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2008 MBC Acting Awards
by | December 30, 2008 | 146 Comments

MBC hosted its awards ceremony for the 2008 Acting Awards on December 30. Let me first reiterate that I think these end-of-year broadcast-station awards are mostly meaningless. That said, this year’s Daesangs were TOTAL WEAKSAUCE, MBC. Top honor (the “Daesang” grand prize) went to…

Oh, you mean it was split this year? Between Beethoven Virus‘s much-lauded epitome of awesomeness, Kim Myung-min, and East of Eden‘s overblown and overrated Song Seung-heon?? I mean, I could understand going for the sentimental vote and awarding deceased Choi Jin-shil (she got a lifetime achievement instead), but Song Seung-heon winning acting awards is in itself a joke.

You know what that means: MBC really thought Kim deserved it but was too afraid of pissing off Song. After all, this IS Song’s first television role back from army duty, with a five-year gap since his last. He couldn’t be the star of a big-budget drama series with soaring ratings and NOT get an award (particularly when the rest of Eden all got awards), even if his acting is hardly the heart of the show, right?

Don’t get me wrong: Song Seung-heon has improved immensely over the span of his career. However, as mi madre says, “He had nowhere to go but up” since he started at the bottom of the barrel and has just now worked his way into “acceptable” range. But really, when the Daesang losers still win for Top Excellence, there’s no good reason to split the Daesang. (Unless, again, we’re going for sentiment and co-awarding Choi, but that’s a rare scenario indeed.)


Daesang/Grand Prize: Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus), Song Seung-heon (East of Eden)
Top Excellence (Actor): Jo Jae-hyun (New Heart), Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life)
Top Excellence (Actress): Lee Mi-sook (East of Eden),
      Bae Jong-ok (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum)
Excellence (Actor): Lee Dong-gun (When Night Comes), Jo Min-ki (East of Eden)
Excellence (Actress): Han Ji-hye (East of Eden), Moon Sori (Golden Age of My Life)
New Actor: Park Hae-jin (East of Eden), Jang Geun-seok (Beethoven Virus)
New Actress: Lee So-yeon (Golden Age of My Life), Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)
Popular Actor: Song Seung-heon (East of Eden)
Popular Actress: Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)

Golden Actor Award, Miniseries Category: Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung (New Heart)
Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Park Geun-hyung (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum and East of Eden), Hong Eun-hee (Don’t Hesitate)
Golden Acting Award, Supporting Actor: Park Chul-min (New Heart and Beethoven Virus),
      Shin Eun-jung (East of Eden)
Golden Acting Award, Mid-level actor: Yoo Dong-geun (East of Eden); Song Ok-sook (Beethoven Virus)

Best Couple: Song Seung-heon & Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)
Drama of the Year: Beethoven Virus
Special Child Actor Award: Park Gun-tae, Shin Dong-woo, Nam Ji-hyun (East of Eden)
Lifetime Achievement: Choi Jin-shil (The Last Scandal of My Life)
Special PD Award: Lee Soon-jae (Beethoven Virus); Yeon Jung-hoon (East of Eden)

Family Award: I Love You, Don’t Cry
Writer of the Year Award: Na Yeon-sook (East of Eden),
      Hong Jin-ah, Hong Ja-ram (Beethoven Virus),
      Kim Eun-hee (MBC Special)

Radio Top Excellence: Lee Moon-sae (This Is Lee Moon-sae In the Morning)
Radio Excellence: Kang-in (Good Friend); Kang Seok-woo (Women’s Era)
Radio Rookie Award: Kim Shin-young


So the big individual winners of the night were undoubtedly Kim Myung-min, Song Seung-heon, and Lee Yeon-hee:

But drama-wise, East of Eden was the most awarded, which isn’t surprising since it was one of MBC’s only hits in a lackluster year. To celebrate, its cast was (almost) all in attendance. Noticeably absent: dissatisfied actress Lee Da-hae. She and Dennis Oh (who was present) were also two of the only big names who didn’t get awards.

Song Seung-heon is looking mighty fine, but he tends to remind me of a robot. Like one of those burnished faces in A.I. — looking almost unnatural for its sculpted, angular beauty.

Lee Yeon-hee was one of the best-looking on the red carpet, but to be honest, she didn’t have much competition — everyone else was looking rather dull, frankly. Her dress is one of many boring black-or-white choices; very little color was seen at the awards, which makes everything seem all the more dull.

Han Ji-hye‘s heart-cutout dress seems a little too cutesy for the event, but given a night of uninteresting frocks and bland suits, she stands out with her fab makeup and hair.

Jo Min-ki (still gray for his ongoing role) and Yoo Dong-geun both collected awards for East of Eden:

Like everyone mentioned above, Lee Mi-sook and Park Hae-jin also won awards for East of Eden:

More awards for East of Eden! (Sometimes I think they create award categories just to allow all the cast members to get something.) Yeon Jung-hoon stands with fellow award-winner Lee Dong-gun, who took home a statuette for When Night Comes (although co-star Kim Sun-ah didn’t).

Congrats to the men and all, but can I just say: Yeon Jung-hoon, are you wearing a cummerbund? Without a tie? Who do you think you are, an orchestra member on a seniors singles cruise? In the ’80s??

A word to the wise: tapered pants look good on NO ONE. Dennis Oh proves that even very tall, fit men can look stumpy — er, at least, stumpier — with a bad pant cut.

As for the other big winner of the night: here we have the cast of Beethoven Virus, looking… uh, well, you decide:

For Kim Myung-min, I have no complaints. Congratulations, even if you do have to share the Daesang!

On the other hand: Jang Geun-seok.

You can almost count on Jang Geun-seok to come to a fancy event in a head-scratcher these days, given his track record. I mean, you have to try really, really hard to look so consistently awful. Not just bad, but laughably bad.

And yet he looks so PROUD of himself, perhaps for managing to wriggle into the shiny, fitted suit that looks cut for a woman? Or for figuring out how to wrap a dead animal around his neck at an appropriately jaunty angle?

Lee Jia looks similarly awful, but not quite laughably so. I tried really hard to find a picture of her looking good, but alas, it was not to be. It’s bad makeup, bad styling, bad fit, bad hair. Bad choices all around. Her weirdly hazy eye makeup gives her the appearance of bruises, or maybe the impression of having stayed up all night sobbing — at her Ice Capades-y dress, mebbe?

Award winner Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life):

Winner Kim Min-jung (New Heart), meh:

Winner Ji Sung (New Heart)

Everyone’s a winner! Jo Jae-hyun (New Heart) and Park Chul-min (Beethoven) both took home awards, although Juny (Beethoven Virus) did not. She looks cute in her billowy mini, though, even if I find myself concerned she’ll accidentally put herself in the way of a big gust of wind.

Bae Yong-joon (Legend), eh.

Yoon Eun-hye (Coffee Prince) did not come looking her best. The makeup looks messy, the hair is questionable, and, OH YEAH, she forgot her pants.

Bae Jong-ok (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum) goes for all-white, which may have stood out better at an awards show where everyone else didn’t wear all-white:

Lee Junki (Time of Dog and Wolf), YIKES. I mean, just, yikes. What is with the hair? I think Lee Junki tends to look better with longer hair, but he FORGOT TO GROW THE MIDDLE PART. It’s all long in front, and long in back, but short in between. Eek.

Okay, I’m going to give (skinny, pallid) Jung Il-woo (Return of Iljimae) a pass, even though he looks like he just crawled out of his sickbed to be here, not bothering to tuck in his clothing properly or brush his hair along the way. Because from all accounts of his work ethic, that’s probably exactly what he did.

Yoon Jin-seo, Jung’s Return of Iljimae co-star, is just another white dress in the mix. Her makeup is too plain, but I like her pop of color with the green heels.

Han Ji-min (Yi San) is a pretty, pretty lady:

Moon Sori (Golden Age of My Life) won for her current series:

Shin Sung-rok (Golden Age of My Life)

Lee So-yeon also won for Golden Age of My Life. Her dress is ugly. Like, leftover-prom-rack ugly.

Lee Hana (Women in the Sun), OY. It is becoming clear that she really needs a professional stylist consultation, stat. She hasn’t been looking too sharp at any of the awards ceremonies recently, and has again opted for a dress with an unflattering silhouette on her body, bad hair, and bad makeup. Lee Hana, you are a great actress and you do not have to dress to please us bitchy fans. On the other hand, us bitchy fans would really like to rave about how prettily attired AND talented you are, yunno?

Lee Yoon-ji (Great King Sejong) grins wide for the camera:

Hong Eun-hee (Don’t Hesitate) may be pregnant, but she’s gorgeous and glowing. Although that dress kind of looks a lot like Han Ye-seul’s from the Korean Film Awards, no?

Lee Yuri (I Love You, Don’t Cry), eh. It might have been all right without the big fat bow, though.

Kang Seok-woo won in the radio category; Choi Bul-am (Gourmet):

Lee Jung-jin came with his co-star Kim Chang-sook (I Love You, Don’t Cry):

And East of Eden even swept the child category — all three winners were featured in the earlier childhood segments: Nam Ji-hyun, Park Gun-tae, and Shin Dong-woo.

Seo Shin-ae (Thank You) is ADORABLE. And she shows how child actors can be cute, age-appropriate, AND fashion-forward. I love the cut of this jacket on her, and the festive color amidst an otherwise drab color palette for the evening.

Via Mk.co.kr

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146 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Gukku

    EOE got most of the awards which makes even an EOE vivid watcher feel a little uncomfortable. No need to say, LYH’s hair is .. ugly. The line is not straight and it’s long enough to make her much older (maybe to suit more with SSH?).
    I like HJH’s hot mama dress. :) Colors of shirt and tie of YDG are interesting though, red and apple green.

  2. yaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    I hate SSH.

  3. Carolyn

    I was about to say that Lee Yeon Hee’s dress was actually pretty interesting, and that lack of color didn’t necessarily mean boring…until I saw the rest of the dresses. What a weird coincidence that everyone wore black/white…

    Lee Jia, poor honey, looks like prom princess, circa 1980. That look might have been salvaged if she’d done something with her hair instead of leaving it down. Also, that third picture of her, where the bottom portion of the dress is cut out, is actually pretty lovely, which leads me to suspect that if the dress wasn’t ball-gown-shaped, it might have been a hit than a miss.

    Lee Junki’s hair is bordering dangerously close to “mullet.” o_x

    The sad thing is most of these ladies’ gowns are individually interesting and pretty, but all together, not one worth noting, except… I quite like Han Ji-hye’s, though. That dress, although “cutesy,” the black color, short length, and open back (love that back!) makes it not too terribly saccharine — it’s kind of sultry and grown-up. Winning look of the night for me.

  4. javabeans

    Ooh, you’re right Carolyn! Lee Jia’s dress is so much better in the waist-up shot. If this were a Hollywood rom-com, she could come out wearing the horrendous poofy “ugly” dress, then somehow rip off the offending tulle, and presto! Instant sexy mini. (Unfortunately, she would still have bad hair and makeup.)

  5. cullenhale

    i LOVE East of Eden (despite its flaws) but yeah….I don’t think they deserved that many awards only awards I agree with were the ones given to han ji hye,park jae hin and yoo dong guen…they are amazing in in their roles…lee yeon hee has actually gotten better over the series

  6. cc

    ……. SSH got Daesang with KMM? That’s just SAD… You gotta be kidding?

    So disappointed about Kim Bum…so sad MBC didn’t include him in the child category or BEST NEW ACTOR category?

    I don’t like LJK’s hairstyle..hopefully it’ll be something different tonight at the SBS Awards ceremony.

    Yeon Jung-hoon looks great! I like his suit~ ^^
    I like HJH’s dress too. :)

  7. frizzy

    Thank you, SSH for ruining the credibility of the Daesang.

  8. dramafreak19

    Why does Jang Geun Suk DO these kinds of things to himself??? I laughed for like 5 minutes at his getup…
    Lee Jun Ki’s hair makes it so that he looks HOT from some angles and WIERD from others…hopefully, it’s not here to stay.
    Is it just me or did Lee Jia gain a lot of wieght? She was stick thin in Beethoven Virus…
    I have no comments over SSH or KMM, because I didn’t bother with the mammoth undertaking of 54 episode East of Eden and I ditched Beethoven Virus after 7 episodes because I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes and shaking my head at the screen….

  9. kamol

    555 I’m supported all comment of your about his and her outfit and make up.

    I think Lee Jia ‘s dress very very ugly and her face & hair too.

  10. 10 otk

    good show although I hate the daesang sharing thing but w/e …MBC is an unexpecting broadcaster =( they just had to save EoE out of the blue but I am glad LYH & SSH won best couple and their other awards …when she was cryin :) big step for her but she’s getting slapped by critics :(

    ummm LDH is kinda rude for not coming but I understand her awkward situation..I guess they did not pay attention to her but She will hopefully take a blow next year ….

    but ya that has been the only award show that i woke up early to look at ….even though it had like 30 min ? of cm in between.

    LYH was cute when she sang in the opening

  11. 11 megalove


  12. 12 OMG

    Why? Why?
    Why does Kim Myung-min have to share the spotlight with him?
    I don’t see it, but whatever.

    And for God’s sakes, JANG GEUN SUK!!!!!!
    Why? I laughed at first, and then I was just overcome with sadness.
    How could he choose his wardrobe so wrong? How could he? If he has a stylist, please, please JGS, fire her.
    In Come to PLay, he said that he always has to go out wearign the right outfit…how is THAT the right outfit?
    Allhis prettiness, and cute smile is ruined under that pile of junk that you call FUR!!!!
    T_T sadnessssssssss

  13. 13 otk

    oh i forgot to talk abt JGS….
    but dont hate me for sayin this (all fangirls) WHYWAS HE OVER THE TOP…very weird attire and hair ……

    PHJ rocks am glad he won the newcomers (not the same words for GS)

    but as #8 expressed I heard that BV was a complete flip due to the girl not choosing the one the viewers want her to pick…..but too bad Eden did not win best drama =( I guess BV might be better than eden in some aspects but I dont know about the level of acting due to Eden having a high performance


    btw Lee Yuri is such a pretty actress ….why hasnt anyone paid attention to her…She’s quite unpopular from what I know…due to no one subbing her day time drama “I love you , dont cry”
    I hope she becomes popular fast …I want her in a major drama

  14. 14 Gukku

    OMG LYH’s fans are coming with the cap letters. Oops scaring me .. :)

    Who knows who is ruder? LDH who did not come to the awards, or MBC who took her picture from the official poster hanging in the awards. She’s still one female lead and participated till episode 40th but they took her pix out like she’s playing a role similar with Ki Sun. lol . Just took her pix out like she’s never in the drama or just acted totally a minor, side role.

  15. 15 thua

    I love her acting, but is Han Ji-hye trying to look like the ultimate b!@#$ of the town or what? lol.

  16. 16 kk

    Ji Sung is looking really really pretty.
    No offense, but Lee Jia’s dress kinda makes her look frumpy and we all know she’s a pretty little thing.

  17. 17 chimmy

    This whole sharing of the daesang award is just driving me nuts!

    How can SSH compare with KKM, for goodness sake! SSH doesn’t even come close to KMM’s performance! Sorry, SSH fans but pppuullleeezzz!!

    Uh, ok. It’s MBC’s fault. :(

  18. 18 selva

    lol what a Daesang that is shared between two actors o_O
    I saw some of EOE and (one or 2 eppies) of BV… and I say that SSH DOESN’T deserve the Daesang!!!
    he might deserves the best actor award (whateva) but a Daesang!! C’mon MBC!!

    LYH… she looks absolutely stunning… simple and sophisticated (not boring). I couldn’t take my eyes off her (and I’m a girl BTW) lol…

    YJH I actually liked his suit. made him stand out among all the black ties 😛

    JGS my gosh… I had the wtf expression on my face for like 5 minutes upon seeing his hideous look <_<

    the same goes w/ LJA… her dress makes her look fat seriously!! and her make-up makes her look sick!!

    BYJ always looks the same in all of his awards… the same suite, the same glasses and the same long ponytail hair!

    and Lee Hana… what’s up w/ the lipstick, seriously *sigh*

    and Kim Bum :( I was like wtf where’s his award? he’s even better than the adult DC :(

    anyway, MBC totally disappointed me this year… 1st poor LDH’s departure and now this BS award!!! way to go MBC!!

  19. 19 dramafreak

    Thanks Javabeans, had a good laugh with Jang Geun-seok…^o^

    I think Ji Sung looks great though, especially the 2nd picture. Too hot!

  20. 20 robbo4

    Though the pictures don’t do her justice, I think that Lee Yoon Ji is as pretty and talented as any actress in the Korean Drama world. It was also nice to see Seo Shin Ae back in the public eye prior to the release of her new series. I’m hoping that she’ll continue to please us for a good long time.

    Lastly, as long as Yoon Eun Hye was going to come “forget to wear her pants”, couldn’t she have done without the black hose so that we may get another gander at those amazing legs??!!

  21. 21 yee

    LYH and HJH were the best dressed there. LYH performance was really good. She’s so cute^^

    I loved when she was walking around with the bouquet of flowers she headed pass SSH and he couldn’t help but smile. :)

    I think everyone thought she was going to head the bouquet to SSH but instead she gave it to her on screen dad.

    So happy that LYH and SSH won best couple! Congratulations to everyone who won!

  22. 22 otk

    @#14 Gukku

    “Who knows who is ruder? LDH who did not come to the awards, or MBC who took her picture from the official poster hanging in the awards. She’s still one female lead and participated till episode 40th but they took her pix out like she’s playing a role similar with Ki Sun. lol . Just took her pix out like she’s never in the drama or just acted totally a minor, side role.”
    I felt the same way when “hateful love”‘s video came out and I got pretty mad when I saw every main character there on the wall except Young ran…
    I understand that MBC is completely “boycotting” LDH but she’ll be doing well off…… she was basically doing a favour to MBC by not showing up ….think about it …

    buteven though I strongly support MBC due to me being a huge fan of their dramas ….I gotta say The LDH thing really changed my views

  23. 23 Nicole

    awww… even though she is a bit too thin for my liking, Han Ji Hye looks so stunning in Marc Jacobs!!! I love that dress (so I’m a bit biased), but I agree that it is a bit too cutesy for the event!

  24. 24 hhg998

    MBC awards is filled with lots of controversy.It is a real irony with SSH being there with with KSM for the Daesang. His acting is sure not on par to be standing next to KSM for that award. He should have got something lower instead. EOE just won too many awards that is not justified. Too much scandal going for MBC BTS with its EOE drama. This is all BS from MBC…. I agree with javabeansdrama on the meaningless of this Hooha awards…

  25. 25 lala

    WOW! I didn’t know that they took LDH out of the official EOE poster. I guess it kind of makes sense since she didn’t have that much on screen time. She’s now just considered a minor role. Why didn’t she show up? Was she even invited? I’m thinking not since she probably cause MBC too much trouble.

    And why are people hating on SSH? He did an amazing job on EOE! He totally deserved to win!

    btw LYH looks gorgeous as always. HJH looks pretty and her eyes really stand out, great make-up

    As for guys SSH was the best dressed out of all the guys. SSH looks handsome in his suit :)

  26. 26 flooooo

    i tought that awards ceremony is only for actors and actresses to stand out and an occasion for them to wear pretty clothes but now I will think differently thanx to Korean fashion actor and actress..;my fantasy about pretty and handsome korean actors are totally distroyed ;p

    anyway all the dramas awarded there were my dropped dramas and I just could catch 1 or 2 eppi of them not because of a lack of time but because sorry to say that but this year really sucks in dramas..like wine expert says “not a bon cru” for korean drama ..teheee

  27. 27 Ichiru

    Han Ji-hye might look out of place but she still rocks coz all of the other actresses outfits look so lame!
    You really have to give an award to an actor just to please him? they should know their limits. it’s like an insult to the one who truly deserves it!

  28. 28 My goodness...

    LYH looks gorgeous and definitely one of the best dress of the night. I don’t think her dress is boring, it is simplistically elegant. I noticed that LYH tends to go toward that kind of dress. Although, I have to admit she sometimes have hits and misses in her choices in dress but this dress that she wears for the MBC Drama Award is definitely a hit.

    LYH’s opening performance was really cute and she brought up the atmosphere of the show to a light-hearted and relaxing with her song.

    Congratulation, LYH!

  29. 29 DAISY

    “And why are people hating on SSH? He did an amazing job on EOE! He totally deserved to win! ”

    I totally disagree with this. He is good but not that good. Even more, if compare SSH to KMM, SSH is not even close to KMM’s acting skill. I don’t really know why MBC made KMM shares the award with SSH. I watched both EoE and BV, must say that KMM is much more superior.
    About LDH, I didn’t expected her to show up. It would be awkward, I guess. But I didn’t expected MBC to removed her out off the poster either… MBC acts so childish…

  30. 30 Emily

    SSH winning the Daesang is a complete joke. His acting is nowhere on par with KMM and even among his EoE cast, SSH was not the best actor of the lot.

    Han Ji Hye looked great. I like her playful and youthful dress juxtaposed with her smoldering make up and glam hair.

    Han Ji-Min is a gorgeous lady. She does all of us petite gals proud. Yes, I do get excited when petite girls pull off long gowns and still look elegant.

    And sweet darling Seo Shin-ae! I love her blue dress and her cute curls. I miss Bom and her big teddy bear.

  31. 31 nurse.v

    even though there were some really awful suits/dresses out there (namely JGS’s roadkill)… i can’t get over Dennis O’s tapered pants. ummmm, what’s the word? oh yeah, fugly.

  32. 32 ginnie

    Jang Geun-seok — HA ! HA! I feel embarassed for him…what do you say when you see a person dressed like that? Erm…do you own a mirror?

  33. 33 ilovekangmae

    Even after sleeping on it, I just feel bad that KMM has to share the Daesang with SSH. No offense meant to SSH and his followers, but KMM’s acting is way way above SSH’s. The two are incomparable.

    It’s ok that MBC has given the awards to EoE because it has given them a lot in terms of ratings and money, but to share the Daesang with two actors in a completely different league. I dunno.

  34. 34 cutie_pixie

    SSH doesn’t come closer to KMM for the Daesang Awards .. KMM is the best .. and MBC knows it too…
    But, popularity sure HELPS to get the awards … even tough didn’t qualify for it ..
    Those who said SSH is better, watch Beethoven Virus first before deciding .. and you’ll know the difference between them ..

    By the way, congratulations for Han Ji Hye, Park Hae Jin, Lee Mi-Sook, Jo Min Ki, they REALLY DESERVE THE AWARD ..
    I wish KIM BUM was nominated as well ..

  35. 35 lily

    I haven’t watched Beethoven’s Virus so I don’t know how well Kim Myung-min’s acting is but I’m watching East of East and I have to say Song Seung Hun is doing a great job in it. Why can’t they share? The more the merrier. People get worked up over the smallest thing. If this Kim Myung-min is fine with what happened then why don’t others just leave it alone. There’s no need to put other people down.

    I guess the reason why MBC took LDH out of the official EOE poster is because people are saying that MBC is promoting EOE by falsely misleading the audience into believing that LDH is the main actress therefore, they have removed her any future EOE posters. I think it was a good decision to remove LDH from any future EOE poster that way when the drama comes out on dvd, it won’t be misleading to people. Everyone should be happy now since MBC is no longer promoting EOE through LDH. There’s no reason why LDH should be on the EOE poster anyways since she gets little on-screen time anyways.

  36. 36 daiz'sfriend

    Actually, it looks like this ceremony is “EoE award”, ha ha!!
    Pity on SSH, got to share an award with KMM, and most of viewers all know that KMM is way more better than SSH. This doesn’t make SSH looks good, it makes viewers think that he didn’t win because of his skill. If MBC want to give Grand Prize to SSH, they should give SUPER GRAND PRIZE to KMM.

  37. 37 Huh!

    Song Seung Hun winning any acting award is such a joke! i honestly believe that he and Kwon Sang Woo are the most overrated actors in Korea. i mean, there are tons of great and talented actors (some are even better looking than them) who deserve the recognition more.

  38. 38 kellie

    After what MBC did last year, blowing off Kim Myung-min’s great performance in White Tower with a best actor award shared with hunk Lee Seo-jin I never thought they’d have the nerve to do this kind of thing again. Not after he got the grand award at the Korean Drama Festival from all three networks. What are they smoking at MBC? And how do they get the finest actor in Korean television to work for them? He must be more mature than I am. I’m M-A-D.

  39. 39 ed

    MBC seems embarrassed for a Daesang winner lacking supernova ratings, so they piggybacked. Meh indeed.
    Jang geun-suk is such a trip…etta boy. you glam, you made this not a waste of time at all!

  40. 40 noword

    SSH shares the award w/ KMM… speechless…
    Do they actually think that SSH is as good as KMM….
    I can’t believe their judgment.

  41. 41 Anonymous







  42. 42 daffodil

    LYH is covering her asset with a bandage – swathe.
    Still MBC has to please him too!!
    if not the mafia will distrupt EOE. hA hA ha…..

  43. 43 amy

    This is why I don’t watch MBC drama awards.. it’s been a joke since 2003 or 2004. How ridiculous. And I’m so sick of the broadcast companies giving out the awards for everyone. Each award should really be given to one person or else it loses much of its meaning.

  44. 44 tututu

    stupid, SSH reserved this award

  45. 45 jessica

    This MBC award is a big joke. I thought somehow Korean entertainment could be better than Hongkong entertainment but now i would say they’re both the same, their award is all rigged, SSH acting is ok, above average but still far away from KMM and for SSH to win this Grand Prize is not a surprise for me because we should know how MBC works.

  46. 46 mimi

    ( MBC really thought Kim deserved it but was too afraid of pissing off Song. )yeah even korean protes this . SSH such mediocre only his blinded fans who feels that he deserved to get daesang.

    anyway not defend KSW but KSW whole lot better than SSH .
    now korean Will bashed SSh due this daesang..
    now he must be rethinking again about this daesang
    he deserved or not after korean critized him

  47. 47 alltime

    Song Seung Heon (SSH) won a prize for his acting, ¡it is a bad joke!, he has never acted. There is a BIG difference between him and the great actor Kim Myung-min.
    Truly, it is disappointing, the only one who really deserved this prize was Kim Myung-min for his role in Beethoven Virus.
    It was really sad to see SSH beside Kim Myung-min and it was worst to see SSH trying to act as he deserves the prize.

  48. 48 daisy

    I think KMM doesn’t mind to share an award w/ SSH since he knows that the audiences must notice who is the real winner.
    SSH has just created the scandal about causing LDH leaving EoE, now he has another ‘not so good reputation’ from this wining award. May be MBC didn’t realize that it was a bad move to made him shares the award w/ KMM.

  49. 49 :X

    i just saw the Legend, so am surprise to see Lee Jia – she really gain a lot of weight? or is that white dress really makes her so?.. cant be that bad right..

    Junki… looks skinny?… needs to use that TODAW’s appearence… LOL

    YEH… aiyoooo…. what happened?… since she’s not in any category, she must be there for the fun of it, ha….

  50. 50 Miki

    Jang Geun Seok and your commentary had me in stitches on the floor.

    Forever blog, Javabeans. It’s much too amusing.

  51. 51 heejung

    dennis oh’s pants made me think of mc hammer. lol. not exactly the desired effect…

    and i totally thought the female best newcomer prize should have gone to the two people that didn’t get it ><
    that one girl made a retardedly long acceptance speech. i stopped watching at that point.

  52. 52 Jill

    SSH should just be in the popular couple award. We all know that KMM deserved the Daesang not sharing with him..utter ridiculous!. Someone should fire JGS’s stylist and JiSung was the hottest dude of the nite.

  53. 53 JiHwan

    I dont think LDH is rude for not showing up. She’s saving herself and MBC more awkwardness. They even removed her from the EOE poster so they obviously didn’t expect her to show up. these award shows are being more and more ridiculous every year. Its a shame Go Ara didn’t win best new actress. She’s clearly the better actress between her and LYH.

  54. 54 JustALook

    So much about these awards leve me scratching my head.

  55. 55 ning ning

    Why does jgs always have to wear stuff like that? I love him but grrrr!

  56. 56 WhatEver

    I think making East of Eden the biggest budget TV series of all time is MBC’s biggest mistake in the long run. I had a feeling that this series will somehow flop when they first announced it – you never want to make the “biggest” of anything. Bringing a ton of top stars together and risking $25 million for one series (without proper planning) have always proven to flop a potentially good story/series.

    And here they (MBC) are, with Lee Da Hae leaving and the audiences pissing off at how MBC used her fame to promote a series she gets like 2 minutes an episode and her character “lost” in the storyline. Not only that, the series basically sucks because everything carelessly planned out – you can tell watching this series because there are scenes that are just “there” – no signifcance – story is draggy and the reason why the characters/relationships seems so “complex” is because it isn’t – it is “messy” NOT complex. It seems complex because it is “messy” – poorly planned and executed. The reason I think is because I think there is too much resources for the crew to work with – too much star actors/actresses, too much money to budget, too much choices! And when you are overwhelmed w/ too many choices, poor decisions will be made.

    I feel sorry for the writer of this story – because supposedly the writer spent over 2 years writing it and now it is all butchered up. Had they had less to work with, this could’ve been a good series.

  57. 57 carribeane

    haha Javabeans I laughed at your commentary… thanks for always being so spot-on hilarious! =) The part on JGS was so accurate! though he prob always thinks that he’s so hot and the fashion is downright great. *excuse me while I attempt to keep my breakfast in =)* only thing I didn’t agree on was that Lee Soo Yeon’s dress was that ugly *oops I actually liked it =)* Lee YoonJi looks so cheery and pretty as always. aww but too bad my fave YEH was a lil on the messy side esp the hair. This MBC awards was a boring affair… rem how YEH hogged the show for the last 2 years (Goong & Coffee Prince)? This year it’s not as exciting anymore sigh. Hopes things will be brighter next year!

  58. 58 hanneebuff

    Can’t believe that two people won the Daesang this year. I am both a fan of Kim Myung Min and Song Seung Hun but KMM definitely gave a better performance for BV. Are the judges undecided or simply afraid of the fans? I think it’s more of the second option. This is my first time watching the MBC and all they had were people tied in some of the awards. In as much as they want everyone to be contented and go home happy, by doing that, I think they downgraded their criteria and destroyed their credibility as an award giving body.

    But congratulations nonetheless. No use sourgraping over the results.

  59. 59 Dramalovers

    OMFG, this is so unbelievable! I am sitting here scratching my head stunned at what a JOKE MBC has become. Can somebody please knock some sense to whoever is in charge? Can this even be call an acting award show…or EOE award night? Come on, how dare they give SSH a Daesang award? Can he even compare to KMM? Hell no and yet he’s up there like…he actually deserved the award? Aish, SSH Daesang award? What a joke…but look at that smirk of his…does he really think he is on par with KMM? Sadly…I think he truly thinks he does. Oh well, I agree with javabeans’s MBC acting awards this year is a joke with the way they handle things.

  60. 60 JiHwan

    Dramalovers. I agree entirely. Kim Myung Min is by far one of the best actors in korea. Putting him and SSH on the same level is an insult. Sharing a daesung really defeats the purpose of the award. Tell me again why LYH even won anything at all? She’s a terrible actress. Almost half as bad as Dennis oh is. Theres just something about her that’s just so fake…

  61. 61 May

    Javabeans, thanks for your spot-on summary (I am so not inclined to sit through the actual show). Like you, I always thought these “award shows” were more for ego stroking than anything else. However, I was under the impression that the Daesang was a little more credible. Kim Myung-min having to share the Daesang with Song Seung-heon just leaves me speechless. I guess I was wrong.

  62. 62 sweetydoodle*..*

    Song Seung Hun deserved the award as much as Kim Myung-min.
    Song Seung Hun, Congratulations!!!
    You deserve it!


  63. 63 bern

    ^Um no sweetie, Song Seung Hun DID NOT deserve to get a DAESANG period.

  64. 64 pat

    MBC is devaluing a fine actor in KMM
    Korean drama is having credibility problems (sales) enough out in the world.
    If you want others to recognize excellence in your actors/dramas do not cheapen them for a fast politic moment. (Keeping insiders happy)
    and can we send a
    sophisicated barber and stylist to Seoul and starting with BYJ go through them all?

    Luv your blog, beanie

  65. 65 JiHwan

    ^ I don’t understand. Is someone purposely posting that or does the link just automatically pop up when someone posts a link to dramabeans?

  66. 66 mookie

    I do think the audience should share part of the blame to to bring EoE which is ONE DRAGGY BLOODY AWFUL JOKE to such overrated ratings, and I do now hate SSH. Before EoE and this daesang, he’s just an awful actor with a super pretty chiseled face, but now I’m pondering did he have it written in his contract that he has to get the daesang because he is the freaken biggest star–according to him. his egomaniac self is showing and it’s soo fugly that no Armanis or flashy perfect smiles can savage.

    If I were him I would at least look/pretend to be quite embarrassed standing next to the maestro….let alone accepting the same freaking recognition.
    but alas, all the gloating and the ‘I deserve it and the whole world’ written all over his useless-in-acting pretty face. So nauseating.

    Be pissed and offended all you want you SSH fangirls/boys. HE simply sucked and he’s shown to me he has total disrespect of his craft with accepting this Daesang. I would not believe he did not twist some of his big star diva fingers to land this dud Daesang.

  67. 67 Anonymous

    [47 alltime – Dec 30, 2008 at 7:04 pm
    Song Seung Heon (SSH) won a prize for his acting, ¡it is a bad joke!, he has never acted. There is a BIG difference between him and the great actor Kim Myung-min.
    Truly, it is disappointing, the only one who really deserved this prize was Kim Myung-min for his role in Beethoven Virus.
    It was really sad to see SSH beside Kim Myung-min and it was worst to see SSH trying to act as he deserves the prize.

    48 daisy – Dec 30, 2008 at 7:07 pm
    I think KMM doesn’t mind to share an award w/ SSH since he knows that the audiences must notice who is the real winner.
    SSH has just created the scandal about causing LDH leaving EoE, now he has another ‘not so good reputation’ from this wining award. May be MBC didn’t realize that it was a bad move to made him shares the award w/ KMM.]

    Ditto to both yr comments.

    I too agreed that the shared MBC Daesang was a Big Joke.

    SSH must be regretting winning it now with all the backlash in the media today.

  68. 68 anon

    KMM = SSH *shocked*

    Damnit!!! Crazy MBC!!! CRAZZZZZZAAAYYYY!!!!

    Poor KMM!!! He doesn’t look too happy with that either.

    And JGS, I like him but your right javabeans, laughably bad! Errr… where are the fashion police? Come pick him up… FAST!

  69. 69 Tippy

    Aren’t all award shows pretty much just self serving??? I fail to see the point of any of them! What other profession has an award for Most Popular? How about Best Dressed Cashier? Favourite Newbie? Fastest Fry Fryer?

  70. 70 anastassia

    why did SSH has to win? He is good looking but he is not even near to KYM.

  71. 71 javabeans

    JiHwan (#66), that’s a trackback, which appears automatically, as you’ve guessed, when a blog links to another blog. But it’s not always consistent so I’m not quite sure why some things get trackback’d and others don’t.

    Also, it’s funny how the general consensus in the Korean public right now is pretty much how it is here — everyone’s in disbelief that Song won a Daesang with Kim, roundly criticizing MBC, and it almost goes without saying that the overwhelming opinion is “Kim is the real winner.” Song fans, don’t be insulted — Song is big enough that he probably warranted a Top Excellence award, or at least Excellence (if not on talent, then in visibility/success/profile). But to put him on par with Kim Myung-min is kind of like… splitting an award between Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron.

  72. 72 Dramalovers

    ^ Omo, that is the perfect example!!! Robert DeNiro ( KMM) and Zac Efron (SSH)

  73. 73 koalabear

    I was kind of satisfied with the winners last night except for the Daesang, I think Kim Myung-min deserves it more, the split decision I guess was made over KMM’s good performance in BV and SSH’s popularity in EoE…I think it would’ve been better if they just tied KMM and the late Choi Jin-shil, I would’ve understand it more

  74. 74 EUNWHUI

    I VOTE YOONJI for best dressed =D

  75. 75 Bee

    @72: For once, dramabeans, I fully agree with you. And I’m glad that the public opinion sees KMM as the winner.
    Perhaps, for the insult that he had to endure (and I think he handled it greatly on stage there!), the positive feedback and recognition KMM receives are just the right answer.
    As for SSH, methinks he will carry heavy on that Daesang… and probably rub his eyes when KMM wins Cannes and an Oscar. :)

  76. 76 hyunjin

    I don’t understand about the ranting and the raving and the criticisms about SSH sharing the Daesang award. HE TRULY DESERVES this award. If you like the actor KMM, fine. But did you, crtitics of EoE and SSH, watch ALL THE EPISODES of East of Eden? I can bet that none of you watched all the episodes. The actor KMM is your favorite so you have been faithfully watching the drama. And you of course declare that he is the best.

    Well, us fans of EoE, and SSH also watched ALL THE east of eden episodes. We even went back many times, or repeated many of the scenes again and again. We can even memorize the script and the OST. That is because we are faithful fans of EoE and SSH, and the rest of the cast. And we admire SSH’s acting. That is why we can also declare that he DESERVES this award. In fact, he deserves to be the sole winner of this award. We have seen his acting abilities in this drama.

    And the proof is in the ratings, and has been the #1 drama for weeks now.

    None of us will win in this discussion, because we all have our differences of opinion. That is why we all were never INVITED to be the JUDGES to come to this great decision, because we do not have that ability, nor the experience, nor the education to decide who is the better actor or the better drama of the year. RIGHT?

    So you can rant and you can rave, and you can blow your horns like crazy, but SSH is worthy of this award. And he should have been the SOLE winner, and not share this award!!!! More POWER to SSH and LYH.

  77. 77 chajjye

    KMM is a real veteran….SSH…needs a little more edge in his acting. Sigh…real talents and overrated talents.

    javabeans, spot on on the robert deniro and zac efron comparison! hahaha…if it did happen in hollywood, there would be an actor’s strike now!

    everyone dressed weirdly to some extent with some exception. i know they try to be different, but different doesn’t equate bad taste.

    JGS…PETA would love to nail you.

  78. 78 sangdong

    I have been faithfully watching “East of Eden” drama. I personally think Song SH did an AWESOME job of portraying Lee Dong Chul. He deserves this award. Sharing it is up to the judges, and if they think both actors are equally good, why lambast them? They have that right.

    As for LDH, I am sure MBC did not want to use her to promote the drama. What do you think they are – newbies to the business? There are other actors who can do better, why LDH? MBC did not claim she was supposed to be the main actress. The main characters here are the 3 brothers and STW, and the others are just love interests.

    Her fans simply expected too much from her role.

  79. 79 cutie_pixie

    (None of us will win in this discussion, because we all have our differences of opinion.)

    Yup..hyunjin..you said it .. we all have differences in opinion .. let us hear more comment on whether SSH really deserve the award together with KMM, or not ..

    Probably you like SSH and his acting .. yes .. he might be good .. but the QUESTION IS … IS HE AT THE SAME PAR AS KMM in acting??? Real question mark ..

    I really don’t think so .. so let us see other comments as well dear ..

  80. 80 ilovekangmae

    JAVA: I was kinda curious on how the Korean public received the results of the awards night. Thank you for sharing with us that the public sentiments is almost similar to ours.

  81. 81 OMFG!!!

    What’s with all the hate? Looks like the LDH die hard fans, the EOE haters, the “I hate SSH” folks and some Javabeans shippers are coming out in force to voice their discontent on this thread. Well folks, what is the big fuss about SSH sharing the “Daesang” with KMM… Well, I think Javabeans said it best.

    “Let me first reiterate that I think these end-of-year broadcast-station awards are mostly meaningless”

    There you go.

  82. 82 hyunjin

    KMM may be a veteran actor, but the judging here is not how good they are as an actor in general. It is how they acted the role in a particular drama. And in this case, they are talking about Beethoven and East of Eden.

    Think about this – KMM was the perfect actor in BV. But then SSH was also the perfect one in EOE. They were not choosing who was the better actor like you all are claiming. If they both played the same role in one drama, then you can decide who was the better actor.

    The judging was who were good actors in their RESPECTIVE roles. And folks, watch all the episodes of EOE. I am sure all of you have so many things to do, like school and work you would not have the time to watch all of the episodes of both dramas???? Ha!

  83. 83 asik g

    There is something really wrong with the cemerony and the tv station. Cool, we’re mbc, we’ve got our dramas and our actors, so let’s put up a show with all of them to get more awesome ratings. Oh, and you know what? Let’s see how many flowers and awards we can afford, and then let’s give them out. The philosophy?
    I mean.. come on! Awards are exciting because there are great winners and great losers! It’s impossible (and weird) to nominate 4 people and give award to 2 of them EVERYTIME. Now suddenly it’s 50% they’ll succeed! Should we drop a coin? Oh come on, we might lose a cent. Let’s take a quick look at the ratings.
    Ok, I agree with some awards. I do. Yoo Dong-geun, Park Hae-Jin and of course Kim Myung-Min (for me at least) received them because they were freakin’ good and their backs were still on fire from all the work they’ve put in the dramas. But making them share the honor.. Not right. Why make such a show out of it? So hard to say: ‘yeah man, you were THE ONLY ONE the best’. ? We all saw it. And Daesang.. Give me some wall for my head! Someone please try it out on next AA in US, I bet no one would dare to move as they would think i’ts Ashton Kutcher back with his PUNK’d. And they would sit there alll night long, waiting for those words : “You’ve got punk’d”. You think there’s still someone sitting in MBC, expecting a vicious laughter from the station?

  84. 84 hhg998

    MBC certainly make headlines everywhere only 1 day after the award show only this time it is all for the wrong reasons. It really closes the year on a high note ie the high JOKE of this year.It has belittle the Daesang award making a joke out of it. KMM is standing next to undeserving actor…..

  85. 85 Secret Sunshine

    @83 hyunjin
    Appreciate your sharing, good points there.

  86. 86 cutie_pixie

    a very good point there, hyunjin ..
    (because they are in different league or drama ..)
    So MBC made an exception this year to see that “Wow, both of them were really good in different drama, should award both of them” which they DIDN’T DO every year… Haha
    So..this means that in previous years, the actors competing for Daesang are playing quite a similar role for a similar type of drama also, is it?
    Then, they should have DOUBLE Daesang winner every year ..
    I see KMM as a clear winner compared to SSH and the Daesang award should only be given to someone who deserves IT ..sorry, if I offended you, hyunjin ..

  87. 87 laila

    MBC award, what a joke! I like SSH, but I dont think he deserves this daeseng award.

  88. 88 Marzy

    so hilarious reading this. OMG. i cant believe it. the double daesangs. ekkk..
    i cant believe it. oh well. KMM is a definite winner for me. ahahha ill let JIL slide. ur still a hottie and yes i understand the post work stress thing. LYH looked pretty i agree out of the lot. and ill just say JI sung <3! hmm.. so many things awry at MBC awards..

  89. 89 maple

    As one who followed EOE closely, for 36 episodes, I can safely say that SSH is/was good as Dong Chul, but not brilliant nor great.
    I have also seen BV as well, altho the drama was not as entertaining and good as I had expected it to be, Kim Myung Min was the best thing, the cream of the crop. He was brilliant…

    And to make him share the award with SSH, gahhhh… it’s just a pure joke! JOKE of the YEAR! I would have settled for Excellence, but the DaeSang? GOODNESS, those who said that he deserved the award must have analyzed too much into his obviously mediocre acting… trying to defend this guy’s acting? Too bad it’s just darn obvious that he lacks the required skills… I am not blaming SSH for getting the award, cos he probably thought he didn’t deserve it too.. blame MBC for this stupid injustice to KMM. (tho he got the award, I still consider it ridiculous!!!)

    I’m super disappointed that MBC resorted to doing this. Instead of rewarding those actors who really deserved it, eg. the cast from Bittersweet Life..etc, all they had in mind were their powerhouse ratings, them wanting to please everyone by giving EVERYONE awards… credibility, DUHHHHH…

  90. 90 amy

    Hyunjin (#83):

    //The judging was who were good actors in their RESPECTIVE roles. And folks, watch all the episodes of EOE//

    I just watched the Daesang part of the award show and let’s just take for an example the SSH scene from EoE they showed when they were calling out each nominee. You know how they usually show the most shining acting moment when they present each nominee, right? Well, even in this clip, he looks like he’s smiling when he’s supposed to be crying and looking miserable. How do you expect us to watch all the episodes of a drama when an actor who acts like this is the main lead? This guy cannot act, and that’s why he most certainly did not deserve the Daesang award.

  91. 91 Gemma

    Not everyone has an ulterior motive for commenting in this thread. Just because we don’t feel that SSH deserves Daesang doesn’t mean that we hate SSH or that we’re dissatisfied with EoE. Everyone is ASSUMING that naysayers are invested in the MBC-EoE backstage drama but some of us could care less. I am extremely annoyed that some of you would try to discredit other people’s opinions by saying we’re not supportive of SSH’s Daesang for petty reasons. Fact of the matter is, I’ve watched both BV and EoE and found KMM’s acting to be far superior than SSH’s. Sharing a Daesang has been unprecedented at MBC so of course there will be a lot of talk about this incident.

  92. 92 mimi

    don’t Worry about this
    i just browsing some webnews korea
    they all criticized MBC who Giving Awards Daesang Into SSH
    This Guy only Can Crying
    His Previous Awards which only Popularity
    Means he is mediocre !..
    all of media critics SSh harshly
    MY Daily said MBC awards Piece Of SHIT

    KOREAN not IDIOT they Know Who can Act and not like SSH

    ~ i am not hate SSH i just feel he is such Mediocre to Get Daesang ~

  93. 93 mimi

    oh yeah SSH he is stuck in his carrier

    SSH debuted in 1995 ~ never only popularity it’s even only 4-5

    KMM debuted in 2000 ~ but Got bunch of best actor Awards

    SSH totally awful

  94. 94 ana

    LYH is very2 beautiful…~ and she didnt put much effort to look pretty. her makeup is simple, and she just let her hair down, and yet, she’s still stunningly pretty.

    she win appropriate award for popular actress.

  95. 95 Anonymous

    losers will always make the noisiest sound..

  96. 96 lovekd

    I have watching the EOE, I think SSH and LYH deserve all the awards they had that night. They look so cute. They dress appropriately. About LYH’s hair, yes i agree it looked simple and no style, but if she did updo her hair, she would look taller than SSH and i think she does not want that look.
    Congratulation to SSH and LYH. You guys are awesome. Keep up your acting.

  97. 97 G

    LOVE. IT.
    I guess I just kind of thought from your lack of commentary on acting on East of Eden (aside from Kim Bum) that none of it made that much of an impression on you, but I completely agree with you about Song.
    Oh, what people forgive for really, really good looks…except people forgive Daniel Henney for a lot, which I will never understand.

    Thanks for the post!

  98. 98 estelle

    Poor Lee Jia… Her dress, hair and makeup made her look old, plump and even a little… ghostly.

  99. 99 tc

    Why nobody bitching about BV got best drama award? It is absolutely boring so KMM can
    stand out even with his overactings….hmmm…just a thought!!!

    SSH on the other hand may not be in the same league as KMM actingwise,
    and EOE may be far from perfect, but at least mainstream folks still enjoy it that
    is what counts for MBC. If it were a failure in rating, people would blame it mostly on
    SSH, just like they did on LDH’s departure. He put his career on the line for EOE, gave
    his 200% as his comeback project. He does not deserve all the humiliations
    publicly. Go blame it on MBC ALONE for god’s sake!

  100. 100 Helena

    #100: Why nobody bitching about BV got best drama award?

    Because Best Drama Award was chosen by fans via SMS (only those in Korea can vote).

    Categories like Popularity and Couple are chosen by Netizen (whoever registered at imbc.com can vote).

    As for acting skill, SSH is definitely not on the same league with KMM. SSH can win popularity awards, but he needs a lot more work for any acting award.

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