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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 6
by | January 20, 2009 | 232 Comments

Oooh, things just got good. (Finally!)

Episode 6 got off to a rocky start (I laughed along embarrassedly for the first part), but then they kicked up the angst — and given how this drama fails when attempting cutesy or slapstick humor, this is a much welcome turn. The cast is much better as dramatic actors than comic ones, so that gives us some nice scenes from just about everyone.


T-MAX – “Lion Heart.” I’m usually one of those annoying music snobs, but I admit that after trying out some T-MAX lately, I’m digging their songs more than I’d ordinarily like to admit. Lol. I prefer their other stuff to the already-overused-and-bludgeoned-to-death “Paradise” from the Boys Before Flowers OST, though. [ Download ]

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Jun-pyo undresses. Jan-di nervously tells him to cut it out. Laughing at her reaction, Jun-pyo calls her a dummy and heads toward the water in his swim trunks.

Jan-di gets back at him by telling him there’s a snake by his feet, then laughs as Jun-pyo dashes off fearfully, believing her joke.

There’s a really clumsy transition as everyone lazes on the beach. Ga-eul looks out at the water and senses something amiss; she grows more concerned as she shouts Jan-di’s name, which rouses Jun-pyo from his nap.

Jan-di is struggling to remain afloat (in, like, FOUR FEET of water), suffering a muscle cramp. Jun-pyo tries to go after her, but his feet won’t budge in the shallow water. A brief flashback of a body struggling in the water tells us that there’s something traumatic in Jun-pyo’s past that explains why he can’t swim.

Instead, Ji-hoo darts past and swims out to rescue Jan-di. (Based on how far Ji-hoo swims, I think she’s supposed to be out in deeper waters, but the effect is totally ruined when the camera shows the ocean floor, and Jan-di is clearly tall enough to stand above the waterline.)

Ji-hoo brings Jan-di in, and now that she’s safe, Jun-pyo keeps at a distance, upset with himself for not being able to do anything.

Back in Korea, Jun-pyo’s mother asks Mr. Jung what Jun-pyo is up to. (Her name is Kang Hee-soo, but it seems disrespectful to call a Korean mom by her first name — so I’ll be referring to her as Madam Kang, unless someone has a better suggestion.) Feeling sympathetic toward Jun-pyo, Mr. Jung tells her of the weekend trip with F4, leaving the girls out of it.

Awash in self-loathing, Jun-pyo takes to the hot tub alone, and as he slides underwater, a flashback shows Little Jun-pyo flailing in water and crying out for help.

Woo-bin and Yi-jung explain to Jan-di that when Jun-pyo was six, he’d been kidnapped. The car was chased and went into the river — with Jun-pyo in it. Yeah, I think that would do it for me too.

Perhaps compensating for his inability to save Jan-di, Jun-pyo takes extra care with elaborate dinner preparations. He particularly fusses over Jan-di, saying that her muscles cramped because she’s not eating properly; he fills her plate and instructs her to eat up.

Quieter than usual, Ji-hoo leaves the table without eating. Concerned, Jan-di follows him out to the pier, watching as the flower girl from the village hands him a potted flower and tells him to give it to his girlfriend.

At dinner, Yi-jung teases Ga-eul, under the mistaken impression that she likes Jun-pyo. Confused, Ga-eul tells him that’s ridiculous. Referring to their hilltop conversation, Yi-jung asks why she cares so much whether Jan-di and Jun-pyo get into trouble, then. Ga-eul blurts, “That’s because there’s someone else Jan-di li…”

She cuts herself off, but it’s enough for Yi-jung to guess what she was about to say.

More horrible music (are we even surprised anymore?) as the group enjoys the party, until Jun-pyo draws their attention to his specially planned fireworks display. He sneaks a look at Jan-di, then looks away quickly when she glances at him.

Jan-di smiles in appreciation, her good mood lasting until she comes out of her bathroom later that evening to see Jun-pyo unexpectedly in her room. Immediately nervous, she backs away and remembers the psychic’s prediction that she’ll be losing “something important, as a woman.”

But Jun-pyo surprises her by kneeling at her feet and fastening an anklet on her leg. It’s a cheap trinket from the marketplace, but he warns, “It may be cheap but if you lose it, you’re dead.” His tactics may lack a certain finesse, but Jan-di looks touched at the gesture.

Jan-di heads next door to Ga-eul’s room, but when her knock goes unanswered, she wanders the pier. Spotting Ji-hoo alone on the beach, she heads down to talk to him.

Ji-hoo shows her the flower and explains that it means the recipient will be happy, which is why you’re supposed to give it to someone you love. She wonders what happened with Seo-hyun, and he answers, “I realized how pathetic I was. There was nothing for me to do but wait all day in an empty apartment.” Bitterly, he adds: “Do you know what it’s like being nothing but a burden to the woman you love? You called them pathetic fools who can’t do anything on their own.”

Those are the words she flung at him at the airport; he says she was right, and other than loving one woman (“like a habit”), “I don’t know how to do anything. I’m pathetic.”

Ji-hoo offers the flower to Jan-di. Knowing what that symbolizes, she declines it. She says it’s meant for Seo-hyun, but I think part of her is thinking of Jun-pyo, and she turns to leave.

Ji-hoo grabs her arm and whirls her around in a hug. “It’s so cold, I can’t take it.”

After a moment, Jan-di draws back and walks away, flustered.

She hurries back to her room, outside which Jun-pyo is waiting, worried that something happened to her. As soon as he sees her, he scolds her for going off without notice.

Feeling guilty, Jan-di tells him, “I’m sorry.” Jun-pyo tells her not to swim or go off on walks alone, and leaves Jan-di to brood about her encounter with Ji-hoo.

Back on the beach, Ji-hoo picks up her anklet from the sand (which Jan-di doesn’t realize is missing until morning).

Jun-pyo, however, sees it on Ji-hoo’s wrist at breakfast. He grabs his arm to take a closer look, but covers up his alarm and doesn’t elaborate.

Trying not to jump to conclusions, Jun-pyo notices Jan-di isn’t wearing her anklet and asks where it went. Nervously, Jan-di lies that she left it in her room, since he’d give her hell if she lost it. He doesn’t really believe her but tries to let it go

Later, however, when the guys are having fun in an energetic game of volleyball, Jun-pyo asks Ji-hoo what’s up with the bracelet. Ji-hoo hands it over and tells him, “It’s Jan-di’s. She must have dropped it last night. Return it to her.”

At this proof that Jan-di met Ji-hoo last night — and worse, she lied — Jun-pyo is shaken so badly that he loses all concentration in the game.

Completely distracted as he puts together her lies, Jun-pyo doesn’t react when the ball hurtles toward him. It hits him in the face, bloodying his nose. He mumbles that he’s fine and stumbles away drunkenly, walking into the net before managing to head off to wash up.

(I suppose this is to show us how shocked he is, but come on — he’s heartbroken, not drug-addled.)

As he takes in the situation, Jun-pyo’s dazed reaction turns dark, and he sets off to find Ji-hoo, who is paddling calmly out to sea in a kayak. Jun-pyo grabs another one and paddles madly to catch up.

When he reaches him, for a moment it’s uncertain how he’ll act, but Jun-pyo passes him like this is some kind of heated race with no finish line. Maybe it is. Perhaps Ji-hoo figures it’s better to avoid provoking a confrontation, but I think it’s pretty wimpy for him to turn around silently and head back to shore.

When Jun-pyo turns around to see Ji-hoo paddling away, he throws his paddle in frustration.

I guess all that exertion wears out his anger, because the next thing we know they’re both back on the shore and nobody’s beaten to a pulp. While Jun-pyo sleeps, Jan-di finds Ji-hoo preparing a sailboat to head out for some fishing. He invites her along and (ignoring my repeated exclamations of “DON’T GO YOU IDIOT”) she goes.

Ga-eul is starting to find Yi-jung’s persistent attention aggravating (which I’m sure none of us understands, eh?), so when he finds her on the beach, she hurries away. To a TWO-PERSON BOAT. Good intention, but maybe you oughtta work on unmixing those messages.

Yi-jung hops aboard and brings up Ga-eul’s comment last night, asking about the guy Jan-di likes. He doesn’t seem too worried about it, since he’s fairly certain Jan-di’s type leans toward bad boys: namely, Jun-pyo.

Ga-eul retorts that the guy Jan-di likes might turn out to be her soulmate (then cringes at blurting out more info inadvertently).

Yi-jung doesn’t make an issue of that, though, asking instead whether Ga-eul actually believes in soulmates. She answers, “Of course. Playboys like you can’t understand, but there is such a thing as a true love who stays with you all your life.”

Yi-jung: “Have you met your soulmate?”
Ga-eul: “Not yet. But when he shows up, I won’t let go, because I’d regret losing someone like that for the rest of my life.”

Whatever anger Jun-pyo felt earlier, he seems to work it out, because he takes Jan-di along in a helicopter ride to show her something. In the air, he points out a field that’s shaped like a heart: “I’d decided that when I found a girl I liked, I’d bring her here.”

She registers the meaning of those words as Jun-pyo smiles, asking, “Can you see my heart?” He seems very pleased with everything, but Jan-di looks away uneasily.

That night, Woo-bin and Yi-jung announce a Ji-hoo emergency: They’ve learned that Seo-hyun is engaged.

This explains why Ji-hoo has changed, but Jan-di feels awful: “Ji-hoo’s going to hate me.” By that, Jan-di means her wish that Seo-hyun marry a famous foreign husband, which she’d told Ji-hoo before knowing of their relationship.

She’s lost in her distress when Jun-pyo finds her, and asks if she’s accepted his feelings.

He leans in closer as though to kiss her, but she pulls away. Disappointed, he stops, then tells her, “Don’t make me wait too long.”

Feeling bad for Ji-hoo, Jan-di heads down to the beach to find him. She asks with tears in her eyes if the rumors of Seo-hyun’s engagement are true, and tells him she’s sorry.

He sounds so defeated as he tells her he can’t compare to Seo-hyun’s fiancé that Jan-di insists he’s wrong. Seeing how much his pain affects her, Ji-hoo gathers her in a hug.

She entreats, “Please be happy… because if you’re unhappy, I am too.”

Wondering, “How could I not like a girl like you?,” Ji-hoo leans in and kisses her.

The kiss lasts for a few seconds, but when Ji-hoo pulls back, Jun-pyo stands there. Gulp.

Jun-pyo asks: “Is that what was going on?” He approaches slowly, then suddenly punches Ji-hoo. Jan-di pleads with him, but he turns to her in a cold fury. “I wanted to believe you.” He’d tried his best because he didn’t want to regret not trusting her.

Jun-pyo: “I showed you my true self. But this was your answer?”
Jan-di: “That’s not it. It’s not…”
Jun-pyo: “It’s really over now. Geum Jan-di, don’t act like you know me anymore.”

Ji-hoo tries to call him back. Jun-pyo yells at him to shut up: “If you say one more word, I’ll kill you.”

The next morning, Jun-pyo is gone. The others wonder what could have prompted him to ditch them all, and Woo-bin asks Jan-di if she has any guesses. Uncomfortable, she says nothing.

On the boat later, Ga-eul takes out a bracelet like the one Jan-di lost, which she’d bought it in the marketplace. Apparently it’s supposed to be given to the person you want to spend your life with, and Ga-eul wonders, “Maybe it’s like asking them not to run away.”

At home, Jan-di puts her anklet away in her drawer, which reminds her of the auctioned swimming goggles lying there that Jun-pyo had given her. That sends her down memory lane: she recalls the night they were locked in the cold together, how he saved her from the bullies, how he took her up in the helicopter to tell her he liked her… Sorrowfully, she says, “I’m sorry, Gu Jun-pyo.”

At school, Jan-di apologizes to Ji-hoo for the incident on the beach; she shouldn’t have gone looking for him. Ji-hoo says he should be the one to apologize. She replies, “I’m the one who hurt Jun-pyo.” I’m pretty sure they’re both guilty on that score, but I suppose she has a point.

Picking up a piece of chalk from the ground, Ji-hoo doodles a picture of Jun-pyo on the wall. Jan-di takes over, adding an angrier scowl and curlier hair. She laughs at first, but the smile fades and she fights tears.

During lunchtime, Jun-pyo strolls into the cafeteria with Woo-bin and Yi-jung and rings the bell to command everyone’s attention. He has an official F4 announcement to make: “Yoon Ji-hoo is no longer part of F4.”

Everyone gasps, and even Woo-bin and Yi-jung are shocked. Jun-pyo continues coldly, “In one week, Yoon Ji-hoo and Geum Jan-di will be expelled from this school.”

The mean girls assume this is Jan-di’s doing and blame her for messing everything up — it’s all her fault that F4 has been disrupted and Ji-hoo kicked out of the group. She must take responsibility!

Ji-hoo interrupts: “I’ll take responsibility.” He denounces the girls for ganging up on Jan-di, to which Ginger protests, “If you act like this, we can’t take your side.” He shoots back, “Who asked you to?”

So now both Ji-hoo and Jan-di are in the same persona non grata boat. Jan-di figures that Jun-pyo won’t go through with his threat — she may be expellable, but surely not Ji-hoo. Ji-hoo reminds her whose school this is.

She wonders if there’s a way out of the mess, and he responds, “I’ll have to find one, because now I have a reason not to sit back and concede quietly.”

Ji-hoo says that last bit with a meaningful smile at Jan-di, which she takes to mean that he wants to reconcile with F4. Ji-hoo laughs and calls her dumb, because that’s not what he was referring to: “I don’t care about that.”

I love this next scene: Yi-jung drops by to tell Ji-hoo in a hard tone that he’d always understood what Ji-hoo did, and even thought Jun-pyo was sometimes hard to take. That’s why he never expected to be saying these things now.

Yi-jung: “Why did you do it?”
Ji-hoo: “I just felt like it.”
Yi-jung: “Jun-pyo liked Jan-di—”
Ji-hoo: “—and I knew it.”

That angers Yi-jung: “I can’t tolerate you messing with a friend’s girl.” Ji-hoo says he is sorry to Jun-pyo, but he can’t let him kick Jan-di out of school.

Yi-jung: “So? What are you going to do?”
Ji-hoo: “I have to do something.”
Yi-jung: “You’re not going to have anyone on your side this time.”

Meanwhile, Woo-bin appeals to Jun-pyo, saying he understands his anger but that he’s going too far. He reminds Jun-pyo that Ji-hoo’s not himself right now, and that he’s acting out because of what happened with Seo-hyun.

Jun-pyo answers, “That jerk didn’t do that because he really likes Jan-di. He was just using her because of Seo-hyun. That’s more unforgivable.” When Woo-bin tries again, Jun-pyo snaps, “Don’t defend that jerk anymore. One more word and you’re out too.”


You know, Boys Before Flowers kinda reminds me of the whole Twilight phenomenon — which is surprising to me since I like Boys Before Flowers but remain staunchly anti-Twilight.

Both have this compelling story at the core but are obscured by flawed storytelling. The hunky lead males are by all rights not supposed to be hero material and yet are, perhaps largely because they’re just so damn beautiful and charismatic. It doesn’t hurt that they’re devoted to their ladies — to a near-disturbing extent, but which somehow becomes transformed in fiction as appealing. Also, both franchises attract widespread fervor among its core audience — and just as much disdain from those who feel superior to what they regard as trashy stuff.

Yet, you can’t deny that it’s got a mighty pull. For people who hate it, no amount of persuasion will convince them that it’s worthy, while for those who love it, criticism won’t keep them from loving it. In both cases, the material is told in a clunky and clumsy way — if only more skilled artists were telling the story!! — but is still undeniably able to tap into something deeper that stirs up intense emotions. While the target audience may be teenage girls, I think it’s reductive to say that that’s the ONLY audience. (Helloooo, points at self.) It’s part fairy tale, part escapism, and part basic human longing. Even if the first two don’t get ya, the last one just might.

Oh gawd. I think I just wrote a semi-defense of Twilight. Curse you, Boys Before Flowers!



I think that what’s been holding back the series in the first five episodes is a borrowed feeling it couldn’t quite shake off entirely. Personally, I think Boys Before Flowers is best when it takes its own spin on things — Jan-di’s entrance to Shinhwa, Jun-pyo’s character — and falters when adapting too literally.

But I felt a shift in this episode, which moved us from comic adaptation into (more of) a thing of its own. It’s starting to feel like its own series, with its own characters and own conflicts. Maybe it’s just me, but this episode was the first time I didn’t think, “Well the other version did it another way…” I hope this is a good indication of the future, and think (hope) that the comparisons may start to die now.

I like this plot turn, because just as Jan-di starts to enjoy all of Jun-pyo’s attention, it gets taken away. She was taking it for granted, and now that it’s gone, she starts to realize how much she likes Jun-pyo. Now the dynamic is all messed up and different and I really, really like that. Jun-pyo gets to be a cold-hearted bastard again (yet understandably so), while maybe Jan-di will have to exert herself a little now — she’s been on the receiving end all this time without giving. It’s not her fault because Jun-pyo has been giving without considering her opinion, so it’s like forced receiving, but the point remains — she’s gotta step it up now.

On the other hand, just as Kim Hyun-joong’s acting improves marginally, they give his character a pretty shitty turn. (Kim isn’t wonderful, but at least he’s not as distractingly bad as he was in the first few episodes.) How is he supposed to be Jun-pyo’s best friend when he seems to be actively undermining Jun-pyo’s relationship with Jan-di? In his (brief) defense, he’s being deliberately self-destructive because he’s so affected by losing Seo-hyun — lashing out at something covers up the hurt of the other thing. Well, he can be as SELF-destructive as he likes but that doesn’t excuse betraying a best friend willfully. Isn’t “bros before hos,” well, sacred male code?

Jan-di still sucks for not pulling away from Ji-hoo’s kiss, and I’m annoyed about that, but her betrayal of Jun-pyo is nothing compared to Ji-hoo’s. I hope this is resolved satisfactorily, because while I do love the angst — it feels real and palpable, for once — I hope they didn’t go too far in making Jan-di and Ji-hoo unlikable.


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  1. Alimac

    What a wonderful recap, Dramabeans! This episode really made me cry. I think JiHoo improved in his acting skills. ANd Junpyo seems to get hotter in every episode. What a hottie! Lee Min Ho naked deserves a full 24 episode mini-series!

  2. Tired and Hungry

    Love the recap as always Javabeans!

    I think that it was a good thing for the orange hair guy to go to Paris, because his acting has gotten better in this episode! I am curious to find out how Jandi will fall for Jun Pyo now that she knows his feeling for her! I guess that she will realize her mistake later on! what do you guys think


  3. rochester

    I think this episode is the one in which everything comes back to bite the producers for not setting up the characters properly…and Jihoo and Jandi become what they were hinting at in the beginning…annoying characters. Jun pyo was too nice in the beginning, and now everyone feels sorry for him and mad at Jihoo and Jandi simply doesn’t show the integrity she’s supposed to.

  4. me

    isnt it weird that KHJ’s acting is better in the vacation scenes even though they were filmed BEFORE many of the scenes in the earlier episodes?? what the heck? So is it the director that we have to blame? Or the writers for not giving his character more screen time? The setup was pretty weird from the very beginning…JP was too nice/cute/goofy too soon…

    Also, werent the vacation scenes filmed by someone else? Who ever that was, they need to get him BACK! his style is so beautiful! I love the filters that he used for the camera….

    and they seriously need a new music director *sigh*

    but i cant wait for the next episode! things are getting juicy ^^
    I’m licking Ji Hoo more and more each ep….actually this is the first drama where i like both guys, except JP still needs to mature and learn that he can’t force JD to love him….but we still have plenty of episodes for that to happen XD

  5. sneee

    i too particularly enjoyed this episode. particularly the abounding angst when jun-pyo asks if jan-di understands his heart. i’m certainly looking forward to how this is gonna progress. the preview of the next episode has got me excited already.
    thank you so much for the review and the lovely caps ♥

  6. Debbie

    You are always right on on your commentaries and that is why I love reading your recaps and comments. Keep up with the good job!!!!!

    I am definitely loving all the angst and the fact that this version of HYD is slowly developing into something different from the other 2 versions. I can’t wait to see where they take it!

    OH! and also, why do korean actors kiss so unrealistically/unconvincingly on dramas??? They are supposed to portray people who have feelings for each other.

  7. ice chocolate

    Thanks a lot, I refresh it again and again :)
    Just wondering, how does Jandi find the bracelet? I don’t find any scene of that.. And heart shape field, is it a really one in Caledonia, or fake one like the duck?
    I can’t wait for the next ep. Fiuhh.. Six day to go..

  8. tlina069

    My favorite scene of all the episodes so far is the Yi-jung and Ji-hoo conversation. It was intense and I thought very well executed. ^_^ Thanks a bunch for the recap as usual, javabeans! ^_^

  9. shu

    wheee~~~~ I AM ACTUALLY FIRST. am i? am not. *depressed* apparently i took too long in reading the thing.. =[[
    haha. surprisingly although this is a major turn for the plot.
    i just cant help but keep my eyes glued whenever there’s yi jng and gaeul
    everything is not as bad anymore..

  10. 10 Lucille

    Thanks for the recap.

  11. 11 Rainey

    I agree with you completely. Jan-Di is wrong because she is in a relationship (note, she never tells Jun-Pyo that she isn’t his girlfriend) and shouldn’t be kissing other boys. I am also doubly pissed at Ji-Hoo cause he’s the supposed best friend who knows explicitly JP’s feelings for JD, he also lacks remorse for this quagmire that he’s created.

  12. 12 dkdi


    And also, the bad music is still there, but at least it has been reduced…somewhat.

  13. 13 meikisis

    man.. you’re good..

  14. 14 Sue

    amen to the failure of cutesy and slapstick humor.

    i thought this scene http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/kkot/kkot6-119.jpg was GORGEOUS. the sunlight makes the two beautiful people (yijung & gaeul) even more beautiful. personally i’m much more interested in this relationship than the junpyo-jandi-jihoo triangle.

    also i’m not much of a fan of the writing.. the scene transitions, pacing, and overall storytelling, like you said, isn’t very satisfying. i was expecting a scene where junpyo would return jandi’s anklet and confront her about meeting with jihoo late at night. when there wasn’t one, i was like okay, i guess we can forget about it. but then later in the episode, she had it again. ummm ?

  15. 15 Airajuliafor

    I agree. This episode is the best so far.
    My guess was right about the beginning! He really did want to swim. =_=
    Oh man, oh man, oh man….. What’s gonna happen now..
    What’s Jan-di going to do now?
    One thing that I like about the plot is… normally, it’s the leading girl that first fall for the leading guy. In this one, it’s the leading guy who falls for the leading girl. Sure, leading girl liked another guy. But we all know she would most liekly end up wiht leading guy anyways. XP… I may not be making any sense.

    Thanks again and hope you continue on till the end… (YOU CAN DO THIS JAVABEANS! xD)

  16. 16 cholitaa

    i completely agree with you about the whole comparing with the original HYD aspect
    and BOO JANDI
    poor JP ): <//3

  17. 17 ichiru

    Thanks for the recap again!

    I love this episode, I feel like it only carried the title “Boys before flowers” this time but made their own story for this episode, which is good for the drama, i can’t even compare anymore.

    I love the the JunPyo and Jandi helicopter scene, where he showed the heart field, he looked like a little boy who was shy to show his new made drawing.. which is cute..and said “Can you see my heart?” haha so sweet.

    Also the kiss scene, although I expected the punch on the face I was waiting for JunPyo to hit him more! One punch is not enough to compensate for the betrayal he just witnessed! for JiHoo, all of the episodes so far I didn’t feel he showed that he was his bestfriend but just one member of the F4. And can’t blame Jandi like you said its “forced receiving”..oh well you realize something important until it’s gone!

  18. 18 Airajuliafor

    LOL. Sorry for the double post. But ROFL on: “Oh gawd. I think I just wrote a semi-defense of Twilight. Curse you, Boys Before Flowers”

    What exactly do you hate about Twilight? xD

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    Your blog is one that I read on a daily basis. Thanks for the great recaps and your witty commentaries!

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    the heart view was true i think
    the place name call Le coeur de Voh in new Calidonia

  21. 21 javabeans

    “What exactly do you hate about Twilight? xD”

    You sure you want me to answer that? Hehe. Nah, I’m just picky about my literature and didn’t like how it’s written. I can see the appeal of the story, but couldn’t get past the writing. (I have found that there tends to be a lot of sneering at Twilight though, which I think also holds true for Boys Before Flowers.)

  22. 22 anna

    i don’t think i saw the scene when JanDi gets the anklet back, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t take her friend’s.

  23. 23 JOY

    I have been refreshing repeatedly to get to this screencap! I just finished watching and I must say, my position stays unchanged:
    Good pointss.

    -As of now, sadly, I fast forward to places with Yijung and Gaeul. High quality actors and amazing chemistry. It just works so well, and I wish they had more screen time ):
    i want a drama with just the two of them HAHA
    -BEAUTIFUL scenery. (:
    -Cute ideas.

    Honestly, the Junpyo Jandi situation is boring me to death, no offense or anything but they have ZERO chemistry. No click, spark, wink… not even a MINISCULE hint of love. I think it’s because of the 1- bad writing(a.k.a. lack of witty and realistic dialogue between the two without one of them getting ridiculously fakely angry or acting cutesy and pouting. or being unbelievable. like doll.) 2- WORST MUSIC EVER. i cringe. as in turn off the sound.

    Ji hoo. UH-
    he has no impact; sure his acting isnt bad but its not good either.
    at least when it was bad you noticed him a lot
    now hes just wallpaper.

    anyway thanks to dramabeans for the recaps
    they were wonderful.

  24. 24 JOY

    sorry to double post but did anyone else notice that in episode 5
    the outfit junpyo picked out for jandi…
    was it just me or did it look like a hamburger?

    I didn’t see the Twilight part but, I’d have to say, honestly, Twilight is a horrible series. Romanticizing abusive patriarchal relationships and obsessive boyfriends, mixed with 15 adjectives/ 1 noun.

    Not very pleasant.

    But i have to give it the lure of girly fantasies :]
    that always works.

    watch me swoon at kim bum <3

  25. 25 popcorn

    Really I don’t think that just by having Jandi kissing JiHoo is wrong. After all, from what I think she feels: a bit guilty that what she said was right and it hurt JiHoo, JiHoo has always been in her mind, and the fact that the one you first love is starting to give you attention. I mean if I were her I wouldn’t think that I did anything wrong.

    However, I do think that her actions are wrong. She doesn’t outright tell Jun Pyo that she doesn’t like him in that manner. Even when he said to her he likes her, she didn’t tell him that she only thought of him as a friend (if that is actually the case). She just remains silent and ignores his feelings. Now, that I think she is wrong.

    As for JiHoo, yeah the storyline here really makes it bad for him. I remember when I first watch the Taiwanese vesion, zaizai acted without much defense but just accepting that he did something wrong. I think I like his delicated features as Rui but I like Oguri Shun’s portrayal as Rui. Both are good, uhm this guy is actually showing improvment. :) So I like him too. They are all different, so it’s good. I mean, as long as the acting isn’t bad, i want to see each of their takes on the role. That’s the important thing right? ^^

    I’m looking forward to next week and thanks for the caps!

  26. 26 rant mostly

    hanazawa rui was my favorite in the japanese version but in this one, it’s definitely gjp…one thing I can’t stand is how jh is dressed, I mean, isn’t it enough that he looks like a girl, does he have to dress like one too?

    also, jandi’s make-up is too light on her face, if you look at the helicopter scene, you can see the 2 different shades (b/w her face and neck)

    rave: ga eul is so pretty and i love her scenes!

    thanks for your wonderful recaps!

  27. 27 saryKIM

    Kim Hyun Joo in the preview! Whoo hoooo the sister appears!!

  28. 28 Pups

    Thank you for the an excellent recap, Javabeans. Keep it up.

    It’s so true about what the fortune teller said, “You will lose something important for a woman.” I guess what she meant was true/undying love, but then again, Jan-di didn’t realize it until she lost Jun-pyo. I too, find that the intense exchange between Yi-jung and Ji-hoo is one of the best scenes, the other being the chopper ride part where Jun-pyo showed his “heart” to Jan-di.

  29. 29 annieeee

    seeing how goo jun pyo is such an endearing character, i kinda foresaw people hating on jan di/ji hoo later on. i’m anticipating myself yelling at my computer screen, “look, woman! that guy loves u! open up ur eyes and give up on ji hoo already!” i think this is partially due to lee min ho doing an exceptionally good job portraying goo jun pyo, but imo, its mainly because geum jan di isnt that strong of a character. yea, she’s tough, but she lacks the wits to carefully assess her situation. as someone mentioned, she never outright denied that she was jun pyo’s girlfriend, and keeps assuming jun pyo is only using her as a toy, to be thrown out later when he’s bored. (which clearly isnt the case. dont u see how sweet he was to you?) it doesnt help when ji hoo seems to be so indifferent (or it could be the stiff acting at fault).
    but as always, dramabeans is right on with the analysis. thanks so much for the recap! now i cant wait to watch it with subs!

  30. 30 ayay

    waw,, thanks for the recaps,,,
    I agree with your comments,,
    I’m on Junpyo’s side but I thought that If I were JD I’d not push JH away when he kiss me,, it kind of OMG I kissed my lovely boy,,,

  31. 31 Eisa

    I really liked this episode but I really want this turn of events to be resolved soon and nicely because when watching it I felt myself disliking Jan-di and Ji-hoo very much,and while their situation is understandable, to a point, I just felt so bad for Jun-pyo that it overshadowed their pain, and disliking the leading girl is not good even if I love the leading man…really liked the plot and most of the acting on this one, thanks for the recap.

  32. 32 ice chocolate

    gia.. thanks..
    It’s beautiful..
    The anklet, well considering its color (blue one, GaEul’s is black-brown), its Jandi’s. When I saw it once again, maybe the only explanation is Jandi get it because JunPyo throw it in water after punching JiHoo..

  33. 33 Anonymous

    The story seems to have returned to Manga faithfully. The kiss, the threat of expulsion and a sports match (based on the preview) are all in manga and do not always make sense to me. The storyline in manga gets rapidly unrealistic after this , I am hoping that they skip those parts. I am somewhat disappointed since I was expecting to see some different variation of the storyline.

    Ji Hoon’s acting is improving but the character comes out looking extremely conflicted sometimes. While JH protects JD , he never really opposes JP. In this episode , he seems to avoid confrontation with JP. When he decides to protect JP , it is probably the first time we see him taking a stand on something but then again it was his fault. I wonder if JD had stayed first night out, would the hug finally end in a kiss then too. It just feels that since he is miserable, he is lashing out, breaking everything in his path including his friend’s heart. He irks me when he tells YJ he is not sorry….(BTW that was the best scene of the show).

    Now to JD , I fail to understand her, She is uneasy but she never lets JP know that she does not care for him even when the poor guy is showing his heart (A big one in green). It does not jive with her character which is supposed to be outspoken. In fact she glances admiringly and shyly at JP during the fireworks. It seems she is in love with JP until she sees JH. I hope she does not keep swaying between all the guys in her life as in the manga.

    As for JP, I was as heartbroken as him. Being brought up in a household with unlimited money and power, unable to trust anyone, it is no wonder that he is cold, distant and pushy. The one time he tries to reach out ….he fails embarrasingly and loses a friend in process. I can only wonder at his mental state at the moment.

  34. 34 Renee

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I like Jan Di & actually found Ji Hoo much more attractive this episode. I’m a Jun Pyo/Lee Min Ho fan all the way, but I did not like the way Jun Pyo treated Jan Di here. He’s so pushy & needy, it’s disturbing (even if he means well). Plus, there’s this whole “I’ve deigned to like you, now you better like me back” vibe that really puts my hackles up. Maybe I’ve been on the receiving end of that too many times, but…ugh.

    Plus, even though Jan Di didn’t protest much when Jun Pyo made her his girlfriend, it’s not like she had much choice. I mean, what happened to her right before they officially became a couple? Her classmates beat her & set her bike on fire–because of him. When he told her “Don’t make me wait too long,” my immediate thought was: or what? It’s like she has to make it work with him or be bullied & harassed to death–what kind of choice is that?

    Also, after this episode, I finally believe Ji Hoo understands Jan Di in a way that Jun Pyo doesn’t. When Ji Hoo talked about hating being baggage for the woman he loved, and how pathetic he felt waiting in an empty apartment, I thought that mirrored some of Jan Di’s ambivalence about Jun Pyo. JP wants to do everything for JD, but in doing so, robs her of the sense of self that comes from doing things for oneself. She doesn’t want to become someone else’s baggage, essentially, and Ji Hoo understands that. Plus, she can relax with him, which she can’t do with JP, given his personality & expectations.

    Finally, I just want to say it again: I know it’s a lot of work, but I love your recaps! The Twilight tangent was spot on.

  35. 35 JJ

    Replying to # 7, 14, 22

    I am pretty sure Jandi got her anklet back when Jun Pyo caught her and Ji Hoo kissing and he threw something into the water… and she looked down. It doesn’t show her picking it up but that is how she got it back…

    I loved this episode… and I love how this version is different from the other ones. I was so sick of hearing/reading about the comparisons from the other 2 series.

    Two things I am confused about tho… 1) So does Yi Jung like Ga Eul? He acts like he can’t stand her but keeps following her and tries to talk to her. Not to mention, he smiles so cutely around her (ah Kim Bum <3). If he does like her, that is def different from the other series, which is good! 2) Doesn’t Ji Hoo like Jandi now? So he didn’t kiss her to fill that void and hurt from So Hyeon but b/c he liked her and knew she cared about him? I think what Jun Pyo said to Woo Bin at the end is wrong… he wasn’t just using Jan Di. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    Btw: Thank you so much for your recaps! I always check your blog…I love the way you write & your comments are funny.

  36. 36 alice

    yeah.. the outfit was pretty not good haha. i think the first decent looking outfit, or at least one that draws my eye, is the white, off the shoulder knit top, with the bright poof skirt, and the lace up wedges. ga eul on the other hand, always looks cute. different characterization maybe?

    at the beginning of this episode.. i was like really? the snake thing was really silly (but minho flailing about was soo endearing), awkward transition to somewhat needless drowning episode, jihoo acting more like a casanova than the delicate boy flower he’s supposed to be!! and then jun pyoo acting really silly during volleyball (ROFL i laughed so hard at his excellent slapstick bc otherwise, it might have been unbearable), the awkward kayaking scene… which was also unnecessary… and then, i thought jandi was supposed to be sailing with jihoo, and then suddenly, she’s on a plane with junpyoo O.O it’s like i missed a beat, and i did expect a confrontation about the anklet, but no such thing happened at all.

    good things that happened this episode, yi jung’s acting in the last scene with jihoo! and his concern, his depth of character when he’s with ga eul on the boat, you can tell he’s really perturbed and worried for jun pyoo’s well being. first time you see the f4 connection. minho’s acting was also superb again, with the dorky faces he made when he showed her the heart, and then the last scene where he’s like, don’t you understand how despicable jihoo is, using jandi like that… swoons.

    on the other hand, i am seriously confused about how i’m supposed to feel. im TEAM JUNPYOO all the way, i almost want to say TEAM MINHO, bc i think it’s largely due to his compassionate portrayal of his character, or maybe the kvers is just biased towards him in terms of storytelling, but seriously, he’s just soo compelling as a character/actor. when i think abt the drama, i think 55/60% of my brain goes to him. jandi gets 10%, kim bum gets another 10%, jihoo gets like 5%, and the final 15% or even more is on scenery, sets, music, costumes.. the tmax character also has more lines this epi, and i actually find him very appealing. he sounds very reasonable and grounded next to everyone else, particularly jihoo.

    IDK WHY, but jihoo still makes me want to throw my popcorn at him….. usually, i feel sympathetic towards him and see his altruistic kindness and his compassion. and then i feel like he goes well with jandi, bc she has such moral character. but in this version, i totally feel like they are betrayers committing treason rather than jun pyoo. and even when jun pyoo kicks jihoo out and then announces the expulsion, i feel a little more sympathetic towards them and think that’s a little over the top for jun pyoo, but then…….. jihoo is all like casanova esque again, and is like, i’m going to take care of this, i won’t concede…. and junpyoo gives that compelling speech to the t-max character, which is totally how i felt when he hugged jandi and kissed her.. i was jumping up and down, thinking that he’s using her for rebound comfort. what a LOSER. you can’t do that to your best friend’s first love.

    i think, i just don’t understand jihoo as a character and what he’s doing. i also have no clue what emotional process jandi is going through. like she cries after drawing junpyoo more crazily, but i’m not exactly sure why. and isn’t obvious this guy likes you?!!! it’s BEEN obvious since like 3 episodes ago. are you dense?

    and what happens in a drama, when as a viewer, you feel for the guy you are supposed to hate, and despise the two characters you are supposed to be rooting for. it makes me feel so imbalanced.

    this also shows how different countries and maybe different trademarks influence a show.. like, the korean version is a lot sillier, and the girl is a lot more slapstick than i think other versions. and how much casting matters. bc as much as kimbum shows concern for jun pyoo, it’s in a very feminine way, i think. it’s very emotionally hands on. not that sort of, rough and tumble, man slap on the back sort of brotherly concern. and he’s so much less casanova than the tw version. and i love the tmax guy, who’s character’s name i still dont know :[ now that finally he’s had at least two lines of real dialogue, i feel like he’s the only, really removed from all the drama in some sense, which makes me like him A LOT.

    BUT I LOVE THIS ALL, A LOT >.< i’m more wrapped up in it than the inauguration.

  37. 37 Pauline

    I don’t know, I find myself in the low percentage of the mass audience of actually liking Jandi and Jihoo. There was something about Jihoo in this episode that made him so much more attractive, and while I was a supporter of Junpyo, it shifted to Jihoo. Even though Jihoo did betray Junpyo, I can’t bring myself to actually dislike him. He holds a special place in my heart. I think it might be his improved acting. I don’t know why, but this episode made me realize how much Junpyo WAS always the one giving and it’s good that you pointed that out. He’s a flawed man, and when he realized that giving is not always the answer, and when Jandi realizes how much she likes Junpyo, that will be a great turn for sure. I can’t wait how that will develop.

  38. 38 stargazer377

    i was about to give up on this series because i was laughing at all the wrong parts UNTIL the second half of the episode where the drama and the acting went up exponentially!

    anyone notice the foreign extras just hanging in the back like mannequins until woo bin and yi jung tap them on the shoulder while everyone is on the boat sans jun pyo and ji hoo? i thought that was hilarious, even though that’s not the main focal point of the scene…

    idk, i’m actually still on the fence with this series. i know i said i liked it but i think for me, there’s a fine line between tolerance and like and right now i’m leaning more towards tolerating this series rather than really liking it. but knowing me, i’ll stick with it anyway. and watching it for the F3 (now that ji hoo is kicked out) is good enough for me.

  39. 39 KTV

    Thanks for the recap. However, I really don’t understand why Ji Hoo did that. Did he intend to fight with Jun Pyo? Can anyone explain it to me? =(

  40. 40 christina

    i completely agree with you, javabeans. twilight is written sooo poorly. robert pattinson is what keeps the franchise afloat…

  41. 41 coollady

    sorry to say this, but is it wrong that i’m only watching this drama for the scenes with Jandi’s family and for Yi-Jung and Ga-eul relationship? I mean, this drama was funny in the beginning where Lee MInho’s character Jun-pyo stole every scene and was believable, but now i’m just bored at the same scenes over and over and over again. what is this repetitive scene? well, it’s Jun-pyo trying to win/buy Jandi’s love, Jandi getting annoyingly angry (really i like Goo Hyesun in other dramas, but her acting here drives me bonkers!), and Jandi liking Ji-hoo for a reason that’s obvious but still not convincing to me. it’s getting old really fast. I’m fast-forwarding almost every scene until something catches my attention cause i know i can always read a summary here. i don’t know. it’s just not as eye-catching as i thought it was gonna be. let’s just hope things get a little more interesting SOON. as for Ji-hoo and Jandi’s kiss…it was wrong but Jandi never acknowledge Jun-pyo’s feelings for her so it’s not so very bad. oh and also, most people think Jun-pyo’s actions towards Jandi is sweet and romantic…i just think it’s overbearing, burdensome, and downright freaky. And Ji-hoo, how hard is it to fake playing the violin?! haha.
    as for Jandi’s family, they might be a little over-the-top but they’re adorable and hilarious to watch esp. the dad and the little brother. and Yi-Jung and Ga-Eul interests me cause i’m curous to see how their storyline will go. Even Woo-bin is more interesting to watch! for now, i will be continue to watch this drama, but i’m getting sad cause my interest is dying…dying…dying…(even when i don’t want it to).
    oh and Dramabeans, T-Max’s songs are pretty good. though I’d never thought someone w/ your music taste would like them. haha.

  42. 42 ella

    I completely agree with you about the Twilight/HYD comparison. And even if I do understand the pull of HYD and how I’ve been a fan of all versions (Meteor Garden, HYD Japan and now HYD Korea), I was never tempted to read Twilight.

    In my opinion though, since HYD is originally in comics and not a book, people kind of think that, “Oh, it’s okay if it’s cheesy. It’s shoujo manga.” It’s kind of a given, if you know what I mean. But Twilight is a book, even if, say, it’s in the romance/fantasy genre. There have been better written books in that genre, so there’s an expectation by some readers that a bestseller should have been well-written. And sorry Twilighters, it’s not exactly the best written book ever.

  43. 43 blahhh

    omg T_T
    i love this.
    i am so confused about who to choose.
    i feel like JD T_T
    javabeans, hope you keep this good work up<3
    i always check after i watch the drama to clear up my misunderstandings<3

  44. 44 Sue

    i’m also not hating jihoo and jandi as much as most people are. atm, jh>jp for me.

  45. 45 coollady

    sorry to say this, but is it wrong that i’m only watching this drama for the scenes with Jandi’s family and for Yi-Jung and Ga-eul relationship? I mean, this drama was funny in the beginning where Lee MInho’s character Jun-pyo stole every scene and was believable, but now i’m just bored at the same scenes over and over and over again. what is this repetitive scene? well, it’s Jun-pyo trying to win/buy Jandi’s love, Jandi getting annoyingly angry (really i like Goo Hyesun in other dramas, but her acting here drives me bonkers!), and Jandi liking Ji-hoo for a reason that’s obvious but still not convincing to me. it’s getting old really fast. I’m fast-forwarding almost every scene until something catches my attention cause i know i can always read a summary here. i don’t know. it’s just not as eye-catching as i thought it was gonna be. let’s just hope things get a little more interesting SOON. as for Ji-hoo and Jandi’s kiss…it was wrong but Jandi never acknowledge Jun-pyo’s feelings for her so it’s not so very bad. oh and also, most people think Jun-pyo’s actions towards Jandi is sweet and romantic…i just think it’s overbearing, burdensome, and downright freaky. And Ji-hoo, how hard is it to fake playing the violin?! haha.
    as for Jandi’s family, they might be a little over-the-top but they’re adorable and hilarious to watch esp. the dad and the little brother. and Yi-Jung and Ga-Eul interests me cause i’m curous to see how their storyline will progress. Even Woo-bin is more interesting to watch! for now, i will continue watching this drama, but i’m getting sad cause my interest is dying…dying…dying…(even when i don’t want it to).
    oh and Dramabeans, T-Max’s songs are pretty good. though I’d never thought someone w/ your music taste would like them. haha.

  46. 46 Renee

    Pauline: Jinx!

  47. 47 dramafreak19

    OMG, Javabeans, that last scene with Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong was FANTASTIC.

    Right there, Kimbum turned on the intensity SOOOO convincingly, I could feel how angry he was with JiHoo…that line about how he wouldn’t have been so angry if JiHoo had seduced his little sister and dumped her three days later…wow…excellent dialogue + excellent delivery….

    Thank god KHJ’s acting got a teensy bit better in the episode otherwise Kimbum would have made him look like HUGE joke…

    Yi Jung + Ga Eul = Looooveeee!!!!!!

  48. 48 belleza

    “(I have found that there tends to be a lot of sneering at Twilight though, which I think also holds true for Boys Before Flowers.)”

    “In my opinion though, since HYD is originally in comics and not a book, people kind of think that, “Oh, it’s okay if it’s cheesy. It’s shoujo manga.””

    This is very true; shoujo is mostly read by 10-15 year old girls. I’m WAY too old to watch shows like Hana Yori Dango and Boys Before Flower. And that’s why I love it so much, indulging my inner fangirl in this economy is chicken soup for the soul. 😀

  49. 49 WysteriaMagnus

    I am not sure why people are complaining too much about Jan Di’s and Ji Hoo’s actions. The storyline is so familiar, that it’s no longer surprising to see Ji Hoo have feelings for Jan Di (and vice versa) and act upon it. I suspect Ji Hoo has always had feelings for Jan Di even before Jun Pyo realize Jan Di was the girl for him. Ji Hoo just didn’t realized his own feelings until he can finally say his relationship with Seo Hyun was over. It’s like when you’re so used to a routine, you become so comfortable/satisfied with it, you don’t notice the little changes/problems with it until you look at it at a different perspective or someone else points it out to you. I think this is what Ji Hoo is going through when it comes to him, Jan Di and Jun Pyo relationship.

    This bring me back to Jan Di’s dream with the fortune teller. The fortune teller did say 2 guys: one’s her soulmate and the other one her future husband, and they are not the same person. Who do you suspect is the soulmate and then the husband? Because I think your soulmate and the person you eventually will marry does not have to be the same person. Real life isn’t a fairy tale and certainly not a fictional television drama. So although you may marry the person who you love the most in this world or means the most to you, you may click with someone else on another level beyond just mare emotions/feelings/love alone, basically beyond anyone’s else understanding. I think Jan Di’s soulmate is Ji Hoo and her husband will eventually be Jun Pyo. Ji Hoo’s is her soulmate because Ga-Eul bluntly told Yi Jung so. But also, because I think Jan Di has always have a connection with Ji Hoo regardless of her eventual love/connection/destination with Jun Pyo. It’s like the difference between fate and destiny. One is escapable, no matter what, you have a choice to accept it or not. But the other, no matter how much you fight it, it’s unavoidable. Sorry to go philosopical on everyone, but that’s just my thought.

    Also, I am enjoying the pairing of Yi Jung with Ga-Eul as most everyone is. I just hope in future episodes the storyline will go into depth more about them individually as well as a couple. I was seeing a glimpse of the Sojiro’s and Yuki’s pairing in the Japanese version but it was cut short. Hopefully with Kim Bum’s popularity rising, the producers and writers will spend more time on Yi Jung and Ga-Eul.

    • 49.1 sheilajsn

      Thank you WysteriaMagnus!!!
      As I was reading the recap I was actually thinking in a reply pretty much along the lines of what you said.
      I’ve seen this drama three times already and reading this recap (which is actually an ode to Jun Pyo) I’m actually thinking about watching it again.
      I think javabeans is being a tad unfair with Ji Hoo.
      There was a Jan Di/Ji Hoo thing going even before the Jan Di/Jun Pyo thing started. Granted, Ji Hoo didn’t realized he liked Jan Di, but he was probably the only one that didn’t know. Even Jun Pyo knew (Jun Pyo notes that Ji Hoo seems uncharacteristically interested in Jan Di and also the possibility of Jan Di “collapsing” after seing Ji Hoo kissing Seo Hyun).
      So why is it ok for Jun Pyo to get in the middle of whatever was happening between Jan Di and Ji Hoo, but not the other way around?
      Yes, maybe when Ji Hoo came back from Paris he was being “self-destructive” out of frustration. But I think he was honestly attracted to Jan Di, even before Jun Pyo was. The problem here was timing.

  50. 50 jong

    what i like about the korean version is your actually on domyouji’s side.. lol you actually feel bad for him… whereas im sorry Rui ruled the world in the japanese version.. a part of me actually wants to see some goods with rui (jihoo) in the korean version for a lil bit lol

  51. 51 deeta

    Heck yeah! I found myself nodding eagerly as I was reading your recap. Can’t add any more comment, everything I thought and wanted to say, you have covered brilliantly.

    Despite loving BOF, I refuse to lower myself to tolerating Twilight.

    And totally ditto on Jihoo. And it seems that the more he saw Junpyo showers her with attention, the more he wants to mess things up for them, which kinda sucks for his character.

  52. 52 javabeans

    “oh and Dramabeans, T-Max’s songs are pretty good. though I’d never thought someone w/ your music taste would like them. haha.”

    Me either! LOL. (I definitely have my pockets of kpop guilty pleasures, though. This song reminds me of classic Shinhwa, which is one of them.)

  53. 53 Jennifer

    I think that Kim HyunJoong is doing good for the acting in ep. 5 and 6 but somehow he still doesn’t have the feeling where he cares about Jandi. He actually seems like he doesn’t care much about her. But I still loved his acting in this episode. The serious talk with Kim Bum was good. I hope i can see more development in charcters in the next few episodes

  54. 54 Gallivanter

    Omo. You made the Twilight connection. I wrote this ridiculously long e-mail to my best friend about the awful, AWFUL Hana Yori Dango Final–because it really is just like Twilight. I, too, CANNOT read/watch that. I tried the first book, and was offended as a Washingtonian, offended as a writer and reader, and offended as a woman.

    But, this? I’ve read all of the comic, seen the other adaptations, even read this weird Harry Potter fanfic that was based on it, and I will probably still have it in me to see another adaptation after the Korean one is finished.

    That being said, I think the Korean version is going to end up being my favorite. I’ve really liked where they’ve been going with the characters, and so can overlook the rubbish music and awkward scenes.

  55. 55 Jen

    Ignoring the negatives of the drama (including the music), I really felt some hope for this drama after watching this episode.

    I know that by now I’m supposed to really like the idea of Jan-di with Jun-pyo, but I just can’t bring myself to that point yet. Despite his good looks, wealth and popularity, I’m supposed to feel sorry for him — I get that. It’s just that everything he does is still for his own satisfaction.

    For example, Jun-pyo didn’t get Jan-di’s consent to be his girlfriend. Maybe in his egocentric world he believes that she said she’d be his girlfriend, but she never agreed to their relationship. Heck, she didn’t even agree to be his friend. She just went along with whatever he said and did because she took pity on him. This is part of the reason why I think the whole Ji-hoo betraying their friendship thing is just ridiculous.

    With that said, I can understand why Jan-di is still hooked on Ji-hoo. He did, afterall, save her when Jun-pyo was torturing her for entertainment purposes. Even when he didn’t intend to, Ji-hoo put Jan-di before himself. Whereas, Jun-pyo continuously put his needs and wants before Jan-di’s. I think I would’ve rooted for the Jun-pyo and Jan-di pairing by now if he apologized for almost getting her raped and started acknowledging the fact that she has a brain of her own to make decisions for herself.

  56. 56 moi

    for some reason i cannot stand looking at JH. he reminds me so much of BYJ and that’s said without flattery.

  57. 57 Anonymous

    Re: Ella (42)

    The other thing I consider when comparing HYD and Twilight was that HYD started over 15 years ago. What’s cheesy now, wasn’t nearly so back then; that kind of story was popular in a different sense. Manga and drama weren’t as big, and the cinderella story just hadn’t been used a million and 2 times! 😀

  58. 58 nixxochick

    I found myself screaming at the TV a lot in this episode….ahhhhh I just felt so bad for Jun-Pyo and annoyed cause Jan-di just doesnt seem to get it…lol :)

  59. 59 cranky

    nothing to do with the series… the song!! That’s my fave SMAP song (not that I like SMAP so much but there are exceptions)! I didn’t know that there’s a Korean cover…

  60. 60 Brenda

    The only part of the episode that left me wondering, was the drawing with yellow chalk, like it was funny to draw jun pyo after all the pain he went thru, I just thought it was cold and inmature, but at the same time maybe I missed something, I did notice how JD got sad, but still no cool

    Please someone explain this to me?

  61. 61 bbm

    ooo, thanks a lot for your recap javabeans.
    jun pyo is so cute when declaring his feeling toward jan di, especially when saying “can you see it, my heart?” (still trying to find out how it’s written :P)
    but he’s looking so hot when he’s angry and serious.
    its the same with kim bum, when he’s acting like his usual carefree playboy self, he looks so young, but when he’s serious… o my gawd, he’s so intensely hot…
    yesterday i watched sangsangplus with the cast of bof as guests (only go hyesun, hyunjoong, kim bum, and the guy who played jandi’s father, no lee minho :( ), and kim bum said that he was rejected by his first love because she was scared of his face, can you believe it!!! how ungrateful that girl is….

    oh, and with your comparison with twilight, i kinda agree a bit, because of the character of the male lead i think (i only watched the movie) and as a comic addict myself (even in my over-a-quarter-of-decade of age), i found myself attracted to all version of hyd.

    looking forward to next week…

  62. 62 nixxochick

    I find myself feeling annoyed with and not being able to like Ji-Hoo the way I was able to like and sympathize with Rui in the Japanese HYD.

    its weird but it might have a lot to do with the acting..although KJH has improved he still does not evoke the emotions his character should

  63. 63 bbm

    @ Bellezza
    “This is very true; shoujo is mostly read by 10-15 year old girls. I’m WAY too old to watch shows like Hana Yori Dango and Boys Before Flower. And that’s why I love it so much, indulging my inner fangirl in this economy is chicken soup for the soul. 😀 ”
    Me too, this kind of drama is surely my guilty pleasure, since my age is closer to be an ahjumma than a teenage girl… XD

  64. 64 Brenda

    Not to offend any JH fans, I think the difference between Rui and JiHoo, IMO is that JiHoo seems to be either mentally slow or in lala land, and Rui appeared to be very intellectual, he always had a book with him, while JH only sleeps or pretends to play the violin. If I remember correctly Rui didnt kiss Makino in the Jap HYD, they didnt show the betrayal plot, for which I think people were more drawn to Rui, also Oguri Shin is a better actor IMO

  65. 65 peachys2sleep

    Just a heads-up in case you didn’t know, next Monday is the lunar new year which means no BOF next week. I’m pretty bummed. out about it.

  66. 66 kw02

    Thanks for sharing T-Max’s version of “Lion Heart”. This winter romance remix is very pleasant, with lovely piano accompaniment and warm vocal harmony, which is quite different from SMAP’s original version. Thanks again!

  67. 67 belleza

    “If I remember correctly Rui didnt kiss Makino in the Jap HYD, they didnt show the betrayal plot, for which I think people were more drawn to Rui, also Oguri Shin is a better actor IMO”

    As a Rui x Makino shipper, that was one of my favorite scenes in ALL of Hana Yori Dango. Fist included. 😀

    “Me too, this kind of drama is surely my guilty pleasure, since my age is closer to be an ahjumma than a teenage girl…”

    Oh dearie, the giggles I get over watching Boys Before Flowers and Lee Min Ho. It’s almost INDECENT!! *wink* 😀

    “and kim bum said that he was rejected by his first love because she was SCARED OF HIS FACE, can you believe it!!! how ungrateful that girl is….”

    Betcha this was him in 3rd grade asking his teacher out. Awwwww!!! XD There there, mama will kiss all the boo boos away . . .

  68. 68 mai

    Another review on BOF! Haha, but yeah.. I surprisingly liked this episode more than the other cutesy ones although those are fun to watch, I like the tensity in this one. I’m surprised that I’m not mad at Jandi nor Jihoo or Junpyo. Jandi is obviously into Junpyo because she feels hurt that he’s hurt and the one hurting him is actually her.

    Jihoo seems to be putting Junpyo and Jandi’s relationship under a test, which makes this all more interesting. The doodling was acutally my favorite part, its where you realized Jandi’s real feelings towards Junpyo… [at least in my perspective…] Although you also sort of see it when Junpyo discovers them…

    I don’t feel like saying much, gotta go to bed. =)

    BTW, I’m also anti-Twilight too. =/

  69. 69 anon

    One of the downside for me is the fact that JP and JH doesn’t seem like the best of friends. A bit disappointed on how they portray the F4 bond.

    Out of topic.. That T-Max song is a remake of SMAP’s song. and I remembered that T-Max is heavily influenced by jpop There are even some youtube vids that showed them singing and dancing to Arashi’s Love So Sweet, the theme song for HYD2 btw.

  70. 70 Susie

    javabeans… you know that joonpyo gets amnesia in the original manga?

    i might do myself bodily harm if they decide to actually go through with this part. there are many things i will accept in the name of a very guilty pleasure as this drama is for me … but i can NOT condone another amnesia plot twist in yet another kdrama. … i REALLY hope they dont do this.

    also next week is korean new year… do you know whether we’re getting any episodes or not?

    thanks for your preview! im fluent in korean but always look foward to reading your thoughts anyways!

  71. 71 JeweL

    I was also quite satisfied with this episode. My favorite scene was where Jan Di was about to drown and Jun Pyo had to just watch helplessly. The way he walked away from the beach self-disgustedly, remorsed in the spa and tried to make up for everything by cooking food for Jan Di – I believe that was the point where I could finally believe his true feelings for her.

  72. 72 cullenhale

    I was dying during this episode! I’m such a sucker for Jun-pyo at this point…his vulnerability is do damn charming and endearing, it kills me. I couldn’t bare to watch some parts of this episode just because I knew he would eventually find out about Jan Di and Ji Hoo, argh Ji Hoo! At this point, I feel like Ji Hoo is definitely on the rebound, trying to claim someone as his. I mean, I do believe the friendship between them is real but relationship-wise, I don’t believe it. I just think Jan Di had idealized him way too much. So the preview, for the next episode, Jun-pyo’s sister, the actress’ name escapes me at the moment but I did really like her In-Soon Is Pretty, she was quite lovely in that series.

    I am pretty frustrated with Jan Di, I wish she could just admit something…she just pretends that she is completely aware, its quite annoying. So confused!

    Ga-Eul and Yi-Joon…very cute, lovely side couple.

    Argh, please put Jun-pyo and Jan Di back together, I cannot stand it. HAHA, that is the fangirl in me…I am so glad this drama has gotten me back into drama frenzy however not so good for someone being in Grad School on the quarter system.

    The fangirl in me cannot wait till episode 7 and 8, please resolve this angst!

  73. 73 Tippy

    Aiyah…this soundtrack is killing me…slowly…painfully…incessantly…AISH!

  74. 74 Bérénice

    First of all, I take the opportunity to thank you immensely, Javabeans ! It’s true that I don’t often comment, but I’m a faithful and eager reader of this blog… Love your sarcastic/ironic comments, always make me laugh ;o)

    As for BOF, I must say it’s been long since I’ve been that hooked on a drama, and it’s definitely a first for me to be watching the raws a zillion times, waiting for the next episodes… It may also be because the J-HYD was the thing that brought me to the realm of asian and paradoxically korean dramas !

    As for this version, I must say that, even if JiHoo unnerved me a lot in the previous peisodes, he really grew on me in this one. Combined with the fact that, though Jun Pyo is cute and endearing on the outside, I’d never tolerate for myself a guy taking all the decisions for me and deciding that his feelings are the only important thing in the relationship… It’s normal at this point of the story-telling – I mean, it’s a good thing the character still has to grow a little (he has 18 episodes to do so) – and it doesn’t make me like LMH and Jun Pyo any less, but I kind of relate with Jandi (on a non-fashion level, of course, this girl can’t dress herself for her life :o) ). Of course, I also understand Jun Pyo’s feeling of betrayal, and since he’s been so cute and all, I also really feel for him… But since the big sister is coming, he’s going to have to get over it ! Maybe that’ll get to stop putting Jandi in impossible situations at school (it doesfeels like he’s threatening her into a relationship with all the school bullying, sometimes…).

    Anyways, thanks a million for taking the time to write the recaps, It’s really really appreciated ! :o)

    @60 Brenda : the drawing is actually something taken directly from manga-verse… It’s not cold, really… I think it’s Rui trying his best to chear Makino up after having kind of messed up her life…

  75. 75 Alimac

    Belleza – FYI: Rui does kiss Makino (in the hospital after she fainted from exhaustion).

  76. 76 shu

    to susie at 70

    haha. i do myself bodily harm as well. i remember just reading the manga, and i bawled myself out when it was only 2 chapters.
    lol. i hope they dun do it. but i cant foresee that. cause i dun even see jandi liking junpyo at now. she’s just being guilty.

  77. 77 Jen

    I’m not a Jihoo fan, but I don’t think he’s mentally slow. I think he’s just indifferent to the F4 worshiping ordeal, or at least he’s supposed to appear that way. Once you get over the whole violin playing thing, I don’t think he’s that bad.

    I honestly think folks just set their expectations for Kim Hyun Joong way too high. Yes, most of us wanted to be surprised that he’d be a great actor upon his first acting debut but it’s his first role. Give him some slack. Comparing him to Oguri Shun or Vic Zhou is a bit much.

    Likewise, I know everyone is all praises for Jun-pyo, but I’ve always had a problem with the character. Yes, even when the leader of F4 was Domyoji Tsukasa or Dao Ming Si. Just because he makes Jan-di the exception doesn’t make him any better of a human being. I still think the guy’s an ass.

    Lee Min Ho, on the other hand, is an awesome actor. He’ll aspire to bigger and better things after the wrap of the drama, I’m sure.

  78. 78 Word!


    I totally agree with you on all your comments. You express everything that I was thinking…haha. I am surprised that I would like JP character so much since hes supposed to be the jerk….but can’t help it, hes quite charming. From what I heard about the previous series, people love Jihoo’s character than JunPyo but I’m the opposite for this series. Yes, at times the drama can be really cheesy but its a guilty pleasure to watch it. Yes I guess Jihoo has improved acting wise, but I still can’t get over his stares. He look so lost when he is supposed to express his feelings through his eyes.

    awwww….how I wish I were friends with F4 so I can experience their lifestyles…haha i don’t need them as boyfriends (even though I don’t mind..but I might be too old for them), I would like to be their friends hahaha

  79. 79 Anne

    I’m not sure if I like this episode.
    Lee Miin Ho is a great actor but his Jun Pyo is too overbearing and selfish. Is he aware that Jan Di likes Ji Hoo? Even if all he has are just suspicions, if he really likes Jan Di, he will let her go and be happy.
    I know I shouldn’t compare but In the Japanese version, there was a scene wherein Domyouji basically told Makino that if she really likes Rui, Rui will eventually like her because she’s an amazing person and Domyouji approves of her. And although Domyouji also decided by himself that Makino is his girlfriend, there are a lot of moments when he held his hand and waited for Makino to reach for it — basically it’s symbolism that he will lead (initiated the relationship) and she will follow (agreed to be part of the relationship). The main point is, Makino can choose and she chose Domyouji.
    The main reason why a lot of people does not like Jan Di is not because she does not like Jun Pyo but because she strung Jun Pyo along. She never said she liked Jun Pyo (and it is Jun Pyo’s fault for demanding and assuming that Jan Di likes him back) but see, she also never said she does not like him. Sure, she can be in big trouble if she went against Jun Pyo but that did not stop her before (with the ice cream, and fighting back when Jun Pyo encouraged rumors that she’s pregnant).
    She can like Ji Hoo if she wants but she should have cleared things with Jun Pyo especially since Jun Pyo was very vocal about liking her and there were a lot of opportunities for her to tell him so.
    I feel for Ji Hoo’s character being brokenhearted especially since Seo Hyun was supposed to be his best friend, lover, and mother all in one (freaky! but whatever) and I’d understand if he’s going on a path to self-destruction because of his loss but I hate the fact that he went after Jan Di even though he knows that his best friend likes her. That is really rude and no matter how you look at it, it’s wrong. If he talked to Jun Pyo and told him he also likes Jan Di up front (instead of doing all these things behind Jun Pyo’s back), I would have had more respect for him.
    I am not saying this because I think Jan Di is Jun Pyo’s or whatever. I’m saying this basically because it all boils down to respect. Even if he does not intend to hurt Jun Pyo on purpose, he knows it will hurt him and that fact alone should have stopped him in his tracks and made him think things through.

  80. 80 Shrimp

    Re. Twilight: Due to peer pressure, where all my friends keep sayin’ that I have to read Meyer’s books coz they’re helluva good…well, i let myself be bitten by this Twilight bug. But for crying out loud… the bug just didn’t bite me hard-er. I told em that i’d rather them call me outdated but i swear classic lit. still rocks!

    Thanks for the recap…i honestly rely on you so i’d be able to see clearly the rage, passion and this and that in Lee Min-ho’s eyes *it’s kinna frustrating you know, that i have to read what they’re saying coz obviously i can’t understand em*.

    I used to watch every epi. twice. First, i have to focus on the subtitles so that n the 2nd time, i can already focus myself to their acting * & pretend that i can really understand every word they say!*. But now, because I get to read yer recaps first before i can actually watch it, i already know what to expect and where the scenes are heading and the flow of their conversation. I HONESTLY don’t find it hard to focus now, without even looking at the subs…i already know perfectly what’s goin’ on with them…with this I THANK YOU JAVABEANS!

  81. 81 Bérénice

    Just another quick comment: was I the only one to get a “Bay watch” vibe when Johoo was running towards the ocean to save Jandi from drowning?

  82. 82 snoopyvkd

    Thanks for another great recap! I’ve become once again a total addict to this drama. Monday and tuesday, I run back home to download the episodes, and the next morning run to office to start the computer and read Wonder Javabeans words. :)
    Last time I was in this state was almost exactly one year ago, with HGD.
    It’s really a relief to see Kim hyun joong’s acting getting better.
    I haven’t seen the other version nor read the manga. So maybe it’s easier to watch with no expectations. I find that every episode is packed with surprises, storyline goes fast, and the perfect paradise scenery, wow!
    I agree some transitions are weird, and inconsistent lighting, or editing? really annoyed me in the first episodes. Like the scene when the see Seo Hyun off at the airport.
    Otherwise, clumsiness I can accept, as though it goes along with the story. These characters are all teens, experiencing first emotions, don’t really know how to express their feelings.
    Anyway, can’t wait till next week for more fun.

  83. 83 DBSK

    i have so much to say but i’ll just leave it at a few things~

    first, i know a lot of people are dissing khj’s acting, but i really think it’s the script that’s the problem, not him…i mean they don’t give the guy that many lines to begin with…he’s working with what he has…i don’t think we should get the character confused with the actor…either way, khj is a gorgeous piece of human…i was totally digging the wet look throughout ep. 6…

    having said that…i agree that the love triangle between jd, jp and jh is weird. for a drama that has 24 episodes, i’m wondering why jp’s feelings for jd are already so apparent. where’s the mystery? it’s one thing for him to secretly develop feelings for her, but he’s so upfront with his intentions that there’s no way jd could be confused as to what he’s feeling. also, i think that there needed to be more scenes (like the ones in ep. 6) of jd and jh talking together. then it would have made their feelings for each other more believable. once again, because the drama is twice as long as the first hana yori dango, i felt that the writers could have developed jd and jh’s relationship more without rushing everything.

    also, i’m wondering if the korean version (due to its length) is going to combine the plot lines of the first and second seasons of hana yori dango. although at this point, i really see the drama doing more of its own thing (like javabeans mentioned).

    finally, i LOVE ga eul and yi jung as a potential couple. the chemistry is amazing!! or am i just distracted by kim bum’s gorgeous smile? probably a combination…
    although it seemed as though the writers were hinting at a future relationship between the two (the whole “soul mate” conversation) i’m not getting my hopes up just yet. after all, soujiroh avoided yuki in hana yori dango the entire time (and i thought they would be pretty cute together as well). however, it does seem like yi jung is pursuing ga eul as opposed to the other way around, so there may be a chance that the writers do take liberties and make them a couple. i’d be so excited!

  84. 84 Lin

    I just love the Yi-jung and Ga-eul pairing. I can’t take my eyes off the screen when they are together and find myself rewinding to get a closer look at their expressions. Love them and can’t wait for their relationship to develop more.

    I agree KHJ’s acting improved a lot this episode. But is it true that it was filmed earlier?

  85. 85 DBSK

    oh and i forgot to mention that regardless of what happens, i’m ADDICTED to this drama in spite of its flaws and dorky moments. ~

  86. 86 mookie

    lol, belleza dearie, mine @ LMH (and Kim Bum too) r totally VERY indecent. And yes, I’m snuffed out as more of a fanajumma.

    I think my enjoyment of any version of HYD or my shipping is entirely on superficial droolzing, yes Shun is a good actor, but I’m a RuiMakino shipper simply because I find him more attractive than a chimp/matsujun. (yeah hit me)

    Jerry Yan’s normal speaking voice is way more girly/squeaky than mine when spooked, though zaizai’s acting is nonexistent, his Rui =sleeping pill overdose… he is still one dreamy guy.

    I don’t need triangles, I can stand an annoying Rui/Jandi/music/nonsensical plot, I just need Lee’s JP and I’ll happily droolz on.

    haha I actually lol’d at the Jandi in 3 inches of water and drowning scene….and gagaing over how LMH can still be acting convincingly concerned about his damsel in distress. This is enjoyable Kdrama cheese.

  87. 87 mina

    i just couldn’t stop myself feeling resentful towards Ji Hoo and specially to Jandi on this episode, Junpyo got pretty banged up emotionally on this episode….i’ve been expecting it and i know things are going to get better but the actors gave this episode something really incredible, a new kind of flavor i haven’t seen from the other ones! …

  88. 88 favoree

    Finally, this drama shifts into the koreanness in the way I love it. As Javabeans mentioned very truly, now it is a totally independent , there is nothing copied from Japanese version. For me ( as a foreigner) it’s like comparing a Japanese and a Korean ceramic vase: laconic but interesting and strong Japanese one and a colorful, more abundant Korean. I like both.
    As for characters , the Japanese version was based on two strong pillars: the excentric acting of Matsumoto Jun and the classic emoting of Oguri Shun. As usual, the Korean version is less about acting ( the actors are kind of inexperienced here) , but more about the charisma of beautiful faces and pure physical attractiveness, as well as nice styling and – I can’ t find another words- this soul in Seoul. Also the storyline is more intricate .I like it immensely. The Jandi’s family is very nice.

  89. 89 belleza


    “there was a scene wherein Domyouji basically told Makino that if she really likes Rui, Rui will eventually like her because she’s an amazing person and Domyouji approves of her.”

    “The main point is, Makino can choose and she chose Domyouji.”

    But that’s actually where the Japanese HanaDan deviates from the original story.

    Doumyouji’s love for Makino IS overbearing and selfish; it begins as an obsession that is initially more lustful than emotional. Literally, he wants to devour her. And in fact, even when Makino starts to develop feelings for Doumyouji, she feels SUFFOCATED by it. She asks herself “why me? what do you see in me?” And also, “can’t you see that the more you think you love me, the more suffering I go through?”

    If you’ve seen “What Happened in Bali” , the contrast is similar (and I’ve always said What Happened in Bali is somewhat like the dark, adult version of the Hana Dan fairytale.) Douymouji is essentially Jo In Sung; his selfishness, cruelty, and rage belies a tenderness and a capacity to love that is overwhelming. Rui is So Ji Sub, a puzzling blend of cool, distant, yet deep nature where he can love her for who she is and want what is truly best for her, even if he is unable to express it completely. And of course Makino is Ha Ji Won, who can’t make up her frigging mind!

    Japanese HanaDan kinda dials this down, because the writers decided to make the first season more about Doumyouji’s coming-of-age than really about the romance. He starts out as a savage and man-child, and by the end of his Byronic journey, he becomes a caring human being.

    Although those themes are also part of the original canon (esp. with regards to the Saturn Necklace and the “Rain Scene”), the narrative of the original manga was never really written like this. And if the drama is structured into a literal amortization of the manga, then it makes more sense to have Jung Pyo be an Ultimate Bastard, and his love to be as socially unacceptable as possible. The romance precedes a clean bill of character development. Plus it’s more fun to watch! 😀


    “I don’t need triangles, I can stand an annoying Rui/Jandi/music/nonsensical plot, I just need Lee’s JP and I’ll happily droolz on.”

    TRUE. I’m an original (i.e. manga) RuixMakino shipper, and I loved watching Shun and Mao together.

    But this drama . . EHHHH . . . . it’s like I want to choke Jandi and go “Get over yourself you Santa Helper wannabe!! (her outfits are more tragic than a Choi Ji Woo melodrama 😀 !) Jung Pyo is FINE!!!! He’s SO into you girl!!” LOL

    I’ll say it again: Lee Min Ho is baby Kimura Takuya. Around his jeri curls and pretty sneer, why, I am a blushing bride! 😀

  90. 90 bethany

    awesome. thank you.

  91. 91 bjharm

    we all have a different view on who wrong or right who to blame. As in all K-drama it ends up the girls fault, no matter what. So I speak on her defence.
    First she liked the blond before she even thought of curly top in that manner, so she would feel some loyalty to those feelings, no matter if it just a crush mixed with feeling sorry for his sad, loner act. and of course grateful for his aid in the early part of the show. Then add what her role model asked of her before she leaves to go back to paris, make sure blond not sad, or something to that effect.
    Frankly I think the real window to what her feels are, is that she would not kiss curly top, why, because she knows she really likes him and a kiss would reveal that. After all she been fighting him all along and it a big step to reverse things.
    With blond it was more that she was comforting him rather than really ‘kissing’ him.

  92. 92 km

    ^at Jen

    actually that was vic zhou’s first ever role as well! and he wasn’t perfect either, to be honest (:

    but i think mostly people have been so critical (myself included) of kim hyun joong’s portrayal because his face just seems so blank all the time! aloof, indifferent, a daydreamer.. these i can understand. but an emotionless mask-like face that is supposed to inspire jandi’s infatuation? no way. but things are improving now so yay, hyun joong! (:

  93. 93 Rory

    on twilight: dramabeans, you’re right about the basic essence of the stories and the surrounding fandom… but i much prefer hana yori dango world. twilight is a nice extra-cheesy vampire novel but is also as anti-feminist as you can get. bella is annoyingly passive. at least makino is a kick-ass girl with a temper.

    @ brenda, LOL i might have to agree with you about jihoo. he’s the constantly-in- lalaland sleepy type whereas hanazawa rui was the absent-minded dreamy intellectual. maybe that’s one of the reasons i find rui more sympathetic? those books they had him use as props were key…

    this has been said (in 83 and 84) but for me, the chemistry between yijung and gaeul exceeds the chemistry between jandi and junpyo in squeal-factor. kim bum is ADORABLE.

    i literally loled at the jandi drowning scene, “in like FOUR feet of water.”

  94. 94 Muse

    Having canvased this basic plot twice before, I can’t believe I am still so addicted.
    I must admit that I started this series with reservations. The Taiwanese version was my first encounter with HYD, while the Japanese version was a lot tighter paced, better acted and thereby more believable.
    Reason why the current version appeals so much is probably in their conception of Jun Pyo’s character, not so coarse as Jerry’s and not as scary verging on crazy as matsumoto jun’s. Frankly Jun Pyo’s portrayal is a lot more endearing, as he dosen’t seem as hardened, is not as unbelievably stupid and has more quirky flaws. Which makes his leadership of F4 more plausible.
    Also how adorable is Kim Bum? Sigh ~

  95. 95 tinka

    Ok, who else loved the pseudo-kayak race?? At the beginning I couldn’t believe my eyes and was sqirming in my seat, embarrassed, but then I realized that the script writer was actually a huge Simpsons fan! Cuz what else could have been the reason for JP’s mad paddle-dash after JH if not a slight variety of the immortal Jasper philosophy, namely something like: “Trying to hook up with my love interest, YOU BET THAT’S A PADDLING!!”

  96. 96 backstage

    am i the only one that luuuvs the whole triangle thing going on??

    ive alllways loved jihoo character
    (whether its the taiwanese, japanese or korean version~)

    **i must say junpyo is indeed charismatic~

    oMg..kim bum-ji hoo convo was too much!!!i luuv it!!!
    oh.. and i luuv how yi-jung described jan-di’s soulmate as

    a bad boy who would suck the life out of jan-di~

    or sumthing like that..hehe

  97. 97 LMH Fan

    LMH is absolutely HOT! HOT! HOT! I’m looking forward to the episodes next week and thanks for the caps!

  98. 98 reverie

    yes, agree with you. this episode has a soul of its own. different from the other version.

    ….can’t help complaining a lil bit….. in this episode, it was JunPyo who walk like an imitation of Jackie Chen drunken master….. before it was Jandi (why can she just walk like normal girl….to exaggerating….totally ruined the mood)

    still dreaming of re-edited and new music arrangement for these series….hhhhhnnn

  99. 99 Angela

    Thank you so much! I just LOVE your recaps.

    I like how you compared its popularity to Twilight. Personally, I’m one of those people who can not STAND that book (although, in my defense, at least I’ve given it a chance). I tried reading it–only made it half-way through before finally giving it up as boring and stupid–tried watching the movie–couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole thing–and I’ve been forced to defend my dislike of it against various friends who don’t even like to read, but think Twilight is the Best. Thing. In. The. World.

    But Boys Before Flowers–Hana Yori Dango–THAT I get.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next! ^_^

  100. 100 Anonymous

    OMG!!!!! Lee Min Ho just keep on gettin better & better & hotter with every episode doesn’t he!!!! hahaha I thought he absouletly needled the scene where he found Jandi & Jihoo …… ya!! The face expression, the way he talks and acts omg it made me feel his pain and sorrow!!! Next week’s episode is goin to be so hard breaking!!! LMH is going to be big after this if he isn’t already!!! I adore this episode one of the best so far!!!

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