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Yoo Ah-in surprises Antique viewers
by | November 27, 2008 | 8 Comments

Aw, isn’t he adorable? (Reminds me of Coffee Prince‘s Kim Dong-wook.)

Yoo Ah-in (assassin Heuk San of Strongest Chil Woo) attended a screening of his latest movie, Antique, and surprised 200 excited fans with his unannounced appearance.

After watching the movie, in which Yoo plays a former gifted boxer who retires after losing his mojo in an accident, Yoo spent some time in the movie theater answering questions and interacting with fans. As they left, each attendee was given a rose and a small gift.

Antique is currently performing strongly at the box office, while Yoo is in search of his next project.



8 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. thunderbolt

    Aw, he is adorable. Miss his Heuk San.

  2. E

    I just saw Antique yesterday at the theaters…he’s adorable in it, it wasn’t a bad movie. There’s a lot of eye candy…haha. I wish he showed up at my screening -__-;;

  3. kimchi

    i really really want to see this w/ eng subs T—-T

    does anyone know how long imma have to wait?

  4. Latigre

    Oh…He’s sooooooo charming, and adorable.
    What’s his next project?

  5. Bess

    Yay….Adorable and talented Yoo Ah-in!
    Any other news on this cutie pie?
    I hope he gets more important projects in the future.

  6. jenny2008

    Lol his not good looking …I wonder if all Korean actors looks like him??/

  7. moh aung

    i love yoo ah-in very so cute.welcome to our country MYANMAR

  8. obeythefluff

    So cute! XD I really really hope he works in another big project he was awesome in antique…so cute! i wanna hug him! And those lips!

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