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Sohn Ye-jin goes into the White Night
by | October 30, 2008 | 14 Comments

Ooh, this one sounds really good.

Sohn Ye-jin has been busily promoting her new movie these days, My Wife Got Married, which stars her as a wife with a free-love-loving attitude and multiple relationships. But now she takes on another role for a new movie, “an even stronger character than in My Wife Got Married.”

The new project has been confirmed as the film Baekyahaeng [“Into the White Night” / λ°±μ•Όν–‰], wherein a man and woman who’d been in love in their youth make an “irreparable mistake which ends in heartbreaking farewell.” The “mistake” is a murder, and they agree not to meet until the statute of limitations is over (I hadn’t realized Korea has a 15-year statute of limitation on murder — the U.S., thankfully, has none).

The movie is based on a Japanese movie (Byakuyoku) which was based on a novel, which was also made into a Japanese drama in 2006. (Reading up on Byakuyoku, there are several iterations on the same theme — in one, two siblings kill a parent and cover it up, and in another, a young man kills his father to stop him from molesting the girl he loves.)

In this Korean film version, Sohn plays a character described as manipulative and tough, even to the man she loves. Despite their promise not to meet before the statue of limitations expires, he continues to keep watch over her, “like a shadow,” while both lay low from the detective on the case and dream of a day they can be happy and free.

The film is written by (the excellent!) Park Yeon-seon, scriptwriter behind 2007’s wacky comic mystery treasure hunt Mixed-up Investigative Agency and 2006’s beautifully insightful Alone In Love (which also starred Sohn).

I’m so glad Sohn isn’t resting on her pretty face and is taking provocative roles like this and My Wife. This is one I’d actually watch.



14 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sarah

    such a good news…
    I really love SYJ and I think she’s more than capable of doing those two roles.
    thanks for the news.

  2. Suzy

    Ooh, the j-drama Byakuyoku was very dark and very twisted… I liked it. Wonder who her co-star will be.

  3. Helena

    WOW! I’m very excited about SYJ’s new project. I love SYJ & her drama “Alone In Love”. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  4. ed

    oooh what an intriguing plot!

    “Despite their promise not to meet before the statue of limitations expires, he continues to keep watch over her, β€œlike a shadow,” while both lay low from the detective on the case and dream of a day they can be happy and free.”

    …and the psycho-drama ensues!
    really good to see them branch out into romance/thriller. not a lot of korean movies tell story from the criminals’ perspective huh? the biggies are often about flipping the bird to cops/”the system” (Chaser, Memories of Murder.) back in 60s/70s there was a trend of japan movies about life on the lam, to show how society/family have disintegrated. it’ll be weird to see son ye-jin play an outsider though (maybe yonsama can watch over her again πŸ˜› ) it’s gonna be less obvious than say, casting gong hyo-jin and ryu seung-bum as the bonnie and clyde πŸ˜€

  5. Elyse

    Ooh, Byakuyakou is one of my favorite dramas πŸ˜€ I hope this one does a good job, too ^^

  6. momo

    so this is going to be a movie right? would’ve been cool if it was a drama. anyways loved Byakuyakou! a very good dark romance! i hope they can good music that was just as beautiful and haunting like they did for byakuyakou cause the music there was just amazing and fit perfectly for the drama! btw for those who haven’t seen you should definitely check it out!

  7. Elaine

    Wow, another project again!
    Although I’m still quite upset that she got replaced by KTH in Iris <_<

  8. lovenyc52

    oo. looks interesting πŸ™‚ looking forward to it!

  9. HelloLily

    Having already seen Byakuyakou, I’m looking forward to seeing this film.

  10. 10 Marzy

    omg.. this sounds great. i wanna see this. the japanese version makes me curious as well. i think i wanna try to find that one. i like the story too.

  11. 11 chatteraddict

    ok guys i need help, im new with korean/japanese drama/movies, what is Byakuyoku? and where can i get a copy? but liking the plot of this movie, cant wait to hear more news.

  12. 12 Felicity

    No kidding. Byakouyakou is one of my fave J-dramas. The two leads were chillingly good in their roles. Let’s see if their korean counterparts will do just as well.

  13. 13 king

    i think the co-star is ko soo. i just heard from the other news.

  14. 14 Adubea

    I really like son ye jin …..she z beautiful nd has a free spirit.her dramas r thriling as well

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