A note about downloadables (yum!)
by | October 31, 2008 | 36 Comments


I’ve received some emails and concerns about zShare basically turning into a big ol’ bitch and not letting anyone download. What a punk. It makes me glad I decided to switch to mediafire not long ago.

However, since a whole mess of stuff I’ve uploaded is hosted by zShare, this leaves a lot of my old links pointing nowhere. (Or, to be more accurate, back at itself. Which, let’s face it, is pointless and a little bit narcissistic.)

What I’ve done is reuploaded all the kdrama scripts to mediafire links, and added a few new scripts in the mix. Also reupped is the humongo motherlode of Coffee Prince stuff, since it seems to be a popular destination.

HOWEVER, as you may imagine, uploading craploads of media is time-consuming and tedious, especially when you’ve done it once before. Boo. As much as I would like to go back and reupload everything on this site, that idea does not sound like a fun way to spend hours and hours. So what I’d like to do is open this up to REQUESTS. (I can’t pcomise I’ll get everything, but I’ll try.)

Drop a comment, or email me (use the contact form, link at top right), if there’s a particular song with a dead link you’re just dying to get. If you’ve emailed me already, I swear I’ll get to it. And please don’t request every song I’ve got ’cause that doesn’t help me prioritize where to start. Thanks!

36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sere

    Well, if you need help reupping a bunch of stuff, I can help too. If I have the original requested file, that is.

  2. Lyra

    Just wanted to say thank you for doing such an amazing job! LOVE this site! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. mzpakipot

    Boh! Happpy Halloweens Everyone! Be Aware of little monsters knocking on your door. ^^

  4. Sevenses

    I can also pitch in for Chinese stuff, if anyone wants! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. purpledayz


    do you happen to have the theme song of the drama “CRAZY FOR YOU” by Yoon Kye Sang?

    I think its sung by Lee SOo Young titled “Crazy in Love” or something like that.
    Have been searching high and low for this song but to no avail.
    damn sad , if you had this song, do you mind uploading/sending me?
    Thank you veryy veryyy muchhh… ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. javabeans

    ooh, thanks for reupping help offers!

    y’know, how about this for all you wonderful generous souls out there? if you happen to come across a dead link to a song you already possess, it would be brilliant if you could up it to mediafire, then post the link in the comments section of that particular post. then i could revise the original post with the new link.

    if you don’t have the song already, no need to go through all the trouble. but if you do, that might help speed things up! thanks!

  7. bambooshoots

    FIrst of all, I wanted to thank you for switching to Mediafire. The ads on zShare were sometimes really…explicit O_o

    I might help with uploading songs, too. But it depends…I still need to learn how to finish my homework without procrastinating (as much).

  8. pabo ceo reom

    I didn’t know zshare was crapping on everybody…the last couple of days I thought my computer had a problem! -_-“

  9. lazybum

    oh bummer, so i guess i wasn’t the only one having trouble with zshare… was wondering why i kept going in circles… XD

  10. 10 jes

    yay! thank you so much javabeans for fixing the zshare problem. really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site!

  11. 11 bubbles2323

    hey dramabeans!

    would love to request these songs from love & marriage to be uploaded on mediafire. they are,

    Howl – โ€œ์†Œ๋…„, ์†Œ๋…€๋ฅผ ๋งŒ๋‚˜๋‹คโ€ (Boy meets girl)
    Shin Hye-sung – โ€œPromiseโ€

    thanks in advanced..
    and continue ur hard work!! =)

  12. 12 Mil

    Lasse Lindh – โ€œThe Stuffโ€
    Fantastic Plastic Machine – โ€œLโ€™aventure Fantastiqueโ€
    Pearlโ€™s Day – โ€œTo You of Mine,โ€
    Park Hye Kyung – โ€œSweet Loverโ€


  13. 13 Awesome

    Wonder Girls – the popular songs, So Hot

    Sg Wanabe – the popular songs

    Ryu Si Won – the Japanese songs

    Lee Dong Gun – the Japanese songs

  14. 14 cha

    i was wondering if you or some other nice souls would be kind enough to upload
    Yi Sung Yol’s songs..any of his songs will do..i came to know him from this blog, and i really want to listen to his songs, but i can’t dl it here..maybe the link is dead..& i can’t seem to find it anywhere would be really awesome if someone would upload his songs here..(the more the better)..heheehe…but i understand you are busy too, so just ignore me if it is too much..have a nice day then XD

  15. 15 boohooo

    lol i thought something was wrong wi mi comp o something lol
    =( so many good songs
    im depressed
    but…still love dramabeans!! xoxo

  16. 16 yayy

    Jeju Boy – Hill

    pleasee ๐Ÿ™‚ this song is so soothing. Thank you!

  17. 17 jin

    do u have Spider Web, it’s by Epik High..I think it’s from their fourth album, the one that is called Remapping the Human Soul..thanks.

  18. 18 Yana

    Zshare is always troubling.I can’t download song with it
    and those ads are really annoying.
    Mediafire is easier for me.

  19. 19 old school drama king

    Any chance you can reload the Last Match songs and the songs from Feelings…those were like the 2 first dramas I ever got into and wanted to revisit the music

  20. 20 irene

    hi. ardent reader of your blog. have just finished watching on-air. love the ost. any chance of uploading it?

  21. 21 Jenny

    Would it be possible to upload the Nell songs.
    I had them but my olde computer broke where I had the stored.
    And a few others like Younha : that street and strawberry days
    Kang Hyun Min -Two hands and W & Whale – Moonlight

  22. 22 Stephanie

    CASKER – โ€œ๋ชจ๋“  ํ† ์š”์ผโ€ (Every Saturday) .. pls help to reupload.. i luv this song

  23. 23 Keye

    If ur not busy, will you please re-up
    Dear Cloud – Ice Fortress
    I understand if may take u a while. U don’t have to hurry ๐Ÿ˜€
    & thanks for doing this blog =]

  24. 24 nuha

    thank you so much javabeans for fixing the zshare problem. Tq n congratulations for your effort on this website.
    Would it be possible to upload the All In OSt-Just Like The First Day by Park Yong Ha?Really like the song but can find in anywhere to download.

    Thanks again.

  25. 25 diza

    thank you so much javabeans for fixing the zshare problem. Tq n congratulations for your effort on this website.
    Would it be possible to upload the last scandal ost “sarang ee olgga yo’ coz i cnt downloading frm there…tq ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26 lily


    i would really appreciate it if you could help me locate the song that plays in que sera sera episode 7 (the beginning) when hae lin and joon hyuk talk about how eun soo is working in his apartment. i have been trying to find it for forever but to no avail. im sorry to bother you but it would mean a lot to me if you knew this song and could upload it.

    thanks a lot!

  27. 27 fairichica

    Can you upload songs by Oldfish such as “dot dot dot”?

  28. 28 Tikii

    Can u reup buga kings Love exploration from when it’s at night.

  29. 29 Shopeeah

    can you upload the song “two hands” by kang hyun min from que sera sera, please? ๐Ÿ™‚
    after hearing your analysis of it’s use in the drama, i got so obsessed with it x]

  30. 30 ninjinchan

    sorry to bother you..but can you please reupload song from lee dong gun..el dorado…thank you so much

  31. 31 misstravelbug

    Hi, been a long-term lurker and love all the korean songs you have been posting up. In particular, really enjoyed listening to song by Sprinkler, When Lovers Become Friends. If possible, can you repost?
    Thanks heaps!

  32. 32 tinyviolin

    I’m with Shopeeah…

    can you please upload Two Hands from Que Sera Sera? I just finished–as in twenty minutes ago–watching the drama and now I need a lingering fix.

    It’d be kind of awesome of you; unless you already were awesome and did it, in which case I need further help! haha

  33. 33 connie

    i just finished watching 200 pounds beauty n was wondering if you could upload ‘Maria’ by Kim Ah Joong or the 1 by Loveholic which, as you said, is more prefered:)) thanks!:))

  34. 34 connie

    Oh n also the Air City songs? thank you sooo much:))

  35. 35 Fionen

    I’d be uber grateful if you could re-upload the three songs you have for Bad Couple.

    Song Hee Ran (์†กํฌ๋ž€) โ€“ โ€œ๋‹ฌ์ฝคํ•œ ๋‹น์‹ โ€ (sweet you)
    Sweet Sorrow โ€“ โ€œ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•œ๋‹จ ๋ง์ด์•ผโ€ (Iโ€™m saying I love you) (Gi Chan said)
    Kan Miyoun โ€“ โ€œ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•œ๋‹จ ๋ง์ด์•ผโ€ (Iโ€™m saying I love you) (Dang Ja said)

  36. 36 Lisa

    Hello! ๐Ÿ™‚ If it’s not too much trouble, could you please re-upload the batch file for Ep. 5 songs (from Coffee Prince)?

    Please and THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance! >_______<

    – Lisa

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