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Yoo Ji-tae goes kpop (kinda)
by | January 7, 2009 | 4 Comments

Yoo Ji-tae, currently in the SBS drama A Star’s Lover, is taking part in a kpop album, oddly enough. He’s featured on kpop singer Jinju‘s new album “Pearlfect” (someone’s idea of a clever pun, I’m sure, since “jinju” means pearl).

But the actor-director isn’t singing, exactly — he and another actor, Eom Ji-won, lend their voices as narrators for two of the songs (him on “I’m Sorry,” and her on “Maze”). The song featuring Yoo, described as a “sad ballad,” also happens to mirror (coincidentally?) his role in his current drama, since the “character” supposedly leaves the woman he loves because he’s poor.

(Forget epic music videos; now even songs have plotlines and stunt casting?)

The album goes on sale on January 13.

Via Segye, Asia Economy


4 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Liv

    The Korean entertainment industry starts to resemble, to me, old-style Hollywood where entertainers were supposed to be fully multi-talented: singers, actors, dancers etc etc. Im not say they actually are all skilled in these areas (in fact, some seem to be nothing more than goodlooking) but it seems to be the expectation of the industry. How many Korean actors are also singers and models and talk show hosts and authors and have cooking shows and photo-art collections and clothing lines. Then again you sort of see that in the US entertainment industry too so I guess its just entertainment in general….

  2. sweetydoodle*..*

    I love this guy as much as i love Song Seung Hun.


  3. cosmopolite

    ^Is that an INSULT?! 😉

    No, seriously….is it?

  4. its_trish

    It looks more like another smart marketing move to me ^^
    He narrates for a role close to his own in a drama – creating both buzz over the said role in drama and the depth his narration adds to the song
    plus plus in this case
    Those smart Koreans haha ^^

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