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The World They Live In: Episode 6
by | December 2, 2008 | 61 Comments

[According to this poll, more than half of you voted for continuing recaps for The World They Live In — 9% wanted them fast, 26% wanted them well-written, and 33% didn’t care as long as they continued. Two readers volunteered to continue with the series, so I’m happy to have their contributions, the first of which is Mararu with Episode 6. Please welcome her, and I hope you enjoy. –javabeans]

First of all I would like to thank Javabeans for allowing me to continue the recaps.

I wanted to continue the recaps because I believe this drama is worth watching. It may not be as dramatic, funny or have lots of action like other dramas but it has that reality touch. The couples act like real couples and the characters all have different problems that we sometimes face. I do admit that sometimes the episodes can get a little boring but the story is still good. So folks lets give this drama another chance because it deserves it.

I’ll start on episode 6 now.


The World They Live In OST – “Lalala… Love Song” by As One, which is a version of the series theme song. [ Download ]

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Yoon Young (YY) is at a photo shoot; she is posing with different outfits and has different hairstyles. While Joon Young (JY) is ordering the crew around they are getting the set ready before filming starts. JY gets a call from JO, who calls her to tell her the plans he’s made for their 2 days off. He starts rambling about all these plans that JY is not too pleased with. JO gets a little upset and tells her to forget the plans; they will do whatever without plans. JY is happy to hear this and agrees; before he can say anything she hangs up. She gets another call from YY’s manager telling her that the photo shoot is running late and that the filming will have to be delayed 2 hours. JY is not too happy and calls JO to tell him that she will meet him later because YY pulled another of her diva stunts.

JO is at the office and is talking to one of the assistants when PD Park arrives and drags JO to see PD Kim against his will.

Back to YY. We see her rushing out of the photo shoot to her van. Once in the van she starts to get ready and screams at her manager (or assistant, I’m not sure) for scheduling the photo shoot the same day she had to film. She arrives and rushes inside to the set.

JO along with PD Park, PD Kim and writer Lee are drinking and talking about YY (I think they should find a new topic to talk about they always talk about the same thing and it’s starting to get old). PD Kim is the first one to leave and JO, wanting to meet JY soon, also gets up to leave but PD Park stops him. The conversation starts to get interesting when writer Lee asks PD Park if he was in the airport when PD Kim threw the TV with anger after YY announced her engagement. He answers, what if he was, and writer Lee asks him if he was also in love with YY. At this JO looks shocked in disbelief.

YY’s manager gets a call while YY is looking over her scenes. She is about to film when one of the heads enters the room to talk to YY. He tells her that her mother just passed away and that she should get ready for the funeral. He tells JY to reschedule the filming for another day but YY refuses and wants to film the scene. She films the love scene but we can see the distant look in her eyes. As soon as the scene is over she walks out in a hurry. At the funeral the media is waiting for her arrival and other celebrities.

Already inside the funeral home people are already eating and drinking (it seems more like a get together than a funeral, it’s very different to what I’ve seen). JY is eating with Crazy Yang [Soo-kyung] and PD Sohn [Kyu-ho] when Crazy Yang starts hitting on JY. She is annoyed and pushes him away because he is already drunk. He leaves JY alone and calls Hae Jin (HJ) to come over. PD Sohn looks jealous at the sight of HJ pouring drinks for the heads of the department that Crazy Yang just introduced.

Crazy Yang goes to the table where writer Lee is sitting with another lady. It turns out that the lady is the script writer for PD Sohn’s drama. He tells her that PD Sohn has another writer changing her script which angers her.

JY and JO are talking on the hallway and she wants to leave but is not sure if it would be okay. JO tells her that its okay since it’s a 3 day funeral. They decide to meet at 5 a.m. in a nearby building. Just then Min Hee is helping a very drunk Yang into the restroom; he sees JO and screams something to him. JO is about to go help him when JY tells him not to help him because he is always trouble (advice that kind-hearted JO does not take).

PD Sohn and the script writer are in a very heated argument. They go back and fort insulting each other and ends with PD Sohn calling the writer a b****.

Back in the restroom, Crazy Yang is puking, while Min Hee and JO wait for him to finish. He starts talking that PD Sohn got what he deserves and just then he gets punched right in the face. It’s PD Sohn very angry, he grabs him and takes him outside. JO tries to talk to them but Sohn tells him to stay out of it, so he just tells them to do whatever they want. Once outside the two guys go at it and poor Min Hee is trying to stop them but they are too strong for her. JO, on his way to meet JY, sees the fight and decides to try to stop them. In his attempt to stop them, he gets in between and Crazy Yang hits him and Min Hee.

JY is waiting for JO but he is late. He rushes to her side but JY is already upset with him. (BTW before I continue I like this scene a lot. I just like how she goes from being upset because he is late to being worried that he got hurt — it’s just too cute). She gives him a short lecture on what he would tell her if she was the one late. She then realizes that he is hurt and he tells her that Crazy Yang and PD Sohn hit him. Her anger switches to them now, i.e., how can they hurt her boyfriend. He hugs her and she treats his bruise with a little saliva like if he was a child (again cute). She then tells him to never be late again or else.

In a cab, PD Park and his wife have a discussion about their current celebrity crushes. She is asking him if he has a thing for YY because every time she is on he cranks up the TV. He responds by asking her if she thinks he doesn’t know about her celebrity crushes. The wife all of a sudden goes speechless.

JY and JO are running around getting snacks and movies, for the remainder of the time they have off from work. They plan to spend it at JY’s apartment, but once they arrive, to their surprise, JY’s mom is there with a couple of friends. They had gambled and drank the night before and fell asleep with all the mess. JY is very embarrassed and upset at her mother. They have an uncomfortable time at the apartment and go out to eat. At the restaurant, JY’s mom and friend talk about gambling. JY gets up pretty upset and leaves, and JO goes after her. She tells him that she is so embarrassed that she has to leave. He stays and goes in the restaurant, but JY’s mom and friend already left.

On the set, PD Sohn is imagining the next scene. He sees HJ wrapping her ankle — it seems she was hurt while shooting. He calls her tries to help her but she hits him because she was surprised by his gesture. They start talking about her always hurting herself and that he thought she would call in sick. She tells him that she is just there because she wants to see him. He starts rambling about her hitting on him all the time to which she responds that soon she will be a big star and that dating a director is too low. He just smiles and she starts bragging that she had an interview and a possible movie role. He actually looks very smitten by her (he is also starting to look more and more cute).

Crazy Yang doesn’t go to work and not only that, he acts like a victim in front of the other assistants and turns them against PD Sohn. Min Hee is trying to explain what really happened but no one lets her talk. JO arrives and explains what happened and shows them his bruise from the punch he gave him during the fight. Min Hee also shows her bruises and the assistants get angry with Crazy Yang. They tell him to go to work and Min Hee even lets him borrow her scooter.

JY is in the editing room trying to fix a scene but her mind is blank. JO comes in and gives her some ideas, then goes out for water and JY follows him. JO compliments her on the scenes and her mood suddenly lifts up. He tries to talk about her mom telling her that she is cute but JY changes the subject. She asks him how much more time they have; he tells her 36 hours. They rush out of the station to start again.

At the funeral, YY is talking business (who does these things in a funeral especially your mom’s?). PD Kim is nearby looking after her silently.

Back at PD Sohn’s drama set, the crew is getting ready for the next scene. The older actresses are talking about how hard it is lose a loved one when you are an actress. PD Sohn is talking to his assistant when he sees Crazy Yang. They talk and Crazy Yang apologizes but PD Sohn wants him to leave his team. He wants him to go to another department but Crazy Yang refuses. At this, PD Sohn tells him that pretty much he will give him a hard time. He starts by allowing Crazy Yang shoot the next scene (he knows that CY never reads the scripts or is prepared). At this CY is lost but goes with it. To his bad fortune, one of the older actresses tells him that she will leave in an hour even if she doesn’t shoot.

JY and JO are in his apartment lying around watching movies, reading mangas and just lazing around. JO gets frustrated with all the mess and JY offers to clean up. She just throws some things around and hides the dirt. He is amazed of how dirty she is and gets up to clean. While vacuuming he gives her a piggy back ride and she tells him where to clean. After they (by they I mean him) finish cleaning JO brushes JY’s teeth and cleans her up for bed. JY is already resting while JO gets water from the fridge; he suddenly is reminded about JY’s mom and looks very pensive. He goes to bed and hugs JY.

The next day JO and PD Kim are in the station talking about YY not crying even once in the funeral, and that she is tougher than a guy. JO then goes off topic and asks how much two buildings in Kangnam cost. PD Kim is confused and asks if he’s been drinking so early. (Off topic, I thought it was funny that they were watching Love & Marriage in this scene).

In the last scene, PD Kim receives a call and goes to meet YY. He is driving her somewhere and they start to talk about her mother. She explains that her aunt told her not to cry because her mom wouldn’t like it. PD Kim asks her when she started listening to others. She continues talking about her mom and suddenly asks him to stop the car because she needs fresh air. He stops the car, she gets off and starts talking about her mom again. It seems she feels bad because she thought her mom was really tough, and did not believe the doctors when they told her that her mom was in critical condition. At this point she starts crying uncontrollably. PD Kim stays by her side silently while she continues crying.

End of Episode


This episode had many cute JO and JY moments but I think YY stole the show with the ending scene. It was a real emotional and sad moment. I also like the development of many of the characters especially PD Sohn he gets more likeable every episode. On the other hand Crazy Yang gets on my nerves he is rude and very thoughtless.


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  1. Peepster

    Ohh thank you so much for this. It’s greatly appreciated that you would take the time and effort to continue the series! Thanks again Mararu!

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    thank you for the update!! Not be be ungrateful, but would you be able to put more screen caps in next time? thank youuu

  3. Airajuliafor

    Thanks so much for the recaps! I agree w/ sureyya. Recaps are great, but I was wondering if you could add more screen caps? (Again, not being ungrateful. just a friendly suggestion).

    Thanks you (again) though!

    Can’t wait for the next ep!

  4. selva

    OMG OMG you’re such an angel to do the caps for this drama. Thanks sweetie 😉
    I also agree about the screencaps thing. Thanks my dear fighting!!!

  5. laila

    Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for the effort. This drama is an absolutelig worth watching. You are an angel.

  6. Sora

    Thank you … really appreciate it … wish i could say it in Korean but as you can tell … well actually read … i can’t so … thank you thank you thank you

  7. roxyelias

    Thanks this is one of the best dramas of the year!!! I´m very glad for keep doing the Recaps. LOVE WW

  8. ikanmas

    huaahhh,,, thanks for your time to do the recap!!! nice work!

  9. s hee

    i love these two fabulous actors & for what it’s worth i’ll surely wanna have a copy of this dvd when it becomes available! i love the way kdramas have those piggyback scenes, i dunno what it is but it just gives you a sense of how they care of each other! i was just reading one of the recaps where he piggybacks her while vacumming, helping her brushing her teeth getting her ready for bed….how sweet can that get? i hope most korean guys/men are like that in real life? can someone out there pls tell me/us? i think they’re sweet i mean maybe some not all? thnx again for the recap i can’t wait to see this drama.

  10. 10 mykim

    Korean guys are just…guys. Granted, I think some of them tend to be nice/ish compared to other guys, but that might just be because of this “oppa” mentality a lot of them have. That, and Korean mothers are badass when it comes to their sons.

  11. 11 elise

    thanks a lot for the recaps…..

  12. 12 RSzeto

    Thanx for the recap….. you wouldn’t believe how many of us are looking for recaps on WW!! Put a smile on your face knowing it’s appreciated, yah!! Keep it coming!!!

  13. 13 lovin it

    no offense… but i enjoy dramabean’s writing/recaps better.. dramabeans..no one can completely replace you.. 🙁 😀
    BUT i still reallyreallyreally appreciate your effort and your recap! keep them coming 🙂

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    I second the more screencaps suggestion. The long blocks of text made my eyes blurry for some reason. Throwing in more pictures would help.

    Thanks again!

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  17. 17 Anonymous

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  18. 18 Mulan

    Thank you for continuing the recaps! It is greatly appreciated.

  19. 19 cranky

    I’ve just finished watching ep.12 and heck, there isn’t a time that when I see Yang that I don’t feel like killing/maiming/bashing him senseless at all. How obnoxious can one get? Geez.

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    It’s always nice to read others’ insight on a drama! 🙂

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    aja-aja flighting …

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    mararu…. many thanks for continuing the recaps….
    we really appreciate…..
    though i have watched till ep10… but after reading your recap on ep6…
    it makes me understand better… thanks again

  25. 25 Mysuna

    Thank you for the recap. Your effort is much appreciated.

    I really like this drama because I can relate to it. I can see a bit of myself in JY and a bit of my husband in JO. The characters( including the supporting cast) are realisitic, sometimes exciting, at times bland and boring. Very mundane.

  26. 26 koalabear

    thanks Mararu for continuing this series…I agree that this particular episode goes to Yoon Young, Bae Jong-ok delivers a very good performance and I always wait for her scenes here in the drama

  27. 27 snowy0104

    hyun bin & song hae kyo great couple. the producer choose the best actor for this drama. and i think hyun bin will be the most favorite actor.

  28. 28 scarlet1013

    Thank a lot Mararu!

    I’ve beeen checking this site everyday wishing for someone to do the recaps… You have just answered my prayers!

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  33. 33 Worlds Within

    So I’ve been hearing from little birds that this show is getting low ratings?!! It’s sad you know? I guess in korean drama there just isn’t any room for creativity or change. Who cares if a drama finally has some reality in it? Who cares if a drama has characters who’s problems in the drama resemble as close as they can problems that real people go through? Who cares if finally someone made a drama about a relationship that really does portray what a real relationship goes through? All in all it seems the majority of kdrama watchers would just like to stick with dramas where pure, simple, predicted, someone has to die in the end because of some cancer/sickness/etc., destiny somehow will bring these lovers back together, love is the main storyline.

    My birds have also been telling me that our lead actor Hyun Bin isn’t too happy about the low ratings since it may mean a decrease of fandom for his part and it seems the fans and him (in a way) are pointing the blaming finger at our leading actress SHK for her bad acting. Well, Mr. Hyun Bin, if it is true and you are getting scared about losing fandom because of the low ratings don’t blame it on SHK, blame it on your fans, it’s not SHK’s fault if your following begins to dwindle. As for the critiques on SHK’s acting, I think people are just a little intimidated and turned off with the character she’s playing. People are use to her playing the tragic heroine or the funny heroine but this time she is playing the “flawed” heroine. I think she’s doing a great job portraying Joonyoung. To me, the character of Joonyoung is very very flawed, she’s cold, inconsiderate at times, very direct, no nonsense, and very blunt but deep down she is a kind person who because of mommy issues is a little insecure and needs major guidance. In my opinion, so far SHK has been showing us the many layers of Joonyoung. Like I said, I think some people are just turned off that she isn’t playing the type of character she is normally type casted to play. Well, shame on those who feel that way and kud0s to SHK for branching out 🙂

    Thanks for continuing these episode recaps we all appreciate it very much!!! Unfortunately, I am waaaay ahead of episode 6 already (I’m on episode 12) and trust me, to those who have kept watching/reading, keep on because it’s starting to get more and more complex and interesting!!!


  34. 34 one

    Agree 100% with #33. I never like HB anyway. I think SHK doing a fine acting in this drama. I like her acting/character. Currently I am not watching EofE only watching WW. EofE same old stuff over and over w/ Kdrama, sick of it. I like WW alot. In the future Kdramas will change more like WW. aja aja fighting!

  35. 35 hmmmm

    I don’t think HB said something like that or blame on SHK ever, I though he was defended for her in stead. It was prob. a bad rumor only.
    I thought SHK did a amazing job in later eps, her natural acting was convincing and HB was great. Their crying scenes was just WOW. And WW is just great drama, too bad for those not watching this, a reality touching drama indeed.

  36. 36 S

    Thank you for taking over the recaps! 🙂

  37. 37 Bduck

    from the interviews, hyun bin was sticking up for SHK – so indeed a bad rumour

    agree with 35 acting in ep 10-12 has been really good by HB and SHK, so both actors really showed up the people bad mouthing them saying they cant act.

    anyway, WW has been really good recently with the development of relationship of HB and SHK, people just didnt give it a chance – too much expectation – hope the development continues. Anyway, hope it gets even better – if it really wants to reflect real relationships in real life, it should have a big make up session where SHK and HB needs to really snog each other as with all makeups or a goodbye out of life ignoring session as with all real break ups…….lets see 🙂

  38. 38 lillie

    Thanks for the recap. Really lovely to be able to continue with this kdrama. I don’t speak or understand korean at all. Recaps has been wonderful for appreciation.

  39. 39 maharani

    I like both of them. I think they are so natural. i dont care about rating, and i dont think good drama or bad drama can only be judged by rating… anyhow, this drama wont be as interesting as it is now if it is not HB and SHK. no one can play this role better than this two perfect combination

  40. 40 Mery

    thanks… I love this drama….. xD

  41. 41 kathrina

    thank you so so much for the recaps. im glad someone decided 2 continue w/ it. I love this show. its realistic. sure it gets a little dry sometimes but its still a great show. some people juz dont understand. Thanks a lot!!!

  42. 42 thuqthai

    anybody find ji oh’s mother completely adorable? lol anyway this drama may have received low ratings and the plot may be quite normal… it still gives me a sense of freshness that i don’t see in other dramas… it really shows the depth of a realistic and healthy relationship… hyun bin’s acting has won me over in this drama. thanks for the review!

  43. 43 sarah

    i agree w/ comment #33. I think ppl dont like SHG’s acting cuz its different from her others roles. I love her character tho, sure she has her flaws but who doesn’t? she has her reasons 4 being the way she is. what’s wrong w/ making your character more human? is it wrong 2 be realistic 4 a change? its sad 2 see dat many ppl write her acting off as flat.. I’ve finished watching this series but i never thought it was ‘flat’. if anything, she portrayed her character very well. a girl who’s trying 2 survive in ‘”man’s” world.

    Also, many shows hv low ratings due 2 ppl spending less time watching on TV. ppl like me who hv no time 2 wait 4 d TV & watches it on d net.

    n’way…thx 4 d recaps. glad 2 see someone cares.

  44. 44 seohwa

    i love this drama! hope to get more recaps from you! 😀 thanks!!!!!!!

  45. 45 haru

    recapz… ??? please

  46. 46 Lucille

    I finally finished this series and I must say that I rather enjoyed it. It was not the type of drama that I would marathon. As a matter of fact it took me about two weeks to finish it, but I walked away from it happy and satisfied. I may add this to my keep forever list (there is only so much room on my drama external hard drive). The things I loved:

    I loved how they took cliche drama storylines and made them applicable to real life. Such as, JY’s realistic concerns about his financial situation. He has a lot of responsibilities as the oldest son, while JO has a rather flippant attitude towards money. Different monetary values can make a huge difference in a relationship.

    I loved how they did not over villify the parents. When I watch dramas, I usually shrug off the parents objections as just a plot device, but here I actually took the concern seriously.

    I loved the realistic break up with their ex’s. In dramas it is usually such a production to break up with someone. They hound you for 16 episodes, they threaten to kill themselves, they make you feel guilty moving on like you owe them something (hint Star’s Lover), but here it was like a true break up should be. They had their moaning phase, angry phase, regret phase, breathing space phase, and finally friendship or not cringing when we see each other phase.

    Other things:

    How they showed that the older cast was a mirror of the younger cast. While the younger ones were floundering around in their relationships, we kinda saw the results of those good and/or bad decisions in the lives of the older cast.

    How they showed true insecurity. JO broke up with JY because he felt inferior. It was kind of a shock because all through out, he passed himself off as cool and confident. However, they showed us that that was not true. Usually with dramas, what you see is what you get. I loved how they showed their doubts and inner struggles and how they basically faked it until they made it.

    I loved how I started off hating JY, but by the end of the drama she was my favorite character. She really was strong. She was probably the most honest person in the series. There was no doubt where you stood with her and she was not afraid to say that she didn’t know or understand.

    Things I didn’t get:

    What was the deal with the baby photos? I think I missed something.
    What was going on with YY and HY? The whole don’t drink water while you are working out scene?
    I missed why YY left the Chief when they were younger. I got the story, but not they why. Was she really in love with someone else, was the pregnant, or was it just her career?
    What did Yang unni do that got him sent away in the beginning?
    Were the charges dropped against YY?

    In the end, was this the best drama ever? Nooooooooooo, but it was a good drama because I thought it was a little differnt from the other dramas I have seen. I would put this drama in the same category as Who Are You? Now what I would really love is if someone would do a series recap. In one post, recap the entire drama. That would be awesome and maybe they can hit on some of the things I missed while watching.

  47. 47 Brenda

    thank you for the recap! i was so disappointed before when i thought there were going to be no more recaps of this drama from dramabeans. i really enjoyed them and i’m still enjoying it alot, thank you! :]

  48. 48 Lui Sneakeres

    I loved, loved, loved this drama… and I love it still Too bad the rating was not too high in Korea. Although I kind of agree with the netizens saying that SHK’s acting was a little weak, I give her props for trying to get better towards later episodes I soooo love her. Also, I fell in love with HB in this drama! Looking forward to his watching more of him in the future! I give this drama 8/10. Thank you for the recap, Dramabeans, you’re awesome!!!

  49. 49 harumilani

    ahhh, why are we still on episode 6 please continue the recaps… love your insights, maybe because while reading most of your comments it makes the drama more interesting, i do admit at the drama gets boring at times ( like in real life )and the plot got a little to predictable on the last few episodes but ….please continue the recaps…… i really want to know your opinion on the next episodes….

  50. 50 h0nunAEm

    its great that you have this site.,i really do appreciate your reviews and songs..
    can you please complete the series??until episode 16??just asking a little favor..
    hope you’ll post it..thanks!!!..fighting!!!

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