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Overworked singer needs a break
by | September 14, 2008 | 12 Comments

“I’ll return after taking a break for a while.”

Clazziquai vocalist Alex is putting a halt to most of his broadcast appearances, he explained.

He’s been worn out from overwork — promoting his solo album, appearing on MBC’s We Got Married, radio DJ-ing, and doing Mnet’s M Countdown program, among others. Now all that stress is being exacerbated by recent pains to a disc in his back, and the bodily injury comes as a sign that he’s reached a limit. With the exception of his “fixed program” schedule, the busy MC host/radio DJ/singer/sometime actor won’t be doing any other television work for a while.

According to Alex’s rep, he’ll only be working on a performance planned for the end of September in Pusan, and return to television after he’s received some medical treatment and plenty of rest. (Thank goodness someone has the sense to stop before serious injury rather than waiting till they collapse like so many others.)

Via Today Korea, Sports Khan


12 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tlina069

    Ahh….this explains why he didn’t participate in the “wrestling” part of WGM Chuseok special. Poor guy! I know what it feels like to be stressed out like that though. Instead of the back, I actually suffered inflamed chest bone!

  2. anonymus

    mmmmmm does this mean that alsin couple will be on halt?! is this why the show bring in some new couples? mmmmm

    anyway hope he rest well and be happy and healthy

  3. yooruu

    hope alex will get better soon! sometimes it’s just best to take it easy and relax
    alex hwaiting!! 🙂

  4. belleza

    Pimping ain’t easy!!! Just ask Alex. . .

    Recent Entertainment Relay interview with Alex says that new Clazzi will be coming out soon. Slipped disc or not, he’s just like his role model Fiddy, he don’t walk wit a limp.

  5. fraulein

    Wise choice to listen to his body

  6. lovin it

    NOOOOOO. alex & shinae couple on we got married is the best couple :O
    just do that one show pleasee

  7. Vi

    Hope he will get better soon ^^

  8. Aimee

    Bummer… less of alex 🙁 I love him to bits so i’ll definitely miss seeing him and hearing his yummy voice but I hope he gets the much needed rest he deserves.

  9. nixxochick

    I LOVE Alex and im glad he’s taking care of himself 🙂

    i think hes still doing WGM because thats already a “fixed program” hes yay!
    hes to yummy to leave that show, it would be a bummer if i cant see him every week

  10. 10 smilez

    rest well alex!! glad he listens to himself!!! gets some relaxation!!!
    Thanks for this bit of news of alex!!

  11. 11 Anonymous

    I am extremely glad he took a break before a break-down. Alex is so awesome, I’m glad to hear he is also smart as well.

  12. 12 Norma

    Have a good rest boy…..we’ll be waiting till you fully recharge 🙂

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