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by | October 31, 2008 | 47 Comments

First, and most importantly…

Courtesy of Yes We Can (Hold Babies)

Voting is (finally) upon us! I cannot wait for Tuesday. I predict I will be hungover Wednesday. (I just hope it’s the happy kind, not the wailing and gnashing of teeth kind.)

Second, speaking of self-damage inflicted upon teeth: Happy Halloween!

Third: Anyone doing NaNoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month) this year? Sevenses and I are both planning on giving it a shot, and it should be an interesting experience. Writing starts tomorrow!

I think I’ll be keeping my progress off this site, but I’ve revived the old wordpress one (that’s for those who may not have been around when this site kicked off) to be my NaNo companion (like I need more procrastinatory enablers). For those who’ve done NaNoWriMo in the past, how has it been for you? Does it help having people spurring you onward? Are you doing it this year?


Jem – “Got It Good” [ Download ]

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mzpakipot

    whops! i posted wrong earlier—HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Stay away from tootsie rolls!

    And Please go Out and VOTE> Vote For Obama!

  2. wingstodust

    Oh man, I’m kinda really tense about the elections and I’m not even part of USA…

    I joined nanowrimo as well! Unfortunately, I don’t have any useful information to give as this will be my first ‘official’ year (I tried last year, ‘couldn’t get past 2000 words) but I wish you both the best of luck with completing this insane task!! XD

  3. julier

    Absolutely love the photo javabeans. The blog where the photo came from is wonderful! Thanks so much and good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  4. Grace

    Never commented before, check your site once and day and HAVE to say…
    BEAUTIFUL PHOTO….Please everyone do the right thing and vote!
    Thanks for such an insightful and fun website…..and Happy Halloween all be safe!

  5. gallivanter

    SUCH a beautiful photo. I’m getting really stressed out about the election. Mainly, I’ve been having a reoccurring dream where I forget to vote. Yikes!

    I did NaNo two years ago, and got to about 40,000 before getting the flu T_T But–it REALLY helped me to have other people prodding me. I joined the writing club at my university, and had meet ups about twice a week. The other thing that was nice was updating their website nearly every day with my word count. It’s super satisfying to see it go up^^ Haven’t decided if I’m doing it (I know! procrastinator!)–I’d like to but the ideas are lacking. I’ll decide tonight, I’m sure.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. Winnie

    I have a bottle of wine standing by for election night, and I may have to buy another one too. TIme will tell how much I’ll need to make it through the night.

    Best of luck with NaNoWriMo! I’ve always wanted to do it but I always feel too busy.

  7. quicksilver18

    Happy Halloween Javabeans!

    Hope you’re getting your candy fill. I just bought/downloaded all of Clazziquai’s albums (even Metrotronix) and in the midst of enjoying their music fully. Just wondering, are all members more Koreanized or Canadianized (is that even the correct terminology)? I was watching a couple of episodes of We Got Married and was amazed at Alex’s impeccable Korean. I tried to find out more information about Alex and Horan but the various websites that I ventured into merely stated that they’re Korean-Canadian. I’ve only heard the group singing in English but always wondered what they’re English speaking acccents sound like.

    And that photo above makes me wanna hug that kid too…*tears*

  8. Anna

    Fellow NaNo here. After such a blah week I’m getting really excited to start.

    Enjoy the election guys, I personally can’t wait for it to be over so the news over here can get back to UK news.

  9. VotingForObama

    We voted early in L.A. County. The wait was long. But I was so motivated. Go vote and take people with you

  10. 10

    L O V E this site. I check it more than I’m sure I should while working…

    In any case, if you can, vote early. It kind of sucks to wait in a line for two, three, twelve hours, but it’s better than the shame of telling your kids you were more content to let history pass you by.

    NaNoWriMo…I’ve got to give this a run! I hope you guys will find me on the site (username: digjam) and help guilt me to 250 pages this month. If you’re participating, I assure you I’ll return the favor with as much zeal as I can muster (and with my best nails-on-chalkboard/nagging-teacher voice). Hope to see you guys there!

  11. 11 joicy

    Happy Halloween Dramabeans, and try not to eat the candy if possible.

    Today I got another recall information on Sherwood brand Pirate’s Gold Milk Chocolate coins about Melamine . This candy is very popular , even Costco are selling them ( I am glad that I don’t eat candy).

    Thanks for the pix of Obama, I don’t care about the president much, just care how and when the economy will be better.

  12. 12 alice

    i just joined nanowrimo!

    i signed up before once, but never actually wrote anything!

    good luck to the both of us ><p

  13. 13 gyengao

    I’m both excited about and dreading Tuesday. I *very much* hope that Obama gets the win, but after the unbelievably poor judgment of voters in 2004, I won’t be surprised if it goes to McCain. I’m bracing myself for it to go either way, even though I have my fingers and toes crossed.

    I participated in NaNoWriMo starting in 2002 and kept with it through 2006. I bailed last year because I was tied up with my wedding plans, and this year I’m bowing out because I’m pregnant and completely distracted as a result. My plan is to get back to it next year, but who can say.

    >>Does it help having people spurring you onward?

    I think I’m a weird case because, as far as writing goes, I work best alone in my home office. It certainly boosted my morale when friends and family asked about my progress with NNWM, but I haven’t ever been one to go to the regional write-ins or other events. Of course, this is not the case for many others–some people thrive on outside encouragement and need the social outlet of the meet-ups and/or the forums. In the end, whatever gets you inspired to work is good. 😀

  14. 14 docmitasha

    I’m crazy: I joined NaNoWriMo. I really do want to write this year, before I enroll myself in to the horrors of medical school, but I just wasn’t doing it, just wasn’t putting my ideas onto paper. Who knows, this may be that one way to move things! And I figure this will be the last time in a long time (years to come) I’ll have the chance :)! I’m excited! Must stock up on snacks tomorrow…isn’t that what its mainly about? Stuffing yourself in the name of energizing? 😉

    Yay! I’ll be cheering you on javabeans! And sevenses!

  15. 15 javabeans

    gyengao, I think I’m like you. I don’t necessarily respond to encouragement (it’s appreciated though!), because my laziness transcends that. But i DO respond to guilt, and when people know i’m supposed to be doing something, it keeps me going. Or so goes the hope.

    Arg, I think the Nanowrimo site is problematic in that it won’t let you find other participants through their usernames, which is annoying. So if you’re doing it and want new buddies, how ’bout dropping your profile URL? Mine’s here.

  16. 16 docmitasha

    Good call. My profile :
    Feel free to add me as a buddy.

    May the guilt and minor sense of competition drive us all ;)! Mostly the guilt. (Must. save. face.)


  17. 17 Sue

    @quicksilver18: alex and horan are definitely fluent in korean. horan isn’t fluent in english, but she has a pretty good accent, and i think alex is semi-fluent in english, LOL.

  18. 18 quicksilver18

    Thanks Sue!

    Lolz…so does that mean that they’re semi-fobbish? Haha, I don’t know why I seem to care about this. Their music is great and that’s what should count. I think I’m mostly curious about them because of all this craze with Korean singers and actors trying to make a name for themselves in the US when most of their English is cringeworthy.

    I appreciate the fact that Clazziquai can make a smooth transition from Korean to English in their songs and that it makes sense!

  19. 19 wingstodust

    Okay! Um, my url is Feel free to add if you want, so on and so forth.

  20. 20 Sevenses

    Here’s my profile. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but then next year I’ll be too busy to do it, so here goes!

    Everybody, jiayou!

  21. 21 wingstodust

    Okay! url is lol feel free to add, so on and so forth.

    *waits for midnight to happen*

  22. 22 wingstodust

    Wow, I think this thread hates me or something, everytime I try to put up my profile it keeps getting rid of me. ToT

  23. 23 Georgie

    That is an ADOOOOOOOOORABLE picture. That little kid looks so happy 🙂

  24. 24 saharial

    I’m a nanowrimo gal too!! I added your nanoblog to my blog losting so i don’t lose it, i hope you don’t mind 🙂

    I did it last year and managed to finish the novel and win by 50 words. Its definitely encouraging to have writing buddies, I am under alot more pressure this year than last year when it comes to time, but i am pretending this will make it more interesting 🙂

  25. 25 javabeans

    wingstodust, sorry, your comment got caught in the spam folder! i unspammed them all but deleted a few of the duplicates. 😉

  26. 26 Dele

    If this doesn’t make you smile, and hopefully go out and vote then I don’t know what to say. It is just too freaking cute!!!

  27. 27 mookie

    Happy Halloween everybody!!!

    Good luck to you Dramabeans, Sevenses and other marvelous writers here!

    I got couple pimples stressing over the elections *crossing my fingers*. And my friends are still OMGing over me tearing up watching Obama’s infomercial… which I shamelessly proclaimed on facebook. wth

    And yes I’m voting No on Prop8, and sadly losing Christian/protestant(whatever) friends over it.

  28. 28 ChiliPepper

    1. Happy Halloween!! (Wow, end of October already!)
    2. Pray, pray, pray … for the historical Tuesday.
    3. Good luck with NNWM.
    4. The most important question: How did Jae Hee’s Mandate turn out?
    Any news about him or his movie? I missed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 wingstodust

    @javabeans, oh~ that’s what happened! lol, i couldn’t figure out if it was because my laptop is being stupid again or what. sry about all those duplicates, btw. XD;;;

  30. 30 avonmarissa

    Ha, I just joined NaNoWriMo too. I figure it’s time to put that degree to good use, lol. To everybody who has joined: AJA or GANBATTE; which ever one rocks your boat, lol. My url is

  31. 31 the stranger

    I have to confess, I bawled during Obama’s “infomercial”. It was very well-made, emphatic and heart-warming.

    And guess what? I sent in my absentee ballot! I voted for OBAMA!!!! Woohoo!

    Good luck to you (javabeans) and all the writers out there (including Sevenses) – hope you reach the finish line on Nov. 31 and be able to smile when you look back.

  32. 32 Jang -ho

    Obama is a fraud! He’s using the same tactics as Hitler did when he became in power. Anyone who votes for him has been brainwashed by him. Btw you start a politcal thread you open up a can of woop-ass!

  33. 33 javabeans

    I would only be whoopass if you backed up your statements and based it on any sort of facts, policies, or information.

  34. 34 Marzy

    id like to say props to javabeans, senvenses and all the users joining the NaNoWriMo. im not as familiar since im not in North America. But looks interesting and i wish i could read it those entries. 🙂 wish the the elections go well but i have my own biase and im sick of hearing it in the news everywhere too.

  35. 35 belleza

    Hello, my name is Kim Myung Min. You can see me in my current reality TV show Beethoven Virus, where I inspire the elderly about the finer points of Beethoven, Brahms, and Bach. Watch, through my gentle encouragement and unique insight, I teach my young lapdogs the sturm and dang of Beethoven’s Ninth and that young boy Jang Geun Seok the same lessons I taught sweet, simple-minded Esa-Pekka Salonen when he consulted me about Wagner’s little ditty the Ring Cycle. God I am good.

    ANYhoo — pardon me while I straighten my gloves — I have been asked by Belleza to dispense words of sincere encouragement to you fellow novelists.

    Sarah Palin believes that an educated woman like yourself would be better off learning how to use a rifle and currying a husband than wasting your time writing a silly little novel. I would agree

    Stephanie Meyer once bragged that she wrote Twilight in one weekend while kicking a cocaine addiction. She doesn’t understand what is so hard about writing 50,000 words when half of them should comprise of phrases like “you are so beautiful”, “you are my happiness”, and “I will die for you even though I am already dead. ” Why, it gives my Puccini-toned heart goosepimples! I doubt you can aspire for such winged words!

    Dir En Grey is not music. Listen to Haydn’s waltzes or Scarlatti’s inventions. Filth like DEG, Malice Mizer, Luna Sea (*ed:Sugizo-sama!! *sigh!!!*) should be thrown in the trash. However, I do allow Miyavi. He’s quite good.

    Agreed, metal is terrible. I have nothing more to say. You are fine.

    50,000 words in one month is impossible!! Impossible!! The Precious!! Must have the Precious!!!


    Sorry, I got carried away there. Anyhoo, I wish you all success in your certain failure. Carry on. BTW, can anybody watch my puppy?

    God I Am Good,
    The Immortal Kim Myung Min

  36. 36 belleza

    Oh yeah,

    Obama for 2008!!! Hitler can suck these in Hell.

  37. 37 HQlover

    are you an U.S. citizen or Canadian Citizen?

  38. 38 pabo ceo reom

    Obama, baby!

    Anyhow, I’ll try following your progress..good luck!

  39. 39 melica

    Obama! Count me in for hope and change along with an intelligent articulate president who won’t make me cringe.

  40. 40 f.

    I dropped my absentee ballot at the post office yesterday. Praying that the good citizens of this country get it right this time.

  41. 41 YAY

    I don’t know what the average age group is on this blog but the youth vote turnout is anemic (similar to that of John Kerry’s), and it is RIDICULOUS. YOUNG PEOPLE, take a few hours out of your pathetic little lives and VOTE.

    What is wrong with you young people? Don’t you UNDERSTAND that it is your future that is being sold right in front of you? I cannot understand why we do not get at least 50% youth vote, and instead we are getting 17% season after season.

    The good thing is that the Black vote is projected to be 93%, which is pretty damn awesome and maybe these young morons’ apathy will be mitigated.

    Jeez. It’s a few hours of your life, young people. Wow. JUST. VOTE. Take your ipod with you. Watch a movie on your young people e-gizmos. Just go and cast ONE FREAKING VOTE.

    If Tuesday turns out badly, OMG, young people…just you freaking wait.

    I swear, young people need to get off my lawn and VOTE.

  42. 42 ami

    >.< Okay I’m going to die… I didn’t do vote because it was a hassle and I was from Illinois. *sweatdrops* Now I feel guilty by people who say vote vote, even though my vote won’t matter…

    I thought the youth vote was out in spades this year?

  43. 43 Rachael

    I overnighted my absentee ballot yesterday to make sure it got there. I’m actually kinda NERVOUS about it. I figure when in doubt I can change plans somehow and just study abroad for awhile in Grad school if need be :p

    I’m trying out NaNoWriMo after being kinda guilted into it. I’m bein’ the fanstalker and adding you and Sevenses certainly. I go back and forth between guilt and encouragement myself.

    My profile:

    Let’s see how far along I get this time since I’m already gone over half the day with no access to anything ’till 12:30 at night! Oh, what a way to start off lol.

    Cheers to fellow NaNoWriMo writers! Both veterns and newbies!

  44. 44 Rachael

    Grrrrr, the site is broken I’ll try to add everyone very late tonight then I guess. Hopefully it’ll be working then!

  45. 45 everbliss

    Hi! I used to read your blog a lot (but not really comment because I was stuck in lurkdom back then), but because your post on the elections and nano, I thought I would leave a comment.

    I am so nervous about Tuesday as well (and I’m not even mad that House got preempted because of the election). I also hope for the best (I won’t type it out because I don’t want to jinx it!), but it really frustrates me when people support a candidate but refuse to register because they are too lazy to do it. In any case, THREE MORE DAYS *crosses fingers*

    This is my fourth year doing Nanowrimo, actually. I won my first year, but school kept me from finishing it the past two years. Since I have more time this semester, I think I’ll have enough time to successfully participate this year. But I don’t tell people about it, so I don’t usually get encouragement (thought it probably would’ve helped in the past) 😛

  46. 46 Sere

    Ahhh, you too? Everybody’s doing NaNoWriMo. I was thinking more along the lines of NaBloProMo (, but uh I don’t think I can commit myself to such a thing. Too time-consuming. If you’re going to do NaNo, I’ll send creative vibes your way.

  47. 47 Angela

    It took me awhile to decide if I’d really have time to do this, but decided, what the heck. Can’t hurt to try: At least I can stop whining about writer’s block, and start getting something–heck, ANYthing–on the paper/screen!