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Awards ceremony at Korea Drama Festival 2008
by | November 1, 2008 | 40 Comments

Kim Myung-min wins Daesang; Han Ji-hye takes home an Excellence Award

Stars came out on November 1 to the 2008 Korea Drama Awards in the South Gyeongsang province city of Jinju, although there were a few notable absences (Bae Yong-joon, Kim Rae-won).

The top winner of the night was Kim Myung-min for his portrayal of Maestro Kang (affectionately, Kang-mae) in currently running hit drama Beethoven Virus. Kim Myung-min rocks, so this is no surprise and is certainly deserved. (Also, whether you love or hate Beethoven Virus, we can probably agree that he is the best thing in it.)

In the next “tier” of acting awards below Kim’s Daesang were the Best Acting award winners, consistently solid sageuk actor Choi Su-jong for Dae Jo Young and Kim Haneul for playing a difficult actress in On Air. In the next tier for Acting Excellence were Kim Rae-won of Gourmet and Han Ji-hye for Likable or Not (who may pull in yet more awards this time next year for her performance in East of Eden).

Musical acts included performances by R&B ballad duo Fly To the Sky, balladeer Shin Hye-sung, and members of idol group Super Junior.


Fly to the Sky – “혼자하는 약속” (A promise with myself) [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


There were also awards for Netizen Popularity, which went to Girls Generation member Yoon-ah for her role in the daily drama You’re My Destiny, Kim Bum for stealing the show in East of Eden, comedienne Kim Hyun-sook of tvN’s hit cable series Rude Miss Young-ae Season 3, and Kim Hee-jung for the popular and long-running First Wives Club.

A distinguished service award was given to Baek Il-sub of Mom’s Dead Upset, a juror’s special award to Kim Hae-sook of First Wives Club, Best Drama to Mom’s Dead Upset, and a Hallyu Achievement award to Bae Yong-joon for Legend (which, uh, aired much earlier than the other dramas — how’d it sneak in to snag an award? Such is the power of The Yonsama?).

The Korea Drama Festival closes on November 5.


Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus) wins the Daesang (grand prize):

Choi Su-jong (Dae Jo Young) accepts his Best Acting award with Kim Haneul (On Air). Kim proves that photography can make or break you; just compare the second picture of her below (great!) to the first (um, not so great).

Han Ji-hye (East of Eden) walks the red carpet and strikes a pose.

Kim Hae-sook (First Wives Club) is honored with a special juror’s award.

Did Kim Bum (East of Eden) suddenly grow Presence overnight? The young kid man has got it in spades.

Speaking of teen stars acquiring presence, Park Min-young (I Am Sam) has hands-down one of the best looks of the night:

Lee Jin (Hometown of Legends) may have a pretty gown, but she can hardly walk in it.

Kim Sung-eun (Who Are You?) looks hot. Love her look.

Park Ha-seon (Rivals) is all right. I think this purple frock is a little boring for a 21-year-old, though.

Kim Hee-jung (First Wives Club), winner of a Netizen Popularity award.

If you don’t know who these guys are, their names totally blur together in a mass of Kims, Jungs, and Taes: Kim Jung-hyun (Mom’s Dead Upset) poses with Kim Tae-woo; Jung Kyeo-woon (Women in the Sun); Kim Jung-tae (Open City, Robbers).

And we’ve got to have a WTF category, right? First, Korea’s (New) Little Sister Shim Eun-kyung (Legend, Hwang Jini) may have started out as a child star, but she’s 14 now and channeling 6. I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a little creepy. Also, I cannot explain what dress is wearing 13-year-old Joo Da-young (Great King Sejong), who’s with Baek Jong-min (Beautiful Woman Park Jung-geum). It’s like Bjork’s Oscar swan dress tried to fancy it up with a princess party dress.

Fly to the Sky‘s Hwanhee and Brian arrive together, then perform at the ceremony; also performing is Shinhwa’s Shin Hye-sung and Suju subgroup Super Junior Happy.

Via Hankyung, Asia Economy

40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. saryKIM

    Yeaa Kim Myung Min totally deserves that award… brilliant actor.

    Kim Haneul looks different in those pictures… maybe it’s the lighting? Or her makeup?

    And Kim Bum.. wow. He’s looking HOT. Can’t wait to see him play a slightly arrogant rich high school kid in Boys Before Flowers!

  2. Liv

    Its a pretty difficult age for Shim Eun-kyung and Joo Da-young because “normal society” still thinks of them as kids and the media is ready to turn them into highly sexualized (pre)teen idols. Err on one side and you end up looking like a candidate for child porn (like that group Sweety…) – err on the other side and well, you end up with this. Although IMO if you are gonna make “fashion mistakes” at their ages, Id rather its 13-acting-6, than 13-acting-30

  3. paranblue

    Kang mae totally deserved the daesang… seriously if that award didn’t go into his hands… i would totally think that the judges (or whoever is choosing the winners) don’t know anything about acting….

    so yay!!! (they do have brains) 😀

  4. stargazer377

    oooh! i’m so glad KMM received that award! L-O-V-E him in Beethoven’s Virus! Go Kim Myung Min!!!
    and the red teddy bear is kind of creepy, so is the picture of Joo Da-young and Baek Jong-min. =( but i agree, better to make the fashion faux-pas now rather than later.

  5. soiia

    KimBum looks sooooooooo fine 😉

  6. Sue

    SJH. LOL.

    and i’m pretty sure that’s actor jung taewoo, not singer kim taewoo… ?

  7. Sevenses

    *claps wildly for Kim Myung Min, then sneaks back to room to study*

    Thanks for the news, javabeans!

  8. Kellie

    Nope, that’s Jung Tae Woo. His hair is so dark I had to look three times to recognize him. And the funky suit ! Sweetie, it’s nice to see your face again, even if they don’t give you anything or get your name right.

  9. 10 WeSupportObama

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. Great pictures even when someof the people in them aren’t looking so great

  10. 11 the stranger

    Kim Myung Min is pure excellence….and I’m happy Kim Haneul got an award (I liked On Air). Of course, Kim Bum deserves his award; I look forward to his future projects.

    Ahh, I miss Fly to the Sky.

  11. 12 Jas

    Wow Kim Bum looks different, LOL. In a good way, of course.

    And Shim Eun-kyung, what happened?! She looked so pretty and sweet in ‘Hansel and Gretel.’ Get a better hair stylist!


  12. 13 cc

    Thanks for the pictures!

    I wonder are there pictures of the Ambassadors? Yun Jung Hoon and Lee Da Hae? Were they not present yesterday or will they appear later during 2-5 Nov?

  13. 14 cutiegal

    they all great.
    i like KHN’s acting in On Air
    her best performance.

  14. 15 Mirage

    Kim Ha Neul is gorgeous! Glad she won and congrats to all the winners 🙂

  15. 16 Sue

    @javabeans, kellie: that many news sources got his name wrong?? that’s so sad! or maybe a name change? o_O

  16. 17 raahmose

    I love your “WTF CATEGORY”.
    Thank you for some more KB pics.

  17. 18 tarayqen

    i never knew who KMM was before the show but his presence completely took over the drama…. sure it is a light drama for someone his caliber but just by him being kang mae i am addicted to the show and will be checking out his other dramas and movies…. TOTALLY deserves the award

  18. 19 Helena

    Congrats to all the winners especially KMM for winning Daesang, he really deserves it. 🙂

    [a Hallyu Achievement award to Bae Yong-joon for Legend (which, uh, aired much earlier than the other dramas — how’d it sneak in to snag an award? Such is the power of The Yonsama?)]

    This year’s Korea Drama Festival is for dramas aired from 2007-10-01 to 1008-09-30, he was among the 11 contenders for GrandPrize/TopExcellence.

    The results of Grand Prize, Top Excellence, Excellence, Drama awards are determined by Judges (60%) + TV Rating (30%) + Online Poll (10%). Netizen Popularity award is 100% based on Online Poll.

    Thanks for the news Javabeans. 🙂

  19. 20 aya

    Aw. My Ki Bum.. he is sure getting hotter and hotter since EOE.. and FTTS was there too..Ahhhhh!… wish i was there 🙂

  20. 21 dramafreak19

    Kim Bum is SUCH a cutie!!
    Cannot wait to see him in Boys Before Flowers….**sighh***

  21. 22 ed

    yipee for kangmae 😉 is this a first, to get an award before your series has even completed airing?

    quite a year for kim hae-sook, guys. she’s practically got an award or nomination for everything she’s in this year. TV or movie. ajumma power 😀

  22. 23 haj

    i want Kim Sung-eun’s dresssss!!!! any way you can find out the maker?
    and i love that the netizen’s award winner (kim heejung?)’s dress is hanbok inspired.

  23. 24 elle


    When did Kim Bum suddenly get so hot and un-geeky?

    It’s the hair! <3

  24. 25 jean

    bit disappointed lee jun ki didnt win for iljimae =(
    i have yet to watch beethoven virus

  25. 26 Anonymous

    KIm Myung Min totally deserved the Daesang award for his awesome acting in Beethoven Virus.

    He really give the viewers the addictve KangMae virus effect .

  26. 27 zero2303

    KIm Myung Min totally deserved the Daesang award for his awesome acting in Beethoven Virus.

    He really give the viewers the addictve KangMae virus effect .

  27. 28 lalala

    kim bum totally deserves that award!!!!! he was awesome in east of eden!! 😀

  28. 29 chajjye

    hip hip hooray for kim myung min! i see the pictures and i am imagining KANG MAE (kmm’s character) receiving the prize…hahaha…i wonder what he said for his acceptance speech….

  29. 30 Marzy

    yeaahhh!! applause of KMM. totally deserves it. im so happy for him.
    i wish Kim Bum won a different award cause eventhough he’s popular
    the bit on EoE was just great stuff.

    wow why is Yonsama there.
    i read somewhere Sean and Jung Hye Young were given a special award too?
    i forget..

    hmmm.. nice dress by Park Min Young…
    except for a few misses they all were nice.

  30. 31 Sere

    For some reason, I love when you post pics of red carpets. i’m not a fan of this kind of event, but you? Make them all seem so…interesting. LOL at the WTF category. Word on everything you said.

  31. 32 sarah

    Han Ji-hye totally deserved the award. She’s just so awesome.
    and is that Kim Bum ?! seriously?!
    this boy (I mean this man) blew me away in East Of Eden. Way to go boy (I mean man) LOL.

  32. 33 cattleya

    i hope KMM will win the Dae Sang come MBC Acting Award and not give the award to any of the East of Eden male leads, even if i like SSH. because we all know Dae Sang goes to the lead who is in a series with the highest rating…KMM having won the Dae Sang of 2008 Korean Drama Awards is something already, and i hope MBC will give Dae Sang not using the ratings or popularity of the drama, but how the performance was by the actors/actresses.

  33. 34 jO jO

    Aww…… come on – KHN isn’t that bad in the first pic. I have seen alot worse by far!
    She is naturally pretty anyway.

  34. 35 Procrastinator

    LOVE ParkMinYoung’s look!

  35. 36 blueice

    kim bum is a cutie & wow his acting in East of Eden is superb! he’s gonna go a long way in his career at this very young age! i hope we see more of him! Congratulations Kim Bum, Kim Ha Neul, Han Ji Hye two of my fave Korean actresses! Keep up the good work! Korean dramas rock! Aja

  36. 37 sunshine

    Applause to Kim Myung Min. Hurray!!!!

    He really did his role very well. He is the one who make me addicted to this drama “Beethoven Virus”.

    He deserve it.


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