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KBS N’s first drama Lottery Trio
by | October 29, 2008 | 14 Comments

Shin Dong-wook (Soulmate, War of Money), Yoon Ji-min (HIT), and Yoo Yeon-ji (Hwang Jini) are taking on the first drama produced for cable satellite channel KBS N, Lottery Trio.

KBS N has produced several of its own films, such as 2006’s Ad-lib Night, the Lee Yoon-ki film in which Han Hyo-joo showed herself to be much better than she has since. However, this will be KBS N’s first drama production.

In Lottery Trio, Yoon Ji-min and Yoo Yeon-ji play sisters who, along with Shin Dong-wook’s character, stumble upon a lottery scam and work to expose the conspiracy. Director Lee Hyung-min of Snow Queen, Winter Sonata, and I’m Sorry, I Love You will be acting as PD, although the actual directing will be left to experienced music-video director Kim Sol-mae.

A production member explained that despite cable dramas’ tendencies to go for shocking and provocative material, this series will present a ligher approach to a heavy subject with a “fantastic twist” and “dramatic fun.” (I’m just glad Shin Dong-wook cut his hair. I know. SHALLOW!)

The drama premieres November 14.

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14 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. WeAreAlwaysReading

    I hope I will be able to catch this in Los Angeles

  2. JiHwan

    It’s nice seeing Shin Dong Wook doing dramas again. I haven’t seen him in anything since war of money (which wasn’t even worth watching) and I do miss him. It doesn’t hurt that I also like Yoon Ji Min. I hope a subbing group picks this project up so people who don’t understand korean, such as myself, are able to watch it.

  3. Astralyz

    I normally don’t really like K-Actors with pretty boy look but Shin Dong Wook is one of the exception that’s because he can act. I don’t watch War Of Money cos I heard the ending’s suck but I was so impressed with SDW in CLOUD STAIRWAY with Han Ji Hye, one of the most underrated K-Dramas. It’s nice to know SDW has new drama again . Hopefully this drama will have good storyline and worth to watch.

  4. twee

    its good to see SDW acting! so yay!

  5. cc

    Wow, I really want to watch this! Like others said above, I hope a subbing team takes on this one….
    Even though I’ve watched him in War of Money and Soulmate. Loved him!
    Shin Dong Wook looks so much better with short hair~ 🙂

  6. Kdramatic

    WOW shindongwook looks really nice with short hair

  7. LunarFlower

    YESSS!!! SDW!!!! i am so excited to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. diane

    am i the only one that liked him better with long hair? bummer!!

  9. Sa

    It’s wonderful to see Shin Dong Wook in a new drama! I am very excited to see it. Thanks for the info.

  10. 10 rtan

    i know!!! he looks way much better with short hair…

  11. 11 Maria

    YEY! Shin Dong Wook will be acting again!!!! I’m looking foward to it! I like him as an actor!!!

  12. 12 Moo! I'm at UCF!

    Javabeans, is W/S2 going to sub this? Also, is that release date correct? Can it be confirmed? I have not seen it on hd-*****. :'(

  13. 13 miasakuralee

    WOW..I REALLY LIKE SHIN DONG-WOOK or SHIN HWA SHIK OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!…the way he act it so captivating even when he smiles…OHHHH….MY GOSHHH..i feel like his SMILING at ME..hehehe..but anyways..i hope this K-DRAMA LOTTERY TRIO…it’s much more good than MONEY WARFARE(NO HAPPY ENDING)..no idea where HA WO SUNG gone to…just his vanished from the air…oh well..GOOD LUCK “LOTTERY TRIO CAST & CREW”… ^_^..SARANGHAEYO..SHIN HWA-SHIK OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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