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Han and Theron meet at Dior
by | November 27, 2008 | 13 Comments

Eastern Barbie meets Western Barbie? Han Chae-young (of the upcoming Boys Before Flowers) poses with Hollywood glamour goddess Charlize Theron at the “Christian Dior and Chinese Artists” art exhibit in Beijing. The gala event took place at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art on the 15th; Theron is the spokesmodel for Dior’s J’adore fragrance.

13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. anne

    haha thats funny

  2. anica

    rita corny, michael.

  3. sonam

    I love the picture of the ladies. It looks like an image from a Wong Kar Wai film.

  4. Maddy

    Both of them do look very pretty…but it seems that Charlize Theron does outshine HCY in this picture a little.

  5. smilez

    they are soooo pretty! 😀

  6. whOOsh

    i agree…it does look as if Han Chae Young is outshined…which is sad sad sad…it always seems like asian people fall somewhat short in beauty compared to other races. or perhaps that’s just the world view…gah. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” (i watched one of those black&white twilight zone episodes on TV today :]) …well, at least i think asian men look better…except maybe johnny depp..and orando bloom..and…i think i should just stop. People’s appearances should be altered to fit the purity and niceness of their personalities. So the evil ones will have distorted faces and missing limbs. HA

  7. your average girl

    I beg to differ with the other comments.. My eye is initially drawn to Charlize because of all the SKIN that is exposed. However, if we’re talking about the face and eyes, I am much more drawn to Han Chae Young and I was able to look at her much longer. in addition, she’s also wearing black, which doesn’t really help her stick out in the photo. just my 2 cents though!

  8. hard to say...

    the backlight favors theron’s blond hair and glittery dress. other than that and the generous cleavage, it’s a draw. of course theron’s shone more onscreen when she acting, hehe 😛

  9. numberoneoppa

    The overall consensus in this thread is correct, but that just because it’s a relatively poor photo. 🙁

  10. 10 robbo4

    Very true; the preceding comment. by numberoneoppa. We all know how magnificently beautiful both of these women (in reality ) are, and not one of us ever looks our best from every angle, in every candid shot. As for Miss Han, or asian woman in general taking a back seat on the beauty measuring stick to caucasion women, speaking as one man, I’d like to completely rebuff that comment. While beauty may indeed be ‘in the eye of the beholder” (often challenged by one’s personal preferences and prejudices), even newborns tend to become fascinated and fixated by the carefully genetically arranged features on those among us who are likely to have the same effects on adolescents and full grown adults. While the press and media machines will force feed to us testements, proclamations, and exaggerations attesting to the remarkble attractiveness of slighter better than average looking celebrities like Madonna, Sarah Palin, and Princess Diana…very few of us need a press release guiding us into making a self-assessment to the same end that applies to either of these two ladies.

    Lastly, it is this reporter’s opinion that; on the subject of their upper endowments, were Miss Han and Miss Theron to be placed side by side in similarly fitting and similarly revealing attire; there is little question as to which one would gain the lionesse’s share of the attention from our male (or female) audience’s field of focus!!

  11. 11 KZ

    I love how the background of the picture is blurred in that way. Charlize is always gorgeous!!!

  12. 12 kd

    Chae-young has more class.

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