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Star creates her own font
by | November 28, 2008 | 21 Comments

Cookbooks, essays, short story collections, photography books — stars are constantly looking to expand their brand. And now, Gourmet actress Nam Sang-mi has… her own font?

The font was unveiled this month on cyworld, and is styled after Nam’s own handwriting. It’s described as “cute” and bright, like the actress herself. (See below.) The font can be used online and also for mobile phones, and starting in December will expand its use beyond cyworld to other online services. They’ve even font-icized some of Nam’s oft-used emoticons (based on the messages she writes in her fan cafes).

Nam Sang-mi’s handwriting (left), her font (right)

Via E Daily


21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. merriwether

    Errr… LOL?

  2. Smile

    That’s cute 🙂 I remember her bubbly writing in that one (olddd) sitcom she was in with Shin Dong Yup. I wish I could write as… consistent as she can 😛 Girl’s got some awesome fine motor skills, haha.

  3. Bradamante

    In short, Nam Sang-mi has decided to use a own font for commercial purposes?

  4. Secret Sunshine

    Cute emoticons. Love all her dramas!

  5. dulcedeleche

    wow…..that’s quite the niche in the market…….
    I guess a bunch of other celebrities are going to follow ….

  6. JiHwan

    uhh… cool? I love Nam Sang mi but this is by far the most random thing I’ve ever heard.

  7. selva

    awwwwww so cute… I like this font 😉

  8. yeli

    that’s so random! o_O

  9. numberoneoppa

    I’ve been looking for some new korean fonts. Awesome!

  10. 10 cc

    Too cute~
    Her writing is very unique!

  11. 11 saryKIM

    That’s random… but dang, if I had pretty writing like her, I would make my own font too

  12. 12 Amy

    I think that’s a cute idea and far less show off-y than the photobooks, lifestyle books *ahem*, and what have you’s, but the font actually looks less fun than her handwriting, haha. It doesn’t really capture her handwriting’s bubbliness, methinks.

  13. 13 izzy

    If she actually created her font herself, with no help from anyone, I am then very very impressed. As a graphic designer, I know it is actually a very hard and tedious process, just think of the documentary “Helvetica” but since I’m not Korean, I cant judge how good her typography design is.

  14. 14 yMa

    what aren’t stars doing these days? ha, i love nam sang mi though, great actress! 🙂

  15. 15 Sue

    did she actually do the technical doings of making the font herself?
    i attempted it once, but in the end decided it was too much work, haha.
    it’s cute!
    i like her actual hand writing better though.

  16. 16 byul1232

    a lot of celebrities have their own fonts

  17. 17 koalabear

    nice handwriting…very cute…

  18. 18 Kobe

    Her handwriting is kinda cute actually….it really suits her 🙂

  19. 19 Elaine

    Her handwriting looks cuter though

  20. 20 chajjye

    i think her handwriting is better…the font looks a little computerized

  21. 21 Sarah

    I’m pretty sure dong bang has their own fonts.

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