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Tazza ends [open thread]
by | November 25, 2008 | 19 Comments

Okay, I’m trying something new here, so please let me know what you think.

SBS’s Tazza ended its run today on episode 21, and to send it off, I’m kicking off an open thread. I can’t possibly cover all the dramas out there, but I know you all are watching a bunch of stuff and may have a few things to say about them, so run wild. If response is good, I’ll keep it up for future dramas.

I’ll start: You know, I had a generally positive reaction to episode 1, so I’m not quite sure why the drama fell off the radar for me. Who knows, maybe I’ll go back and give it another try. While Tazza wasn’t as successful (ratings-wise) a movie-to-drama adaptation as, say, Gourmet was, it performed well, particularly given how strong East of Eden has been. By all accounts, the acting was decent (despite initial criticism for Han Ye-seul, but that’s par for the course these days in dramas starring pretty starlets) and the story kept viewers compelled.

Taking over the Monday-Tuesday timeslot for SBS is Han Hye-jin‘s wine-themed Terroir.


Tazza OST SBS – “인생은 한방” (Life gives you one shot) [ Download ]

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19 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pabo ceo reom

    Hmm..didn’t watch it but I like the idea!

  2. belleza

    “Taking over the Monday-Tuesday timeslot for SBS is Han Hye-jin’s wine-themed Terroir.”

    The Terroir trailer looks gorgeous BTW. I wonder if the whole drama will take place in France?

  3. daylin

    I like the idea! However, i only watched about half of the first episode. I love Jang and Han, but it was not enough. Im tired of casino based dramas!!!!!! Has this year been kinda lacking in the drama department or what? There has not been a Coffee Prince, or a Que Sera Sera..etc. The only dramas i fully finished was Hong Gil Dong and Who are you, and i was not exactly thrilled.. 2009 PLEASE BE GOOD!!!

  4. etsy

    i thought the plot dragged, but the premise was interesting. and i also have a tendency to root for the secondary male, and of course, because he is the SECONDARY male, i end up disappointed

  5. fizzle

    Great idea. These will be very good for helping me decide which dramas to put on my ‘Will Watch’ list 🙂

    As for Tazza, I watched 2 episodes and was not impressed. I mean, it was alright, just did not live up to my expectations. I probably would’ve continued had it not seemed like they were going to continue the high school storyline for a couple more episodes. I don’t know why I was so bothered by it, but the 3 leads just looked TOO old. I also didn’t have the patience to wait for them to drop the strange Pusan dialect (which, btw, Hyun Bin will be taking on for his role in ‘Friend, the Untold Tale’ next year. UGH).

    I thought about going back to it after seeing that ratings were increasing. But when I looked at screencaps of episode 13 and saw that Jang Hyuk was sporting a bizarre facial hairstyle (http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/3556/t139cs5.jpg), I decided to drop it completely.

  6. haezi

    great idea!
    i did watch quite a few episodes, though sometimes i skipped one or ffw’d through some slower scenes, and i have yet to see last week’s or this last episode.

    overall, it’s a pretty good drama, though it does lack that magnetic pull that glued me to dramas like coffee prince and thank you since it is more of an action than a character drama, though it has some elements of both. the manhwa-ga who wrote tazza always has some cool little trick he found in his research to incorporate into the story, so kudos to him (he once appeared on kang ho do’s fortune-telling show and his obsession with research is very inspiring). it does sort of follow an equation of sorts, however, that gets a little repetitive: goni gets ahead of himself and falls for the bait, he trains harder and realizes his mistake, he gets a “rematch” and, of course, wins. it is satisfying to see him best his enemies despite the hackneyed revenge theme.

    i don’t know how true the drama is to the actual manhwa since i think kim min joon’s character is new, but i think this addition is actually a good idea since jang hyuk’s goni has a worthy competitor who shakes him up on a personal level. plus, he completes the triangle with the lovely han ye seul and adds a darker slant to the gambling underworld.

    han ye seul is in her element as the pretty seductress. i think she’s good at playing caricatures so her acting works for this drama. she was a little off as a student, but, thankfully, the highschool days are limited to the first week or two. her puppy love romance with goni is cute, though not quite convincing.

    what i really like about this drama is how they focus on the low life’s and underdogs that are rife in the gambling industry. there are some characters that you dislike but learn to like and vice versa. even though the ending is usually obvious, i’m still interested enough to see how they solve the dilemma, which they usually do with a somewhat ocean’s eleven-type flair (though goni is no george clooney nor brad pitt). in short, it’s recommended if you have nothing to watch and definitely recommended over the overly dramatic east of eden. wow, this is a long reply.

  7. ed

    the story’s a bit rich, and i woulda kept watching for kim gab-soo…overall the attraction is just not there. neither realistic nor fantastic enough pour moi. jang’s fu manchu-in-prison look is so curious. finally, i secretly fumed about them dropping song hyeon-ah as the madame.

  8. Anh

    I admit the first 2 episodes to this drama was not thrilling, but I was sooo glad that I kept up with it. It was so worth it! I didn’t think it was draggy at all because the situation that the main character goes through bring up newer and interesting characters and plots. It was not like those stereotypical draggy dramas that did not present anything new. The plot is quite dark but it was not DEPRESSING because there are very effective humor that the scriptwriter put into the drama. All of the characters in there have their good and evil side and for some reason, they were likeable and relatable. Anyway, this drama kept me on my seat. I would reaaaalllyyyy recommend it. =)

    By the way, I was NEVER attracted to movies that involved gambling. I skipped out on All-in, which I heard had a very impressive plot. So it would take a lot for a gambling-related drama to pull me in and Tazza did just that.

  9. Pretendingtobe

    Is it just me, or is Han Ye-Seul as a poor & homely girl as bad a miscast as Jeon Ji-Hyun as a chain smoking slob in that “Man who was Superman” movie….
    at least JJH can act to some extent…
    she just seemed so awkward in dialog especially in one on one’s with jang-hyuck….

    I stopped watching after like ep. 7…
    I guess if I wasnt busy I would have kept on watching…
    The supporting actors are really good and would have been the reason If i continued to watch… The bad guy who is the same guy as the Chief in ‘World They Live In’, the Tazza mentor, and jang-hyucks partner in crime all are bright spots…
    gambling plots always have as addicting quality to them anyway, pun intended…

  10. 10 yeohweping

    Forget Tazza, GH2, World within..
    The only good, new drama that’s currently airing is MBC daily drama “I love you, don’t cry.” I won’t blame anyone for getting addicted on it as it’s getting more and more fans in soompi.

  11. 11 Anna

    Tazza didn’t grab my attention, I really liked the sound of it but when ever I#d sit down to watch my attention would drift.

    I liked the idea of the plot, gambling seen from the con artist’s pov was interesting and I liked seeing all the tricks being learned and foiled.
    I think it came down to the cast, the romance was lack luster and I didn’t find any of the characters engaging. As hot as the second male lead was, really really hot, it wasn’t enough to keep me watching.

    @Javabeans- I like this idea. I know you’re a Kdrama blog but it’d be interesting to open it up to other popular asian dramas too.A random drama sound off if you will.

  12. 12 Michelle

    I actually really enjoyed Tazza. maybe bc i’m a fan of Han Yesuel and Jang Hyuk! but i was going to suggest that i could do recaps for your site dramabeans!

  13. 13 Jill4675

    Confession: I’m a fan of both Jang Hyuk and Kim Min Joon, and I planned to watch Tazza because they were both in it. I very much enjoyed the drama although, like some other commenters, I could easily have done without all the background, younger days set-up. It was hard to see the actors pretending to be young, and I think it could have been done differently. We needed to see what was motivating the characters, but there were other ways to give us that information. Regardless of any affection for JH and KMJ, had the drama been terrible, I might have given up, but it wasn’t. (Sidebar: I never understood why the Air City recaps continued here, because even Lee Jung Jae couldn’t save that disaster. At least the Worlds Within recaps have ceased. Wish that drama has turned out better, but….)

    Anyway, there was a great deal to like in Tazza. For one thing, there was plenty of humor. Jang Hyuk is not just an excellent dramatic actor; he can do comedy really well (anyone who saw Please Teach Me English wouldn’t be surprised). There were touching scenes, there were exciting scenes. Sets were good, locations were well chosen. The camera work was fantastic and the music was great. The supporting cast was really good. Cons included HYS, who has no range and had no chemistry with JH. He did his very best, but their “romance” was never believable. This wasn’t a drama for the romance junkies. Also, to be fair, the parts for the two principal female characters were not written so that one could learn much about them. Those characters were reduced in many instances to mere plot devices.

    The ratings for Tazza increased steadily and might have been even better save for competition from EOE (which I tried to watch but gave up after 9 or 10 episodes…overwrought, overdone, and a lot of bad acting….). Once the early stuff was out of the way, I was never bored with Tazza. For me, the episodes passed quickly, and I was always involved and entertained. I will never tire of watching Jang Hyuk do his stuff, and KIm Min Joon looked absolutely great in Tazza and handled his role well. Viva Tazza!

  14. 14 Muffin

    Agreeing with someone upstream who said they didn’t watch the show but having an open thread like this would be a good indicator of what to watch in the future based on viewer comments.

  15. 15 coolsmurf

    This was a pretty predictable linear gambling drama from how it had panned out in the beginning. Well, at least I got the ending correct. I thought Jang Hyuk was quite over in some scenes while Han Ye Seul was pretty much insignificant frankly. Kim Min Joon did a really good portrayal of his Young Min character and you gotta feel sorry for his fate at the end. Kim Gab Soo as Ah Gwi was once again awesome as the villain. Overall not too bad but my failure to understand Go Stop with Hwatu (flower cards) which was the centerpiece of the drama spolit the viewing pleasure somewhat. Moral of the story, gambling is the root of all evil!

  16. 16 Annopyday

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  17. 17 tmltan

    Tazza was definitely a darker drama and what really turned me off was the desperation in people and gambling. Both topics which are not particularly interesting for me. I couldnt make myself watch more than 5-6 episodes, its not my cup of tea.

  18. 18 Jen

    I really like this drama! Its one of the best I ever seen. Much more thrilling and not the usual cry-drama like winter sonata. U love me, I love him, he love u, u love me Zzzzz

    Although this drama still has such links but at least life dont revolve on the love alone. Initially a bit slow but after Jang Hyuk picked up his skills or in the process of finding the skills, my gosh, so interesting! I am now watching the part that he met someone in the prison… so I am looking forward to the next broadcast via cable tv. cant wait to see it!!! Although initially i am afraid I wont like it because its abt ‘flowers card’ but then, as the story goes, u will know 3 and 8 kwang is highest hahahahaha. plus some tiny stuffs here n there. Interesting! Really worth watching and janghyuk, all the artistes are wonderful in this drama.

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