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Antique press preview yields interesting fashions
by | October 28, 2008 | 68 Comments

I’ll just give you a second to let that image sink in. (I mean, really, really sink in that this is indeed two of Korea’s hottest rising pretty boys made famous by two of Korea’s biggest youth drama hits, Joo Ji-hoon of Goong and Kim Jae-wook of Coffee Prince.)

October 28 was press preview day for the new movie Antique (full title: Western Antique and Bakery Shop), starring Joo Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-wook, baby-faced Yoo Ah-in (Strongest Chil Woo), and model Choi Ji-ho (Time of Dog and Wolf).

Also: Let the Coffee Prince comparisons begin?

Antique is based on a bestselling Japanese manga, surrounding a “secretive” second-generation chaebol who runs a bakery (you mean, kinda like in Coffee Prince?), a “devilish” gay genius patissier (that’s a bunch of words I’d never thought to see together), a boxing champion turned apprentice, and a troublemaking bodyguard who looks great but has little else to boast. (Those are played by Joo Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-wook, Yoo Ah-in, and Choi Ji-ho, respectively.) “Antique” comes from the name of the cake shop where they all work.

Joo revealed that during filming, “I slapped Kim Jae-wook’s cheek more than twenty times.” (Bitchfight?) Apparently they’d wanted to get the shot in one take, so he hit him with full force, but the director wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, and it turned into many more takes. Kim had to ice his face to keep the swelling and redness down during filming.

Kim said that he immersed himself into taking on his homosexual role: “Before my co-star Andy Gillet arrived in Korea, I’d received his picture and conditioned my mind while looking at it, telling myself, ‘I’m falling in love.'” After praising Gillet for his beautiful looks, Kim said, “I had to act physically affectionate with a man, which I’d never done before, and although my mind would go there, my body would tense up. Acting to come across naturally and without awkwardness was pretty difficult.”

Antique opens on November 13.


Choi, Joo, Kim, Yoo. Either they’re arranged in order of height, or with the sane bookending Teh Crazy:

I have to wonder if Joo Ji-hoon coordinated his outfit with his best bud Kim Jae-wook. They’re both doing the oversized crazy-bag-lady jacket with the weathered black leather boots and the tight faded black pants.

The most perplexing thing about this look is that it obviously took a lot of EFFORT.

But maybe they think they did a good job and are congratulating selves for a fashion (faux pas) well done:

I’m still having a little trouble reconciling this baby-faced, bashful-looking Yoo Ah-in to the strong, forceful, angsty Heuk San/Orroz in Strongest Chil Woo.

I mean, just compare him above and below:



68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. n

    that made me smile. halloween already?
    awesome hat.

  2. Sara

    i can’t wait to see this!!!!!!

  3. Liv

    LOL. That hat…..

  4. joicy

    Did you look at two rings (matching) in their left hand too? Cute that they wore in different fingers. Surely they coordinated.

  5. Yin

    as estelle says: ‘I don’t like his baggy clothes, but i like what’s underneath them’

    I think Kim Jae wook has embraced Halloween.

  6. JQ

    What was Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Jae Wook thinking?!
    I think this is by far the worst in Korean fashion.
    I thought it was already bad but man, this just tops it.
    Oh la la @ the whispering picture and giving each other an intense look!

  7. Anonymous

    Hahahaha….yup, they’re ready for Halloween:)

  8. Anonymous

    wtf?? Do Koreans celebrate Halloween?

  9. ktbrods

    Isn’t that the hat the Queen Mother wore to Ascot last year? (*wink* jj…)

    That first picture was really a *wtf* moment for me. Probably for several others as well. I hope they’re not paying stylists….

  10. 10 mj

    they pulled it off … still so freakin hot in the sac!!!

  11. 11 nom_de_plume

    I’m SOOOOO excited for this film! I’ve been waiting to hear what dramabeans had to say about it 🙂

  12. 12 nurse.v

    lovin that serious, sideways glance from JJH. looking forward to seeing this.

  13. 13 momoisluv

    what’s with the witch hat?
    indeed it is halloween. xD

  14. 14 sooyon

    they look bad, but gave me a laugh 😀

  15. 15 kk

    Harry Potter press junket maybe?

  16. 16 Bess

    Ah Ha ha ha ha…
    A bit crazy, but as hot as ever for these four guys!

  17. 17 lulu123

    HAHA! “The sane bookending the crazy” This was the funniest post I’ve ever read. I wonder if they coordinated with each other? The outfits are so similar, maybe they lost a bet to the other two and were forced to wear this.

  18. 18 questions846

    are they trying to be the scary monks from some ancient culture – or obi wan it much?

    Will watch the movie for the actors – probabaly will want to hang myself from what sounds like tedium.

  19. 19 cranky

    I’m just waiting for this to go on air because I really liked the original Japanese drama when it came out years ago. Back then it was Takizawa Hideaki as the lead… and Abe Hiroshi played the bodyguard character brilliantly, as usual.
    I don’t remember any gay characters in it, but I am looking forward to it since I saw the trailer a few weeks ago.

  20. 20 Sue

    and yet for some reason i like kim jaewook’s outfit?
    and joojihoon gives me a kang jihwan vibe, especially in the background poster!

  21. 21 moomincandylalala

    errr…. celebrating an early halloween? Let’s hope that’s the case…
    It’s a like a horror movie that makes you laugh at all the wrong places…

  22. 22 giddygirl108

    At least the fashion faux pas aren’t in the movie? Wow Kim Jae-Wook as a homosexual character in the movie? YYYYYEEEESSSS….sorry for being perverted…

  23. 23 Anna

    I swear it looks like he’s kissing the hat in one of those pictures.

  24. 24 kotatsulove

    this looks cute…i wish i had some way of seeing korean movies!

  25. 25 Beckie

    I love the comments that pop up when you put your cursor over the picture!

  26. 26 coco

    “Wicked”! If the show moved to Korea, these two could get a part!!!
    The idea is to bring attention to the Movie so I guess those outfits worked.
    As a Korean drama/movie FanGranny (fangir,l well past her sell by date!) I could use JJH’s coat when walking my dogs as it’s getting colder these evenings!

  27. 27 Jas

    They were obviously trying to down-play their loveliness so as not to give a million fan-girlies heart attacks…can you imagine the chaos if they had dressed perfectly?! LOL.

    Plus Yoo Ah-In looks so different…I didn’t even realise it was him until you mentioned it. But he still is really cute.

    Can’t wait to catch this movie. ^-^

    p.s. Why does Ji-Hoon have a coffee smudge on his top lip? :-p

  28. 28 Fel

    Kim Jae-wook has been eaten by a fishhead!!!

  29. 29 bambooshoots

    lol, i can only laugh at this XD

  30. 30 Suzy

    I did not recognize Joo Ji Hoon til I read his name.
    Really, I don’t care what they are wearing… not with those smiles!
    Can’t wait to see the show. Hopefully it is more memorable than the J-drama was for me. Pretty much the only thing I remember is wanting to eat cake afterwards.

  31. 31 asianromance

    they look like cosplayers at an anime convention- but it really does look weird when the others are dressed in conservative suits.

  32. 32 nileey

    Halloween came a little early, perhaps?

  33. 33 Auntie Mame

    I saw the Japanese drama and thought that it had a “boys love” feel to the entire drama.

    My recollection is that there wasn’t much of a story line. Basically, just to showcase four good-looking guys, in a bit of drama.

    It’ll be interesting to see this new version.

  34. 34 'dalia

    I’m really excited for this since the Japanese majorly f-ed up the story in their drama. They totally dropped the gay element which was always apart of the original manga, because it’s a BL manga!!! sheesh. Judging from the trailer, this looks really promising.

    And Kim Jae-wook is hot hot hot (although i have no idea what he was thinking with this hideous ensemble…that hat?! wtf!)

  35. 35 JD

    I think they went to Dongadaenum Market — and went crazy shopping! Hehehehe.

  36. 36 Sere

    *blinks* Ok, that was definately a weird clothes day for JJH and KJW. I dig JJH’s coat, but huh, not for him. Also like his hairstyle! *g*

    Ok, am I hallucinating or Yoo Ah-in in Strongest Chil Woo looks *exactly* like Jang Ken Suk when he played Lee Chang Hwi in Hong Gil Dong? Yeah, probably hallucinating.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see this movie! Wheeeeeee

  37. 37 Miki

    Believe this or not, Antique Diary is a beautiful manga less about stereotypical gay guys and more of a hilarious manga with decadent foods, involving personalities, and great art. The guys are gorgeous after awhile.

    This…? Not so much. Fashion tastes aside, the comments on the homosexual tones and the pictures are doing it for me…

    Sorry, I’m passing on the movie. I think it’ll fall below my expectations.

  38. 38 tea party

    totally diggin the hat, looks like sth picked up from a putumayo store

    the jdrama was frankly quite dull, i’m hoping this turns out well becos it seems like the story would work better being condensed into a movie

  39. 39 Quags

    This has to be the funniest post ever!! Just when I manged to stop laughing like a maniac, I realized that there were comments attached to the photos and started laughing hysterically all over again!

    I must have stared at that picture a good five minutes before I noticed Joo Ji-hoon’s Arts & Crafts Jedi look. I was too distracted by the crazy mess that Kim Jae-wook wrapped himself in! (I can’t decide if he resembles a hedge witch, a street urchin or a mushroom. )

    I suppose it’s not too surprising that I didn’t recognize either one until you identified them! Seriously, all that pretty and the first thing thing you see is what they are wearing? That takes talent!!

    Honestly, I’m a little disappointed they won’t be dressing like that in the movie! I would watch it just to laugh over the clothes!!

  40. 40 djes

    Loooove your captions! LOL.

    Especially those two pictures of Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Jae Wook!

    I’ve seen the trailer, interesting! Gorgeous gays, yummy desserts, never know those will be some kind interesting combination!

    Definitely must watch!

  41. 41 withsugarplease

    their outfits are so ridiculous.
    makes me laugh.
    i luv it.

    because no matter what they were
    they’re still hot. >___<

  42. 42 all4movies

    their stylists must have gone on vacation at the same time, either that or they were kidnapped.

  43. 43 Marzy

    whoah.. whoah……… are they planning to take the gay thing too far?
    its too wacky. might i add. well its good for laughs wahahahha. geee i know kim jae wook likes fashion. and i think jjh too but wow.hahhaha i like the movie premise though.

  44. 44 merriwether

    Bad outfit aside, am I the only one who’s envious of Kim Jae Wook’s long thin legs? What’s his secret?!?!

  45. 45 Latigre

    OMG! What’s up with the clothes, rings coordination? Are they couple or what??? Hope not!
    Yoo Ah-in looks so cute. I love his performance in Strongest Chilwu, Boys of Tomorrow, and Shim’s family.
    Can’t wait to see this movie

  46. 46 eclipse

    OMG!! Hilarious!!! What are the two of them thinking?? I hope they don`t pay too much many for that outfit, it`s a laughing stock indeed…But it`s sure does attract attention…

    Your post is so hilariously funny, also some the above comments..kidnapped, loose the bet thing, fishhead, halloween, etc…I can`t stop laughing till now!

    But aside that I reaalllyy looking forward too see this movie!! Yeeyy!!

  47. 47 eclipse

    Yoo Ah In is sooo cute!!!

  48. 48 :X

    reminded me why i didnt like JJH and YEH to work again… he look terrible… why cant they just be normal and look as handsome as they should be?….

    and yeah,,, too coffee princey to me… if not Sam Soon like… where are the GALs in the drama???

  49. 49 shalini

    Without prejudice.
    Isn’t that what acting is all about? Playing differents characters by looking differents?!
    I find most korean actors to be quite on the feminine side though. Is there any trend out there at the moment or the whole of Asia too?
    Have a good one everyone.

  50. 50 royal

    “I’m still having a little trouble reconciling this baby-faced, bashful-looking Yoo Ah-in to the strong, forceful, angsty Heuk San/Orroz in Strongest Chil Woo. ”

    I had to stare at Yoo Ah In long and hard to make sure he really is the guy from Chil Woo~ Wow, he looks sooooooooo different!

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