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Shin Eun-kyung not responsible for ex-husband’s misdeeds
by | December 28, 2008 | 11 Comments

Well, thank goodness for justice (for once?).

The court has ruled that that actress Shin Eun-kyung (Bad Couple, Mom’s Dead Upset) is not liable for her ex-husband’s debts.

Shin Eun-kyung had been married for three years to an entertainment company CEO, Kim Jung-soo. However, perhaps due to business troubles, Kim used Shin’s registered seal (which is legally binding) without her permission to secure loans for his business, which failed. She filed for divorce in 2007, but was saddled with her husband’s debts, which numbered in the hundreds of millions of won.

In November, Shin sued Kim for forgery of private documents. In a separate case, she had been sued by the company from whom Kim had taken a loan. But on December 28, Shin was absolved of responsibility for Kim’s debt to KM Culture, which amounted to 290 million won (about $218,000). The judge ruled that although Shin’s seal is on the loan contract, Shin had not seen any of the money loaned, had not authorized her seal’s use, and is therefore not responsible for the debt.

Via Star News


11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. asianromance

    agreed! what a lowlife of a husband to get loans using his wife’s name and then planning to have her saddled with them.

  2. yayy

    whew. thank goodness.

    she looks pretty in the picture!

  3. ed

    yess! just the justice she deserved. go girl.

  4. ColleenF-H

    Good for her!! I really like her work especially the movie “A Diary of June” with Eric Moon. She is very talented.

  5. Mindy

    hmm..i dunno~ there’s always two sides of the story. They made her husband sound like a big evil jerk but i don’t find her so nice either. Whatever happened to the true meaning of marriage and being there through thick and thin?? She just left the guy as soon as he went bankrupt and who knows if she really kept her consent or not and then things went badly and she decided to turn against him and everyone wants to believe she’s this poor innocent soul that got unlucky. psh~

  6. Roki

    Justice is SERVED!

  7. aime romariz.

    good for hyung nim..
    anyong haseo miss shin..
    god bless you always..
    i like her movie my wife is a gangster very much…


  8. truth bomb

    Mindy I think you are out of touch with reality if you think that life means marriage = happily ever after. The minutes hours days weeks and years between the beginning and the end are the true flesh to any relationship and you fail to recognize that no one privy to most of another person’s private life.

  9. Mark

    Good that she was not liable..
    If that is the truth what a husband she had, i dont mind her divorcing a man like that.. I like the bad couple it’s Amazing.. weeeew Go Shin..

  10. 10 nancy

    wow…I guess the US is not the only place people love to sue….s. korea too! Lols!

  11. 11 mimi

    cô diễn xuất rất hay va tuyệt, chúc cô ngày càng thành ccoong trong cuộc sống

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