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Jae Hee takes a break from army life
by | November 2, 2008 | 25 Comments

As previously announced, the currently enlisted Jae Hee (Delightful Girl Chun Hyang) was granted special leave from military service upon completing his first 100 days of active duty.

(His uniform reads “Lee Hyun-kyoon,” his real name; he took on the stage name of Jae Hee to be more memorable than his birth name, which is perfectly normal but perhaps rather common-sounding for an entertainer. This is just FYI, in case you were wondering what kind of last name “Jae” is — it isn’t one.)

The actor took the opportunity to make his official bow promoting his new movie, the thriller Mandate: Mission from God. The press conference took place on the afternoon of November 2 at Seoul’s Coex theater.


He revealed that while he’s been in training, he craves ramen the most, since he can’t get any where he is. Also:

“I’ve thought of my mother the most… Since I’ve come to the army, I’ve gotten a lot of handwritten letters from fans, which is great. There isn’t much to do in my off hours, so I read the fan letters, which are very comforting. I learn what’s going on outside and get news that way, and it puts my mind at ease to think that I’m not being forgotten by my fans.”

Asked for his plans for this break, he answered, “I miss seeing movies, and after I see my mother tomorrow, I plan to go see a movie with my friends.”

Regarding his new army comrades, he revealed that he gets quite a few joking (but I bet half-serious!) requests for introductions to female stars, as well as questions of which celebrities are the prettiest. He contends that he doesn’t get any special privileges as a celebrity, however, and this one-night, two-day leave is reportedly not related to his status as an entertainer.

Here, Jae Hee fiddles with the camera, testing it out on himself before interviewing the movie’s director, Park Hee-joon:

Via Newsis, Newsen


25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. chooviz

    aaaawwwww πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    He’s look health and still handsome…
    Jae Hee, I miss u..

    thanks for sharing….! πŸ˜‰

  2. Maica

    i have a question. does the name jae hee mean anything significant? hyun bin changed his name from kim tae pyung to something more stellar…hyun bin means bright light. so what does jae hee means?

  3. nozomi05

    he is sooooo… endearing… he seems like a really nice and charming guy… but not too nice to be boring.

  4. bee

    aww missed him! love him!

  5. momoisluv

    awwww… missed him. :\ πŸ™‚

  6. Marzy

    Jae hee looks good.
    I like Jae Hee better, his real name sorta gets me tongue tied.
    awww… i missed this guy..
    i wish his service was done.. πŸ™‚

  7. Sere

    “This is just FYI, in case you were wondering what kind of last name β€œJae” is β€” it isn’t one.”

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I’m always struggling with Korean names and I was already scratching my head and wondering exactly kind of name Jae is. Teehee

  8. deeta

    JAE HEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Pardon the fangirl virtual squeal, but am I glad to see his grinning face!

  9. asianromance

    I like the name Jae Hee better because I do have trouble remembering korean names unless they were short- like any of the Ji Hoons (but then there are too many Ji Hoons around). Lee Hyun-kyoon is a bit hard to say smoothly. I think the toughest part for a celeb doing army service is the whole everyone-asking-for-an-intro thing and having to disappoint them.

  10. 10 OMG

    WAAA!! He looks soooo great! Still lov’em…

  11. 11 SZA

    i miss him so much..good to see him now (even like for a while) wish see him on screen like asap

  12. 12 ChiliPepper

    Jae Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
    So glad to see he’s back even if it’s just for a short while.
    He looks G-R-E-A-T!!!!!
    Hope his Mandate is doing well.
    Love U, JH.

  13. 13 question beans

    i thought stars weren’t allowed to self promote while in active MS? i seem to remember that’s why KJK enlisted the starpower of YEH for his MV (only to semi-appear in it himself) and there was the whole hoopla of him being photographed while at celebrity weddings. is there something i’m not getting here?

  14. 14 yesung143

    awwwwwwwwww..i miss him
    he look so adorable touching his head XD
    jae hee aaa~~~~

  15. 15 mhel

    i really love
    he’s name jae hee
    its very awesome..
    i do love everything about him,,

  16. 16 misty

    hi…where can i write a letter for you? whats your email add or what’s your mailing address? hope you could answer my question.tnx

  17. 17 Leon

    Jae Hee! OMG I was surfing looking for ur info contact and came across this page. You look more handsome than ever. Still those lovely eyes, sexy lips and extremely cute face with the killing-my-heart smile! Its great to see u and know ure doing fine. Take a good care of urself and come back soon. Ill always be ur fan, before, now and forever. MIss ya so much. <3
    P/S: Anyone know how I may send Jae Hee some letters? Ive been trying to find his contact info in Korea but in vain. If anyone knows, please let me know asap: Heres my email: [email protected]. Thanks.

  18. 18 kaye

    hi JAE HEE..!
    im your big fan from Philippines.
    you really looks great!
    anyways,,goodluck in your military service.
    i hope that you’ll be back soon on tv and do some drama with HAN CHAE-YOUNG.
    β™₯β™₯β™₯ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JAE HEE!!! β™₯β™₯β™₯

    what’s your email add.?
    hope that you could answer my question. i will wait it!..tnx a lot!
    saranghaeyo Jae Hee..!

  19. 19 Nandar

    I am from Myanmar Country and i am one of your audience.I liked u so much and i encourage u whatever u reached.

  20. 20 RelenaChung15

    I watched the video of the news broadcasting his leave celebrating his 100 days in the army! Omgosh, I miss him so much! He looks more healthy and buff now… unlike his anorexic days in WYH. I think there are probably two reasons why he was so skinny in WYH
    1. He was stressed with the opening of his Fashion mall and had to go anorexic to model his clothes
    2. He was going through a break-up.
    Anyways, also in the video, Jae Hee was shown meeting up with his mom and they sat there and talked and omgosh…. he treats her so well!!!!

    Jae Hee, come back! I miss you on television!

  21. 21 Allasian

    I LOVE JAE HEE! I’m going to watch his comeback drama again and again!

  22. 22 rose tan

    miss u so much. can wait till your comeback

  23. 23 jonna cabides

    he’s soooo cute! i love you jae hee

  24. 24 kriezl divina

    he’s one of my favorite korean actors.. his acting is from the heart…. miss him !!

  25. 25 mary

    I miss this guy so much. πŸ™

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