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Thank You’s little girl now a little lady
by | October 30, 2008 | 23 Comments

About a week ago, I mentioned the new drama project for child actor Seo Shin-ae. (Most of us may remember her from starring in the heartwarming 2007 drama Thank You alongside Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo-jin.)

To accompany the news, her management has recently released new photos of Seo, and she’s grown up a lot — still adorable and round-cheeked, but much less child than she was just a year ago. (Not a little girl, not yet a woman? Or perhaps, more apropos to her career: not a baby star anymore, not yet a plastic-surgeried tartlet-in-training. Let’s hope this talented girl never ends up there.) Just to give you a refresher, here’s what she looked like in Thank You —>

Her new series is the KBS1 daily drama Glory of Youth [청춘예찬], which will air when the currently running Big Sister vacates its time slot in January.

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23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. your average girl

    what a sweetie!

    “Thank You” is one of my favorite dramas– not because it had an exciting plot, but because something about it resonated with me. I loved watching her character, Bom, in “Thank You” talk to her mother because the mother/daughter pair had adorable dialogue and I was always amazed how natural she was at acting with adults.

    Like you, I hope we can watch her mature over time through her dramas rather than see her get devoured by our over-sexualized pop culture. And I hope she has time to be a little girl before she’s thrust into the adult world.

  2. djes

    She’s getting prettier!
    She was cute and adorable, but now, wow. I hope she won’t change anything on her face with plastic.
    Looking forward her next projects..

  3. ed

    they really do grow up fast. 1st pic is almost too provocative for me 😛
    maybe this begins her “moon geun young” (lil sis) period.

  4. han

    she still looks like a baby to me ’cause of her cute face
    maybe i’ll be shocked if it’s her voice that changes

  5. chajjye

    she looks so grown up now!

    loved her in thank you!

    well…she is about 12 already, no?

  6. ames4eva

    there’s something so pure and innocent about her…i hope she stays just as gorgeous and cute forever ^^

  7. purpledayz

    oh my god. she looks so much older!
    I miss BOM in THANK YOU.
    The best actress in the whole show.


  8. adorable

    Seo Shinae is absolutely adorable and such a great actress! she’s better than a lot of older actors in my opinion. i loved her as Bom in Thank You.

    Have you guys seen this video of her auditioning for a movie role? It’s really great!

  9. m

    cute. 🙂 let’s hope she doesn’t end up like a lot of child actors *coughlindseylohancough*

  10. 10 adorable

    I highly doubt she’ll end up like Lindsey Lohan. Remember this is Korea we’re talking about not America. She’ll probably end up with a clean image like Moon Geun Young, can’t image her ending up like LH.

  11. 11 starz

    Wow that’s a really big change. She’s cute.

  12. 12 wandergirl

    How old is she? She looks great in the last photo (of her wearing rubber boots). not too cutesy for a kid but not trying hard to look old either.

  13. 13 lisa

    That little kid has a better ass than me. D;

  14. 14 ripgal

    Aww… such an adorable girl. She’s definitely grown up… and looks prettier..

    Girl was amazing in Thank You. I hope she continues to soar with her talent..^^

  15. 15 nozomi

    she still looks pretty much the same to me…although she lost a bit of baby fat and the hairstyle makes her older

    shes an awesome little star. maybe she wont need to go for surgery but im sure she’ll need a braces ^.^

  16. 16 Bored..

    Wow..she’s only 10 years old…

  17. 17 WhatDidWeSee

    I don’t remembwer giving her permission to grow up…

    You can still tel it is her. What a talented young lady

  18. 18 dyane

    wow, she’s almost all grown up. still cute nonetheless.^_^

  19. 19 bambooshoots

    WHOA, she’s all grown up!!!

    She’s still oozing of cuteness, but I’m feeling a different kind of cute…
    Well, she’s adorable. Love her lots <3

    Hope she grows up to be a super successful actress!!! =D

  20. 20 Miki

    She is ADORABLE. Amazing how quickly they grow, huh?

    But not THAT quickly. Come on? The ultra-popular hand-on-hip arching turn-around pose, and a miniskirt? (The miniskirt picture all in all isn’t bad though).

    Is her stylist dressing her and the photographer telling her how to pose? Because she’s still 10. I wish they’d just have these young stars shown more naturally. Do they have to be like that because it’d be more attractive/cuter? Come on! Your 10!! That guarantees that you’re cute!

  21. 21 robbo4

    I second the motion of entry #17 which read:


    I don’t remember giving her permission to grow up…

    Here’s hoping that that special light is always behind her eyes and that she’ll remain as unaffected by it all as is humanly possible. We love you, Bom-a!!!

  22. 22 Wandering Eye

    She’s cute. But she has nothing on the ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL little girl in The Chaser. Can’t believe the Korean media isn’t talking about her. She knocked my socks off with her beauty and acting skills. And she’s like, 8 years old.

  23. 23 maricel

    Oh my, our Bom is already a lady! i just hope she’ll remain as sweet and innocent but of course she has to grow and learn the basics of life. Fingerscrossed, i hope she’ll be like Moon Geun Young. Good luck on her career.

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