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News bites: January 28, 2009 (Boys Before Flowers edition)
by | January 28, 2009 | 74 Comments

Gu Hye-sun, Lee Shi-young

There’s kind of a glut of Boys Before Flowers news these days, isn’t there?

On one hand, I don’t want to wear myself out and get BBF fatigue before the series is even half over, yet on the other hand, I AM interested. So my compromise: here’s a round-up of the latest news, with a spoilery bit at the very end (it’s a tiny, almost-not-even-a-spoiler type of spoiler):

  • Lead actress Gu Hye-sun was recently in a minor accident: On the 28th, she was filming a diving scene and hit her head on the bottom of the pool, which wasn’t as deep as anticipated. It wasn’t a serious blow, but she was taken to the hospital for a CT scan and hospitalized on the doctor’s recommendation while waiting for test results. She is expected to return to filming on the 29th. [E Daily, All That News]
  • By the way, although they’ve all been minor instances, this follows car accidents involving fellow castmates Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Joon, and even Lee Min-ho’s manager. [Daily Surprise]
  • New actress Lee Shi-young (who plays Min-ji) debuted this past weekend on MBC’s variety show We Got Married as partner to Shinhwa’s Jun Jin. The Jun Jin/Lee Shi-young couple joins a few new pairings (Kim Shin-young/Shin Sung-rok and Jung Hyung-don/Tae Yeon) in an attempt to revitalize the flagging program. [Max Movie]
  • On the show, Lee is described as showing a quirky charm, which the program’s rep explains is not a fabricated “concept” but “just her true nature.” [Joy News]


  • Wanna see what F4 looked like as students? I kind of think Kim Hyun-joong would have been just as handsome (or more) without having his eyelids done, but otherwise, it looks like everyone else is sporting their natural features.[Sports Khan]
  • It seems we aren’t the only ones to pick up on Kim Joon’s resemblance to a certain A-list actor: he’s starting to be called “the younger Jang Dong-gun.” [Break News]
  • He’s also receiving more endorsement offers. Not as many, perhaps, as his more prominent co-stars, but he’s currently busy considering the increased CF opportunities. [Newsen]
  • Some fans are dissatisfied with the way Gu Hye-sun has been styled and dressed in the drama (the actress apparently does her own hair and makeup). They find her super-red lips against her naturally white skin and her trademark circle lenses exaggerated and unattractive. Lest you think they’re hating on the girl for not being pretty enough, it’s really more the opposite, since Gu is usually known for her beauty; she got her start as an uljjang, which by definition highlights her pretty face. [Star News]


  • You know you’re a phenomenon when you’ve been famous for a month and already you’ve got a lookalike. One particular internet shopping mall owner is making news because of a resemblance to Lee Min-ho‘s character, and the Gu Jun-pyo Doppelganger will make his appearance on the January 31 episode of SBS’s variety program Star King. I see a mild similarity, but frankly, wearing the character’s trademark curly hairstyle and distinctive clothing would give resemblances to a lot of people. [Kuki News]
  • Meanwhile, the BBF Force is so strong that even the embarrassingly misused (and overused) soundtrack is skyrocketing in popularity. According to music portal service KTF Dosirak, three of the songs on the OST have entered into the Top 10 of all different kinds of online music charts: SS501‘s “내 머리가 나빠서” (Because I’m Dumb), T-MAX‘s “Paradise,” and Someday‘s “알고 있나요” (Do You Know?), although Shinee‘s “Stand By Me” and Ashily‘s “Lucky” are also popular. Frankly, if I never hear any of those songs again — outside of the drama OR within it — I would not complain. [Segye]


Now, what about F4’s fancy WHEELS?

  • Jun-pyo drives around in a black Lotus Europa S (at immediate right), a two-seater that goes from 0 to 100 (kmh) in 5.8 seconds and tops out at 241 kmh. It’s priced at 84.2 million won.
  • Yi-jung drives the Lotus Exige S240 (above, far right), another two-seater with faster acceleration (0 to 100 in 4.2 seconds) and tops out at 250 kmh. It goes for 99 million won.
  • Woo-bin’s wheels look similar to Yi-jung’s, and belong in the Lotus Elise SC category. (0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds, tops out at 240 kmh, priced at 82.2 million won.)
  • Meanwhile, car-phobic Ji-hoo gets around on the Massimo Tamburini-designed MV Agusta (the specific model is the F4 R 312), which actually has a higher top speed than the cars at 312 kmh. The price ranges from 30 million to 40 million won, although the priciest model goes for 150 million won. [Hankyung]

And now, for the SPOILERY bit:

(Although it’s not really very revealing…)

  • The 24-episode series will split its story into two parts. One production rep said, “Although we’re producing 24 episodes, the first 12 will be the story of the characters in high school, while 13 through 24 will show them as university students. We’ll be telling completely different stories [in the second part], similarly to how the Taiwanese and Japanese series did it.”

    However, they won’t be totally aping the previous dramas: “We’re not quite sure yet what form it will take, but the story will unfold differently from the Japanese and Taiwanese versions.”

    This jump in time corresponds to the entrance of Jun-pyo’s fiancée, played by Lee Min-jung (above), who will make her first appearance in Episode 13. [OSEN]


74 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ichigopan

    It’s a welcome relief to learn that this version will try to be different than the previous two versions. And so far so good. Whew!

  2. Acalle

    Looks like there’s nothing in the news but BBF now adays. Every website I look at, there’s an article about BBF. It’s not even half way done, I’ll have to endure this for another 2 months, I guess.

  3. javabeans

    ^ Acalle, that’s how I feel too (and it’s worse when you’re looking through the Korean sites). I thought it would be overkill to give each item its own post (even i’d get sick of my own posts) so I put ’em all together. 🙂 There IS a method to the madness.

  4. Miss_Sandalettes

    a good thing i have already forgotten the ending of hana yori dango though i watched it not so long ago….. it must be that the drama was not so good…. :p
    BUT i really enjoy BBF ^^

  5. yelei

    Thank you! I’m really looking forward to see Jun-pyo’s fiancée. In a way, I thought she sort of fits the role of Jandi, but I still love Go Hye Sun nevertheless.

  6. sonam

    i think GHS needs to lose her bangs. She looks better without it. I hope they give her a completely different look when she moves on to college. I saw some ads of her on youtube and she is really pretty. Longer hair looks better on her.
    It must be those lenses that are making her eyes look so beady. And the heavy anjuma bangs makes her eyes even more protuberant. Also something’s not right about her foundation. It’s a little too pale.
    LSY is a beauty!

  7. soyboy

    Thanks for the condensed update – it’s the perfect balance. By the way, I’m really enjoying your episode recaps too.

  8. CW

    I hope they kill the amnesia story…

  9. soysause

    Do you change your banner everyday?
    Cus I’ve seen a lot of different ones lately..

    Anyway, Jeez, you’re going on a BBF mania…this show is getting REALLY popular huh….lol, I don’t even watch the series, just read your recaps.
    Great recaps btw 😀

  10. 10 Angie

    Thanks Javabeans and without me going further than naver do i see nothing but articles on the show.

    Does anyone know how long LMJ is supposed to guest star or can it be assumed she will be in for the rest of the series and when Jung Hee Chulr is supposed to come on as well?

  11. 11 yumi-chan

    On the spoiler tid bit (so not a spoiler woman!) I’m glad that they get to graduate or what not isn’t Jandi younger then Jun pyo? How will they do the ‘send of lead male to another country so he can become better man’ plot? Will they even do that? I like that they are taking a different route, but I’m also hoping they don’t twist the drama into something else because then it wouldn’t be BBF. lol

  12. 12 twreckx

    I know i say this for every drama, but i hope the pacing stays relatively smooth. It seems to be a pattern with K -dramas in that whenever the characters age, they lose whatever sense of humour they had and get all weepy and forlorn. Then they perk up at the end.

    PS You’re right abt the info overkill

  13. 13 hanamichi-san

    lee min ho’s oh so serious expression in his younger pic makes me giggle ^^,)
    kim bum’s naive look makes me want to hide him somewhere and shield him from the evilness of this world. muwahahaha!

  14. 14 chula

    soysause, javabeans must have a script that rotates all her banners ^^

    goo hye sun’s makeup doesn’t bother me much but i have to agree with the circle lenses. i hope she’ll lose ’em when they’re “older” in the second half of the drama.

    thanks for all the news and recaps 🙂

  15. 15 julie

    Not am I just getting kinda hooked on the series, it’s unavoidable too 🙂 Thanks for clustering it all together so I don’t waste even more time – proportions to work getting done and BOF addiction is becoming unbalanced.. not good at all!!

  16. 16 Amy

    SHINee’s song is actually “Stand by me,” not “Step by Step” 😀 (Although they did perform a rendition of that song some time ago…)

  17. 17 xmerokox

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t that Gu Hye Sun was an uljjang.. I checked out that post and was so surprised to see how cute and attractive she looks in her photo! I didn’t like how she was styled in the drama, and don’t think that the haircut is the most flattering for her. I know that her character is supposed to be the “everygirl” character, but the foundation seems to age her.. Why not use something that will illuminate her skin, which will give her a young, fresh image? >_< She doesn’t even look old except for the makeup. A softer shade of lipstick or gloss will do wonders for her “youthful” appearance.

    Thanks for condensing all the BFF news tidbits! ^^ I also read elsewhere that the actress for Ga-Eul hinted at a possible happy ending between her character and Kim Bum’s 😮 As the drama will be going in its own direction soon, I am hoping that this will come true!

  18. 18 kirara

    Wow.. Love the tidbit you did about the mode of transportation for F4. I was wondering how much those nice cars cost. I mean they are only high school students and they drive ridiculously good looking cars!!

    I know Jun Pyo also drives the chauffeur car sometimes when he borrows it a couple times to go and follow Jandi.. (right?) Of course he drives the car when he’s not in the backseat.

    I’m also curious about the white car that Ji hoo drove in Ep7. The one where he got all emotional and angry at it for not starting up and hearing childhood cries. Also the Jun Pyo’s older sister drove a really nice car too.

    You’ve given us LOADs of interesting information that I’m sure no one’s gotten an access to. Thanks again.

    PS. I also read some news that Kim Bum just moved into the same neighborhood as Kim Hyun Joong. They live only 5 minutes away from each other and now are really close friends due to the fact that they live close.

  19. 19 javabeans

    kirara, glad to be of service!

    lol Amy, my brain took a break for a second there, huh? I mean, they play the song every five minutes, you’d think the title would be (unwillingly) burned into my brain by this point.

    soysauce and chula, yes I have a big ol’ batch of headers that should rotate every time you refresh the page. you can see the master list here:

  20. 20 Anonymous

    WOW HYD mania just struck!!! HAHAHA every site/blog i went on today have this same post on it!! LOL but it’s all good with me the more HYD news the better!

  21. 21 Infiniti512

    The amnesia story killed it for both previous versions for me. Not as much the Taiwan though. I hope they don’t use it.

  22. 22 KATE

    I am glad Gu Hye-sun is ok….I hope everyone can get through the series safely and accident free….*fight* ^.^

  23. 23 missmanderley

    LMH already looked a bit fierce even in his highschool photo, hehe… very Junpyo.

    and the lookalike… am I the only one who doesn’t see the resemblance? That dude doesn’t really have LMH’s sharp features (i.e. defined jawline)… the perm and clothes he’s sporting looks similar though…

  24. 24 Toni

    Just saw this and found it to be really cute: NG scenes from the BBF drama

    I found it weird that I was able to read the headline of the newspaper Gu Jun-pyo was reading. “Obama Democrats, __________ $300 billion in tax cuts”. The NG also does help Ji-hoo look any better. He is as awkward as ever.

  25. 25 Esther

    there’s an amnesia part to the story?
    lol sorry, i haven’t watched the other versions of BBF and i haven’t read the manga…

  26. 26 Toni

    @ Ester
    Yes, it’s a very involved story because the manga series ran continuously from October 1992 to September 2003 in 37 volumes. The main characters go through a lot.

  27. 27 asianromance

    the BBF fans are right- the red lipstick doesn’t go well with Gu-Hye Sun. I wish they had styled her with side bangs and softer hair. and i love the info about the cars they drive! they are really giving the f4 the rich-guy sort of aura.

  28. 28 Acalle

    Javabean, please no offense. I have to agree BBF must be very appealing especially to the teens because guess what, even though I don’t watch it, but with the public attention it ‘s getting, I showed it to my teenaged niece last night. Right off the 1st episode, she got hooked. However, too many articles about it is really overkill.

  29. 29 anon

    Funny how ppl always say “no offense but” and then say something negative.

    If you don’t want to read it, how about you don’t read it then? Let the rest of us be happy to read more news.

  30. 30 anon

    I heard it’s just the F4 that goes to college. Jandi becomes a senior in HS.

  31. 31 J.

    Thanks Javabeans for these tidbits.
    Yes I’m addicted to BOF so I don’t mind the constant influx of BOFness.

    Though I smiled and got confused at this quote, “We’ll be telling completely different stories [in the second part], similarly to how the Taiwanese and Japanese series did it.”….. so….. are they saying it’s similar or different?

    That line totally made my brain go an 180.

  32. 32 JL.

    Acalle, If you can read Korean you may already deaded.
    tooooooooooo many articles on Boys Over Flowers on Korean News Site (about 1-2 news per news agency every 1 hours ha!)

  33. 33 Anonymous

    As long as they don’t do the “Forget about the Past” and “Forget about the main Female Lead” from Ep 13 to 24, I will be cool with it. That’s what they did on Taiwanese Season 2 and I hated it because it destroyed all the love story they have told in advance.

  34. 34 mimi

    wow thanks for news javabeans

  35. 35 djes

    Whoa, Yi Jung ride a car that more expensive than Jun Pyo? How could that possibly happen?? 😛

    Thank you for the news, and I think we could “endure” the news overload for the next 2 months! LOL

    yay, please please Monday come quick!

  36. 36 Alina

    All those accidents with the cast is kinda scary.. so far three main characters and Minho’s manager. I didnt even though theres so much press coverage about BOF. Entertainment news are popular I guess. Aww.. the cast looks the same.. for KHJ.. i dunno sometimes he looks like he doesnt have eyelids and sometimes he does in BOF, so i dunno about surgery.

  37. 37 @ #31

    In the second part, the story shifts as it’s centered during college, where as the first part was in high-school.

    So I guess thats what will be different, the time setting. Yet I dont see them changing the story other than the setting.

    I’m not sure if I get it all 100% myself, but I think thats what was trying to be said….?

  38. 38 Anonymous

    If I can make a request, more Lee Min Ki news would be appreciated. =-) Not that I am down with BoF, or anything– they are fun to talk about.

  39. 39 Hana Yori Dango Luva

    This is SUCH GOOD NEWS

    Cuz they have been following the plot pretty close to the manga so far….but eeventhough we all love the original story…we also want some variety and maybe different plots with the same characters that we LOVE….

    so the dividing up the episodes is good news…granted, of course, that they stay true to the characters and not end up making a completely diff series

  40. 40 Rea

    oh i got wrong news, so the one who got accident not Min Hoo but his manager??!!

    I hope Kim Bum wont get any accident too

  41. 41 Jane

    I don’t think Kim Hyun Joong has had his eyelids done.

  42. 42 byul1232

    kim hyun joong didnt get double eyelid surgery…
    he had his lids since junior high (they appear in his junior high pics)
    its just that his are very thin and come and go depending on how tired he is

  43. 43 dot.dot.

    wow… thats going to be different, but i’m going to love it. i hope they dont make it too overly dramatic thou. i love the little quirks of humor and that means in 3 weeks they’ll be college students?! wow… cant wait. i really love the jun pyo and jan di paring. i wonder how the fiance and jan di will get along…! ah..! can’t wait.

  44. 44 elaineobsession

    OOO: HEAD INJURY?! awww, i really hope she’s okay ]:

    and i agree with you dramabeans, the soundtrack is nice and there are a lot of different ones, but somehow, the way they’re used is not very well used.

    as for the show(boys over flowers), the more outstanding parts are getting better and better each week, but the so-so and squeamishly bad parts are still the same. Only if they can raise those parts up to the same level, the series would be perfect.

  45. 45 LOL

    Ohhhh, the defensive fans have arrived! *grabs popcorn*

    (the eyes look obviously different to me)

  46. 46 Robin

    I’m one of the few not looking forward to what’s going to happen next anymore now than we finally see Jan Di coming around. And then partly with all the coverage and obsession over the eye-candy actors. Overall, I think this is a refreshing drama with a young and jubilant cast among mediocre kdramas coming from 2008, but now it’s become a moot point. At first I was really drawn in by the pretty setting and seeing the luxurious things they own, but have to say that interest is not holding up past episode 8 and it’s become kind of ‘Goong-like’ in terms of plot substance and character development. It was a nice ride while it lasted, and great fun to read the funny recaps here and reading other people’s responses.

  47. 47 Jane


    I’d hardly call myself a fan but the eyes just look the same to me. No big deal.


  48. 48 Phel

    I read somewhere that Kim Hyun Joong had a procedure done to diminish his dark circles/eyebags, but not for double eyelids. That’s why i think his eyes look slightly different. Coz seriously, if thats what he got for a double eyelid procedure, he should sue the doctor. That’s like “barely there” double eyelids. (Not that it’s a problem coz the guy is still so pretty regardless.)

    And about the second part of BBF with the college setting and all, didn’t the japanese did something similar? in terms of F4 graduated high school too and Makino became a senior, that is. I dont recall Hana Yori Dango doing anything much with the college setting, but it could be because I stopped halfway through HYD2.

  49. 49 Anonymous

    I read on korean sites that KHJ had his eyes and nose done. there are pictures of him before his ss501 debut (younger than the picture on this page) where his nose is a lot broader and less refined at the tip, it looks more like a typical korean nose. his eyelids used to be different slightly. it looks like he always had the tuck but the fold is deeper now. but whatever its ok since he was always good looking!

  50. 50 doublelid

    Thank’s for the awesome tidbits..
    However, I still don’t understand what’s the big deal with having a double eye lid. Lucky to have a eye lid even a single one is much better than none?! :>
    anyway, from my young age, I only had 1 double eye lid till I reached 12 and got very sick. and then the other eye lid got a double one. and till now If I over sleep I will have a puffy eyes with one eye bigger than the other one. My dad used to have one only and then when he grew older he got both of them. So I really don’t get it when people like me or HJ sometimes show a double and sometimes single( or pasrt picture ) then people will jump into the plastic thingy…

    I say, the best way to know someone having a lid stiching is when they close their eyes.

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