best friends Kim Ha Neul? She’s missing in photos – maybe she’s doing a shoot? I know they said they’re best friends in real life! Great photos & thanks dramabeans for sharing! Congratulations to the newlyweds & have a happy life!

  27. 27 choram

    Wow, this is waaaaay better than a film award show. What a guest list!

  28. 28 Felicity

    “Please get married Mr. Jang Dong Gun”

    Yes, Jang Dong Gun shii will get married soon — to me! πŸ˜€

  29. 29 nileey

    i just noticed almost everyone is dressed in black! Is this a common practice in Korea?

  30. 30 bree

    Chukhae! (Is that how you spell it?) It is too much black and their kiss seems more of a peck than a “finally we’re married kiss.” lol. Nice wedding though.

  31. 31 tc

    So Ji Sub is absolutely HOT!

  32. 32 Philippa

    Song seung sun,, dunno first one LOOKED HOT! lmfao

  33. 33 ana

    SO JI SUB!!

    Such A Hot and Simply Gorgoues. Jang Dong Gun. Lee Dong GUn. Both hot!

  34. 34 Sue

    wow hwangbo! connections with the married couple?

    anyway, she looks great

  35. 35 zero2303

    KSW fans are surprisely so well behaved.

    I thought they will start a riot yesterday.lol

  36. 36 all4movies

    I thought this was supposed to be a wedding, therefore a celebration.

    I really missed seeing some “happy” colours and especially the beautiful hanboks that are worn at special events.

    Maybe then the women could have provided better counterpoints to those dark suits worn by the men.

    Oh well, I guess weddings aren’t so special anymore. I even saw a few people in jeans and runners.

  37. 37 dramatic

    for a wedding a lot of ppl r wearing black isnt a wedding supposed to a be a happy thing so why not be colorful??
    or r they all tryin to be fashionble??

  38. 38 din

    um.. how come almost all of them wore black to a wedding? just asking.

  39. 39 Rebeca


    haha..i was gunna ask the same thing! Everyone is wearing black (or black-and-white)

  40. 40 Black black black

    Is it a mourning day?.

  41. 41 hanneebuff

    finally…i will still be supportive of sang woo even though he’s already married. reality check, he will never be mine unless it’s in my dreams. congratulations to the couple and I will be looking forward to his movie project with ha ji won.

  42. 42 cinderella

    Okay, I noticed that almost all (except Han Ga In) were wearing dark colors for the wedding? Did the couple ask for them to wear dark colors or did they consider Kwon’s and Sohn’s marriage as an embarassment and a shame?

    I’m just asking because I find it very weird. If it was my wedding, I wouldn’t like it if ALL my guests wore black. A few, I wouldn’t mind. but ALL?!

  43. 43 wynema

    yeah, i also noticed that most ladies wore black to the wedding which is a bit unusual. in my country, we associate black to mourning, so we don’t wear it when we attend a wedding. maybe in korea it’s different?

  44. 44 anna

    Look like an awkward kiss.

    Congrats to the happy couple (I’m pretty sure she’s more happy) but anyway ..
    that’s an A-list wedding right there.

  45. 45 mzpakipot

    did hwangbo caught the bouquet? or was it more like she was picked out of the single ladies…^^*
    yeah, it is kinna strange that the attendees wore mostly black..except andre kim?

  46. 46 yasi

    Not so attractive as song il gook’s wedding

  47. 47 marz

    well.. i for one was looking forward to the a list attendees rather than so called couple of the hour.
    im still no STY fan by any means.
    KSW yeah of course but heck. im glad its over. i hope.
    good luck kids..

    CJW’s dress stood out in the sea of balck and white.
    HJW sooo pretty.
    not diggin LDW’s shades. lol.
    aaahhh i get the Liza reference. hahhaha

  48. 48 fraulein

    I, for one, was getting annoyed with all the publicity generated leading up to the wedding from the teaser pics that were released gradually to his fan meet and her cosmetics endorsement. I was one of those who said the London pics looked kinda posed but I feel I shld take back what I said after seeing the wedding pics. It sort of completes the story, in a way.

    Despite being a KSW fan and starting out thinking he could have done better, STY is growing on me.

    and yes, Kim Sung-soo looks dishy.

  49. 49 kirara43

    I’m sure a lot of people mentioned this but there’s too many people wearing black at the wedding.

  50. 50 Mrbloo

    Ji Woo looks really pretty… she could get her pick of any of those A-List actors at the wedding but I guess she’s friends with most of them… looking at the pictures of her and Lee Jung Jae , I thought they look good with each other but she also looks good with Lee Byung Hun too… hmmm.

    There is something with Park Shi Yeon’s face that just looks weird to me though I am drooling over her red Chanel bag and is Ha Ji Won also using a Chanel bag too…all those Chanels… I want!!!

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