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Kim Rae-won gets back to the kitchen
by | November 28, 2008 | 8 Comments

At least in a figurative sense.

Before Kim Rae-won took on the role of a young chef in Gourmet, he was reputed to be a fair cook in his own right. Now he’s revealed his own cookbook: Delicious Fare by Kim Rae-won. (The Korean title plays with the character names from Gourmet. If you’ll remember, Nam Sang-mi’s character Jin-soo and Kim Rae-won’s Sung-chan often joked about the pun their names made: put together, jin-soo-sung-chan means “delicious food.”)

In this book, Kim Rae-won will showcase dishes he’d cooked for himself since his high school days, as well as the fancier, upscale offerings he learned in preparation for his Gourmet role. The book includes not merely recipes, but instructions on grocery shopping, food handling, and other basic tips. It also highlights different foods for different occasions and pairs wines with anju (food eaten with alcohol). There are items titled “Mom’s Cooking,” “A Brunch Just for Myself,” and one that might be less applicable for the majority of us, “Cooking to Feel Better the Day After An All-night Film Shoot.”

Given the expanded scope of the book, Kim’s management explained that it isn’t calling the volume a mere cookbook, but more of a “lifestyle book.”

Kim Rae-won’s next acting project is the film Insadong Scandal, opposite Uhm Jung-hwa. He is also expected to enlist in the army in the coming year.

Via Yonhap News, IS Plus


8 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bradamante

    “Lifestyle book.”
    Kim Rae-won’s thinking seems to validate the theory of passion for cooking as a great way to know the personalities of people.
    As the passion for writing, of course.

  2. coco

    For me, this is the combination of 2 passions in my life. Kim Rae Won and cooking!
    I overdosed on “Gourmet”.

  3. Artemis

    I would actually consider buying his book. I loved Gourmet. 🙂

  4. Secret Sunshine

    Gourmet is enticing — Jin-soo promoting her font & Sung-chan his cookbook.

  5. marz

    i loved gourmet. i would buy this.. but unfortunately im not that good with korean
    in cooking terms.. so yeah.. im still learning 🙂

  6. edgy

    I love the fact that more and more Korean celebs are pursuing artful endeavors and not just promoting clothing lines and makeup.

    I’d really like to purchase KRW’s lifestyle book! If it’s anything like the man himself, it will be a very interesting read!

  7. Jang -ho

    He’s joining the Army next year!

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