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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 8
by | January 27, 2009 | 216 Comments

Ratings continue to rise; this episode posted the highest numbers thus far (25.9%), widening the gap between now-second-place East of Eden (21.8%).

Just to clarify, I know what generally happens in the original story, but when I’m talking about this drama, I don’t care so much what’s supposed to happen, or how a certain event is construed in another version. I care what does (or doesn’t) happen now and how events are construed HERE.

Moving on: I think I giggled through at least half of this episode. Some of it intentional, some not.


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After a moment, Jan-di pushes away from Jun-pyo’s hug and says, dully, “I’m sorry.” Jun-pyo takes a moment to let this sink in, then: “Do you understand what I’m doing? The Almighty Gu Jun-pyo is pleading with you.”

Jan-di answers that she can’t help it. He wonders, “How did I come to like someone like you?” as though wishing he didn’t. He tells her she just threw away her last chance, because from tomorrow on, she won’t get any more. Jan-di returns, “That’s what I want.”

He leaves. Jan-di repeats to herself, not very convincingly, “I won’t regret it. I won’t ever regret it.”

Race day. Schoolmates gather poolside to spectate, mostly betting on (and cheering for) a Jun-pyo victory. The Tarty Trio, naturally, solidify their Mean Girl image by dressing as vapid cheerleaders. Well, I suppose the vapid part is already built-in.

The swimmers take their positions and the relay begins; Ji-hoo takes an immediate lead over Woo-bin. Thus when Jan-di begins her lap, she’s got a head start over Yi-jung, and at the turn, she’s leading by a full body length.

But Yi-jung starts closing the distance, and in the final stretch, her lead has been narrowed so they’re almost even. (Hey Jan-di, if you volunteered to take Ji-hoo’s place, shouldn’t you have been, uh, better than him?) Ga-eul urges Jan-di to hang in there, and Jun-pyo watches the tightening race as tension mounts.

The situation starts to mirror the scenario described in the restaurant ajusshi’s hazy dream (so he’s not just kooky, but also psychic!) — Jan-di and Yi-jung are neck and neck as their hands reach out toward the wall… and everything goes dark. The lights have been switched off. When they flicker back on, everyone looks around in confusion and wonders who won, but nobody was able to see the crucial final moment.

Glancing around, Jun-hee spies Jun-pyo walking away, and smiles knowingly.

Right before the lights went out, our last glimpse of the swimmers had shown Jan-di ahead by just a hair, but given that Yi-jung was gaining on her, this suggests that Jun-pyo turns off the lights not because he is afraid of losing, but because he realizes he doesn’t actually want to win.

The reason I believe that’s the case (rather than Jun-pyo doing it because he didn’t want to lose) is because of what follows: It is decided that Ji-hoo and Jan-di get to stay, thus winning the competition.

Jun-hee announces the results to everyone minus Jun-pyo (who has left on his own), and thanks Jan-di: “My stupid brother seems to be growing up nicely because of you.”

Yi-jung congratulates Jan-di on a good race, then punches Ji-hoo in the stomach. But as he does so with a smile, it’s like saying, “You kinda sucked there for a while but we’re still friends.” Ji-hoo seems to accept this good-naturedly as his due.

After the others leave, Jan-di and Ji-hoo both speak up at the same time, intending to thank the other.

They laugh and try saying their thanks again, and then, somewhat out of the blue, Ji-hoo asks, “Do you want to go on a date with me?”

When F2 drops by, Jun-pyo is contemplating a toy robot and musing aloud, “Gu Jun-pyo, you sure are paying back your debt.” By way of explanation, Jun-pyo brings up a wooden robot Ji-hoo had once had as a kid, which Little Jun-pyo wanted to play with. Little Ji-hoo didn’t want to give it away, but he’d grabbed it anyway, then tripped on the ground. The robot clattered to the pavement, and an incoming car flattened it with its tires.

As Little Ji-hoo cried, Mr. Jung had told Little Jun-pyo that it had been a gift from Ji-hoo’s deceased father.

Jun-pyo explains that ever since that day, he’d felt that he had an outstanding debt with Ji-hoo. This is his way of paying it back — letting Ji-hoo and Jan-di win the competition and dropping the grudge.

Jun-pyo: “After all, I can’t destroy Jan-di just to prevent anyone from having her, like I did back then.”

Yi-jung and Woo-bin are impressed — and relieved — at this display of newfound maturity. Listening at the door, Jun-hee smiles, too — looks like a certain idiot brother learned his lesson with the ill-fated horse.

In the morning, Yi-jung and Woo-bin try to wrangle a resistant Jun-pyo out of bed. Not in the mood to go out, he refuses, stubbornly remaining under the covers. The guys look at each other knowingly and mention the one thing sure to rouse Jun-pyo’s interest: Ji-hoo’s date with Jan-di.

They oh-so-innocently speculate over what will happen during the date: “Maybe they’ll take in the sunlight and nap together?” “And she’ll sleep on his arm?”

It’s not an accurate prediction, but it does the trick in spurring Jun-pyo to action. Meanwhile, the actual date starts off nicely with a ride on Ji-hoo’s horse, which is followed by walking and conversation. Jan-di’s rather enjoying herself — until Ji-hoo steers them to Namsan Tower.

Suddenly assailed with memories of the day she spent here with Jun-pyo, Jan-di glances over to the spot where Jun-pyo had waited for her in the snow, her mood subduing.

She remains quiet as they head inside and, at Ji-hoo’s suggestion, take the cable car. Ji-hoo enjoys the view, but Jan-di doesn’t even look outside, distracted with memories of the night spent in the cold car with Jun-pyo. Something catches her eye, and we finally see what it is that Jun-pyo had written on the wall with Jan-di’s pen:

Gu Jun-pyo ♥ Geum Jan-di
“Our first night!”

Meanwhile, Jun-pyo has followed the couple to Namsan Tower, watching unhappily from his car. (Ji-hoo notices that they’re being trailed and finds Jun-pyo’s behavior humorous, though Jan-di remains oblivious.)

When the couple heads to Ji-hoo’s house, Jun-pyo can’t quite decide what to do with himself — interrupt them? Go home? Instead, he paces outside indecisively, trying to tamp down his frustration. (Again, Ji-hoo notices Jun-pyo on the security monitor, and finds it amusing.)

Jan-di looks around at the luxurious house, noting pictures of Ji-hoo with Seo-hyun as children. When asked why nobody’s around, Ji-hoo explains that he prefers his staff to be gone when he’s home: “But it’s strange, I’m not uncomfortable around you. For some reason, I find you comfortable and fun. Something about you is warm.”

The flattery flusters Jan-di, her uneasiness growing when Ji-hoo looks at her meaningfully to say, “I think I understand why Jun-pyo likes you.” He leans in to kiss her.

Jan-di shrinks back, then pretends to be distracted, leaving him hanging. Rather than being upset at her reaction, Ji-hoo finds it telling.

He admits that the guys may have been right in thinking that if not for Seo-hyun, his relationship with Jan-di might not have developed this way. It turns out Seo-hyun isn’t marrying her French fiancé after all, but still, “That doesn’t change anything. I think it’s time for me to let her go.” He thanks Jan-di: “Because of you, I could let go of my first love.”

By way of consolation, Jan-di tells him, “They say that there’s a kind of fate where people may break up multiple times, but they end up meeting again in the end. You’ll meet her again. Because… the two of you…”

Jan-di trails off just as Ji-hoo’s head lands on her shoulder — he’s fallen asleep. But that makes it easier for Jan-di to finish her thought honestly; relieved, she relaxes a bit and says, “Thanks to Seo-hyun unni, I think I’ll be able to let go of my first love, too.”

While Ji-hoo sleeps, Jan-di leaves the house, turning back to murmur, “Goodbye, Ji-hoo.” After she’s gone, Ji-hoo addresses his poster of Seo-hyun on the wall: “I may regret it, but I should let her go, shouldn’t I?”

Jun-pyo, however, misses seeing Jan-di leave, because he gives up just moments before she emerges from the house and drives off in disappointment. Assuming the date is going swimmingly, Jun-pyo is therefore in a dark mood when he, Yi-jung, and Woo-bin get the same text message from Ji-hoo, suggesting a friendly game of ice hockey.

(I think this drama has decided to give us as many different uniforms and costumes as humanly possible. What’s next, folks? Scuba gear, circus acts, floofy tutus? Bring it on! I say this drama isn’t complete until I’ve seen all these boys cross-dressing at some point.)

When F4 is gathered on the rink, Jun-pyo says in a challenging tone, “Thought this was date night for you. Why’d you call us out?”

Coolly, Ji-hoo answers that he’d planned on a nice date night, but things got boring: “I don’t care for easy girls.” Jun-pyo’s hackles raise at this insult toward Jan-di and the other two warn Ji-hoo to cut it out, but Ji-hoo continues carelessly, painting Jan-di as eager and clinging. Because of Seo-hyun, he’d almost been tempted to take her up on the offer — “But she wasn’t good for anything other than passing the time.”

This, my friends, is what we call a death wish. Having deliberately pushed Jun-pyo’s buttons, Ji-hoo takes to the ice and the four begin their “game,” only it’s not really much of a game so much as it is Ji-hoo taunting Jun-pyo with the puck. Hampered by his anger and a singular goal to body-check Ji-hoo at every opportunity, Jun-pyo’s fury trips him up (literally) and Ji-hoo out-skates him. When he finally does slam into Ji-hoo, Jun-pyo flings off his helmet and starts pounding him.

(Btw, who else finds it hilariously inappropriate whenever they use the song “Paradise” in entirely un-paradise-like conditions? Like, say, to score a bloody fight on an ice rink?)

Ji-hoo points out, “She doesn’t matter to you now.” Jun-pyo: “She does! Even if she doesn’t, it matters!”

Woo-bin and Yi-jung hold Jun-pyo back as he bites out, “If you hurt Jan-di, I’ll kill you!” Ji-hoo sighs, “You should have just said that from the start.”

At that, the guys all stare. Ji-hoo continues, “See? You can’t give her up. You should’ve been honest so I didn’t have to do all this.” Far from appeased, Jun-pyo glares at him, calls him a crazy bastard, and storms off.

On the other hand, the other two are somewhat relieved that Ji-hoo isn’t entirely crazy and/or a horrible friend, although they do think he used rather extreme methods. Woo-bin wonders why he hadn’t said anything before, and Ji-hoo replies, “He owed me a debt. That punk broke my robot.” You just don’t get between a boy and his toys.

That night, Jan-di is lost in thoughts of Jun-pyo when she gets a call from his phone. In an effort to (over)compensate for nerves, Jan-di is about to launch into their customary bickering, but stops short to hear Yi-jung on the line.

Jan-di rushes to the hospital, so frazzled she’s wearing mismatched shoes, panicked about Yi-jung’s news. Arriving at a private hospital room bearing Jun-pyo’s name, Jan-di starts to tear up. Preparing herself for the sight, she enters, and Yi-jung greets her with a solemn look.

Woo-bin sits bedside by an unconscious Jun-pyo, begging him to wake up. Ji-hoo’s there as well.

Making her way to his bedside, Jan-di holds Jun-pyo’s hand and cries, cautiously at first, then growing in intensity:

Jan-di: “Wake up. Why won’t you wake up? I have so much to say to you, to fight with you about, to explain to you. What’s wrong?”

They explain that Jun-pyo had been depressed all day. The accident occurred after he rushed out saying he had to apologize to Jan-di. Starting to sob in earnest, Jan-di pleads:

Jan-di: “I’m the one who should apologize. Gu Jun-pyo, I wronged you. I lied to you. When you left after asking me to say those words, I regretted it. Gu Jun-pyo, wake up! Now I think I can tell you those words you wanted to hear, but how can I when you’re like this? Wake up!”

Happy to oblige, he does. His eyes pop open and he asks, grinning, “For real?”

As I am sure many of you guessed ahead of time (I was HOWLING with laughter throughout this scene), this was an elaborate ruse to get Jan-di to admit her feelings. Ji-hoo apologizes for his part, but they’re both so stubborn that extreme measures were required.

Jan-di blinks in bewilderment as the guys marvel at Jan-di’s proof of devotion. Jun-pyo leans toward her eagerly, wanting to hear her make good on her promise: “Say those words you just promised you’d say.” Jun-pyo thoroughly enjoys the moment, and Jan-di beats him up in retaliation.

I think if Jan-di had been seriously upset with them for manipulating her, I would have been behind her in thinking this was kinda mean. But she seems to take it well, after the initial surprise. At least, she doesn’t protest his attentions anymore.

Case in point: Jun-pyo takes her away for their own date day. First, he teaches her how to play golf (she is not good). (Also, can I say: I understand the desire to dress the lead actress in cute outfits without contradicting her poor character, but I would prefer they stop with the whole rich-guy-buys-his-girl-clothing thing. It seems proprietary.)

Then, he takes her out to eat some really awesome-looking sashimi, appreciating the sight of Jan-di stuffing herself silly. When dinner is over, Jan-di gazes longingly at the huge spread still left uneaten.

Feeling it would be a waste to leave all that behind, as they’re leaving, Jan-di tells Jun-pyo to go on ahead, then sneaks back inside to get the rest wrapped to go.

On her way out, Jan-di bumps into someone, who turns out to be part of a group date including the Three Musketeerettes (Amigas? Furies? Witches of Eastwick?). Jan-di’s boxed leftovers spill out onto the ground, and seeing that she’s alone, the girls waste no time mocking her for taking people’s leftovers. They’re caught up in laughter when Jun-pyo enters, sees the food on the ground, and takes stock of the situation.

The guys are vaguely acquainted with him and josh him for his new (read: plebeian) taste in women. As with all Jan-di-related insults, this is precisely the wrong thing to say; Jun-pyo threatens, “Want to shut up nicely, or would you like to read the news tomorrow morning about your company going under?”

If only we could all wield such power over our enemies. The guy hurries to apologize to Jan-di, and Jun-pyo leads her away.

Next, they watch a movie in the car at Jun-pyo’s private drive-in theater, where the pressure of being alone starts getting to both of them. Neither can look at the other; Jan-di squirms in embarrassment, while Jun-pyo tries to muster up the courage to make the first move. Their internal monologues are pretty hilarious, particularly with the normally-so-authoritative Jun-pyo trying to psych himself up:

Jun-pyo: “Gu Jun-pyo. Now’s the moment. Turn to her.”
Jan-di: “No! Don’t look at me. Gu Jun-pyo, if you turn toward me, you’re so dead.”
Jun-pyo: “Damn, I can’t do it! I’ll just have some popcorn.”

Their hands accidentally meet as they both reach for popcorn, and Jun-pyo takes that as his signal to make his move. He leans in closer, their hearts start to race, Jan-di closes her eyes in anticipation…

…and then her phone rings. Immediately, Jun-pyo retreats and the moment is broken.

Turns out her family is calling to exult over the latest extravagance: When Jan-di arrives home that night, they’re eating a lavish spread just like the one she had for dinner, sent courtesy of Jun-pyo.

She gets a text message from Jun-pyo that night, which he has sent to offset her reaction to sending all the food: “I’m saying this in case you get mad again, but that wasn’t for you. So don’t eat any of it.” Funny how his grand gestures often get her riled up, but a little thing like this (which shows he’s getting to know her enough to predict her reaction) makes her smile.

On the other hand, now she’s completely embarrassed by the almost-kiss and doesn’t know how to act around Jun-pyo. When he calls, she fakes static noises and rattles off a litany of lame excuses before hanging up on him. Oh, young love. Silly, stupid, young love.

Ji-hoo finds her swimming at school, and wonders why she’s there when they’re on break. When she replies that swimming makes her feel better, he asks if something’s bothering her (which she avoids answering).

Ji-hoo takes a phone call from Jun-pyo, but when he assumes she’ll want to talk to him, Jan-di hurriedly motions for him not to mention her presence. Jun-pyo is on his way over, so Jan-di invents an excuse to rush off, leaving Ji-hoo puzzled at her behavior.

Thus she reacts with alarm to Jun-pyo’s unannounced arrival at home that night. Her family welcomes him enthusiastically, completely won over when Jun-pyo addresses her parents as “Father” and “Mother.”

She protests when Jun-pyo makes the rather unorthodox request that they put him up for the night, but she’s outnumbered: everyone else jumps to accommodate him.

It’s a little silly to show the five of them all settling in for the night in the same room, although I suppose they kind of explain it when Jan-di’s brother offers to share his room with Jun-pyo and his mother balks at that. (Perhaps they all want a piece of the Jun-pyo love? Can’t say I don’t understand.)

Although this is a far cry from Jun-pyo’s palatial estate — he laughs that his bathrooms are bigger than their bedroom — Jun-pyo is oddly enjoying himself.

While everyone else sleeps, he tells Jan-di, “I came without really planning anything, but this is a ton of fun.” He jokes about the sleeping arrangement, but muses, “Still, with everyone sleeping under the same blanket, doesn’t it seem like a family?”

In order to avoid continuing the conversation, Jan-di pretends to have fallen asleep — leaving Jun-pyo to fend for himself against her snoring, mumbling, crowding father and brother.


Okay, I’ve made a conscious effort not to bring Hana Yori Dango discussions into this drama, but I’ll depart from that rule for just a second. I knew Rui’s meddling in the Doumyouji–Makino relationship turned out to be his way of prodding them to admit their feelings for each other, and I’d wondered if Ji-hoo was doing the same… But it didn’t seem so up through Episode 7. (For one, Jan-di and Jun-pyo were getting along when he showed up, so if anything his presence was an inhibitor, not a facilitator.) Also, Ji-hoo admits that he was acting out from losing Seo-hyun, which pushed him to become closer with Jan-di. Thus Ji-hoo had no secret motives when he kissed Jan-di — he liked her, he was rebounding, ergo kiss.

That wrecked everything with Jun-pyo, and to keep Jan-di from expulsion, Ji-hoo went along with the competition. He wanted to win to protect Jan-di, and somewhere along the line (when Jun-pyo lost control of his car), he figured out that Jun-pyo didn’t really want to cut Jan-di out of his life.

So as I see it, Ji-hoo’s manipulations began after they won the competition (or Jun-pyo conceded, however you choose to look at it), when he asked Jan-di out on the date — that’s when he began working to bring Jun-pyo and Jan-di back together, after contributing to their breakup initially.

However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Jan-di. Judging from his reaction after she left his house, I think we are to take that he does have feelings for her, but is willing to step back because the couple so obviously likes each other. (Although Jan-di is looking at the poster of Seo-hyun in the photo above, I think the image rather perfectly captures her relationship with Ji-hoo at that point, doesn’t it?)

I didn’t hate Ji-hoo in this episode, nor did I really like him — I guess he’s back to fading in as one of the F4 members, so he doesn’t register as strongly either way. I think I can live with that.


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    I know, i was seriously laughing so hard at the hospital scene, and they even use that kind of sad music, it just makes me laugh even harder.
    It was hard to control my laughter, bwahahahaha… And at that time, i was watching it in tvants, without sub but i still can go LMAO…

    This episode is so cute and funny. I’m just glad that the pace of this drama is fast if not i’ll be so tired to watch the whole same drama all over again. Although i think because of the fast pacing, the characters development aren’t thorough enough such as F4’s friendship, JandixJihoo’s relationship and memorable scenes such as Junpyo and Jandi being trapped in skytrain, Jandi being bullied at the first part is less memorable…

    However, i’m loving this drama despite all the flaws. This is what entertainment should be about, ignoring flaws and enjoy…

  32. 32 Anonymous

    I believe that this was probably the best episode overall. There were tears and lots of comedy. I felt giddy for most part. While I agree that JH started to work to bring JP and JD ever later than winning the competition. I think , he made his decision when he saw JH shrink from him during the kiss or how she was uneasy with his attention. It could also be her apparent distraction in the ropeway car. In all the signs were telling and JH is nothing if not observant.

    While I am loving how this version picked some of the best incidents in the other two versions, I keep wondering what is left in the story….entry of the vamp ergo mom dear and her plots I guess. For now it seems the JP/JD relationship has pretty stable footing and very little to upset it. JP’s comment about family was touching. On the other hand JD’s family irritates me, it is almost as if they are ready to barter thier daughter for monies. I wonder how JD grew to be so self sufficient in a family like that.

  33. 33 lina

    haha I was waiting every minute for your recaps and I must agree with your comment, that’s what I thought when I finished ep 8 too. I was thinking if that whole thing was Ji Hoo doing because it didn’t seem like it at the start. And I do think that Jihoo likes Jandi (his eyes hint it, i think)
    Anyways, it would’ve been nice and funny if you included the part where Junpyo called Jandi “shiteak” (is that even the right spelling?) and then her father sleep-response to that (even though I think details are unnecessary)

  34. 34 G

    Thanks for this review–as always, you’re right on point!

    This was a sweet episode, as everyone was saying, and I thought the captures were particularly cute, too, this time! I’m glad the Ji-Hoo Jun-Pyo angst was resolved relatively quickly in this episode, I think the Jan-Di/Jun-Pyo cute bickering will be enough drama for me for at least another episode.

    Great recap! I really do enjoy watching parts of the episode again after reading your recap and insights!

  35. 35 sonam

    I think Ji Hoo decides to give up Jandi because he knows she has started developing feelings for JP . He is very perceptive and sensed that when they were doing the drawing.
    I hope the kisses will be decent. Kdramas and Jdramas seem to get very coy when it comes to kisses. I am not asking for heavy duty tongue action. Just some sweet ones without camera tricks and uptight faces and bodies.
    Say what you want about Meteor Garden but it had great kisses!

  36. 36 peachys2sleep

    “You just don’t get between a boy and his toys.”


    The best part of your recaps is definitely your commentary for sure! thanks javabeans =D

  37. 37 Rebeca


    I officially anounce that BOF is the BEST manga adaptation EVER! lollllllllllllll

    I mentioned in a couple of posts b4 that Joon Pyo wasn’t “doumyoji-ish” enough…but that feeling has gone! Joon Pyo has totally embodied Doumyoji!!!! I Love. Love. LOVE! him

    Joon Hyo was also a much more convincing character in this episode. The acting wasn’t top notch. But it wasn’t unbearable either.

    Jan Di is also becoming a pretty good Makino……but she needs to shine more. Sometimes i tend to just tune her out, like she’s invisible. Idk if this makes sense, but JanDI isn’t “popping” out of the screen like her character is supposed to do. Granted, of course the fact that this particular arc is supposed to be about inner turmoil and not about her “Survival skills”and “integrity” if you will…..she is a little boring to watch right now(as supposed to kind of annoying like she was in the beginning)………..but i hope that as she really starts falling for Joon Pyo, her character will become more interesting.

    This episode was the best so far…and we are officially 1/3 of the way through 😀

    And may i just mention that Yi Jung is the hottest human being on the planet? and OMG Joon Pyo’s Noona is absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS….she is even prettier than Natsushima Nanako

    Jan Di’s family is also fun to watch.
    I think they are doing a good job of balancing the scenes. Since comedic relief doesn’t come from JanDi anymore cuz of all the stuff going on, it’s really refreshing when her folks come on screen. The dad rawcks.

    I love how I have seen/read pretty much every version of this story, but my heart STILL skips a beat. Heart-pound-worthy moments for me were: (1) When JD sees JP’s inscription in the cart (2) JP following JD and JH (3) When JP moves in for teh kiss!!!! (4) When JP makes the jerks apologize to JD

    Ahhhhhhhhh. What is it about this story that makes us folk feel all warm and tingly on the inside? Lol

  38. 38 thank you!

    i hope their loving/bonding and cute moments together are not short-lived and ruined by his fiance, or anything, for that matter. It would be terrible to ruin everything in the next episode when our fave couple went through 7 episodes to just get together. I hope it’s another happy episode. Pretty please…?

  39. 39 deeta

    It was a good episode to step back from the accumulating drama since episode 5. But other than showing cute and funny scenes for pretty much half of it, it didn’t feel like an episode that makes a difference, which I guess is fine. We need to unwind for a bit before a whole other problems come in.

    Kinda wish they showed Junhee some more after the whole competition thingy.

  40. 40 Fluffpuff

    I love your reviews! I’ve been reading them ever since the drama started and oh my goodness, the way you recap the drama is really superb! Every time i try to recap a drama i end up making a horrible job of it. Keep it up and light up all our days!!!

    This episode was sweet. I went awwww all the way. Haha. I felt that episode 7 wasn’t that great an episode, actually, because i’m totally a Jun-pyo and Jan-Di shipper (thanks to Lee min-ho doing a wonderful job as Jun-pyo) and i miss their bickering/sweet moments. So i’m happy that episode 8 finally brought their relationship back on track!

    Thanks again for your wonderful reviews! :)

  41. 41 tee-nahh

    omg, i didnt even watch this ep yet and im already know that i will like it. anywho, i wanted them to kiss. uhg why does the cell gotta ring?

  42. 42 bird

    whoot! finished watching the episode right on time to read your review (: thanks for the great job, as always!! (:

    “It’s a little silly to show the five of them all settling in for the night in the same room, although I suppose they kind of explain it when Jan-di’s brother offers to share his room with Jun-pyo and his mother balks at that.”

    was jan-di’s mom balking because she wanted jun-pyo to share a room with her daughter? they even had the bedspreads ready HAHA. i’m thinking naturally jan-di would protest, so that’s how the five of them ended up sleeping together in the same room (:

  43. 43 Hana Yori Dango Luva


    Actually, there is ALOT left in the story.
    The original story is SOOOOOO expansive that it would prob take about 50 episodes to cover every little thing. There are 36 volumes to the manga. So the writers have PLENTY to work with.

    Bc of time restraints obviously, the other drama adaptations had to pick and choose which scenes to include. And although there are the standard popular (favorite) scenes which are never left out, there are actually a couple of plots that both MG and HYD didn’t show….and the ones that were shown all had changes from the original.

    So BOF has a lot of options…it can chose to follow the manga, it can follow MG or HYD while making their own twist. Or they can do their own thing and just follow the basics from the original plot.

    And if you consider the fact that there are about 6 characters (off the top of my head) from the manga that they haven’t even talked about, its pretty safe to say that the sky’s the limit with this drama.

  44. 44 inkyflames

    “(Btw, who else finds it hilariously inappropriate whenever they use the song “Paradise” in entirely un-paradise-like conditions? Like, say, to score a bloody fight on an ice rink?)”

    *raises hand* I nearly laughed myself silly.

    And the scene while Jun Pyo and Jan Di watched the movie? So damn cute.

    Also, FINALLY some resolution in this episode. Ep 7 was an exercise in frustration –
    the whole Ji Hoo /Jan Di thing was rather odd and the whole script just seemed rather disjointed, no? The way this ep followed up with the issues brought up previously was rather patchy too. Hopefully, the following episodes make more sense! Haha.

  45. 45 Philippa


  46. 46 Ally

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE!! I was totally smiling throughout the later part of ep8 keke, the lovely dovely scenes were just ASKDJHSAKDH!! <3 And I was so happy/touched to see those writings by Jun Pyo on the wall of the cable car cos I had been wondering what he did with the pen back in ep3/4?

    And this is the ep where I actually liked JiHoo :) Even though I felt quite sad for him when Jandi left his house, I mean he did like her. And ugh the phone shouldn’t have rung!! D8 But the two messages that JunPyo sent to Jandi were really sweet, I think he has finally gotten to know how to make friends via the heart and not money. XD

    I always enjoy reading your summary and comments :)

    P.S. Little JiHoo is SOOOOO cute!!!
    P.P.S. I can sense the Yijung-Ga eul story coming up soon~!!! hehehe. Can’t wait!

  47. 47 Empress

    Damn this show. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I would totally like it but now I find myself anticipating for Monday and Tuesday to come. Great recaps again! I too was laughing my ass off at the hospital scene. Even before a single word was spoken I had a feeling that it was all fake but still very entertaining. I’m just hoping that the chemistry between Ga-eul and Jun Pyo improves because right now it’s kinda uncomfortable to see them together.

  48. 48 Cinamoroll

    well, our Heathcliff and Catherine (The Villian and The Selfish!) are now in love!!!
    I was so happy to see them together although I feel sorry for JH. Also, I think that after their first date, although Jandi is not trying to admit or think about it, her self-esteem is getting low because she secretly compares her state to JunPyo’s state. I don’t honestly think that she is embarrassed about her being poor compared to JP, but it’s more like, JP is all-able(except for swimming), overly-confident person (I would say fool really)whose social power is immense, but Jandi is not particually good at anything except for swimming which she quit and out of practice right after middle school. (it’s like high school thing, your friend is applying for Ivy Leagues, while you think that your only chance is community college, so you feel frustration, does that make sense?) Also, she starts to feel the pressure of being almighty, rich JP’s girl, and her family’s behavior is certainly not helping it. she doesn’t want to humble herself to JP, she doesn’t want to be a mere Cinderella, but independent woman, who is on equal footing as JP. However, whenever she had those low self-esteem moments, JP saves the day with his various tactics lol. After Sushi restaurant incident, I really thought they will have the Lovers of Paris moment for some reason lol. Anyway, I really like how Jandi is feeling now. It’s more realistic. After all, the theme of this story is supposed to be “Money Can’t Buy Love.” When I learned that Jandi is (or was) good at swimming that she could have been trained as a professional swimmer, while JP can’t, I literally screamed in joy, Yes, this Makino is actually good at something! As of now, they haven’t shown not too much of emphasis on that fact other than being an instrument or excuse for Jandi to enroll at Shinhwa School, but I really hope that eventually she will become a professional swimmer, so she is not a mere Cinderella, but our beloved Candy character (whom Makino is supposedly coming from) .

    I think that the writer and the director made some serious flaw; they are too fond of JP compared to other charaters! I think this week’s episodes reflected many die-hard manga fans and KHJ’s fans angry requests and criticism- How Dare You to Destroy Rui and Makino?! (of which this week they attempted to give almost equal-balance between JH and JP and more bestfriend like F4 relationship and less screaming, gold digger like Jandi) In past episodes, I guess in an attempt to reflect that Money can’t buy love theme, the writer made Jandi a screaming gold-digger, who accepts and enjoys JP’s devotion, but can’t give her heart bc she doesn’t like him. How Tragic. Only if this drama was more in Jandi’s perspective. I really think Jandi has enough reasons to hate JP for lifetime anyway. Also, her not being clear on girlfriend-boyfriend situation with JP is because I think she knew that if she remains as a girlfriend, she can avoid bullying and mistreatment from other kids. At the same time she was starting to have feeling for him not knowingly too. Yes, she is selfish, but can you blame her? Also, I am fairly sure that she didn;t think that JP would be so serious about his feeling (after all, this kid calls himself Almighty!) That’s probably why she was so suprised and felt bad at the same time when JP was showing her heart shape thing with confession and her learning the meaning of bracelet at that island.

    I heard that after episode 14, the original k drama story will kick in as F4s graduate from High school. I am so looking forward to it!

  49. 49 Grace

    This was a nice comedic break from all that drama
    i just hope it’s not a calm before a storm

    and btw! You forgot to tag Goo Hye Sun in the drama!

  50. 50 Anon

    It was cute but I like drama… so I was kinda bored… and while others might love her family, I find them shameless and annoying… I know they are comic relief but dang…

  51. 51 Brenda

    I love this episode, I’m glad we are back to JP and JD together, I agree with JH acting skills getting better.

    I have to say I like JP over the other Tsukasa, I feel like in the jap version the actor overacted a bit, and they made him look too stupid to be a successor or raised with money, here at least we can see that JP can do lots of things, golf, ride horses, drive race cars, video games, hockey/ice skating, play volleyball, shoot guns, swords, darts, all with above average skills, go Gu Jun Pyo!!!

  52. 52 Pingyi

    I feel so sad for Ji Hoo Sunbae, because he’s always losing out and giving up things that mean alot for him. He had to give up Seo Hyun unni, because he knew that he would be pulling her down, and that he can’t offer her freedom and everything, but Jandi is his soulmate, why, why! In all the remakes of the Hana Yori Dango, I’ve always supported Rui, because while Domuji has everything, Rui is the one who has to give up the things most important to him for his friend.

    I mean how could Jun Pyo break his robot, the toy from his dead father. I would beat him up but people are too afraid to beat up the almighty jun pyo, f4 included.

    I don’t really enjoy Kim Bum’s character because I think he is too selfiish as well, always supporting Jun Pyo, and not thinking about Ji Hoo’s circumstances. i prefer Woo Bin the most, because he seems to tbe the most unbiased. I hope I will be more convinced about Kim Bum if I see some chemistry going.

    Well, I really wished Jandi and Ji Hoo would have worked out, but allas we all know the ending.

    Really appreciate your recaps, I could fully understand the drama, because the subtitles weren’t 100%.

  53. 53 aceyyy

    Yi Jung = the boy who cried wolf!!
    This show is turning into the olympics: shooting, kendo, swimming, horse racing, car racing, ice hockey, golf…
    When exactly did Jandi get a phone?!?!
    I drooled at the sight of the tuna lol

  54. 54 Debbie

    Thanks for the summary again!!! This episode is chock full of cute and sweet moments. I found myself pausing and rewinding many, many times during the episode to look at the expressions on all the faces of the actors. They had the cutest and sweetest expressions on their faces during this episode. I wish they would continue to further develop the Jun Pyo and Jan Di relationship before the big bad Gu mother comes into the picture.

    Does anyone think that it sucked that they didn’t show the preview for episode 9 except for that scene where Gu mother asked where Jun Pyo was????? I HATE cliffhangers!!!!!!

  55. 55 spunah

    Thanks for your recap as always! After I finish an episode, I go to your website for recaps as my desert after the main entree, hehe. It always leaves me wanting more, and you help feed the addiction ^^

    I had a few comments for episode 8:
    Just some of my favorite things about this episode…

    How cute and funny when Junpyo was about to punch the brick wall and second-guessed it and went for the flimsy tree instead??? I loved that whole scene of him in angst jumping up to see over the wall and waiting by the car. Of course I loved that use of classic K-drama effect of missed-you-by-that much when Jandi came out from Jihoo’s home as Junpyo sped away.

    I’m finally starting to believe the character of Jihoo. This is the first time I didn’t think that it’s Kim Hyun Joong attempting to portray the Korean version of Rui. There was actually several scenes where I just thought of Jihoo as Jihoo and nothing more, nothing less. Kim Hyunjoong, Keep doing what you’re doing! I know he hates to lose to anything in real life. Another scene I loved was when Jihoo made Junpyo pay for busting his wooden Robo-doll. If it made me burst out laughing, it’s good enough comic timing for me. Another point for Kim Hyunjoong.

    And finally, the attempt to kiss again. Jandi closes her eyes to accept this time….!

    One last thing. Did anyone else think that at first, in the car scene, it was going to be about their realization that they have the obstacle of different classes to overcome? I thought the moment where the mean girls and their dates bumped into Jandi, making her spill her leftovers, was supposed to bring up that issue. We as an audience know the issue, and Jandi and Junpyo obviously know, but now that they’ve confessed to each other, they’ll have to deal with it in more real terms. Oh well, I suppose it’ll become a glaring issue later when Junpyo’s mom comes into play.

  56. 56 Pingyi

    Post Again (lol). I want to put which actors I prefered between all the versions.

    Domiji ( i know I spelled it wrong) =
    1st. (Jun Pyo)
    2nd. (Jerry Yan)
    3rd. (Masumoto Jun, I mean he is really puny, doesn’t show how powerful domiji he is, and he overcompensate by being childrish and overacting)

    Makino =
    1st. (Inoue Mao)
    2nd. (Barbie Xu)
    3rd. (This new one, she just seems so selfish and unrealistic. I mean how quick can she change ships. from jun pyo to ji hoo and ji hoo to junpyo in not a even a day’s span.)

    Rui =
    1. = all of them I think did great portrayals of Rui’s character. I enjoyed this version’s ji hoo, because of the cunning streak, making him seem more human.

    Sojiro =
    1. Kim Bum = gott admit, kim bum’s cute, even through I find him annoying some time. Hopefully the korean version something happens between those 2. <3
    2. Ken Zhu
    3. The japanese one.

    Akira =
    1. Woo Bin = even through some people dislike the accent, I’m loving the (yo, yo, ma man) lol. I think it gives him originality and I find it humourous. It makes him more lovable I think. And he seems to be the one trying to keep F4 together.
    2. Japanaese one
    3. Chinese one.

    Overall, I disliked the Japanese one the most, because I think Matsumoto Jun ruined everything. I love Oguri Shun, but it’s just hat Matsumoto Jun was just so PUNY and little. Really the effects matter, lol.

  57. 57 nixxochick

    i watched this episode last night without subs so i didnt understand a thing that was being said but i loved it. i think for the most part, this is an episode where it is obvious Jand-Di and Jun-Pyo like each other.
    i truly truly enjoyed it and i cant wait to see how their relationship develops in the next episode…oh and that almost kiss was super cute.

    oh! and for the first time i actually was able to stand Ji-Hoo, lol :)

  58. 58 balletbabe

    I can’t help but to ask ” why the hell were they playing golf in the snow?” When Jun Pyo and Jan Di went out to the restaurant to eat, the [huge] fish that was cut was not cooked right? Is it safe to eat uncooked fish? @_@ * confused ignorant viewer *

  59. 59 yumi-chan

    I don’t know if it was just me but I couldn’t find myself feeling the same way I did when I watched Hana Yori Dango (japanese version). I remember when I saw the first episode of HYD that I got all sorts of emotion, my heart beat rapidly when Makino punched Domyoji and the line “I did something great.” still remains to me one of the strongest lines in that drama. Not because of the line alone, the music, the expression, the background to it. && just like on the first episode I felt the same way throught out the first and second season AND THE MOVIE! Everything fit so well, even though I’ve smiled with BBF, but can you compare a smile to laughter, to tears, to a simple skip of the heart.

    I think not.

    I’m hoping the drama does pick up after this but I’m sorry for the fans of the Korean version but compared to the J version it probably won’t capture all the important tid bits.

  60. 60 Cinamoroll

    @ 58, they were eating Tuna Sashimi. Sashimi is a kind of Sushi dish (a famous Japanese style food) which you eat raw fish flesh. They are supposedly safe and sanitized and all so don’t worry. In Korea, people usuall eat sushi in forms of Sashimi(meaning just fish flesh, no rice, no nori).

  61. 61 RSzeto

    I knew I could count on you …. after lunch Singapore time, I knew I would be able to read your recap on BOF’s previous day epi!! This manga based drama and cast and all are obviously more for the younger crowd… but it has undoubtedly made an addict out of me too!! You know what I mean when I say I need my BOF FIX!! ha ha .. it’s been churning happy hormones all around!! Flawed or not… I’m still hooked… LMH is soooo charismatic. But of course all of the F4 are charismatic but LMH is yummy!! I second that… I was giggling most of the time too!! thanx Javabeans

  62. 62 Luv

    Lovely episode.
    Thank you so much Sarah.

  63. 63 Emily

    sigh i can’t find BBF ch 8 with english subs!!
    i am so excited to watch it after reading the synopsis :)

  64. 64 minho

    myyy this was a good episode!!!
    haha yes i have to admit i silently giggled and laughed and then started to laugh my head off during the course of the episode.
    the two main actors are getting a little better i have to say…and of course, lee min ho is perfect!

    i have to say the music is really getting annoying…usually fun and quirky dramas like these have pretty good music…but now it’s just dumb. paradise was okay for episode 5 when they went to new caledonia but thats basically it. not fitting for the horse competition or ice hockey. i mean, really.

  65. 65 aly

    I love when an addicting drama is on- it actually makes me look forward to mondays and tuesdays! thanks for recapping so wonderfully (and quickly!)

  66. 66 jackieee

    In my opinion, best episode yet! (although, jan-di’s younger bro and dad were a might too clingy in the end. I mean, my sister moves around and talks at night, but not to THAT extent…) And yes, the sashimi was totally making me drool…

    Monday, so close, yet so far!!

  67. 67 minho

    i have to add…i noticed that woobin is the only one who doesn’t have a “true love”…hmmm why is he the loner? well, and gosh! i just cant get enough of lee min ho…it’s amazing how much a hairstyle can change the way you look! i prefer his curly hair. :)

  68. 68 thisiswhyi'mbehindonmymastersthesis

    Thanks again. This ep was precious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But can I say the soundtrack makes me car sick? “Paradise” really? Do we just insert it anywhere? Ok! Let’s play it in every scene, no matter what is transpiring, fights, flirting, fantasies… It works, it really works…Thanks for that:)

    Anyway, I do have to agree that Jihoo getting the couple together was an afterthought to say the least. He definitely didn’t think about that till 30 seconds ago… but whatever. I respect that he stepped back, but I am concerned for how long. Complications are coming… Also this show speaks alot about regrets and I think that though he knows he will regret his decision to give way to GJP, and he’s ok with that, he might retract his stance just as easily as he conceded.

    And you know, I think personally we could all learn from some comments they make about this issue(of regret).

    Regret is never a good thing. You should definitely live without regret, unless, like in JH’s situation, what you pass/give up preserves something (you believe to be) more precious.

  69. 69 susie

    I couldn’t stop giggling in this episode…has got to be my favorite one so far. my husband enjoyed it too.

  70. 70 susie

    by the way, your recaps are great.. this must take you hours just to post, but you do it so quickly!

  71. 71 tinysun

    Although this episode is one of the stronger ones so far, Lee Min Ho’s surprisingly outstanding performance and cute moments can no longer make up for the flaws I find in this drama. I’m dropping this drama for the following reasons:

    -Illogical plot development: As Dramabeans points out, I can’t understand Ji Hoon’s motives for doing the things he does. His explanation is not convincing, either. Isn’t it clear from the beginning that Jun Pyo likes Jan-di? Doesn’t Jun Pyo make his feeling kinda clear to himself and everyone? I don’t understand why Ji Hoon needs to step in to “help” Jun Pyo to be honest with his feeling. What is going on in Jan-di’s head is also ambiguous. I know what the director tries to say is that Jan di has sophisticated feelings for both Ji Hoon and Jun Pyo. Ji-Hoon is meant to be her soulmate while Jun Pyo is her ultimate love. Unfortunately, this is so poorly done that Jan di, instead of being a girl going through that teen-ager’s complexity, becomes extremely annoying and lacks of personality.

    -Characters’ overacting: I can no longer stand Jan di’s facial expressions. Is someone supposed to be cute doing those all the time? I find little charm or cuteness in that character, which ruins my enjoyment of the romance between Jun Pyo and her. Jan-di’s parents and brother are annoyingly overacts, too.

    Beside these two main points, horrible music background (the song Paradise itself is not bad at all, but seriously we’re all fed up with listening to it at least 3 times/episode), the lack of touching/meaningful moments of friendship among F4 all make me unsatisfied. Anyway so no watching, no raving, no being disappointed.

    Thank you Dramabeans for the recaps and comments.

  72. 72 Malak

    am just curious to know

    which drama is holding first place in ratings??

    BBF (2nd)
    East of eden (3rd)

    which one is 1st???

  73. 73 balletbabe

    Komawo Cinamoroll. I should probably know that since i’m going to Japan in two months to study there. Anyways thanks again ^_^ Oh yeah I forgot when did Jan Di get a cell phone?!?!?!?

  74. 74 javabeans

    #72, Boys Before Flowers is 1st. East of Eden is 2nd. Terroir 3rd.

  75. 75 geekinthepink

    hospital scene = best scene ever. thanks for the recaps! 😀

  76. 76 Tintin

    I just have to say that you don’t have to be tall to be powerful or strong or whatever. If that is the case, then Asians would be weaklings and Westerners (bigger in body frame and taller generally) would be stronger.
    I mean, you can be short but since you have financial backing, powerful family, vicious attitude — your height should not be a problem.
    It’s like saying those flashy people wearing all the best clothes and lives in the most high-end places are the only rich people… They may be but that family with simple tastes and average clothes and properties? They may also be worth millions only you’re not aware of it.

  77. 77 Anonymous

    I watched BBF just out of curiousity and now I’m hooked. I didn’t think I would enjoy this show but so far it has been very entertaining and I even look forward to the next episodes. I like all the actors that played the main character and I think they even portrayed it better than the Japanese actors. I think they do such a good job in keeping us entertained. I rely on your blog if the episode does not have any English sub so, thanks for posting the summary and I appreciate your commentary! Keep up the good work!

  78. 78 lisa

    Omg make it stop…

    But besides the music, I’m totally loving this show! Even though I can’t really stand ji hoo. Originally I hated jan di but she’s grown on me, and I really like her now. And of course jun pyo…min ho is incredible. He’s got super good looks and tons of talent…he’s gonna go far in the acting world! And he’s only like 21! (marry me LMH!)

    oh man, that movie scene was killer. <3 And I was wondering when they we gonna do the whole fake-hospitalization-thing. I prefer the way they did it here, in the manga they pretend he’s dead! That’s way too harsh.

    Anyway…<3 <3 <3 this version!

  79. 79 Leo

    Thank you for the recap ^^ !~
    I totally agree with the comment of ” 56 Pingyi – Jan 27, 2009 at 10:00 pm ”
    And The scriptwriter did a great job in this episode . Really adorable !~

  80. 80 cullenhale

    I’m so glad that Jan Di has come to her freaking senses. Also, I’m super glad that the pen thing in the cable car was revealed…I kind of had the idea that it would of been something to jog her memory about Jun-pyo.

    I love how its always Yi-jung has to be the one to pretend there is an “emergency”-I love how Woo-bin was reacting, so awesome! I was laughing so much! It was pretty dramatic to get Jan Di to admit her feelings for jun-pyo but it was super cute like how jun-pyo’s eyes pop open at the right moment. I have to admit things are moving at a nice speed…no dwindling around ridiculousness…however, I feel like complications are a coming especially with Jun-pyo’s crazy looking mother.

    I loved the internal dialogue of jun-pyo and jan di in the car, that was very cute…I also think its really sweet how jun-pyo can’t stay away from jan di for very long, he has to be around her, that’s why he showed up at her house…he kind of makes her confront the awkwardness

    response to #68-I’m in first year of grad school…I can’t believe I don’t read just so I can watch this drama…! I love it too much to just wait.

    My heart is at ease with jan di and jun pyo at the moment but not all things last…ah, can’t wait till next week. Also, thanks for the recaps, I always read them after I watch the episode 😀

  81. 81 Shrimp

    It’s kinna funny, it was just last night that I’ve decided to flood over Javabean’s rant/rave space, about the things i like and don’t like about this drama. About my own way of bashing its weak spots and my own way or reveling over its fine points.

    …and then here it is (EPISODE 8) This episode by so far is my personal fave! I FINALLY SAW THE LIGHT THANK HEAVENS!

    Last night I wrote the following: “Jan Di, her character, for me, is a bit off! I still don’t understand whether or not she likes Ji hoo or Jun Pyo or even if she’s torn between the two. She acts as if there’s no conflict at all! — @epi 8: I got to finally see who she really likes and that its now clear to me that she indeed liked Ji Hoo *i know, twas supposed to be that way but then,during the former episodes, the “I -LIKE- JI HOON- WRITTEN- ALL- OVER- YER- FACE” i honestly didn’t see that.

    I also wrote something like: “…and yeah another thing! if only the writer would squeeze this in and Kim Hyun-joong would act this out: If only Ji hoon will provide the viewers a hint that he’s smitten by Jan Di, that he’s actually falling for her though he may or may not be aware of it … just a hint that there really is a good cause behind this line “i will protect Jan di”; that a real love triangle is really brewing and not just another i’ll-hit-on-my-friend’s-girl-because-there’s-supposed-to-be-a-conflict-between-us-scene …if only! then i personally, wont find it hard to follow where this ji hoon-jan di affair’s leading! “—then BOOM @ epi 8. The “hint” that i’ve been longing to see is right here in this episode. hahah there was conflict after all! the “i’ll protect jandi” part has sense after all!.

    I really and truly enjoyed watching this episode that i honestly care less about how bad the background music was or if any of the actors did bad.

    I got to see the grandiosity of the setting once again, one of the reasons why i look forward watching this, *oh the life of the rich and famous*.

    Woo-bin who was non-existent, for me, during the past episodes–oh well he came alive. Now I know what his role is, the clown of the group! *i used to think that he’s only a filler…yunno…just to say that F4 has 4 members hahah*

    i can feel the roller coaster ride of emotions…things i thought that was missing before! and the conflict…twas magnified!!!!

  82. 82 Anonymous

    right there with you, I ROFL during the hospital scene.


    commenter 53
    i think its the phone
    junpyo gave her parents
    when they went to
    new caledonia
    member he used a phone
    to talk with jandis mom?

  84. 84 otchosais

    episode 8 was the best episode out of all episodes 1 to 8.. 😀

    Really love this one… since I am JunPyo-JanDi fan!.. I really like Jun Pyo when he smirks, smile, giggle, laugh.. everything.. haaiz…. So I really want the scenes be on Jun Pyo’s side (IF POSSIBLE)… anyway,

    as for JiHoo, I also think that He HAS ALREADY feelings for JanDi but after that realization of him, JanDi already LIKE or should I say have feelings for Jun Pyo..(HE’S LATE).. at some point, I felt pity for JiHoo because he’ll be left with no one (either Seo-hyun and JanDi).. but I think, a guy should not develop feelings for a girl close to him just because the one he loves is gone.. (FOR ME)

    as for Yi-Jung, I like his character a little in here.. even if he’s a player, he knows his limits as to not play or flirt on your friend’s woman.. :)


    –>(SAD)> when JunPyo realizes that he has a debt and the way of paying it back to JiHoo is to forgive them and let them go.. (I know that its a good thing that he should forgive them but I just felt sad that KARMA was way too OVER for JunPyo that the toy’s replacement will be the girl that she love)

    –>(SAD)> when JanDi saw what JunPyo wrote in their first date on the cable car.. “Gu Jun Pyo (heart) Jan Di; Our first night!” when I saw that, I cried.. thinking that If I was JanDi I will be really guilty hurting JunPyo.. and feel really regretful on breaking his heart..

    –>(HAPPY)> Hospital scene! I really like JunPyo’s facial expression when he said.. “Is it FOR REAL”.. its like he’s heavens have answered his prayers and like a baby longing for his favorite lollipop.. (He’s too cute!)

    –>(HAPPY)> The date of JanDi&JunPyo. It’s cute that seeing that JanDi’s happy while eating, he smiles deeply… 😀 (I was thinking, I hope guys r all like that. Feel happy seeing their love ones being happy)

    –>(HAPPY but slightly unsatisfied..heheh) when JanDi & JunPyo are watching movie while they’re inside JunPyo’s car.. I was really expecting for them to kiss but then when the phone rang I was like “OMG!That phone should be turned off!”hehehe) But its cute when JunPyo is still hesitating to make a first move to Jandi whilst JanDi closes her eyes..

    –>(HAPPY)> When JanDi’s Family, JanDi&JunPyo are at the bedroom.. =)
    I can feel that JunPyo felt the warmth of a happy and simple family which he’s lacking off..

    and for “DRAMABEANS” really appreciate your effort in here!

    Thank you so much! :)

  85. 85 JJ

    #53 aceyyy
    #72 ballet babe

    Jandi got a cell phone when she was in Caledonia…remember the scene where GJP & GJD were on the secluded beach just the two of them at that table and he called her family so that she can have a camera conference with them?? They were saying how he gave them the cell phone and how nice it was, etc… it was given to the family (since they were back home & to keep in contact with them) but it’s hers.

  86. 86 BOFfan

    Why did i have to start watching this? I hate to say it, but I am totally addicted. There is something about this story that just draws me in… i think it is Lee Min Ho’s portrayal of Koo Joon Pyo. I absolutely hated him in the beginning, but now he’s become so endearing. I just wished they chose a better Jan Di. They don’t seem to have that certain chemistry that Ga Eul and Yi Jung’s character have. And I know her parents are supposed to be comic relief, but they are just embarrassingly ridiculous. And what is with Kim Hyun Joong’s eyes? He is always trying to convey certain emotion with the eyes, but it is too unnatural. He should learn from Lee Min Ho, although I guess I should be easy on him as this is his first acting debut. KHJ/Ji Hoo is also just too pretty, prettier than Jan Di. Anyhow, the producers did a great job in casting Lee Min Ho. If this show is any indication, all eyes are going to be on him for a long time. Without him, i wouldn’t be watching the show. Go Joon Pyo/Min Ho!

  87. 87 mikki

    this is getting more and more exciting!!
    can’t wait for next tuesday!!

  88. 88 Susieeee

    Hahahaa BOFan, I totally know what you mean by KHJ trying to “act” with his eyes… it’s sooo weird. he looks like he’s trying to not fall asleep or something.

    I HATEEE how that paradise song always comes out at inappropriate moments!@!!! actually, it makes me laugh, but more out of “wow i can’t believe this is actually happening” rather than “wow this is so brilliantly ironic.”

    Anyway I love junpyoooo and am sooo glad they settled jandi’s feelings for him. I was getting really sick of her not considering his feelings at all, especially because he seemed so honest with his own feelings. Isn’t she supposed to be the honest one? I understand they’re all prideful, but seriously… grow up.

    I’m confused as to how KHJ is trying to play Jihoo. I would understand his actions so much better if KJH gave better direction. He really needs to up his game because the boy seriously has like… 3 facial expressions- his self-pleased laugh, the “glare” and his out-of-it look. It’s so sad because I actually LOVED KHJ in WGM. He was so witty/ insightful in his own weird way,and I had been hoping he could carry off some of that whimsical charm into this character, but it seems the acting filters out all his natural charm… I think he’s trying too hard and not really understanding how to make his character realistic… but I hope for the best.
    Btw, as a huuuge hanazawa rui/oguri shun fan, I’ve been trying really hard not to compare the two. I just wish if KHJ wanted to make this separate character, he would really make him an interesting/distinct one.

  89. 89 ellie

    Thanks for the recaps javabeans!
    The show is becoming its own, I totally agree with you how the ALMOST PARADISE bit comes inappropriately, its so catchy like a last song syndrome.. the soundtrack is just soooo out of place.
    I’m not predicting what will happen next.. I do admit I’m enjoying the drama as it is with its own flair..
    Thanks again for the lovely and utterly funny recaps!

  90. 90 ibako777

    whats the title of the movie Jun-pyo and Jan-di watching in the private drive-in theater??????????

  91. 91 asianfanatic

    I feel relieved now that I know that Jun-pyo and Jan-Di are back together!!! This is the best episode yet. I think the best part of this episode for me is the scene where Jan-Di saw Jun-Pyo’s note in the cable car. I almost had a heart attack! How can you not love such an adorable and HOT human being?!

    Im so looking forward to the coming episodes. I hope that they will start shooting the summer episodes. I hate the snow episodes. Jun Pyo’s all covered up. We are not doing justice to this man’s body! Let him show more skin! Right girls??? Do I hear a resounding YES??????

  92. 92 Procrastinator

    I have to say, JiHoo’s kiss at New Caledonia follows the manga more than the HYD-Rui-at-the-stairs-kiss did. In the manga, it’s obvious that Rui’s an emotional wreck after coming back from France, and he kisses Makino out of feelings of loneliness/helplessness. So… I was actually pleased with that.
    I’m getting to like BOF more and more. The first few episodes really made me cringe and I wondered if I was going to be able to get into it, but it feels like we can get to the good stuff now.

  93. 93 EUNWHUI

    i absolutely loved this episode 8)

  94. 94 mng13

    an awesome review as per always…. :)

    though i wanted to say i liked the scene where JH walks out alone of the hospital ward leaving F3 and Jandi there…. i thought that was a good scene for hyunjoong…

  95. 95 j

    omg, i can’t wait to watch this ep!!!!! i was giggling like a teeny bopper while reading your recap, lol~~~ this is just too cute for words.
    thanx a bunch!

  96. 96 Esther

    i loved the hospital part. i couldn’t stop laughing!
    this episode was probably my favorite so far. it made me happy ^.^

  97. 97 Anonymous

    it really annoyed me that they couldnt even have a decent date~
    by decent, i mean–no traces of junpyo everywhere!

    tooo quick too quick

    he gave up too early!
    SHE gave up too early!

    i was lookin forward to more jihoojandi moments but i guess this is the last~
    (or is it??heehee)is ure hope not!

    since when did jandi get the fone?

  98. 98 kirara

    Thanks for your recaps! You are quick as always.

    This episode was good and it had a lot of in depthness. Its a good thing you have these recaps because there were so many scenes that I had trouble understanding.. like the scene where Ji Hoo and Jan Di were at his house talking about first loves.. I dont speak or read korean and i was watching with Chinese subtitles but still I was having trouble.

    Anyways. I definately agree with you on that they have soo many different costumes. I knew Ji Hoo called out the F3 for something but I had no idea they were going to go compete playing Hockey.. I was like “HUH??? Where did this come from??? ”

    I’m still a Ji Hoo fan, even though Jan Di went to Jun Pyo.. I totally loved the clothes he’s wearing in the show.. I totally wish he was my prince charming. 😀

    ok.. I’ll stop.. Thanks again! Will continue to watch the upcoming episodes!

  99. 99 ssanbi


    Movie title is “Ride Away(2008)” ^.^

  100. 100 Anon

    I believe Temptation of Wife is number in the ratings, right? Boys Before Flowers was #1 according to TNS and not AGB (it was #2) on Monday because Temptation of Wife didn’t air. However, on Tuesday, TOF was #1.

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