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Park Shi-hoo strips for Family Honor
by | November 28, 2008 | 32 Comments

Are you watching SBS’s Family Honor? No? Will this shower scene from an upcoming episode featuring Park Shi-hoo (Iljimae) change your mind?

The weekend drama is enjoying healthy ratings (its last episode on the 23rd garnered a 21.1% rating, according to AGB Nielsen Media). This particular episode showcasing Park Shi-hoo’s hard body airs on November 29.

(Shower scenes will also seem more creepy than sexy to me — thanks, Psycho! — but I presume a half-naked Park Shi-hoo will be reason enough for many a viewer to tune in. Enjoy.)

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32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Anonymous

    I will….LOL

  2. melica

    Yes.. what episode number is that exactly? Haha…

  3. yMa

    oh my. rock hard abs with a beautiful face. very tempting :] although i’ve never heard of this drama before.

  4. sonam

    That’s what they call the ‘money shot’ in the business.

  5. Winnie

    Yummy 😉 Wouldn’t mind showering with him…hmm…
    and true, I guess that’s how they get viewers.

  6. avonmarissa

    I’m actually watching this drama at the moment; it has its funny moments, plus Park Shi-hoo is an extra incentive lol.

  7. KSH

    i’m one of his biggest fans since How to Meet A Perfect Neighbor — wow he’s quite sexy! is he another Kwon Sang Woo body abs? I’d like to see this new drama of Park Shi Hoo which incidentally I just learned from one of the sites about this as I was searching for his projects after seeing him in How to Meet…! I think he’s gonna be one of the hottest Korean actors – he’s quite good in How to Meet…altho i haven’t seen Iljimae yet!

  8. the sp

    oh i go with javabeans most of da views r because of the pixs above

  9. Winnie

    Thanks for the pictures, javabeans! Now I have my eye candy AND I don’t have to start watching another drama. 😉

  10. 10 Dahee Fanel

    …And THAT is why I watched all twenty episodes of Iljimae.

    (Not the actor. Who cares about the actor? I just want him for his body, dammit!)

    Thank you for this. This definitely cheered me up after staring at my history textbook for god knows how long.

  11. 11 selva

    lol yummy 😀

  12. 12 Reese

    First saw him in Iljima, did a search n found he was in HOW TO MEET and i am totally hooked.

    KSH ~ is he like KSW u said? NAH… i think he is hotter, and can act better… (… runnin away to hide in case a stone hit me )

  13. 13 djes

    ohhhhhh. thank you. 😛
    I like him on How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor. Well, thank you for uploading this pics, since well I won’t watch the drama ( too long ),
    Keep them coming, please! ( the delicious male pictures~ 😉 )

  14. 14 all4movies

    Oooh, one of the best naked torsos I’ve seen in awhile.

    And his half naked shots in Iljimae were definitely a highlight.

  15. 15 anne

    Wow he’s a lot buffer now… he got chicken wings in illjimae lol

  16. 16 bebo

    hot damn! i haven’t seen Iljimae but i’ve liked Park Shi-hoo ever since “What Star Did You Come From”. he’s so frickin cute…didn’t know he had THAT underneath all that clothes!

  17. 17 Emily

    I’m a bit annoyed that since PSH is a guy, his shower scene is seen as a positive viewer-booster whereas if an actress had a shower scene (showing back and legs), she’ll probably be stoned by netizens.

  18. 18 anne

    Because most of the viewers are women?

  19. 19 nixxochick

    i will now….i might not understand a word without subs but it doesnt matter 🙂

  20. 20 koreangal~~~

    didnt he have a half naked scene in iljimae LOL he does have a pretty good body!!!^^ if jang geun suk had half TT_TT

  21. 21 rozel

    oooh la la… liking this scene… got hooked to PSH after watching “Perfect Neighbour” and “Iljimae”. Can’t wait to start “Family Honor”.

  22. 22 kdramatic

    now thats a scene im definetly not gonna miss

  23. 23 이별

    actually shihoo oppa showed his body in iljimae, he’s sexy but i think taking a shower is sexier… lo

  24. 24 bells

    did he really strip his pants and let the crew see in the movie? no offence

  25. 25 Joongie

    umm u guys.. sorry to dissapoint u.. but.. he got injred coz a biker threw a stone at his face (for no absolute reason!!) so he canceled filming for now

  26. 26 Aulani

    All I can say is “YUMMY” and very talented…I can’t stop looking at his pictures…so handsome and cleancut looking…I wish him all the best in his acting career.

  27. 27 Jasmine


  28. 28 lululala


  29. 29 jul

    your soooo hoooottt,…..

  30. 30 MsB

    Always wondered where this picture came from. Watching it now for the first time as it was recommended as a must-see drama.

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