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45th Baeksang Arts Awards
by | February 27, 2009 | 119 Comments

New Actress winner Park Bo-young


The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards were held on the evening of February 27, which means: lots of awards for film and television stars, and lots of clothes to gawk at.

There were no real surprises in the winners list; they’re mostly a variation of the same lists we’ve been seeing from the other ceremonies in the winter awards season. Some film winners include A Movie is a Movie and My Dear Enemy, while acting honors went to many of the Daesang winners from earlier awards, like Kim Myung-min, Moon Geun-young, and Sohn Ye-jin. Oh, and a little actor going by the name of Lee Min-ho took home one of the newcomer awards — but a stumble on the red carpet keeps him humble.

Check out all the winners (and the clothes!) beyond the jump:

Winners Kim Myung-min, Moon Geun-young, Sohn Ye-jin, Joo Jin-mo

Winners List


Daesang: Kang Woo-seok (Public Enemy Returns, 강철중:공공의 적 1-1)
Best Picture: Celebrate Our Love (경축! 우리사랑)
Best Director: Lee Yoon-ki (My Dear Enemy, 멋진 하루)
Best New Director: Lee Choong-ryul (Old Partner, 워낭소리)
Top Excellence, Actor: Joo Jin-mo (Frozen Flower, 쌍화점)
Top Excellence, Actress: Sohn Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married, 아내가 결혼했다)
Best New Actor: So Ji-sub, Kang Ji-hwan (A Movie Is A Movie, 영화는영화다)
Best New Actress: Park Bo-young (Speed Scandal, 과속스캔들)
Best Screenplay: Kang Hyung-chul (Speed Scandal, 과속스캔들)
Popularity Award: Joo Ji-hoon (Antique Bakery, 서양골동양과자점 앤티크) and Park Bo-young (Speed Scandal, 과속스캔들)


Daesang: Kim Hye-ja (Mom’s Dead Upset,엄마가 뿔났다, KBS)
Best Drama: Mom’s Dead Upset (엄마가 뿔났다, KBS)
Best Culture Program: Choosing Dokdo (그것이 알고싶다 ‘독도의 선택,’ SBS)
Best Variety Program: Kim Seok-hyun (Gag Concert, 개그콘서트)
Best Director: Shin Woo-chul (On Air, 온에어, SBS)
Best New Director: Bu Sung-chul (A Star’s Lover, 스타의연인, SBS)
Top Excellence, Actor: Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus, 베토벤 바이러스, MBC)
Top Excellence, Actress: Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind, 바람의 화원, SBS)
Best New Actor: Lee Min-ho (Boys Before Flowers, 꽃보다남자, KBS)
Best New Actress: Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny, 너는내운명, KBS)
Television Entertainer, Male: Kim Byung-man (Gag Concert, 개그콘서트, KBS)
Television Entertainer, Female: Park Mi-sun (Sunday Sunday Night, 일요일일요일밤에, MBC)
Scriptwriting Award: Yoo Hyun-mi (Scale of Providence, 신의저울, SBS)
Popularity Award: Kim Hyun-joong (Boys Before Flowers, 꽃보다남자, KBS) and Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny, 너는내운명, KBS)
Outstanding Achievement: Lee Soon-jae (Mom’s Dead Upset, 엄마가 뿔났다, KBS)


Sohn Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married), winner in the film category for Top Excellence, always looks chic and lovely on the red carpet. I don’t think the gown is particularly noteworthy, but the fit is awesome and she looks beautiful and polished, as usual.


Good lord. Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind) is a fantastic actress who only keeps getting better, but I am disturbed to see this obviously emaciated (and ever-shrinking) young star being lauded in the media for her “beautiful clavicle line” and overall appeal in this look when she frankly looks very, very sick. Shouldn’t someone… be helping her?


Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus) took Top Excellence for his Kang Maestro, as well he should. Though he’s going a little casual without a tie, I dig the double-collar look on him. He looks comfortable and relaxed.

Now, on the other hand, as for his Beethoven Virus co-star….

Really, the question here shouldn’t be, “What in the freaking hell is Jang Geun-seok (Beethoven Virus) wearing?” but rather, “This is Jang Geun-seok. At an awards ceremony. Surely you are not surprised by now?” This is just par for the wacky course for Jang. (If he’s going for Odagiri Joe-ish or Kim Jae-wook-ian eccentricity, um, it didn’t work. He doesn’t have the requisite “I don’t give a damn so bugger off” vibe to pull that off.)


It seems a little ridiculous that So Ji-sub (A Movie is A Movie) gets a “new” actor award, but eh. Logic is not a constant force in these awards shows anyway. Welcome back to television, dude. He looks dapper in this monochromatic, sleek black look.


Was it intentional, then, that his co-star and co-winner Kang Ji-hwan (A Movie Is a Movie) came in all white? Not my favorite look on Kang, but I think he manages decently. It’s not anyone who can do all-white and come off looking respectable on the red carpet.


Case in point:

That’s Korea’s resident alien and bastardizer of fashion shows, Andre Kim, in case you didn’t recognize him. (Although, who could forget once they’ve got that image burned in their brains?)


Congrats to Newcomer Award winner Park Bo-young, who is having a fantastic year with Speed Scandal! She’s one of the new crop of young actors who gives hope to her generation; she’s lovely and refreshing and has a bright, bright future ahead of her.


Her good friend and two-time co-star, Lee Min-ho (Boys Before Flowers) (like he needs an introduction), also took home a Newcomer award, for the television portion. Part of me thinks it would have been awesome to see him come in character as Jun-pyo (and not just because I think he rocks the curls like nobody’s business), but I do kind of love how simple and un-Jun-pyo-esque he looks here, with his slightly doofy smile. It does seem like he’s not quite used to the instant fame yet.

And I also kinda love how he actually ate it on the red carpet — then just brushed it off, laughed embarrassedly, and went to join his F4 buddies.


Speaking of F4: Kim Hyun-joong (Boys Before Flowers) looks pretty sharp in a tux — although, as with Lee Min-ho, it’s kind of weird that these boys look dressed down from their drama characters, here at a black-tie formal event.


Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers) lost out the Newcomer award to his castmate Lee Min-ho, but he’s looking adorably happy here. No signs of his foot injury, either, so it looks like he’s recovered (or nearly recovered).


But I think that of all the F4 boys, Kim Joon (Boys Before Flowers) looks the smoothest in this setting. (He will tire of hearing this, I’m sure, but his resemblance to Jang Dong-gun is particularly strong on the red carpet.) He’s a little casual, but I like the little stylish touches — the skinny tie and the extended shirt cuffs.


On anyone else (except perhaps Kim Min-hee?), this could be a disaster, but Gong Hyo-jin (Crush and Blush) is a fashion goddess and she wears the heck out of this. I’m even digging the gladiator heels, which as a rule I HATE.


I get it! Han Ye-seul (Tazza) got tired of gown-shopping and opted instead to wear a giant jellyfish. Also, I am pretty sure that over-the-shoulder coy smile is her patented trademark. All other actresses, beware.


Er, not a fan of this dress on Yoon Eun-hye (Coffee Prince), although I like her hair and makeup styling. It’s just that the bodice looks so tight and stiff, like the material expended all its energy holding in her chestal region that the rest of the dress gave up and said, “Eh, good enough. Let me just hang out in the back here.”


Lee Junki (Iljimae) has found the look that works for him, and it is the three-piece tux. As an aside: is he growing out his hair? (Yay?)


Joo Ji-hoon (Antique Bakery), you won a popularity award! Would it kill ya to smile, Mr. Smirky Grouchypants?


Joo Jin-mo (Frozen Flower) goes formal with tails, and looks gooood.


Park Shi-yeon (La Dolce Vita) is really coming into a strong style of her own, isn’t she? Love the color and the bright belt — which looks classy instead of gaudily clashing — and this fits her absolutely perfectly.


Her Marine Boy co-star Kim Kang-woo ain’t looking too bad himself.


Bubble skirts can be iffy for an event like this, but this dress is so flirty, cute, and whimsical on Moon Chae-won (Painter of the Wind). Age- and event-appropriate. Love!


Once again, I must ask: This baby-faced Song Chang-eui (Scale of Providence) is supposed to be playing Kwon Sang-woo’s older brother in their new drama? Psh.


The gorgeous Kim Ji-soo (Women in the Sun) is stunning in red.


Han Ji-hye (East of Eden) is kinda working that Clueless-ian “Monet effect” — pretty from a distance, but up close all the individual parts are a bit off. The dress’s super shininess and color in combination are a little gaudy, her makeup is bland, and there’s nothing I LIKE about her look… but she still looks pretty. Just not her best.


Um… I kind of get what Choi Yeo-jin (My Woman) is going for. At the top, it’s severe Cleopatra-like structure, in the middle it’s generic cocktail fashion, and the bottom is shredded Pocahontas fringe. Put them all together and the reaction you get is mostly: head-tilt accompanied by a “Huh?”


Can’t you construct an entire inner monologue just based on the expression on Jung Kyeo-woon‘s (Women in the Sun) face in that last picture? “Hem… how much longer do I hold this smile? Sucking in… gut… killing me… Next time, wear a vest, not a cummerbund!”


Meanwhile, Jo Min-ki (East of Eden) is like, “Psh, all you young things, step aside. Let me show you kiddos how to WEAR a TUX.” And, well, he sure wears it like a pro. He’s kind of a sexy bastard, isn’t he?


I love modernized hanbok styles in general, and this is no expection. It’s also particularly appropriate on Kim Min-sun, given her role in the lush period film Portrait of a Beauty. (But… I wish it was in a color…!)


Not much to say about Park Hae-jin (East of Eden). Brush your hair?


Lee Tae-ran (My Precious You) doesn’t usually wear the most attention-getting gowns, but she does know how to style herself with class. She’s looking lovely.


Shin-ae (Empress Cheon-chu) always looks awkward to me at these types of events, even when she’s wearing a pretty dress and made up well. I wish she’d worn a color (notice a recurring theme here?) instead of more nude tones, which were so prevalent at this event.


Lee Soon-jae (Mom’s Dead Upset) and Park Mi-sun (Sunday Sunday Night) both won for their TV shows.


Love the yellow of Go Eun-ah‘s (Love at Sarang) dress, though I keep thinking the dress should be longer. Or shorter. And where did her foot go?


For a second, I thought Park Sol-mi (Cell Phone) was wearing the same dress as Sohn Ye-jin. Wouldn’t that have been embarrassing.


Hong Ah-reum (My Precious You) and Lee Young-eun (Oh My God 2) both do short dresses, but I think with vastly different results. Hong looks kind of forgettable, but I think Lee’s long-sleeved drapey number is adorable and fresh. Her dress = WANT.


Yet more beige for Boys Before Flowers‘ bitch trifecta, the “Jin-Sun-Mi” trio aka actresses Min Young-won, Kook Ji-yeon, and Jang Ja-yeon. They would have looked so much better in color! Instead, they look kind of like Charlie’s Angels, only, not in the cool-and-fun-kickass-heroines way, but in the whoa-the-70s-are-back? way. Individually, they’re not too bad, but together they all wash each other out.


Han Ye-won (On Air) is wearing a similar look to Moon Chae-won, but while I think Moon rocks her funky dress, Han’s is a little too normal to be interesting in comparison


And oh my goodness, Wang Seok-hyun (Speed Scandal) is like a living bobblehead of cuteness.


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119 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JiHwan

    Is it makeup or does Kang Ji hwan have some crazy eye bags. Gosh my baby must be overworked

  2. funniebones

    I guffawed at the fashion police comments! Especially about severe smirky grouchypants ahahaha. I was a lot disappointed by the lack of color in these clothes, but I am thinking they’re just going with the spring 09 trends…. besides I wish I could look as good as those ladies in chiffon!

    And when Lee Min Ho is not in the Gu Jun Pyo character, he is quite the humble, goofy looking guy, which is, I mean I don’t know the guy at all, but after two months of watching this guy be an arrogant spoiled brat, really different from what I am used to.

  3. pikopiko


    oh the BBF guys look so suave! and awww Lee Min-ho ^___^

  4. ly22

    I love everything about Boys Before Flowers,
    “I do kind of love how simple and un-Jun-pyo-esque he looks here” his smile………..ehmmmm so sweet. i agree with you Sarah,thanks for sharing this…

  5. Christina

    woah. what’s with Jang Geun-seok’s hair!!??

  6. GreenFreak

    Loving all the BBF pictures…

  7. chajjye

    i was a little worried for kim myung min looking SOOO different from his BV and WT days, (but yeah he looks good in that double collar) then I saw JGS and i had to hold in my laughter lest someone call me insane. OMG, what is that fella DOING to himself?! THAT HAIR! THAT HAIR! is that a wig?!

    same goes for KJH. i was like oh okay, nice nice..then..Andre Kim! HAHA. javabeans, you are good.

    i love how LMH is being like a child to this. Hope he always remember that fall he has to stay humble. Humble celebs are usually the best.

    Yeah, i agree that the f4 boys dressed so down from their drama that it’s a little odd…but maybe because its their first time in such a grand event, better wear something more oscar tradition, no? but loved how they look. SO GOOD LOOKING!!!! best looking f4 ever. (but why is he not responding to kim bum smiling at him? 😛 looks so wrong on photo.)

    moon geun young is too thin. someone please feed her food, quick.

    overall everyone dressed well for the event. not JGS. at all.

  8. le

    i’m happy for boys over flowers, f4 is hot. i wish GHS was there with them.

  9. Giggle

    I don’t like Soh Ye Jin, her dress is ok on her. She looks so ordinary in spite of the beautiful dress. Wha’t with Eun Hye’s dress? elegance mixed with trashiness?
    On the other hand, Park SHi yeon looks fabulous.

  10. 10 In

    I find th Min Ho red carpet “moment” quite amusing.

    “Oh poor thing”


  11. 11 Steph

    Ok, who do I have to kill to get those dresses from Park Shi-yeon (girls on point right down to her toes) and Park Bo Young?! They look beautiful. Andre Kim scares me. it’s like way past the pet cemetary scare level and please, someone feed Moon. I love her. She’s one of my favorite actresses, but she does not look healthy. That’s not a look that should be praised in any way. Oh and, Lee Min Ho can do no wrong. Seriously, he still looks hot while eating carpet. Work it!

  12. 12 Ichiru

    Yoo Eun-hye’s looking prettier these days….but the dress she wore…should have been a tube and the tail cut? haha

    JGS is awesomely funny! maybe he’s trying to find the style that fits himself the most the guy’s a youngun he’s stil experimenting! haha

    Kang Jihwan looks like a handsome groom…MARRY ME!

    And the BBF boys? it’s good to see that they’re all in the event and enjoying themselves…I hope they stay good friends even if the drama is over..=)
    -and we should name Kim Joon as JDG II.

    My fave dress in this event = 0

    Thanks for the post!

  13. 13 hmmmm

    oh mi, Moon Geunyoung is so anorexic!!! She needs help and start eating healthy, looking healthy again.

  14. 14 gemmi

    i adore park shiyeon’s dress! :O

  15. 15 queenML

    What happen to GHS?

  16. 16 jinkzz

    thanks for the recap javabeans.

    Congratulations Kang JI Hwan, Lee Min Ho, So Ji Sub, Kim Myung MIn

    Ji Hwan looks good but i think he is back to working hard again after his vacation because he looks tired 🙁

    Poor Lee Min Ho stumbled in the red carpet but still managed to smile charmingly afterwards 🙂

  17. 17 Pretendingtobe


    when did Go Eun-ah grow boobs???


  18. 18 Anonymous

    awww poor him!!! Wouldn’t it be awsome if all F4 walked together!!!!!! AHHH what a sight that would be but then again all the fan girls probably throw themselves on the poor boys!!! No i have to disagree with you javabeans, I think LMH really shouldn’t come with the GJP hair b/c then he’ll be stuck in his character forever!!!

  19. 19 amydem

    Jo Ji Hoon didn’t smile but at least he washed his hair this time!

    Where’s Koo (Go) Hye Sun from Boys Over Flowers? Did she attend? I want to see her!

  20. 20 G

    Thanks so much!
    I love these fashion recaps, they’re so much fun, and I know they must be hard to put together~
    Love the YEH dress comment- hilarious.
    Loving LMH too, he does have a doofy-cute smile!

  21. 21 Gg

    OMG! Jo Ji-Hoon! What happened? He’s growing dreadfully ugly! Lol ..:o)

    Congrat to Kim Hyun Joong for his popularity award. He still look so frail and sick to me. I prefer his image in WGM, a lot healthier and sexier.

    Thanks a lot for the recap

  22. 22 hajung

    can anyone confirm: Is moon chae won’s dress the same one word by gaeul a the club scene with yijung in BOF??

  23. 23 km

    oh gosh i love the colour of park sol mi’s dress, it really complements her skin tone and make-up. the draping of the dress is fabulous as well!

    generally the stars all look really good – i’m guessing the stylists do most of the work, jang geun suk being the exception 😀

  24. 24 hjkomo

    Thank you, Sarah! 😀
    After only getting four hours of sleep last night, the laughter has brought me my second wind to help me make it through the rest of the day. Works even better than caffeine.
    You’re the best! *muah*

  25. 25 Snikki

    I like Park Shi-yeon’s gown the best! And sorry to say this, but I find one of the 3 bitches of BBF very pretty — Kook Ji-yeon.

  26. 26 Amy

    i mean, i didn’t expect gu hye sun to appear at this because she’s not nomm’ed, but if the tarty three are there, then surely gu hye sun…

    anyhoo, i’m kind of not fazed to see f4 in suits anymore. i’ve been desensitized, haha, but lee minho’s lookin’ good.

  27. 27 javabeans

    Gu Hye-sun was in a car accident, I believe. (Sigh)

  28. 28 blue_rose

    Finally, a well deserved award for Maestro KMM. I am so glad he won the big one. However, he does look disturbingly THIN. I remember what he made himself go through during the filming of White Tower, I hope he is not doing any serious damage to himself in the quest of perfection. I do hope this is as thin as he is going to get in the movie otherwise I will be too scared to watch the movie.

    Lee Min Ho looks absolutely gorgeous like that, without JP curly top. Same with So Ji Sup………stunning in black.

    As for JGS, I am just speechless 😀

  29. 29 blue_rose

    LOL that’s a wig on jang geun seok right? wow, never thought a man would wear a wig unless he was bald…..korean male fashion surprises me! he looks ridiculous!

  30. 30 crzycpl

    I can hardly recognise Lee Min-ho without his Gu Jun-pyo curls. And I agree with you, he can rock the curls like nobody’s business!

    Lee Min-ho, you are one hunky looking boy with a great physique and sensational smile. LOVE!

    Congratulations and keep up the good work. You’ve got plenty of good years ahead if you choose your roles wisely.

  31. 31 fizzle

    Most of these ladies look incredible, notably Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Soo, and Park Shi Yeon. Always classy on the red carpet.

    I don’t know what the hell Jang Geun Suk is doing though…he’s adorable, but would it kill him to attend an award show wear something presentable?

  32. 32 Sophia

    I’m really happy for KANG JI HWAN!! Even if I like him more in black dressing.

    About the women dressing I only have an opinion: bad bad bad. The most dresses are terrible, not elegant but too common.
    Bad color, bad style and bad accessories for many stars.

  33. 33 Bev

    Are Park Bo Young and Lee Ming Ho wearing the same ring on the same finger? His on the right hand and her on the left hand. Seem to rememer LMH/GJP wearing it in BBF also. Couple rings maybe ?

  34. 34 robbo4

    As usual, the ladies pretty much all look ravishing, but I know nothing from fashion. A pretty face, one the other hand… Did I miss seeing Yoona, or was she not in attendence? I’m happy that both she and the ever-lovable Moon Geun Young were recognized for their efforts. Having no opinion on Yoon Eun-Hye’s dress, I give it points for allowing us a gander at her legs!

    As for the conspicuous by her absence, Goo Hye Sun: Her day will be coming at this same time next year when she walks off with the top award for her current project, the name of which escapes me…

    P.S. Gown, notwithstanding; Lee Tae Ran ALWAYS gets my attention!!!

  35. 35 missmartypants08

    LOL Javabeans you know you wrong with that comparison of KJH & that Andre Kim!! I almost died laughing… so f’ing funny, the contrast is that drastic LOL

    Yea, Moon Geum girl needs to add some weight. She really looks anorexic, and that’s not pretty… Wang Seok-hyun is so cute!!! I love little kids trying to rock out tuxedos… it’s so cute. Park Shi-yeon’s dress knocks out all of the competition, it’s so gorgeous and totally spring wear. Plus I totally remember her from My Girl! I wish Lee Min-ki was there though… I miss seeing him 🙁 Thank you Javabeans for making this post

  36. 36 flooooo

    I was lurking for this post the whole last hours cos I do really love how you comments all the looks and the dressing on the red funny and so true…ihihihi…anyways next year hope to see you on the red carpet and commenting …^_^..

    LMH managed his fall with extreme class and so cute how he felt embarassed after that….I love his smile

    the ceremony was really fast but all the awards are well given and they all deserve it even the popularity awards which I found it not really related to cinema and drama industry …

  37. 37 Amy

    “Gu Hye-sun was in a car accident, I believe.”


    I thought it was minor but it makes sense, and she really does need any reason she can get to take a day off.

  38. 38 ed

    wow, can you really trade daesang for investment wons? somebody better be coming up with more jobs with that one.
    LOL @ “beautiful clavicle line”. maybe next year we’ll have competing goddesses for “beautiful rib cage line”.

    and yesyesyes…i love you kim ji soo! Lady in Red!!

    p.s. i’m sure park bo-young did her share of good work for Overspeed Scandal. but they should’ve recognized her for the much bigger role in ESP Couple. she’s a blazing talent in dramedy (maybe a female Song Kango-ho in 5 years?)

  39. 39 KATE

    Miss MGY..please do eat something….F4 is really cute…but Mr. So Ji Sub is HOT*.8

  40. 40 Liv

    There is something about the right-most picture of Joo Ji-hoon that makes me think of cartoonish depictions of bandits. Or maybe Zorro or something…..

  41. 41 Artemis

    Well deserved winners!

    Oh, LMH is just too adorable. I hope he stays grounded because things are just going one way for him after BBF, and that’s UP!

    Kang Ji Hwan should have worn black. So Ji Sub is way hotter in black. *faints*

    Jang Geun-Seok….I barely have words…Korea doesn’t just have one resident alien in Andre Kim, they have JGS too! He must be so uncomfortable being pretty…I find no other reason…

  42. 42 Aime

    All those dresses are glorified prom dresses. Why do people in any entertainment industry dress so badly?

  43. 43 nande0nande

    I’m not a huge fan of Joo Ji Hoon’s new look. I love Moon Yoon Eun-hye, Park Shi-yeon, and Moon Chae-won’s dresses!! Kim Bum is so hot in that tux!

  44. 44 Kaayla

    Where is Ga-Eul or Kim So Eun?

  45. 45 ripga

    Lee Min Ho is soooo cute… laughed out loud at his trip at the red carpet! lolz… At least he managed to make some fun out of it..

    Kang Ji Hwan and So Ji Sub get my pick for the night! (Because I am biased, and I love them…) hehehe… Lee Min Ho and Son Chang Ui didn’t look that bad either.

    As for the girls, I love Park Bo Young, Kim Min Sun and Park Shi Yeon’s dresses. So flay-ish…but really, they came in style. Somehow I don’t really dig the tight-fitting dresses or mini gowns anymore… love the bigger ones! And wth is Yoon Eun Hye wearing? Not digging it at all..

    Jang Geun Seok, OMG his outfit was a failure!! Unless he’s Ryu Seong Bum or Lee Min Ki, he should stick to the normal tux..aiks..

  46. 46 rambosco

    Thank you for your coverage of the fashion ups and downs at the 45th Baeksang Awards.

    I personally thought Yoon Eun Hye looked stunning in that outfit, although it may have looked better had she put on a necklace.
    I am loving her makeup, it just blends in ever so nicely with her skin tone.

    Kang Ji Hwan rocked it in white at the last Baeksang yes?
    Well, white suits him so no further comment.

    Joo Ji Hoon? is he a new actor? why does he look so grumpy? If you don’t want to be there then dont attend in the first place, LMAO.

    Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won looked adorable but the former looked rather ill.

    Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho, the next big things to hit the hearts of the female population.

    Thank You once again!

  47. 47 ilovekangmae

    yes! KMM got the Best Actor again! So happy for him. And for MGY too, although, I think she looks too thin.

  48. 48 1234

    45// Both Kim So Eun and Goo Hye Sun did not attend an award show. Apparently, YG Ent. (Goo’s company) is not in a good relationship with the sponsor of that show (YG doesn’t care about most of award shows in Korea), so the award show people didn’t even invite her to show.

    Meanwhile, Goo got into some serious car accident, so she is in hospital now. I hope she will get well very soon!! Inside of her mouth was torn, so she had to get stitches for it and right now her face is too swollen. Plus, even if swelling goes down, she won’t be able to speak properly, so the doctor said she has to rest for a week (they are still checking her for possible internal injuries), but the Group 8 is sorta pushing her to continue shooting because of tight shooting schedule for next episode.
    Also, the award show people didn’t invite Kim So Eun either, so she is not there.

  49. 49 Ronoele





  50. 50 Anonymous

    oh no!! joo jin mo’s hair?!?!?!!?

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