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The house that Won Bin built
by | October 13, 2008 | 38 Comments

Won Bin is attracting belated notice for the home he had built for his parents in his hometown back in Gangwon-do.

Filial piety aside, interest in the home comes from its unique appearance — the home is 387.08 sq. m. (4166 sq. ft.), and was designed, according to the architectural firm, on the concept of a hill, allowing its inhabitants to take in the surrounding scenery. Furthermore, while it is built in three stories, the second doesn’t actually house any livable space, but connects to the third story. The middle level itself is built with ferroconcrete, and a green lawn grows on the roof.

The house also won an award in the general dwelling category at the 2008 Korean Architecture Awards held in Seoul last month.

Such gestures from celebrities aren’t exactly a surprise, but it must still be a great feeling to fulfill the Korean child dream of buying one’s parents their own luxurious home. And if it’s a sprawling, award-winning, avant garde luxury dream house, well, all the better.

Via Hankook Ilbo


38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jen

    wait by built, you mean paid for right? not as in helped along with the construction crew and the architectural team…

    ah every parents dream to have a ‘conceptual’ house with an extra floor to climb
    hehe its an interesting design…not what i’d picture as my ideal home when I’m old but who knows what his parents can do with it

    the thing that bugs me is…why does it seem to be in the middle of nowhere?

  2. katy rose.

    that’s an interesting design. rofll, i showed my mom…and she was like, if for some reason you ever have a lot of money, don’t build me a house like that when I’m old. I wouldn’t have the energy to get around.

  3. Jessica

    Wow, that’s pretty 🙂 But yeah, my mom would say the same thing as katy rose’s mom, “Too man stairs!” kekeke 🙂

    Btw, do Korean follow feng shui?

  4. christina

    is it me or does it look like a football field?

  5. mily2

    hehe.. i would love to live in that house.. not sure about my parents.. i thought older people should stay at the ground level since it’s dangerous for them to be climbing stairs.. lol.. awww.. “put wonbin back on the near top of my crush list”.. haha

  6. pabo ceo reom

    That’s a pretty cool design….bet the neighbors are jealous.

  7. ladychick

    The house is awesome, but somehow it looks like its in the middle of nowhere??? I thought old people like to be surrounded by other people so they dont feel lonely?

  8. le

    unique house. its rectangle-ness & open space reminds me of Gong Yoo’s Coffee Prince house.

  9. chky

    I hope they pay the gardener enough to mow the lawn on the “hill” and the roof.

  10. 10 Anonymous

    Nice house. Gosh, I should find a nice-hot-oppa like Won Bin so I can get a house like that.

  11. 11 iaia-chan

    wow i like, I like those kind of modern unique looks

  12. 12 Anonymous

    that’s so cool! what a dream.

  13. 13 Miki

    O.o What a nice house. Very different, and stunning from the front. Definitely for me. A bit plain in the back, though, don’t you think?

    My mom said that it’s too weird for her though. XD And probably dangerous if she gets older…

    Props to Won Bin though. It’s also my dream to buy my mom a beautiful house someday. I’m sure Won Bin promised that to his mom once, too, and it’s nice to see it done.

  14. 14 Song

    awesome, i should let him build me a house. hehe, how nice of him to build a home for his parents. such a good son!
    The house looks cool!

  15. 15 k john

    @christina — Bleachers! You’re right! It does look like bleachers!

  16. 16 Kobe

    Not the best looking house I have seen but hey, I would live in a shack if it was built by Binnie 😉

  17. 17 aya

    yeah…it unique, but doesn’t feels like home to me..

  18. 18 vian

    Cool design, I like it. Have to agree it’s unique in appearance. I heard that Won Bin is from the countryside with humble background. It’s good to know he fulfilled his dream of buying his parents a luxurious home.

  19. 19 :)

    his house is so modern looking. i like how it looks in the front but i don’t really like the back.

  20. 20 Melvoyance

    The house is awesome…but is it safe for his parent? I bet there’s so many stairs.

    I would like to apply to be his house keeper…*kill two bird with one stone* hehehe…

  21. 21 javabeans

    Lol, you guys are funny! Won Bin is 31. His parents are hardly falling apart on the brink of death! My parents have a two-story house and they’ve got no problems climbing the stairs. Haha.

  22. 22 Alex

    Ohhh Won Bin Good looking and Good test

  23. 23 belleza

    That house actually resembles Jo In Sun’s casa concrete, as well as Sam Quentin. Won Bin has mom issues? Is THAT why he’s not married to Kobe? 😀

  24. 24 nude leopard

    er what if it rains? it doesnt look too rain resistent – friendly.

    but i love it!!!!! I’ll love to have sex with him in that house thought XP

  25. 25 nassa

    You guys are so funny about worrying too many stairs for his parents.
    “rain resistent”….hahahaha this is the funiest!

  26. 26 wHOOsh

    the design is cool and all… but it sorta looks like a prison ._.

    yeeeaah. if the picture didn’t show the interior of the house i would’ve thought it was a prison.
    they should get the house painted…or. something. make it warmer-ish-colored.

  27. 27 phiphi

    Have to applause Wonbin for doing this for his parent.

    I don’t like the exterior much, a bit cold and looks like a small stadium or a solitary from the outside. Not photos of the interior? Bet it looks awesome!

  28. 28 dc


    I like your sense of humour, you always make me laugh.
    The house is Ok, it looks unique.

  29. 29 belleza


    Thanks, but in fact I’m trying to stage an intervention so that Kobe can finally admit his feelings for Won Bin. It’s okay Kobe — Won Bin doesn’t hate you. He’s too beautiful to hate. He’s apparently also too beautiful to do K-drama anymore sigh . . . . 😉


    In South Korea, the geomancy practice is called Pungsu. It came with the rest of Confucian beliefs during Shilla, and (like many of the Confucian disciplines) developed in its own way. I don’t know that much about Pungsu, but they emphasize the village/city planning (i.e. North/South/West/East orientations.) It’s worth noting that there are many different schools on geomancy across East and South Asia. I have some knowledge on the Flying Star school, which I used when looking at prospective houses.

    The house itself — apparently inspired by J Lo’s crib (American houses with strong modernist influences are inherently anti-feng shui) — breaks a lot of rules of feng shui. The building itself is highly assymetrical, so energy does not flow evenly. The first and third floor are connected by a narrow stairway “neck”, this ennervates the 3rd floor. The high roof is awesome, but the narrow overall structure (narrow stairs, corridors, etc.) means that energy flows out of the house too quickly. One side of the house is virtually all windows, popular in upscale Western architecture, but this is also very bad in feng shui. The interior space is extremely angular with way too many sharp edges and again narrow corridors and assymetrical structure. There’s too much white in the house. Unless the inhabitants are metal element types, white should be used as an accent and not a motif. The 2nd floor isn’t good because much of the space is set up like a “garage structure” — basic building space held up by pillars is not good. Finally, assuming that the land is not further developed, there really should be trees or a gentle slope behind the house to mediate the flow of energy.

    That all said, the house design is just lovely. I would LOVE to work in an office like that.

  30. 30 Shrimp

    The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the house design was–“2008 Beijing Olympics”….hmmm it looks like a football stadium–but i must say that the design is uniquely fascinating errr fascinatingly unique!–I would love to live in a house like that as long as I’m with Won Bin *wink*.

  31. 31 pedestrian

    Hi, your home looks grand and luxurious indeed, congratulations! but that’s not the point. I think the most adorable things are your gracefulness to your mom and dad and your amazing capacity to build such a remarkable home while you’re at 31. It means that you can look after your life very well. I’d like to tell you that you mesmerize a lot of people ,including me. You deserved the best bless from your god and from my buddha. Wish you have a healthy family and succeed in your career.

  32. 32 flowerpot

    i wonder what he will give to his future wife???!!!…

  33. 33 a bumpkin

    Hi, congratulations on your new remarkable home! I like the colour, it presents the feeling of calmness and solemnity. On account of my being a bumpkin, I’ve no comment about your home style, It’s likely too far beyond my thought. However, seeing from the picture, it strikes my mind of being a grand luxurious beautiful home indeed. Actually, it’s not a big deal what your home looks like but i the point is that you’ve a grateful mind to your dad and mom. You’re well brought up and I’d like to thank you your parents who’ve brought you to our planet. A good man like you has become less at the moment, and I’d like to thanks you who performs beautiful things for our globe as well. I think your new home certainly balances you and your family. Wish you have a pleasant moment in your new home.

  34. 34 lost

    it reminds me of prison

  35. 35 sarah

    wo..is that a military sites?? looks like one..perhaps Won bin oppa got the inspiration frm the military training sites..hu2.anyway, as long as his parents are happy with it…Fightin!!! Won bin oppa!!

  36. 36 a bumpkin

    Hi, Javabeans
    May the beauty of this Season brighten up your life…and decorate your days.
    With love, smile and happiness!
    Merry Christmas!

  37. 37 Bingbing

    Whatever they say , be it look like a prison, stadium or military sites, its always a HOME for Won Bin. Why ? Its one of a kind in Korea . GOD BLESS !

  38. 38 Cloud

    Beautiful house! A blessing to his parents and Korea!

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