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Asia Model Festival Awards
by | January 15, 2009 | 48 Comments

On January 15, the Asia Model Festival Awards were held at Seoul’s COEX Convention Hall. The event took “Asia is One” as its slogan, probably to explain a few of the awards handed to (pan-)Asian actors (read: non-Korean) like Joe Cheng and Hayashi Tantan.

I’m not really sure about how they decided on the winners, which include both actors and models, but as with so many of these events, it’s not so much about the relevance as it is about the pretty.

Winners List

Asia Star Award (Korea): Song Il-kook, Wonder Girls
Asia Star Award (International): Lin Chi-ling, Hayashi Tantan
Special Asia Star Award: Joe Cheng

Popular Star Award: Park Hae-jin, Lee Da-hae
Popular Singer Award: Kim Jong-kook, Baek Ji-young, Brown Eyed Girls
Model Star Award: Oh Ji-ho, Han Ji-hye
Special Model Award: Kim Jae-wook, Yoon So-yi, Seo In-young

Fashion Model Award: Kim Young-kwang, Kim Daul
CF Model Award: Lee Kwang-soo, Oh Yeon-seo
2009 Racing Model Award: Gu Ji-sung
2009 Racing Model Popularity Award: Lee Su-jin
Rookie Model Award: Ahn Jae-hyun, Im Ji-eun
International Cultural Exchange Award: Andre Kim


Asia Star Award (Korea) winner Song Il-kook (Kingdom of the Wind). I don’t see what the point is when a Korean awards show takes particular effort to make an “Asian” (as in, pan-Asian) award, then divide it up between “Korean” and “International” winners. Hello, redundancy?


Asia Star Award (Korea) winners Wonder Girls look a little bored, no?


Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling was given an Asia Star Award (International):


Young Japanese actress Hayashi Tantan also received an Asia Star Award (International):


Joe Cheng was given a Special Asia Star Award. He is wearing what appears to be a furry vest OVER a formal suit.


Yes, the front view of Lee Da-hae, winning the popularity award with her East of Eden co-star Park Hae-jin, is very pretty:

But it’s the back of the summery yellow frock that really makes the look. Love the color, love the crisscrossing ribbons, and she looks beautiful in it.


Three artists won the Popular Singer Award. First, Kim Jong-kook in his suit of armor (seriously, that thing looks suffocating):

Second, Baek Ji-young, who I think looks fantastic and casually elegant with that dress and loosely pulled-back hair.

And third, Brown Eyed Girls. Yikes, those are some short skirts. I didn’t think it was possible to take the Fashion Blight That Will Not Die (i.e., leggings) and make them any tackier, but there you go — pleather!


Model Star Award winner Han Ji-hye (East of Eden) has been really rocking the awards and red carpets in the past year, hasn’t she? That said, I wonder if MBC paid off the awards committee to hype up its Eden actors…

Oh Ji-ho (Single Papa in Love) took the other Model Star Award. Not sure what makes him a “model star,” but he looks good.


Special Model Award recipient (one of three) Kim Jae-wook (Coffee Prince) is dressed almost the same as Oh Ji-ho above, but he wears his suit with panache. I’m digging the casual open neck. Now if only he would straighten up his posture.

Yoon So-yi (City of Glass) took another Special Model Award. I have to say that although it looks like her dress got caught in the doors of a subway car, which then sped off and bunched up the fabric in awkwardly pulled random directions, the draping intrigues me, and the dress looks like it flows well on her tall frame. The color is lovely, too.

I guess you can’t hold Jewelry singer Seo In-young‘s look against her; she’s sporting the usual Andre Kim runway look with the Princess Leia braids, so I’m sure it wasn’t HER idea to look like an angry alien princess fairy.

No, that fault must rest with International Cultural Exchange Award recipient Andre Kim, overlord of alien fairyland dwellings who descends upon earth every once in a while to pick up baffling awards. Look, I get that dude is old. And has been a “fashion” “designer” for many moons. But I think he is also proof that when were talking professional quality of work, you don’t get points JUST FOR BEING STILL ALIVE. Or at least, you shouldn’t.


But at least the Fashion Model Award makes sense; its winners are actual working models Kim Daul and Kim Young-kwang :


Actress Oh Yeon-seo (Our High School E.T.) and broadcast performer/model Lee Kwang-soo won a CF Model Award:


And I didn’t know there was actually an award to laud the bikini-flashing, scantily-posed-photo-shooting category of racing models, but whaddaya know. Gu Ji-sung is 2009’s Racing Model Award winner, while Lee Su-jin wins the (literal) popularity contest.

Via Hankyung

48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. deeta

    Yoon So Yi’s dress actually looks like one of those hanbok skirt tied up assymetrically.

    Han Jihye’s been looking fabulous, more notably once she broke up with LDG tho. Her ex co star looks great too. When I first saw the back of the dress, I thought of bee suit, but she actually worked it.

    I love Baek Jiyoung’s boho chic style, simple but really eye catching.

  2. Devi

    LOL @ Joe Cheng. He has like one of the most adorable faces and he ruins it with his questionable furry, fashion choices. His hair looks hot, though.

    Lee Da Hae and Han Ji hye look gorgeous, but that’s not much of a surprise, since they always look good.

    But one thing I really can’t get over is how atrocious Andre Kim’s so called high fashion designs are and, yet, he still manages to rope A-list celebs into wearing those alien suits. Are people really that enamored with his repetitive, star wars princess Leia meets awkward astronaut on the moon “fashion” style?

  3. sooyon

    Kim Young Kwang looks like Lee Cheon Hee there – maybe it’s the haircut.

    Andre Kim always reminds me of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes… he’s like the swindler in the story. Maybe everyone is just too afraid to be the first one to admit that they hate his stuff so they all just say they like it.

  4. elmo

    lin chi ling is reallyannoying of a person =(
    i wish she wasn’t famous

  5. EJ

    Can someone please tell me why Andre Kim is considered a great designer in Korea? I’ve seen a lot of his fashion shows because they feature Korean celebrities but every one of his fashion shows ARE THE SAME! I can’t tell one season from the next because there’s no transition, growth, maturity to any of his work. Argh!

    Out of curiosity, is Doo-Ri popular in Korea or is she more popular in the west?

  6. Bolt

    Javabeans, I like your description of Andre Kim. He always reminds me of those creatures in Star Wars ^________^

  7. selva

    awww my oppa SIG won 😀 he looks great mwah mwah.
    I’m really happy about LDH… the poor girl needs to lift up her spirit a little bit after all the fuss surrounding her lately.

  8. sonam

    Joe Cheng was so great in The Rose his first drama. He had long hair then and a sexy cool rockstar nonchalance. I hardly recognize him now and yes why on earth is he wearing a furry vest with his suit.?!!
    Lee Da Hae’s dress is beautiful but I wish she had not done her hair like that. She has a full face so it makes her look older and matronly.

  9. cc

    LDH is very pretty! I like her dress the best~

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  10. 10 frizzy

    Ever since LDH left EOE she looks so much better.

  11. 11 Jo

    I think Yoon So Yi is wearing like a Hanbok spin-off or something?

  12. 12 JiHwan

    I love LDH and Yoon So yi’s dresses. They’re the type of dresses that would look awful on anyone else but these two pull it off elegently. Han Ji hye’s dress is so simple yet she looks absolutely stunning. I have to say, the actors/actresses are much better dressed at this event than they were at the KBS/SBS/MCB award shows. Too bad I can’t say the same for the wonder girls. Not only do they look bored, but they look boring in those black dresses. Not flattering at all. My goodness, Kim Da-eul (I hope I got that right)’s legs look like they go on forever.

  13. 13 Acalle

    Why do some awards have 2 winners, some have 3, some 1? What are the rules here?

    Song Il-Gook looks great. He must have had a hair cut after the KBS Drama Award. Cute guy!

    As for the EOE cast team, aren’t they being over promoted?

  14. 14 Sveta

    Asia Model Awards? What was this about, did they just look on the appearance or something @_@ Or maybe role model? Haha, I don’t understand the title.

  15. 15 Gphoenix

    I am sure MBC did not pay off this award show. If MBC did, then Lee Da Hae would not have won the award. Instead, the award would go to Lee Yeon Hee. Thank god these award people have some sense

  16. 16 Yumi-chan

    Jong Kook oppa still got that charm.
    No one can beat that man’s voice or body for that matter.

  17. 17 fizzle

    Wow, LDH is gorgeous in that top picture. Her dress is kind of meh but make-up and hair are perfect!

  18. 18 gyggs

    You can be sure MBC did not pay,LDH and PHY will never make it if they have a hand in these awards. It will certainly goes to those who “won” MBC popular couple award 2008.btw, that award show is a joke for 2008.Finally we we know who are the deserving winners.

  19. 19 backstage

    shes pretty~
    and i looove her acting!

    why did she have to quit Eaast of eden?

  20. 20 Miki

    I like leggings. And living in erratic weather I find them very useful, especially when it’s really really cold outside but it’s the middle of spring or fall. But I wear normal black ones. The leathery ones reminds me of a dominatrix type thing. ><

    And apparently, leathery leggings are all the rage in hollywood too (or maybe that’s last month, I don’t know. They were last time I checked).

    At least they’re not wearing neon colored leggings, no? The only person that can pull THOSE off are if you happen to be a preteen or teen. In which case I find it adorable!

  21. 21 :]

    joe cheng was wonderful in “It Started with a Kiss” ^^ and i LOVE lee da hae’s dress. i want one in an elegant purple. :]]

    i do think andre kim looks like an alien. he wears that astronaut suit everywhere it seems ._. but what i really want to know is what’s that black thing on top of his head? i’m so curious because it doesn’t look like hair. and it’s shiny. is it leather? @_@ …my best guess is he went bald and the only thing in reach was a permanent marker. but. his head is like that wherever he goes…

  22. 22 lime.

    i love joe cheng! even WITH his strange furry vest thing. [:

    &andre kim srsly frightens me. I mean, yeah, I look at [some] of his clothes and I’m like, wow, that’s pretty. I mean, it’s nothing people would actually wear for anything, ever, but thats NOT the point of a fashion show anyways, haha. But pictures of him…ohmygosh. i feel mean.

  23. 23 yojan17

    LOL @ Andre Kim looking like an alien

    That thing on his head looks like a swimming cap or something. Wait, was he wearing a straight jacket?

    I love Da Hae’s and Han Ji Hye’s dress. Love the colors.

    Black dresses are boring.

    dull black dresses + bored faces = I’m sleepy

  24. 24 daffodil

    Wow !!
    Lee Dae Hae looks much better now , the color of her dress suits her skin tone as for Han Ji Hye the color of her dress is too pale , no difference to her skin tone, this is my opinion.

  25. 25 jhulk

    The way Kim Jae Wook wears black suit makes him more sexy than other men ;_;

    Its seems the winners are selected by their “fashion style”.

  26. 26 Amy

    He is wearing what appears to be a furry vest OVER a formal suit.

    The Kkot Boda Namja co-d’s are probably paying attention and Gu Jun Pyo will proooobably be sporting something similar soon. Half his outfits are already furry. 😛

  27. 27 JS

    about EOE Eden actors getting awards …Park hae Jin, LDH, Han Ji Hye are all deserving……..

    if there are ones who are not deserving ….definitely its not them….PHJ & HJH who are still in EOE……brings highest ratings episode and consistent excellent acting!!!

    there not the ones “tainted”…….in fact 3 of them became victims of EOE mess….”limited airtime” in many episodes to give way to DC-YR love angle….of course because SSH is supposed to be biggest star. agree maybe in Japan…but in Korea…he has yet to surpass ratings of PHJ peak scene iN EOE.

    despite mited airtime given to PHJ-HJH-LDH specially up to episode 28, they are ones getting awards..here and there…not just from tainted MBC awards!

  28. 28 Rory


    but i’ve never heard of this kim young-kwang… *scurries over to youtube/wiki/google/soompi/nymagmodelprofiles*

    On another note, can somebody tell me if Kim Jae-wook is really all Korean? Ever since his role in Coffee Prince, I get the sense that he’s part Japanese…??

  29. 29 belleza

    “about EOE Eden actors getting awards …Park hae Jin, LDH, Han Ji Hye are all deserving……..”

    Up through episode 37, I think Han Ji Hye’s given the best performance among the main leads. Which surprises me because her character was extremely annoying (like Jan Di-level annoying) at the beginning of the show. LDW-KJH-SMH is genuinely moving, partially because their triangle isn’t forced on the viewer. They consciously make choices in the now, and so we are allowed to feel pathos for their history on our own terms.

    If East of Eden gets extended to 58 episodes (uhhh. I know I talked about the show really needing 60 episodes to complete its story, but to do it just because your next drama got cancelled? WTF?!? MBC’s drama division has turned into a real life On Air loony bin!!), now people will know that the next 5-10 episodes is, well, more filler. That will give BBF a decent shot at passing the show in the timeslot. If so, well, the disaster will be complete!! LOL

    “Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling was given an Asia Star Award (International):”

    Unless her role expanded BIG TIME in Red Cliff Part 2, I don’t see how she could have bloody gotten this award. Might as well give it to Ueno Juri then; SHE’s been making rounds in Korea too.

  30. 30 Korea Celebrities' fan

    Congratulations! LDH 🙂

  31. 31 lina

    one question: why is Andre Kim so famous? it might be just me but i don’t think anyone would dare to wear his “fashion” anywhere except on his runway (or what i call runaway)…sorry if i offended any Andre Kim fans (which i doubt there’s any)

  32. 32 SS

    I Love Joe Cheng

  33. 33 luvlilady

    Yes, absolutely right. Oh Ji Ho (Single Papa in Love) looks amazing and gorgeous from head to toe.

  34. 34 jhulk

    @ Rory:

    Kim Jae Wook is totally Korean. He just lived some years in Japan when he’s child. So he can speak Japanese well (I think Japanese is hist 1st language) – He said that in the meeting fan in Japan: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fsxh4mXN1oU&feature=related

  35. 35 F

    Kim Jae wook is the prettiest guy in this award show!

    Totally sexy with his hair style , all of him so perfect.

    Love Joe Cheng and Song Il kook , too!

  36. 36 jeans_


  37. 37 www

    LDH sure has A LOT of pretty dress~~ everytime i saw her, she’ll wear dress instead of other outfit and always wear the prettiest dress among other ladies. she really has a nice taste and money. and she looks pretty there.

  38. 38 cutie_pixie

    Wow..Lee Da Hae looking gorgeous .. Finally two of the ‘least’ popular star in the EOE drama gets recognition ..
    This proves that NOT everyone ‘BLIND’ .. Hehehe
    Thanks for the pix, javabeans .. You’re great ..

  39. 39 estelle

    Joe Cheng is love. He was amazing in “It Started With A Kiss” and its sequel, “They Kiss Again”. Glad to see his pics appearing on Javabeans’ site… 🙂

  40. 40 bjharm

    “LDH sure has A LOT of pretty dress~~ everytime i saw her, she’ll wear dress instead of other outfit and always wear the prettiest dress among other ladies. she really has a nice taste and money. and she looks pretty there.”

    It’s unlikely she paid for any dress she has been seen in at events like this in years, rather she more likely to be paid to wear them for promotion. One of the perks of being in the A-list, and well deserved too.

  41. 41 cranky

    Andre Kim scares me…ALL the time… I sure as hell don’t want any cultural exchange with him…

    As for the awards show… what’s the point of it anyway? 70% of the recipients aren’t models…

  42. 42 Felicity

    “Unless her role expanded BIG TIME in Red Cliff Part 2, I don’t see how she could have bloody gotten this award. Might as well give it to Ueno Juri then; SHE’s been making rounds in Korea too.”

    AND Juri is a far better actress than that wannabe Lin Chi-ling.

  43. 43 Rory

    @jhulk — thank you!

    i wish my parents had raised me in a country beside the U.S. (namely japan, italy, france, spain, germany, or russia…) for a few years so i could speak another language fluently!… 😉

  44. 44 marcel

    lee da hae looks heavenly in her canary yellow dress…wish i had a tall frame & pale complexion like hers so i could wear something like it without looking like a frumpy chicken…

    & the commentary on seo in-young’s & andre kim’s outfits are one of the reasons this blog is a serious joy in life…i will never understand the aesthetic behind the man’s designs…his attempts at making clothing that looks otherwordly go too far & end up just looking outer spacey…

  45. 45 hunniew

    I guess Kim Jae Wook didn’t straighten up his posture because he feels uncomfortable with the not-enough-tall microphone =3=

    Anyway, he looks great with black as always (missing his black nail *3*)

  46. 46 -april19-

    Good that LDH can now wear a great smile!!
    She’s really gorgeous!!

  47. 47 leemyis

    Lee Da Hae, Park Hae Jin, and Han Ji Hye deserved the award than anyone else in EOE. They portrait well and they’re the only one that I tune to the drama. It’s sad that LDH has to quit but it’s okay.

    These three looks gorgeous.

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