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Cain & Abel begins filming
by | November 17, 2008 | 20 Comments

So Ji-sub has a pretty distinctive face, but he’s still rather disguised in these new stills from his upcoming drama Cain & Abel.

Shooting started for the drama at a Seoul hospital on November 16, which is aiming for a February 2009 premiere. The 20-episode drama co-stars Shin Hyun-joong (Stairway to Heaven), Chae Jung-ahn (Coffee Prince), and Han Ji-min (Yi San). In the drama, So and Shin play doctors and brothers and get caught between two women (of course).

Director Kim Hyung-shik is no stranger to medical dramas, having produced the popular Grey’s Anatomy-esque 2007 drama Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. He explains that this is no mere medical drama, but also deals with the brothers’ “intertwining fates and loves.” So far, pretty standard stuff, although with this cast, we can hope the end product is more fresh and innovative than its description.

Cain & Abel was to be So’s first project out of the army, but due to repeated delays, his television comeback has come after four years (since 2004’s I’m Sorry, I Love You) rather than the intended two.

Via Chosun.com


20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jane

    Wow, So Ji-Sub looks really different in hospital gear. Hope the shooting goes well! :]]

  2. michi

    looking forward to this one!

  3. Elaine

    Yay, finally started filming!

  4. Bradamante

    Finally, So Ji-sub!
    After a long time.
    I have felt a lot his absence, because he is an actor by the tumultuous silences and withholdings words.
    About his new drama, the plot seems fairly conventional and obvious as ideas, but if Shin Hyun-joong has chosen to act in this production, something interesting in the script could be worthy of attention.
    Three months for a response.

  5. ripgal

    Finally, after 4 LONG years – he’s back for good. Can’t wait!!!
    (not to mention, I love the girls in this one..=P)

    SJS definitely has not lost his touch in acting. Just saw his movie Rough Cut with KJH 2 days ago, and his performance as Kang Pae still lingers in my mind. So mysterious and cool, yet does not lack the strong presence on screen. (In contrast KJH’s character was more brash and insensitive, hehehe..BUT both of them were totally LOOOVEEE for me!) – Am waiting to be blown away once again, after MISA~~

  6. tc

    At last this drama started to film. With the worldwide financial crisis I was afraid
    SBS just might delay it again…

    The story of MISA is conventional but it’s the acting of SJS and ISJ making it so
    unconventionally good! Really looking forward to seeing him on tv after 4 long
    years of waiting.

    And hope SJS will win the Blue Dragon Best New Actor Award for his extraordinary
    performance as Gang Pae in Rough Cut.

  7. sang hee

    maybe someone here can shed some light on C&A — i thought this was already filmed in San Francisco last year & was just waiting for its final stages? also what happened now to one of my favorites Ji Jin Hee? he’s supposed to be the brother of SJS in this drama? I’m really baffled with the way it’s going that it’s now start its filming? please if you can respond to my queries i’d appreciate it! i’d been wanting & looking forward to seeing this drama & much to my surprise reading this indicates it’s just starting to be filmed? I’m really not clear! Thanks!

  8. Carmie

    I finally have the right to be excited because I see pictures of them actually filming this very long-awaited show.

  9. sonam

    His beautiful eyes are looking sensitive here.

  10. 10 tc

    respond to sang hee —

    during the delay of C&A, the storyline/writer and the rest of the cast have changed.
    In the new story, SJS is a surgeon, not a hitman, what a change! ^^

  11. 11 yMa

    FINALLY! the filiming begins!

  12. 12 belleza

    “but also deals with the brothers’ “intertwining fates and loves.”

    Hello Medicine Brothers! With the General Hospital sequel and apparently a remake of the JDG/LYA medisoap, we need to get a SES and HOT reunion too. Party like it’s 1999 people.

    I really like this cast (3 Scorpios in the cast too, that’s a lot of brooding!), and I really liked Surgeon Bong Dal-Hee. I just wished the story would aim a little higher.

  13. 13 sang hee

    Thanks a bunch TC for the info on C&A
    i appreciate it! SJS is one of my favorite K-actors & so is Ji Jin Hee who was in the original cast — i’m sorry though that JJH won’t be a part of this drama!

  14. 14 Marzy

    Yesss! been waiting for this to start. I love the cast. Ive been watching reruns of MISA (im sorry, i love u) and it just made me so impressed with SJS even more than at first. and i actually felt sad to watch it. Im excited for this, HJM i really enjoy her acting so much 🙂 I hope I hope this will go through without anymore hitches.

  15. 15 Jill

    JiSub makes such a hot surgeon..i bet this drama rocks!
    i need to have my head (and dirty mind) checked by this surgeon too!

  16. 16 Abby

    SJS makes a hot doctor! 😀

  17. 17 negin

    i like so ji sub he is a very good actor i never cry because of a movie or drama but i watched misa and i cry after each episode!

  18. 18 Jay

    Hope to see this drama soon in Thailand. Can’t wait for.

  19. 19 cathy

    SJS willbe very hangsome doctor ,

  20. 20 Joy de leon

    this drama is worth the waiting sjs really looks n acts like a true to life best surgeon… he gave life to his role!!! best scene on episode 20 crying n longing to call the vice president mother again but not now … the acting is great… when I saw him crying I remember how he used to cry over Park during his funeral

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