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Ara, foiled!
by | November 18, 2008 | 26 Comments

Ara poses for the December issue of fashion mag Singles.

I dunno — armed and dangerous? Or slack-jawed and dull-eyed?

26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sue

    looks good! but i’m not a fan of the lighting on her face in the first picture. funks up her eyes!

  2. Aazmi

    If you’ve watched too many episodes of America’s Next Top Model, *cough*I*cough*did*cough* you would know it’s never a good thing to pose open-mouthed, especially for a fashion spread like she did.

    The 2nd pic is hot, though. ;p

  3. callisto

    Slack-jawed and dull-eyed, I’d say. She only has one expression in all of her modeling work. It gets tiring and aggravating after a while.

  4. yello

    Her pelvis bone is a little freaky on the 2nd picture. By freaky, I mean it looks like I can see her pelvis bone. Not curvy, but bony and she does have the same expression. She has a pretty face, though.

  5. Miki

    @Aazmi-And like they say, “It’s all about the eyes”. (I too, watch too much ANTM).

    She has an amazing figure…. The second picture makes me jealous.

  6. anne

    omg she is gorgeous in the second one.
    love her!

  7. pabo ceo reom

    Where the heck did she get that body in the second pic? She used to (still is?) a stick!

  8. mehh

    pretty face but nothing impressive.

  9. K

    To me, it just looks like too much makeup and too much photo shopping. The girl is pretty but a lot of times they “fix her up” too much.

  10. 10 kk

    That’s a very lacklustre covershot, bad choice from the editors, but 2nd shot – love the pose.

  11. 11 Aazmi

    @Miki: Yeah, nobody EVER looks good with their mouths opened throughout the whole 10 seasons (currently on the 11th) of ANTM. So, it should be no different for her.

  12. 12 Bradamante

    The covershot is a disaster, expressiveness equal to nothing.
    In the second picture, a body lying on dried branches, composition and space are good, as the laying of the body, but the scale?
    Why the scale?
    It’s horrible.

  13. 13 iaia-chan

    1st pic: I want that sword…2nd pic: awesome

  14. 14 m

    love the sword, but it doesn’t look like she knows what to do with it. as for the 2nd picture, is it just me, or does her hip look like it’s really protruding out & rather squarish? definitely didn’t expect her to look that curvy. 🙂

  15. 15 lovin it

    amazing figure.. no fair!
    and 2nd pic is awesome.

  16. 16 Moo! I'm at UCF!

    I think she looks beautiful in the first picture.

  17. 17 MusicIsOurHigh

    Not really great pictures.

  18. 19 all4movies

    slack-jawed? maybe she’s drooling. i wonder who her opponent is?

  19. 20 ikanmas

    but, sue got a point. that s true.. her eyes looked crooked. lol

  20. 21 Sarang

    Hey don’t be so mean. THUMBELINA is my favorite. She looked beautiful. Thanks kyu.

  21. 22 jUnna

    wheres jung joon ho????????????????

  22. 23 Moo! I'm at UCF!

    Kyu, thanks for the other pics. 🙂 Much appreciated.

  23. 24 backstage

    am luvvin the second piic!!!
    cus she duunt luuk like ara!lols


  24. 25 tiff

    i like ara. maybe i attracted to cuteness!

  25. 26 LoveForSeok

    one eye looks much wider than the other one- i think that’s where most of the problem lies.
    and the second…her “hip” looks more like she was told to turn so that her butt(some of it) can be her hip for her…too outlandish? oh well.lol

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