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“Love Your W” raises funds for breast cancer
by | October 23, 2008 | 25 Comments

A lot of famous faces showed up to the 3rd “Love Your W” Breast Cancer Fund-raising Party on October 23rd, held at the Villa de Bailey in Seoul’s Kangnam district.

By the way, the “love your W,” as nonsensical as it sounds, refers to loving thy bosom. One guess as to what the W indicates. (Honestly, don’t Koreans find that kind of thing the least bit vulgar?)

But onward to the stars (and the colorful clothes!).


Overall, I dig seeing so much bright color at the event. I hate when everyone comes wearing black.

Kim Ah-joong (200 Pound Beauty) looks very pretty despite the feathers and granny-brocade she’s wearing. But I wonder what she thinks of Oh Yeon-soo (La Dolce Vita), who’s wearing the exact same Cookie-Monster-meets-Big-Bird ensemble she’d worn to the Chunsa Film Festival last month.

I love this color on Jung Ryeo-won (My Girlfriend Has Two Faces), but she’s still looking scary-thin:

Han Ji-hye (East of Eden) works her black gown and her eye makeup (which looks great and yet also kinda makes her seem a teeny bit cross-eyed, doesn’t it?):

I DO NOT LIKE this harsh look on the beautiful Kim Hyun-joo (Insoon is Pretty):

Wang Bit-na (Merry Vs. Daegu Battle) ROCKS this tartan gown. Love it. And Kim Yu-mi (Scale of Providence) is well-accessorized

Oh, my Lee Jung-jae (Typhoon), why do you pain me so? What’s with the military pants and the pointy facial hair that makes you look like Count Chocula?

Jang Mi-in-ae (Soulmate), meh. Cha Ye-ryung (Bad Love), gladiator meh.

Why so surly, Heo Yi-jae? Also, her Single Papa in Love co-star Oh Ji-ho:

I like this mixing of textures (leather with fabric) on Yoon Jin-seo (the upcoming Return of Iljimae), but not the furry animal she’s got sitting on her shoulder. Cha Soo-yeon (The World They Live In) looks a little boring, but sweet:

Announcer Hwang Soo-kyung pops in burnt orange; Park Ye-jin (Life is Cool); and Jang Mi-hee (Angry Mom):

25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. silly

    Jung Ryeo-won look so skiny…

  2. Sue

    i don’t get it. W? is that supposed to be the shape of boobs? LOL.

  3. Maddy

    JRW’s gown is so pretty on her. Even though she might be “scary skinny,” who cares? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!

  4. diane

    they should look in the mirror before going out.
    some of them look great some are not.

  5. ndegeocello

    I like Jang Mi Hee’s look the best. It’s a beautiful, age approrate look for her.

    I wish Hwang Soo Kyung would have worn something more glamorous because I think her image and demeanor defines elegance (without being snooty).

  6. Liv

    I actually feel like Oh Yeon-soo pulls off the blue ruffled dress better than Kim Ah-joong did. I think because she has more going on with her hair, she draws more attention to her face and looks less overwhelmed by everything going on in the neck region. Im still not sure about that dress, but I think her attempt is more successful

  7. kim

    it’s ye jin! lol i totally didn’t recognize han ji hye but she looks hawt ;]

  8. La-Nuit

    yea i don’t get the “W” either…

  9. ji

    Han Ji-hye is wearing the same kinda gown Chae Rim wore for the Seoul Drama Awards, but hers was purple/blue & she wore these long thigh high boots. the dress is still pretty on both of them.

  10. 10 yasi

    lovely Kim ah joong

  11. 11 Mindy


  12. 12 So Lin

    Am I the only one who gets the W thing? Imagine a less pointy W and you got breasts…. sorta. But you get the ides with a little imagination.

  13. 13 James Turnbull

    In Busan, Korean’s second biggest city, there is a chain of cosmetic surgery clinics called “W”, which has the eye-catching slogan: “Small face, lovely breast” on its advertisements (see the flickr link below). Until now, I had no idea why it chose that name!


  14. 14 abe

    Wang Bit-Na’s tartan gown awesome. Kudos to those who can make tartan elegant.

  15. 15 koalabear

    thanks for the pics…I love it when K-Celebs show their Fashion Style, well almost all of them, anyway Love Your W is sponsored by W Korea Magazine

  16. 16 mimi

    lee jung jae it must be durban clothes hahhaha.. the outfit is good but not good for a\him hahhahaha… anyway why he looks filthy???

  17. 17 Charlo

    Double U’s, w? UU…8D ahah….

    You never really do see a large variety of bright colors in these types of events. I guess because black is easy (and slimming), and colors need to be coordinated.

  18. 18 marz

    @ james, really is that the reason..
    hmm.. i thought it would have been more direct..
    if not something people can easily pinpoint..
    i guess koreans will get it.
    hmm.. i still dont..
    but maybe its also cause the sponsor is W hotel?
    does the the korean word for bossom
    start with W?

    i like the color of JRW’s dress.. but gahhh
    sooo thin.. scares me..

    kim hyun joo was pretty the look wasnt..and wang bit na carried the tartan..
    i like han ji hye’s look its different. from the her usual..
    park ye jin looks different too..
    hmmm weird.. gladiator dress. meh.. ive heard of shoes but dress”?
    umm… heo ji hye does look surly..
    yoon jin seo what the is that animal..

  19. 19 James Turnbull


    I’ve lived in Korea for 8 years, and had never heard of “W” to refer to a women’s breasts until I read this post, but I’ve just asked my wife (who is Korean) and she has, so I guess that probably settles it for the name of that cosmetic surgery clinic I mentioned. As for this “Love your W” event then, that sounds like a natural, okay name for it, but one which coincidentally (and very luckily) matched the name of the magazine. They’d be quite foolish not to sponsor it!

    In Korean, the word for breasts is “ga-sum” (가슴) which also means chest, or the medical word for them “you-bang” (유방), neither of which begin with “w”. For students of Korean the latter is the easier to remember, as the Chinese characters it is based on literally mean “milk” and “room”…

  20. 20 Ina

    I can always guarantee a good laughter session with your fashion critiques!! You crack me up!!! A good dose of laughter lessens stress and keeps us young.

  21. 21 javabeans

    @marz and @James Turnbull,

    The “W” originates from the stupid Korean fixation with naming body parts after letters in the English alphabet. It’s a great pet peeve of mine, and I have half a mind to go off on an extended rant about how the stupid Korean media fetish with physical beauty, coupled with their belief in Anglicization-as-legitimization, is responsible for an inane, ridiculous practice.

    U-line (lower back), V-line (face/chin), S-line (tits-n-ass), M-line (“male” line, aka the male physique), and now W-line (boobs). (Yeah, what about my Q-line, huh? Or the oft-ignored K-line, whatever that may be? Suck it, failed wordsmiths.) And how while this practice is seemingly frivolous on the surface, it actually belies much more pernicious trends in society at large, when you have celebrities vocally espousing their alphabet-lines and therefore actually objectifying themselves as a conglomeration of “perfect” body parts rather than as whole, genuine people. You wanna know why plastic surgery is such a big deal in Korea, why actresses don’t eat, why there’s an obsession with thin? It’s because we’re all just Latin letters waiting to be objectified as a beauty ideal rather than living, breathing people with flesh on our bones and brains in our heads.

    But I’m tired so maybe not today.

  22. 22 James Turnbull

    Yes, of course it’s all part and parcel of that naming fixation, and I completely understand the rant. Actually I’ve complained about it myself on my own blog on numerous occasions, most recently about a cartoon encouraging 8 year-old children to eat healthily for the sake of their S-line and V-lines (link in my name), and something like that is reason in itself for my family to leave Korea before my 2 young daughters reach, say, middle-school age.

    What you wrote may sound like just a rant to you, but actually I think it’s really very well put(!), especially “Anglicization-as-legitimization” and “…we’re all just Latin letters waiting to be objectified as a beauty ideal”. I’ll have to quote you soon!

  23. 23 Maica

    Everything looks loose for Jung Ryeo Won. :p

  24. 24 mahoo

    park ye jin doesnt prety.but lee yo won and go hyun jung are beauty.

  25. 25 nellam

    heo yi jae is very pretty and good style