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2008 SBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2008 | 66 Comments

Following MBC’s Acting Awards on the 30th, the 31st saw awards ceremonies for the other two stations. First up: 2008 SBS Drama Awards. (KBS coming up next!)

The big news is that the SBS Daesang was awarded to the very young but very talented Moon Geun-young for her gender-bending role in the gorgeously shot historical drama Painter in the Wind. It had been widely speculated that her co-star, shunned star Park Shin-yang, might not appear after being shut out of the nominations and criticized for his exorbitant asking fees, and he in fact did not show. (I think Park’s management did not handle the War of Money pay situation well, but making a point to blackball him from SBS seems like scapegoating to me.)


Daesang/Grand Prize: Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind)
Top Excellence: Lee Junki (Iljimae), Kim Haneul (On Air), Song Yoon-ah (On Air)
Acting Award (Special Project): Jang Hyuk (Tazza), Han Ye-seul (Tazza)
Acting (Drama Special): Park Yong-ha (On Air), Choi Kang-hee (My Sweet Seoul)
Acting (Serial Drama): Ahn Nae-sang (First Wives Club), Oh Hyun-kyung (First Wives Club), Kim Hye-sun (First Wives Club)

Supporting Role (Drama Special): Sohn Hyun-joo (Tazza)
Supporting Role (Special Project): Kim So-yeon (Gourmet)
Supporting Role (Serial Drama): Kim Hee-jung (First Wives Club)
Netizen Popularity Award: Lee Junki (Iljimae)
Best Couple: Moon Geun-young & Moon Chae-won (Painter of the Wind)

Top 10 Stars: Kim Rae-won (Gourmet), Ahn Nae-sang (First Wives Club), Park Yong-ha (On Air), Lee Beom-soo (On Air), Lee Junki (Iljimae), Kim Haneul (On Air), Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind), Song Yoon-ah (On Air), Oh Hyun-kyung (First Wives Club), Han Ye-seul (Tazza)

New Star Award: Ji Hyun-woo (My Sweet Seoul), Im Jung-eun (Aquarius), Lee Sang-woo (First Wives Club), Cha Ye-ryun (Working Mom), Lee Joon-hyuk (First Wives Club), Han Hyo-joo (Iljimae), Ha Suk-jin (Happiness), Yoon So-yi (City of Glass), Chae Young-in (Happiness), Bae Soo-bin (Painter of the Wind), Moon Chae-won (Painter of the Wind)

Producer’s Award: Bong Tae-kyu (Working Mom), Moon Jung-hee (My Sweet Seoul)
Lifetime Achievement: Moon Young-nam, writer (First Wives Club)
Producer’s Achievement Award: Go Dae-hwa (CEO, Olive Nine)
Friendship Award: Do Ki-seok (Iljimae)
Child Actor Award: Yeo Jin-gu (Iljimae), Kim Yoo-jung (Iljimae)

Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind) wins the Daesang! Congrats to her, but she is looking alarmingly skinny. Not overworking-skinny, but has-ceased-all-sustenance-intake skinny. This is worrisome.

Moon Geun-yong also won Best Couple with her co-star, Moon Chae-won (Painter of the Wind) — I wonder if this is the first time the best couple has been same-sex?

Lee Junki (Iljimae) — so, SO much better than the day before at MBC’s awards show!

Han Hyo-joo (Iljimae) is pretty, but she’s done this look before, and recently (at the Mucha jewelry event).

Han Ye-seul as been rocking the red carpet all year long, and she shines in this gorgeous dress. Love everything about her look, even if I didn’t love everything about her Tazza role.

Tazza wasn’t a huge winner, but it did take home several awards, among them one for Han Ye-seul and one for Jang Hyuk:

I think Choi Kang-hee (My Sweet Seoul) is going for casual cool, but it was hard finding pictures of her not looking stoned. Aside from her facial expressions, I think she looks good in the dress, minus the boob-curtain thing it’s got going on.

Choi’s co-star Ji Hyun-woo (My Sweet Seoul), um, came looking like Mr. Rogers.

Yay to newly engaged Moon Jung-hee (My Sweet Seoul) for her award. She was the best thing about that drama for me, so I’m pleased to see her here.

Did Kim Haneul (On Air) parachute in, and not have time to remove her harness? Her bondagewear aside, she’s gorgeous and is another actress who’s been looking great all year.

Her co-star Park Yong-ha (On Air) was also awarded for his role, as was Song Yoon-ah, who cannot pick a nice dress to save her life. I’m also irrationally bothered that one of her boobs is apparently supported (by the bodice trim) and the other one is cut in half.

Kim So-yeon (Gourmet) is a gorgeous woman with a fantastic figure. She can even rock this asymmetrical furry-looking concoction whose short side looks like a figure-skating costume, while the long side is cut almost like a wedding dress train.

Ha Suk-jin (Happiness) is putting up his dukes on the red carpet. I don’t know why. One wouldn’t think a drama called Happiness incorporates much in the way of fisticuffs.

First Wives Club was a huge winner of the night. The much-watched series brought acting awards for Ahn Nae-sang and Kim Hee-jung, among others:

Lee Joon-hyuk (First Wives Club)

Lee Sang-woo (First Wives Club)

More from First Wives Club! Here’s Oh Hyun-kyung and Oh Dae-gyu:

Kim Ja-ok (Working Mom) opts to go traditional in her hanbok:

I like the swirly patterning on Kim Sung-ryung‘s (Iljimae) halter dress:

Kim Yeon-joo (Daughter-in-law and Daughter-in-law)

Lee Hyung-chul (On Air)

Cha Ye-ryun (Working Mom) looks fabulous in this chic sheath dress:

Lee Yo-won (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee)

Lee Moon-shik (Iljimae) is here with Lee Won-jong (Gourmet), who didn’t win for SBS but did pull in an award at the KBS awards (for Great King Sejong), which happened concurrently:

Oh Man-seok and his costar Park Bo-young from King and I:

Kpop singer and actor Ryu Shi-won is stayin’ alive.

Winners Sohn Hyun-joo (Tazza) and Do Ki-seok (Iljimae):

What adorable tykes! Yeo Jin-gu and Kim Yoo-jung both won for the child actor category for Iljimae.

Yoon So-yi (City of Glass). I like the dress in theory, but somehow that shiny black sash doesn’t really complement the minidress all that well. I think reversing the colors (white sash, black dress) may have produced a chic-er effect.

Just see how nicely Yoo Seung-ho, left, (Legend) is growing up; Bae Soo-bin (Painter of the Wind) is lookin’ mighty handsome:

Yes, comedian Lee Han-wi (City of Glass, My Sweet Seoul) is wearing sneakers, and what appears to be be a velvet formal suit, but rock on with yo’ bad self. Also, Bong Tae-kyu (Working Mom).

Chae Young-in (Happiness)

Ha Yu-mi (My Man’s Woman); Hong Ji-min (On Air)

Im Jung-eun (Aquarius)

Ha Joo-hee, also from morning drama Aquarius, which I haven’t seen (nor heard much about). I did enjoy Ha as the bimbo model in Soulmate, though.

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66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Gina

    LOL, I’m guessing Ha Seok-jin is doing that since he played a boxer in “Happiness.”

    And yay Moon Geun Young! Well-deserved. But I agree with you on how skinny she looks…and I am not a fan of her hair.

  2. Orchid

    Moon Geun-young is scarily thin all right. She and Jung Ryeowon needs to eat.

  3. thua

    Yikes! Moon Geun-young looks like a girl who hasn’t eaten anything in months!
    Look at those legs! They’re not even called legs.. twigs.

  4. Yvette

    Holy crud! Moon Geun-Young’s legs look like sticks!

    Sorry to say, but when I first saw the black sash on Yoon So-yi’s dress, I was immediately reminded of a tae-kwon-do belt.

  5. selva

    YAY MGY totally deserved the award.
    saw some of her performance in POTW and she totally mesmerized me.
    MGY fighting πŸ˜‰

  6. cc

    Congratulations to MGY~ Awesome performance in POTW.
    Yay, MGY & MCW best couple! They totally rocked it in POTW.
    Gahhhh Bae Soo-bin is totally HOT~ =D
    Congratulations LJK. Simply handsome. πŸ™‚

    Congrats to all the other winners!

    SBS awards ceremony was way better than the MBC one…which was just…@#$#@#!

    KBS awards ceremony was great too.

    About *Teen Star Award, isn’t the award Top 10 STARS?
    Teen Star Award just sounds weird. I think it’s suppose to be Top 10 STARS (10λŒ€ μŠ€νƒ€μƒ).

  7. fizzle

    Aw I’m so happy for Moon Geun Young! And I love the same-sex couple idea. This makes me want to watch Painter even more. (Btw, I think Lee Junki and Gam Woo Sung also won Best Couple for The King and the Clown a few years ago.)

    Are awards always shared like that? I though MBC’s was bad, but SBS gave ELEVEN people the “New Star Award”.

  8. Yay!

    Woot Woot!!! I’m so happy that Moon Geun Young won the daesang! She’s an awesome actress especially for her age! Although I was also rooting for Lee Jun Ki, I’m glad with the results overall (much better than the sucky MBC Drama Awards yesterday where they co-awarded the daesang to Song Seung Hun -_-)

  9. robbo4

    Congrats to Miss Moon! Though I’ve yet to see her work in “Painter”, she’s always worth watching in all of her roles. Even I agree, though, that she needs to beef up in order to protect her health. The demands on theses ladies must just be gruesome. One would hope that each set would include a physician or a nutritionist at least to insure that the players remain healthy enough to keep supplying those milking the “gravy train.”

    It was also nice to see the kids from Iljimae being acknowledged.They were definitely among the highlights of the series.

  10. 10 Emma

    MGY is totally deserved the Daesang. I’m so happy for her. This is much better than the MBC Awards.

  11. 11 jazz

    i like Moon Geun Young.. she always did a great job ^^ i am so happy for her..
    yep …. she is way too skinny and should get feed right away …

  12. 12 Heejae

    Moon Geun Yung totally deserved the award<3
    She went above and beyond with her role in Painter this year.
    Thanks for the recap.

  13. 13 coco

    Congrats to MGY on a much deserved award! I agree, she needs to adopt a more healthy diet! When you don’t eat you lose muscle, hence the skinny arms and legs!
    Next comes the so called collapse due to exhaustion from overwork! No, it’s due to malnutrition! No food no energy/no muscle no strength!
    Sorry about the rant!

  14. 14 Congrats!

    to Moon Geun Young, she deserves the award. at least the basis of this Dae Sang was not on rating but more on the acting of the recipient.

    somehow i am satisfied with the results of SBS Dae Sang…
    they do not have those Excellent Actor Award, Best Actor Award, Oustanding Actor Award….and somehow they only give one for each category…except for some categories…unlike in MBC where every category has two recipients.

  15. 15 edgy

    Nice. I’m glad to see Moon Geun-Young winning Daesang … and I agree with those who said that she deserves it.

    I’m also glad to see a couple of my old favorites being awarded for their performances, too. Kim So-Yeon and Sohn Hyun-Joo. And, of course, the ever-pretty Lee Jun-Ki!

  16. 16 JiHwan

    I really don’t understand all the random awards that they made up this year. It seems as though last year’s award categories were alot more straight forward. I guess its just an excuse to give everyone an award. Congrats to MGY for being the youngest daesang winner. I’m quite surprised but very happy for her. Seriously, Choi Kang Hee?? Her dress looks like she created it 5 minutes before the award show. What in the world?! Kim Haneul’s dress looks very elegant, minus the black strap things that resemble toilet paper.

  17. 17 noob

    Hoorraayyyyy MGY!! But please eat more….

    And MGY/MCW getting the couple award is even more awesome! πŸ˜€

  18. 18 ed

    hey this is nicer lineup of fashion after MBC awards doldrums.
    what a crazy biz…2 years ago MGY was trashed after her movie with kim ju-hyuk bombed. ppl were crying doom as they rejected her attempt to move from innocent sweet gal to a fierce, bitter woman. now she has the last laugh! but why so skinny now work’s over?

    kim ja-ok even got a traditional hairdo to go with hanbok. those tarty waves πŸ˜€ – cool.

    happy new year to song yoon-ah’s right breast too; poor girl.

  19. 19 deeta

    Ugh, I remember noting how thin MGY looked on one of your previous posts. It really became obvious here. I hope she doesn’t think that (frail almost keeled over) figure is pretty.

  20. 20 mimi

    This Awards better clothes, better set, better daesang winner
    MBC totally rubbish
    no more Drama like MBC

  21. 21 le

    i haven’t seen any of these dramas yet cause i don’t have sbs. congrats to the winners. Ha Joo-hee is in MBC’s My Life’s Golden Age.

  22. 22 Nancy

    OMG, what the heck happened to MGY? She looks very freakingly thin, which is very worrisome. She needs to eat more and really look after her health because she doesn’t look healthy. Aside from that, CONGRATS to one of my favorite young actress, You rock girl!

  23. 23 hangook_sonya

    i just LOVE kim yoo-jung the child actress! she’s sooo good at acting and I’m glad she was finally recognized for it!!!

  24. 24 flooooo

    yeah true the dressing much more better in sbs awards! and congrats MGY she deserves it even if I don t really like the end of painter in the winds, I really love how MGY made us feel all her emotions in tis drama and the love gender was always kinda weird for me but how she translate it in the drama made me more understandable about two women in love.

  25. 25 yaaaaho

    Congratulations to MGY. BTW, I want to correct one thing. One of the teen Star awardees is Jang Hyuk (Tazza), not Lee Bum-Soo (On Air).

  26. 26 Dramalovers

    Congrats MGY, totally deserving of the Daesang award!!!

  27. 27 sonam

    Cha Ye-ryun ‘s sheath dress is amazing. Love it when beautiful women dress like that. Shows a certain confidence and flair.
    Kim Hanuel’s hair looks great. The hair tied low at the nape is a much better look for her than the top knot. Love her makeup too. No one can rock the statement earrings like she does. The duct tape on her dress makes her look like she trying too hard.
    Song Yun-ah’s dress is depressing. She’s not young enough to do skimpy, strapless, shiny, pink all at once. And those awful shoes and accessories.
    MGY’s dress is perfect for her. Love it when young girls are adventurous and do something fun and fabulous.
    Lee Jun Ki just exudes sheer masculinity in a suit. Delicate features but his energy is so manly. Mmmmm

  28. 28 kay

    CONGRATULATIONS LEE JUN KI! all winner also. Jun Ki look so gorgeus & sweet. i love very2 much Jun Ki in ILJIMAE!

  29. 29 minh

    I think
    It is early to give MGY Deasang .Give i t to Kim Ha Neul is better

  30. 30 ilovekangmae

    At least the new year ushered in good news. SBS awards is way, way better than MBC. So happy that my bets won the awards!

    MGY is so deserving of the Daeang for her stellar performance in POTW! Yay!

    Oh, Bae Soo Bin is so awesome *fangirl squees*
    And Kim So Yeon is hot! She definitely can carry that dress! πŸ™‚

  31. 31 heejung

    yay moon geunyoung~ i didn’t watch the first part of the ceremony and i missed the daesang, so i was hoping she got it so yay!!

    btw, did anyone see the mini-skit that lee junki and a couple other actors (i think from iljimae? not sure) put on? it was so funny… and the fangirls were screaming all the way throughout πŸ˜€

    and BAE SOO BIN ! <3

  32. 32 Leen_YeSeulforever

    Congratulations to all the winners..

    but most of all to HAN YE SEUL..
    Great..nice job for winning two awards…

  33. 33 yMa

    “I think she looks good in the dress, minus the boob-curtain thing it’s got going on.”
    LOL hahah i love you dramabeans! you’re awesome πŸ™‚

  34. 34 ripgal

    Major claps and congrats to all the winners, especially MGY. I was already rooting for her to get the Daesang ever since the list was announced, and indeed, she did not disappoint. She deserved it, with full force. Congrats girl!!

    I think the girls looked fit and pretty in their dresses… at least they were so much more better than those in the MBC Awards, which was a total slum for me.

    The guys look pretty suave and good looking as well..

    All for a good and glorious night, for SBS! Good job this year!

  35. 35 anastassia

    Congrats to MGY. She deserved all that. No one call pull the character as she did.

    I’m quite disappointed. Park Shin-yang should won the top excellent or daesang too. He was excellent even I’m not her fan to begin with previously.

  36. 36 angelsnow2u

    Kim Ha Neul is so pretty but daesang belong to MGY. iN oN AIR kIM hA NEUL CAN HAVE this award. hoping next year you will success. Love you Kim ha Neul (* *)

  37. 37 Steph

    The only getup I’m liking us the one Hong Ji-min is sportin. It has everything to do with the fact that she doesn’t look like a stick. These industry ladies need to eat.

  38. 38 javabeans

    lol, that’s what i get for trying to read quickly. i automatically read 10λŒ€ as teenage but obvs top 10 makes more sense.

  39. 39 din

    go MGY wifey~! XD wahaha.
    she deserves it. she did a superb job acting in POTW. :]
    ah.. the many faces and expression she did.. so so good *recalls*. hehe.

    i actually blushed when i read who won the best couple award. hihihi.
    even though MCW’s acting at first seemed stiff,
    she improved a bit through the episodes. plus, she’s pretty and hot. +10 points. :p
    and for some reason, there IS a chemistry between the two. hahaha.
    (yeah, i was wondering the same thing, whether that was the 1st same sex couple award :p)

    and oh yeah, you know the part in the ending where SYB sails off?
    maybe SYB decided to be with JY rather than KHD. hihihi.
    hey, i can wish, can’t i? *LOL*

    happy ’09 everyone! XD

  40. 40 chajjye

    MBC drama awards…just. just. pales so much in comparison to kbs and sbs awards…

    i love korean dramas…………………………………..*dreams happily

  41. 41 tuswit

    i think kim ha neul’s dress didn’t do her justice this time it’s too bad cause she’s usually a good dresser; moon geung’s skinny figure is quite alarming, i liked her the way she was before; i think song yon ah’s pink short dress was very nice! congrats to all the winners! wow one of my faves yoo soong heo has really grown, he’s always gonna be cute for me like when he did on the way home! thnx dramabeans — you’re so up to date — truly amazing!

  42. 42 Mindy


  43. 43 Beth

    Congratulations to MGY,
    Congrats to all winners
    NO farce as MBC Award

  44. 44 otk

    MGY’s knee caps are parctically popping out O.O but congrats to her ^.^ this show was more entertaining that the MBC award show but I knew most of MBC stars πŸ™‚ I have yet to watch illjimae …but I decided to watch MBC’s version first so that I don’t get dissapointed over it

  45. 45 alodia

    i like the fact that the best couple was awarded to the same sex!

  46. 46 Javafiend

    Oooooohhh, so many goodies to comment on! And apologies in advance if some sound cranky – still nursing remnants of hangover due to missed nap today.

    Moon Geun-young: YEAH!! I started late so only on Ep7 but already felt she deserved award! But…what’s with the hair and does Korea not have sheer evening stockings or sunless tanning products (and this is not limited to her)? Tomboy knees don’t go so well with a fancy dress, especially one whose length (height?) made going on stage a bit risky!

    Best Couple – MGY and MCW: Hilarious! Fantastic! Some of their scenes seemed to have more sexual tension than male/female ones in other dramas.

    Kim Haneul & her dress: Must demand refund for trying to pass it off as Jean-Paul Gaultier original.

    Javabeans being on “irrationally bothered” by Song Yoon-ah’s dress: Made me spit up my ice cream as I imagined the deadpan delivery of this sentence.

    First Wives Club: Can’t believe it won so many awards & still can’t comprehend why it was so popular. Few times I tried to watch, visceral reaction turned me into nasty, man- & woman hating b*tch while my BF watched from safe distance. Seriously, not a drama to air while Korea’s childbirth rate continues to drop.

    Lastly, Javabeans, how in heaven did you ever restrain yourself with just “stayin’ alive” for Ryu Shi-won?? πŸ˜‰

    I never watch the shows so thank you for the lovely recap & pics!

  47. 47 janie

    han ye seul’s dress is gorgeous!!!!

    and i totally agree about kim haneul’s dress….she really should have taken off the “harness.” the dress would’ve looked really nice without those strings.

  48. 48 tone

    sonam and dramabean
    song yoon ah,s dress look pretty why you look like to blame her every times
    Kim Ha Neul ‘s dress like rope around the box that look good for you I am doubt about you test and your opinion. Song ‘s age is only 35 years she look always beatiful.So if you have bias opions please choose another works to do new.Dont use your space to kill the pure girl for your cheerful,

  49. 49 Anonymous

    Javabeans is probably too nice to respond to your comment so I’ll do it. Not because she needs defending but because your comment just pissed me off.

    1) Understand that this blog is the result of Javabeans’s time and efforts (with great contribution from others), so she is at full liberty to like or dislike a dress and to opine as to an actress’s choice for wearing it. (Frankly, the dress looks like a Gap cotton sundress with costume gold braiding. Also, the color reminds me of Pepto-Bismol.) You like it? Fine. Next.

    2) Javabeans did NOT like Kim Ha Neul’s dress – she made fun of it by using the term “harness” and “bondagegear”. It’s clear that English is not your native language but still, if you know enough to read this blog, you should be able to note the difference.

    3) WTF does Song’s age have to do with the price of beans in Mexico? Javabeans commented on the dress, not the actress’s physical appearance.

  50. 50 yuri


    i know you SYA’s overprotecting fan.

    but there’s Javabeans’ blog, she can comment anything that she thinks
    everyone ‘s test and opinion are different.

    What’s wrong with Javabeans that she think SYA ‘s dress is not good.

    if you did see KOREA REPORT , 2008 SBS ,MBC and KBS best dresser.

    you wiil see SONG YOON AH got The WORST DRESSER.

    it’s not only Javabeans but The Media also think the same.

    i also think SYA is not young enough to wear pink one.
    she tried to look young BUT The result is pretty Bad.

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