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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 11
by | February 9, 2009 | 225 Comments

I was really annoyed with Episode 11 for the first half. I mean, REALLY dissatisfied. What happened to character continuity, yo?

At least the second half made it better. Not ALL better, but it helped erase the irritation wrought by the first part.

(The viewers didn’t seem to mind, though — yet again, ratings hit a new high with a 31.5%. Also, I have noticed the music is improved in this episode.)


Byul – “니가 떠난다” (You’re Leaving) [ Download ]

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Thinking to do something nice for Jan-di, Jun-pyo supplies the pool with scented salts, soap, and froofy spa items. Does he think she’s going to be settling in for a foaming bubble bath in a chlorinated pool? I suppose when you harbor a pathological fear of swimming, you end up hazy on the concept.

Yi-jung notices that he doesn’t seem happy. Jun-pyo answers, “I’m annoyed that this is all I can do for her.”

At the tawdry Enjoy Productions, Jan-di is persuaded to pose for what she is told is an academy (hagwon) brochure, despite the obvious warning signs. If the skeezy lighting and set decoration weren’t warning enough, aren’t the stuffed animals in fetishwear a telltale clue? I’m convinced that Episode 11 Jan-di is part cute tough girl, part idiot. Actually, minus the tough.

The shoot starts off tame enough — she’s dressed in a school uniform but asked to wear bunny ears — and then the two pervy ajusshis ask her to change into her next costume. Thankfully the writer remembers that Jan-di at least has half a brain, because she puts her foot down at the playboy bunny outfit.

The creepy men insist she continue and advance slowly, jazz hands waggling like they’re about to tickle her to death. Jan-di apparently forgets she is master of the high-flying spinning back kick, because all she does is shrink back and cower (what, did she lose part of her courage along with part of her brain?), waiting for someone to save her.

Thankfully, someone does. This is a guy she had bumped into on her way inside the building, who for whatever reason has sensed her trouble. He grabs Jan-di and ushers her outside.

He walks her home but declines to identify himself, saying that they’ll be meeting soon anyway, at which time he’ll introduce himself properly. He leaves saying, “Good night, Geum Jan-di sshi.”

Ga-eul and Jan-di puzzle over how her “black knight” knows her. Then Ga-eul and their boss drool over a hot new model on TV, the mysterious “Haje” (pronounced “ha jay”). Gee, I wonder who that could be.

At school, Jan-di’s grumbling stomach and the wafting smell of food lead her to an empty storeroom, where ramen is cooking. She calls out a greeting (and gets no response), then sneaks a taste because she’s starving. Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea to eat anything out of an unknown pot in an unknown room, but like I said, it’s like Jan-di’s half-brain-dead for this episode. She eats.

The ramen owner/cooker walks in, catching her mid-bite — and she recognizes him as the black knight. This is Lee Jae-ha, looking mighty different from the cool, collected guy who’d helped her. He addresses Jan-di as “sunbae” (he’s a first-year, so probably 16 or 17) and confesses he’s her fan, seeing how she stood up to F4 like a “commoners’ hero.”

Jae-ha explains that he intentionally adopted a nerdy appearance at school, wanting to go unnoticed, since he doesn’t care for any of the people here anyway. Jan-di laughs because she can identify with that, and Jae-ha eagerly agrees that they’re from the same world. Since she was looking for work, he mentions a decent-paying gig doing errands at a photo shoot, which she accepts.

Jae-ha acts the part of the unassuming outsider when he bumps into Jun-pyo and apologizes profusely — but we see a flash of something darker when he glares at Jun-pyo’s back.

Jun-pyo comments how he’s barely seen Jan-di recently, and intends to whisk her off to Hokkaido for a short weekend jaunt. Thinking of her new job, Jan-di fumbles for an excuse, seizing on Ga-eul’s birthday — it’s their long-standing tradition for her to spend the night.

(I can see why she’d be uncomfortable telling Jun-pyo the truth — she may just not want him to worry after declining his financial help. But if this is her intention, the drama shows it poorly — because by lying, it makes it seem this is about Jae-ha more than the job, which makes me very, very cranky with Jan-di.)

Disappointed, Jun-pyo grumbles, “Am I more important, or Ga-eul?” Immediately, she answers, “Ga-eul,” then forces a laugh and promises to call.

On his way to his studio, Yi-jung spots Ga-eul at the door and keeps himself out of view as she walks away, watching her leave with a troubled expression. On the doorstep, he finds a bag she’d left, and the contents bring a smile to his face.

Yi-jung heads to a cake shop to buy a red heart-shaped cake, then catches up to Ga-eul on the street corner. She must be the slooooowest walker ever. Presenting her with the cake and flowers, he wishes her a happy birthday (to which she responds, “Huh?”).

Okay, this modeling job irritated me because it makes Jan-di seem like an idiot. First, she arrives with the nerdy Jae-ha, surprised that everyone knows him so well. Her job is to organize the jumbled clothing, and she looks at Jae-ha in shock when he walks out dolled up as Haje, looking hot and broody in his studded black leather and guyliner.

Although Jan-di had seen through the nerd glasses to recognize her dark knight, apparently she could not connect the dots to link her dark knight to Haje. (Ha-jae = Jae-ha, get it?)

After Haje’s shoot ends, the photographer asks who Jan-di is (Haje replies, “My girlfriend”; Jan-di contradicts him). The photographer comments on how good they look together and asks if Jan-di’s interested in modeling. Haje still needs a partner for an upcoming shoot, and they like how Jan-di looks with him.

When she hears how much the job pays, Jan-di agrees.

At Ji-hoo’s place, Jun-pyo stews over being pushed aside for Ga-eul, and how Jan-di’s always busy with activities except meeting him. Ji-hoo lets Jun-pyo rant, but his observant eye is drawn to Haje’s CF on television, and seems to recognize him.

Jun-pyo falls asleep in Ji-hoo’s bed, and Ji-hoo tucks him in. It’s cute, and I expect Jun-hoo (Ji-pyo?) fanvids any moment now.

After the photo shoot, Jae-ha and Jan-di chat over ramen in the early dawn hours. He mentions that his older brother would have liked Jan-di too, so she comments that they must be close. Turns out that his brother — his only family — is ill and currently receiving medical care.

Jae-ha gives her the gist of his family history while accompanying her on her morning deliveries (and we get some cute/appropriate music for once). His father was a rich lawyer who fooled around with a poor girl, and he and his brother resulted from the affair. Jan-di feels pity for him, but his glass is half-full — at least he didn’t grow up into a materialistic snob.

They’re chatting pleasantly when Ji-hoo pulls up on his motorcycle. Jae-ha starts to introduce himself politely, but Ji-hoo ignores this and fixes a disapproving (?) look on Jan-di. He tells her, “Jun-pyo came by last night. He was unhappy at being passed over for Ga-eul.”

Jan-di starts to explain, but Ji-hoo continues, “I’ll pretend I didn’t see you today.” He zooms off, leaving Jan-di feeling guilty — but Jae-ha smiles to himself behind her back.

The guys wonder at the change in Jun-pyo, who’s no longer ranting and raving. Jun-pyo reveals his new strategy — he’ll play hard to get and make her uneasy. (The others all think he’s bound for failure.)

Woo-bin notices Yi-jung wearing his… whaddayacallem… arm socks? Disembodied sleeves? Yi-jung doesn’t explain that they’re a gift from Ga-eul, answering, “They’re a little tacky, but they’re pretty warm.”

The school is abuzz when the magazine comes out featuring Jan-di and Haje’s photo on the cover (notice the mag is named Group 7. Ha.). The Jin-Sun-Mi trio are sick with envy over Jan-di’s inexplicable pull with Jun-pyo, Ji-hoo, and now their beloved Haje: “After you stole F4 away, Haje was the one person who gave us hope in our pain!”

Haje/Jae-ha interrupts: “I don’t really care about giving you guys hope.” He’s here in his Haje persona, and steps inside to take Jan-di by the hand, and lead her outside.

Students burst into F4’s private classroom to show Jun-pyo the magazine. Seeing Jan-di on the cover, dressed only in a man’s shirt and looking cozy with Haje, his eyes widen in shock. Jun-pyo throws the magazine and storms out.

He comes upon Jan-di with Jae-ha, and confronts her angrily, asking if she’d avoided him so she could be with “trash” like Jae-ha.

He sneers, “Geum Jan-di, you sure have grown up. Now that you’ve appeared in a magazine, do you think of yourself as some kind of successful model? Tell me — is the reason you couldn’t go with me to Hokkaido because you were doing stuff like this with him?”

Unable to deny it, Jan-di remains silent. Jun-pyo continues sarcastically: “Why don’t you insist that he’s Ga-eul? Or was it his birthday that day?”

Jan-di: “I’m sorry for lying. I was wrong. I’ll explain everything.” But Jae-ha laughs then, infuriating Jun-pyo.

Jun-pyo: “Did you just laugh?”
Jae-ha: “It’s a little funny. Do you have so little confidence with the girl you like? And before getting jealous, shouldn’t you first find out what situation your girl is in?”

It’s not like there’s a good thing to say to Jun-pyo at this moment, but that’s REALLY the wrong thing. Jun-pyo beats up Jae-ha, who doesn’t put up much of a fight.

Jun-pyo demands, “What do you know, to talk like that?!” Jae-ha tells him, “Jan-di sunbae is wasted on the likes of you.”

That only pisses Jun-pyo off more, and he continues punching Jae-ha until Jan-di bursts out, “Stop!” Nice of you to step in so quickly there, Jan-di. Maybe if you’d reacted a few minutes earlier instead of just standing there dumbly, you could have actually done some good.

Jun-pyo stops hitting Jae-ha, gets up, and approaches her as she explains, “He helped me outside of school. And he was a friend at school, the only person I connected with.” Even I winced at that. (Also: Jun-pyo aside, what about Mr. Soulmate, Ji-hoo?)

Jun-pyo asks: “The only one?” Grabbing her by the jacket, he barely keeps his temper in check, demanding, “What is that bastard to you?”

Fighting tears, Jan-di says, “I’m tired. I want to stop now.” He shouts her name in disbelief, as she continues, “I want to go back to before I knew F4 and Gu Jun-pyo.”

Jun-pyo lets go of her, and stalks off without another word. F3 follows him silently, with Ji-hoo pausing to give her a look.

And I say: WUT THE…? I suppose now she’s lost part of her heart to go with her missing brain and courage. Now all she needs is some tricked-out ruby shoes to get back home.

I do not understand Jan-di in this moment, at all. NOT ONE BIT. If the first half of the episode had been devoted to their relationship obstacles and Jan-di’s struggles (like in Episode 10), her defeated statement of wanting to quit might make a teensy bit of sense. But she has just hurt Jun-pyo — having LIED to him, making him look like a fool in front of the school, caught holding another guy’s hand — and THIS is when she’s too tired of their relationship to continue?


Well, she asked for it: Jan-di is delivered a second red card. Jae-ha comes up to her clutching his own red card, and assures her, “Don’t worry, now I’ll protect you.”

The cruel pranks resume, such as her desk being removed from class. Locating it outside, Jan-di pushes the desk back toward the building, when Jae-ha darts out and cries, “It’s dangerous!”

Jae-ha pushes her back just as a heavy potted plant crashes down from the second floor, toppling the desk.

Grimly, he tells her this is Jun-pyo’s doing. He points to the landing above, just outside F4’s private classroom. In disbelief, Jan-di shakes her head, saying, “No, he wouldn’t do that.”

After she leaves, Ji-hoo inspects the broken pot.

Finding Jan-di on her paper route, Ji-hoo explains that he’s known Jun-pyo for fifteen years: “I don’t think anyone can know someone completely. But I believe I know what kind of person he is. Do you think Jun-pyo’s behind it?”

Jan-di answers, “I want to believe in him.” Ji-hoo: “Whether you believe him or not is up to you. But did you send him away because of that guy?” Ji-hoo tells her that he didn’t pursue her because of Jun-pyo: “Don’t make me regret it.”

A notice on the chalkboard indicates that class has been moved to the science lab. The lab turns out to be empty, but Jan-di waits around, not noticing when a canister of gas rolls inside, slowly filling the room with its fumes.

When Jan-di does notice the smoke/vapor, she scrambles for the door, which is locked. All the windows have been nailed shut as well, so she pounds on the windows and screams for somebody to save her. BREAK THE DAMN GLASS, idiot. But it wouldn’t be a Jan-di crisis if she didn’t wait for a hero to save her instead of actually using her brains to save herself, right? This kind of stupidity needs its own name: Jan-distress (as in, damsel in)? Jan-disaster?

Jan-di coughs and collapses on the ground as Jae-ha runs up in the nick of time, smashes the window, and saves her. As he carries her off, he reminds her, “I told you I’d protect you.”

He takes her home, where he lingers over her as he puts her to bed, about to steal a kiss when he’s interrupted by his phone.

Jae-ha assures his caller — Mama Kang — that Jan-di’s sleeping in his bed, and reminds her to get his payment ready. He stares intently at a few photos of someone we can assume is his older brother.

At this news, Mama Kang smirks: “The kid is pretty good.” She pops open a bottle of champagne and lifts her glass to toast the progress of her Master Plan of Manipulation and Evilry.

The F3 guys have been unable to get a hold of Jun-pyo, and worry that he and Jan-di may really be over for good.

In the meantime, Jun-pyo has gone off alone somewhere and rejects all his calls. We eventually see where he has chosen to brood — he walks around the class trip location from Episode 3, when Jan-di had saved Jun-pyo from drowning and given him CPR.

Ga-eul bursts into the F4 lounge in tears, asking the guys for their help in finding Jan-di. She’s been unable to get in contact with her and something seems fishy — her family received a call that Jan-di was out with F4, which she obviously isn’t.

Woo-bin and Yi-jung hope that she’s with Jun-pyo, but Ji-hoo has other suspicions. He orders someone to contact Jun-pyo because Jan-di’s in danger.

Jan-di wakes up disoriented and groggy, shocked to find out she’s been unconscious for the past two days. Jae-ha assures her that he called her parents so they wouldn’t worry, saying she’d gone on a trip with friends.

Jan-di thanks him for his help and starts to leave, but Jae-ha asks if she still trusts Jun-pyo, warning that Jun-pyo is the kind of guy who would destroy her if he can’t have her for himself.

Jan-di tells him to watch his words: “There are things about Gu Jun-pyo that you don’t know, that I do.” Jae-ha counters, “No, there are things I know that you don’t… Way before you knew him, I’ve known what kind of person he was. He doesn’t see anyone outside of F4 as people. He’s someone who doesn’t consider other people’s happiness or lives.”

With certainty, Jan-di contradicts him: “No, he was like that before, but he isn’t now.”

Jae-ha grabs Jan-di to him, pleading with her to break up with Jun-pyo: “You weren’t right for each other from the start. Come to me. We understand each other. You and I are like minds in the same world.” Jan-di shoves him off.

Jan-di: “You’re someone I was grateful for, who became a supportive friend, but you’re not for me.”
Jae-ha: “You can’t still have faith in that jerk, can you? Even when you’ve gone through this?”
Jan-di: “I do, I believe in him. Because Gu Jun-pyo believed in me.”

Jae-ha tries to grab Jan-di for a kiss as she struggles against him. Breaking free, she slaps him.

Jae-ha tells her, “You’ll regret this. Please come to your senses!” Jan-di assures him that she’s seeing clearer than ever: “Thanks to you, I realize what I’ve done wrong. And what Gu Jun-pyo means to me.”

She leaves with the parting words: “There’s no such thing as Jae-ha’s world, or Jun-pyo’s world. It’s enough to look at the same thing from the same place.”

Jae-ha grabs Jan-di from behind and applies a (presumably drug-soaked) cloth over her nose and mouth, saying, “I warned you that you’d regret it.”


Jun-pyo returns home, unaware of everything that’s transpired in his absence. He’s immediately alarmed when his butler tells him F4 have been very worried because of Jan-di.

Jun-pyo is handed an envelope containing an anonymous letter bearing the ominous message: “If you want to save Geum Jan-di, come alone.” With it is a picture of Jan-di, bound and gagged, and a lock of her hair.

With Jan-di in danger, Jun-pyo pretends nothing’s wrong and insists on going to bed undisturbed. Once he’s alone, though, he dons black clothing and grimly prepares to meet the kidnapper.

Hearing Jun-pyo’s returned, the guys rush to his house, but find his door locked. The butler, agreeing with Woo-bin’s misgivings, defies Jun-pyo’s orders and unlocks the door, telling them of the odd letter that was delivered earlier.

The room is empty, curtains billowing in the open window.

Somewhere in a dark warehouse, Jan-di wakes up from her drugged sleep, tied to a chair. (Did anyone else immediately think to the RIDICULOUS Witch Amusement Episode 14 kidnapping? Which, btw, is an episode I already referenced when comparing the lights scene in Episode 9.)

Jae-ha owns up to everything, boasting of his perfectly executed plan — the photo shoot, the red card, the science lab. He assures her, “I had a reason — actually, two.”

She wonders at his motives, so Jae-ha tells her, “Look at me. Don’t I remind you of someone?”


Even if you weren’t familiar with the storyline, I had a feeling from Episode 1 that this actor — Jung Eui-chul — would be coming back. He’d given a strong enough performance that it seemed unlikely he was cast in such a tiny role unless there was more planned for him.

(Born in 1985 and 186cm tall, Jung debuted as a model, after which he appeared in the TV shows Hello My Teacher and Rainbow Romance, as well as movies Doremifasolatido, Beastie Boys, and Romantic Island.)

Regarding Jae-ha’s role: I like fast-moving storylines. When you know the general outcome of the drama, there’s not a lot of reason to draaaaag out conflicts. But in this case, I wish they’d drawn out the Jae-ha storyline a little — not for the exaggerated melodrama, but because I think it could have been a good chance to extract some development out of our characters. By which I mean, he could have been a great foil to Jun-pyo in a way not even Ji-hoo could accomplish.

For instance: Jun-pyo tends to order Jan-di around, even when he has her best interests at heart. With Jae-ha, the dynamic is different, partly because Jan-di is older and partly because Jae-ha (before going evil-genius on us) seems to respect her and defer to her. It would have been nice to see that contrast played up more. I suppose Ji-hoo was supposed to do that, but Jung is a good actor, so perhaps that’s why I feel this could have presented a more compelling triangle.

As for Jan-di’s absurd and nonsensical actions? I AM SO ANNOYED. I’m glad she came around in the second half of the episode — about halfway through, things took a marked upswing — but the first half had me totally confused. How could she break up with Jun-pyo so easily, after all they’d gone through to stay together? What about all the sweetness and light of Episodes 9 and 10, and the lovely promise she made that she wouldn’t be scared off, and the kiss that (literally) stopped traffic?

Ms. Writer Lady: THIS STORY DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT JAN-DI. Please bring back the Jan-di who made sense!


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  1. jxbeaucp

    thanks for the wonderful recaps

  2. Genie

    Holy moly the first half was irritating me too. I will however admit, any seen with Yi Jeong and Ga Eul… I am super biased.. and get excited.

  3. lorie

    thanks for the recaps..

    I have to agree that the music was better for this episode

  4. sneee

    thank you as always for the recap ♥
    but eh, something’s strange. in the subbed version i’m watching right now, i don’t remember jae ha’s family history bit he shares with jan-di being included. i shall go back and check.

  5. meikisis

    i’m a bit disappointed in this episode..
    The storyline could have pick up a bit faster but it just dragged on..
    however, I’m still excited about the next episode!!!!

    Ga-eul and Yi-Jung!!!!! Hwaiting!

  6. Liv

    Ok. So I tired even myself with all the yelling at Jan di I did throughout this episode, so I won’t even go there. I shall instead say only the following:

    1) I think the Jan di dress-up thing has veered into drinking game land – that is, everytime the show has an excuse to dress Jan di up, I shall drink. I suspect I shall be drinking a lot as a result 😛

    2) I was very pleased with Ji hoo when he scolded her – and followed that up with confusion when he told her not to make him regret not having pursued her. Why? Did he wish to be in Jun pyo’s current position – humiliated, angry and heartbroken?

    3) I was confused/amused in the scene when Jan di was staring at the flyer of the model advertising the (I think) premium car sale and had a Jun pyo vision. I know the beautiful long-haired model and Jun pyo were not meant to be related, but because she conjured up the image of Jun pyo while staring at the model, it sort of came off seeming like they were. And I chuckled.

    Oh and the scene when Jan di and Ja ha are delivering newspapers is the first time Ive actually liked a song in this show. I hope that track plays again at some point. Whereas if “Lucky” should play one more time, I may harm someone.

  7. sonam

    Boring is the only way to describe this episode.

  8. JJ

    I was a bit disappointed with episode too but I hope it gets better tomorrow! Thanks as usual for the wonderful recaps! =)

  9. docmitasha

    I was pissed off this first half. I really like jandi’s strengths…that she can kick butt, speak up, and be smart…and the writer totally had some other k-drama melo heroine who could only cower and cry and shrink and stand around dumb in this episode. It made me so confused and sort of angry and I really hope this doesn’t happen again. This episode was kind of short so okay to sit through and I fast forwarded through the frustrating bits, but if Jan Di doesn’t stay Jan Di, then it just ruins the whole flavor of the series.

    Is it weird that I gain some pleasure from seeing Madam Kang? Like, she’s awfully evil and that kind of character is usually someone I dislike, but the actress is so elegant and strong and powerful that I really dig her. Also dig her eyes.

    @Liv: Hahah to all your comments…points well made. I should start a drinking game too 😉

    Yeah, one thing I was totally confused by from the other side was that when they all knew how poor she had gotten (thanks to Jun Pyo’s Momma at that), they had no sympathy or concern for her? Like you just drive by on your bike as this poor girl does early morning rounds (and accept a milk carton from her) and give her a few bits from your moral high horse? How come no one cares how bad her family situation is (esp with her parents’ stall getting trashed last eppie ) and how the only reason she had to model was this Jun Pyo mess) Also, Ji Hoo’s bit about ‘don’t make me regret’ was totally confounding, like Liz said above.

    I know I shouldn’t try to make sense of this stuff, and if at least the characters had stayed consistent I’d be okay with it.

  10. 10 BBFan

    WTF? I waited a week for this crap?

  11. 11 LJ

    Oh man, Yi-jung and Ga-eul are just awesome whenever they’re on-screen together.

  12. 12 heesoup

    thanks so much for the recap! 😀

  13. 13 rainey

    Yay, recap.

    Jandi, Jandi, Jandi…I won’t even get started.
    Yes, JunPyo was wrong as well but this show has taught me there is such a thing as more wrong.

  14. 14 Lena

    I agree. The writing and directing of this drama has been nothing but disappointing thus far. I found all the main characters annoying this episode, except Ji Hoo lol

    and I found the Ga Eul & Yi Jeong scenes so random. It feels like the director is just throwing scenes of the two of them in there just because people like this pairing lol

  15. 15 Flyd

    i can’t bring myself to watch the episode cos of how idiotic they made jandi look!!!!

  16. 16 aoi


    lol, i thought the same thing!! well, i wouldn’t call it crap, but it was sort of an emotional black hole. i wasn’t sure what i was supposed to feel. and for most of the episode i had a hard time understanding where the characters were coming from. perhaps the only person i could understand today was ji hoo. =P

    but the ending of ep 11 looks promising…

  17. 17 tiki

    #10: AGREED!
    ugh wth?! it’s like.. all the other stuff from last week NEVER HAPPENED!!! >.<

    on a side note, i did enjoy the yi jung/ ga eul parts… cute. =D

  18. 18 heesoup

    huh… okay I have a question was there a particular reason that ga-eul gave yi jung the arm warmer thingys? Did he mention his arms get cold or something? The last we saw of them wasn’t she trying to give him chocolates on valentine’s day which he kinda of brushed off? CONTINUITY!!!! Oh and why jan di why!!?!?!

  19. 19 Anonymous

    I must agree that Jandi seemed to be a schizo in this episode. completely different, but the ga-eul moments made this good enough.

  20. 20 ohgeeze.

    oh dear god. thank you!
    i just watched it too.
    and wow. it’s like every episode starts out with the same thing.
    jandi and joonpyo happy then slowly they break up.
    then next episode they’ll start over again and the do the same thing.
    i adore jung euichul. and i think he’s charming.
    i hope i see more of him in other dramas.

    next episode seems promising.
    very light and cute.
    the exact opposite of this episode.

  21. 21 maria

    canNOT believe 20 people beat me… ya’ll know we were all refreshing our dramabeans pages like mad, don’t denyyy 😛 *fangirl*

    anyway, brb.. hafta go get my bbf fix before i get to work on my master’s thesis.. wah!

    thanks again, sarah! 🙂

  22. 22 Angie

    docmitasha- I cant agree more with you and Java- you totally took the words out of my mouth.

    This really was a WTF episode for me and hence i literally skipped through an hour’s worth down to 7 min. Its a new record!

  23. 23 Tired and Hungry

    If they used this specific storyline so Jandi could realize the importance of Jun Pyo in her life; they really really did a bad job ! I did not enjoy Jandi’s presence in this episode. She seemed unlike herself. The Jae Hee is very cute, but I did not like the way he was thrown in the episode. But all is forgiving cause ep.12 seems promising! Although, the ending of ep.12 will not be a happy one! ;(

  24. 24 popcorn

    No point in being angry…it’s supposed to be like that.

    Now, back to the real problem…I’m another episode behind. Curse school!

  25. 25 dunlop

    Thank you for the recaps. And I agree that Jandi was out of character, not just in the ridiculous sense(like her not doing the flying kicks), but her personality itself. But then again, she has tremendous pressure on her right now..she’s probably sleep deprived. I think this episode shows her weakness a lot. She finally broke down… when she said “I’m suffocating” I thought it was because JP was grabbing her collar, but then she says “I’m tired.” We see that she was talking about her life, she feels so suffocated because she can’t even do the things she likes anymore. I think this episode also showed JP weakness (his childishness; wanting JD only for himself and not understanding her very well). But most of all, I liked this episode because it shows how much their relationship has grown. Back in ep. 4 JP did not believe in JD when everything pointed against her. But now in ep 11, everything points against JP and she never once says that it was JP. It could be that JD is just more trusting, but I think it’s because they’re relationship has grown in the 7 episodes.

    Anyway, always love to read your recaps!

  26. 26 I♥

    I think Korean drama writers are incapable of writing strong female characters. They are just incapable. Even Hana Yori Dango had HANDED these idiots a strong female lead, they still have to make the girl a wet noodle. JanDi–i.e., the REAL female lead of HYD–has been missing from this show since the Ep 2. After her fiery badass attitude of 1 and part of 2, jandDi has been nothing more than a simpering idiot whose only dialogue is repeating part of someone else’s lines and saying “Bo?” and “GooJoonPyo” a lot.

    Hana Yori Dango is ultimately about a cool strong FEMALE lead. the guys are gorgeous eye candy, and they are well fleshed out characters, but my God, the center of the story is Jan Di, NOT Goo Joon Pyo.

    Only Korean writers can turn this great manga character into a weeping, spineless, girl.

    I am so mad. This episode sucked.

  27. 27 Akiddo

    Thanks for the recap! I was waiting cos the subs weren’t fully up. 😀

    I agree with you! I found it annoying! What happened the fighting JanDi! How could she let a new guy push her around like a boyfriend??? And the lab thing – BREAK THE GLASS!!!! I cannot blame Gu Hye Sun – think she really tried her best but the script was very choppy. Like rushing through the episode.

    I hope tonight’s episode will somehow save a lack lustre episode 11. 9-10 were good so my expectations were high. There were so many areas they could explore. Like deepening the friendship between Jae Ha and Jan Di. Even the taiwanese version had 2.5 episodes with this character.

    Good things – though very few in this episode:
    1. The growing affection between Yi Jung and Gaeul – such a lovely couple!
    2. The fact that Jan Di realised her feelings earlier than Shancai in meteor garden and recognised that she loves Jun Pyo. Hope that this recognition will bring the love to a deeper level in the 2nd half. The part where she saw Shin Hwa ad which reminded her of GJP – she is a dramatic actress – i thought she acted well in that scene.
    3. Goo Jun Pyo/Yoon Ji Hoo – another scene to show their closeness. I like that. Somehow maybe Jun Pyo really treasures his friendship with Ji Hoo just like the scene in episode 10. I wonder how GJP will react if he sees the pair of Jandi gloves?

    Sorry for the rambling. I love your recaps!!

  28. 28 Airajuliafor

    You’re right. Jan-di did not make sense at all in this chapter. I have a feeling that maybe the brother that’s in the hospital is a guy that Jun-pyo had possibly beaten up in his old, ‘bad’ days… and maybe that’s one of the two reasons. the other could just be plain money from Madam Kang (for the hospitalization of the bro? Maybe…) I don’t think that red card is from Jun-pyo anymore either. Another plot from Jae-ha, I bet.

    I can understand why Jun-pyo doesn’t seem to be so secure when it comes to Jan-di. Not only had she shown that she does not care about his wealth, but she (besides allowing him to kiss ehr and the promise and all that) has not really shown as much as she could that she loves him so much. and that (other than her idiocy) is what bugs me the most about Jan-di.

    It is my hope that Yi-jung’s actions with Ga-Eul and her gift indicates that he’s starting to fall for her. Because I just hate it when a guy takes SO long to realize his feelings. (Which is another factor on why I like Jun-pyo so much)

    Besides the idiocy of a certain character (*cough* Jan-di *cough*), I enjoyed the episode, although it bugged me when they played Ashily’s Lucky during the modelling scene. I just don’t think it fitted there. That song and Paradise are totally overused. xp

    Thanks again, Javabeans. You’re awesome (and so is your writing).

  29. 29 minreenhana

    I also wished the same thing like yours….please bring back Jan-Di, the one that think and care about others and consider about Jun-Pyo in anything she do…she seems not appreciated the love, attentions and care that Jun-Pyo gave her. Always put him less preferable…

  30. 30 hopesofgreen

    Thanks for the recap!

    Ahh, honestly Jandi never really made sense to me. Her character development has always been so one dimensional to me. Sometimes her actions are so random, I can never quite place her motives. I understand that she somewhat redeemed herself when she she declared her trust in Jun Pyo, but that didn’t make sense to me. If you believe in him, why did you treat him like crap? Definitely major character inconsistency in this episode.

    I really like Jung Eui-chul, and watching this makes me wonder if he would’ve been a better JiHoo. I know it’s too late now to say those things, but even before the casting was confirmed, I always had him in mind for either Jun Pyo or JiHoo. It’s quite a shame that they did not use his talent in a more extended way.

  31. 31 EmpressPnai

    Although I’ve already seen the episode I still love coming to your site to read your thoughts on the show. I’ve seen the Japanese version of this show and know that Jan-Di’s character is kidnapped, I would have never imagined that the writers would have Mama Kang behind all this. Jun-pyo’s mother is scarier than Domyuji’s mom in the Japanese version. Just looking at her scares me (must say she was casted very well).

    As for Jan=Di….arg! I wanna strangle her myself. She contradicts herself so easily. After last weeks episode and the “promise” she made to Jun-pyo, how could she break up with him so fast? And her reasoning…..because Jae-ha was nice to her and was a friend. She’s known the guy a few days and she can say those words so easily. Is she moved so easily by this dude? Does she always fall fast for guys who have saved her in her damsel in distress moments? Ugh! Good thing she got some of her senses back at the end of the episode.

  32. 32 peony

    Yeah, this episode did not work at all. Jan-di just annoyed me the whole time. She isn’t committed to GJP at all. One minute she loves him and the next minutes she wants out. GJP is alway giving in the relationship and she’s always taking. And isn’t she suppose to be the strong Wonder Women? All of a sudden she becomes this helpless girl. For someone who did a flying back kick to GJP and then to not be able to run away from that other guy didn’t make sense to me.

  33. 33 BBFan

    Anybody else notice how FUGLY those photographers at ENJOY were??

  34. 34 Suzy

    Yes, this was a ridiculous episode. They keep changing Jandi’s character to suit the plot points they have to hit. Ridiculous writing and ridiculous directing and ridiculous acting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and this will be the only stinker episode.

  35. 35 I♥

    God, I wish I knew Korean so I could go on KBS or wherever and just give these writers a piece of my mind. I have been so annoyed with how they have sidelined Jan Di and turned her into a doormat. She has no dialogue of any worth, she takes no initiative…Ah, I am so angry. She has had no dialogue of any worth for 8 freaking episodes. What is it with these writers and their complete inability to make a female lead a real lead?

    Also, on a side note, I do like that the scene forthcoming in episode 12 is being transplanted at this point in the story. I thought that the Japanese version brought on that scene too early. At least, I think that’s the scene forthcoming–right at the halfway point of the story.

  36. 36 BOFfan

    It seems to me that Jandi only kicks butt when she is out protecting her friends. She could have easily fended off those middle aged men. But definitely I agree that it was a lame reason for Jandi to break up with JunPyo. I’m just annoyed that she can’t be honest with him about her situation and why she is so busy working.

  37. 37 sonam

    You expressed so well what I have been feeling. Jandi has not been making sense since Ep 2.
    It was hilarious how she was literally being dragged around like a rag doll by the guys in this episode.

  38. 38 lisa

    AGREED! Jan di’s actions made no sense whatsoever! It’s not like she’s a little wimpy girly girl who can’t do anything for herself, so why was she all helpless? UGH.

    They didn’t do a good job with this storyline…I was pretty disappointed.

  39. 39 quicksilver18

    Seriously, they need to start writing Jandi’s character better. Not only does she not make sense at times, but she just ends up being flippant, indecisive, and irritating! We want to love our heroine instead of calling her stupid.

    And I hate to bring in Hana Yori Dango comparisons because I think Boys Over Flowers have some of its own uniqueness that makes it special. But I don’t think I was annoyed and exasperated with Makino. If anything, all I wanted to do was root for her.

  40. 40 vdudettev

    Well, I know one thing for sure,Jae ha’s been in the drama the whole time!! I’ve caught him in the drama as one of the extras a couple of times you know when the whole school is bullying Jan Di, he’s a stander-by just watching things happen. I knew he was going to be a comeback, but I thought he was Jae ha’s older brother.
    I’m just happy I caught this, but when I saw him, he wasn’t wearing glasses, and Dramabeans, you got a picture of him in one of your movie-stills, he’s in the background though, like in one of the earlier episodes where Jan Di is being bullied by the students I think.

  41. 41 Lena

    I was wondering, is the Korean audience annoyed by this as well? Because it seems like they do listen to the audience’s opinion (eg. music got better this episode)

  42. 42 deeta

    To me, this is the most ridiculous episode to date. And with BOF, that’s pretty significant statement. I sincerely hope that episode 12 would lessen in ridiculousness.

    Most of the scenes are handled poorly, artificially, superficially. The only scene I loved was Jun-hoo (lols) scene. And yes, the men love did move me a little bit. But the rest is just bad.

    I agree with you. This Jaeha storyline could have been stretched more, showing possible character conflicts, and addressing the most obvious issue between Jandi and Junpyo, namely the difference in status. Here, we have a guy who clearly understands her position and he actually helps her out in the ways that she welcomed it, instead of shoving Hokkaido and Sapporo down her throat. But then again, stretching it would risk the show being boring since we all know what comes of this storyline. On that note, thank god, it’s soon to be over.

    I dunno, I’m actually hoping that KBS would let the production have a week off or something. The show badly needs time rest for its crews, plus, it also needs time to edit things, instead of cutting and pasting scenes.

    Hehe, Magazine Group 7, CF Tony Tony, lols…

  43. 43 Prongs

    I think the whole point of Jan-di’s transformation into the amazing ditz is to give more room for development. Which is kind of ridiculous. Its like taking a step back to give more room. Way out of character. For the most part the Jandi-JunPyo relationship has kind of been one sided, showing how mush JunPyo needs this her etc. With this “character flaw” we’ll be able to see how Jandi needs Junpyo…9I hope thats what they’re trying to do.)

    I actually thought during the first episode “wow, that suicide guy is too good-looking to waste in a five second cameo..” and now I know why.

    did anyone else catch the metaphor with the hand/arm warmer-thingies? They’re “common” but they’re warm. aww…

    that being said, Jung Eui-chul…..so hot!

  44. 44 lisa

    Btw, if anyone hasn’t seen “Hello My Teacher” aka “Bicsuit Teacher and Star Candy” I’d highly recommend it! Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin are great; Jung Eui chul has a small role in it.

  45. 45 Debbie

    Does Jung Eui-chul’s voice remind you of Lee Sun Gyun’s (AKA THE VOICE)?? It kinda reminded me of it… it’s nice, deep and kinda sexy! haha

    Anyway, yes, Jan Di annoyed me a bit this episode. She should have fly-kicked those freaky and sneazy photographers. In regards to her breaking up with Jun Pyo, I’m not trying to give her too much credit but this poor girl has been worked to the bones since Jun Pyo’s mom ruined her family’s own source of income by closing down their dry cleaning business. She’s working all day long, trying to earn some money for her family. She’s exhausted. Jun Pyo getting mad at her was perhaps the last straw that broke the camel’s back. (Also, Jan Di wasn’t holding onto Jae-ha’s hand… Jae ha basically grabbed onto her) Granted that she shouldn’t have lied to Jun Pyo but she probably just has had enough with all the pressure, and misdirected her anger and frustration at Jun Pyo. It seems like she regretted it too after the breakup.

  46. 46 Devi

    @ dunlop: You took the words right out of my mouth! I definitely think the ‘break-up’ scene between JD and JP was more about JD feeling completely overwhelmed with her situation and how everything really seemed to be spiraling out of control.

    @I♥: Maybe we’re reading two different versions of HYD. LOL. I distinctly remember many teary-eyed/weepy Makino moments, especially when it came to situations beyond her control.

    Btw, did anyone else get irritated with JP grabbing JD’s collar after the Hae Ja beat down? I mean, seriously. You do not grab the girl you like/love/etc.. like she’s some thug you’re gonna beat the crap out of. It was bad enough in episodes 3 & 4…albeit more in tune with JP’s character at the time – but, now, isn’t he supposed to have matured somewhat b/c of JD?

  47. 47 melibu

    thanks for the caps… been waiting for it since last week 🙂 yup jan-di suddenly became someone else… damsel in distress! what happen to the gangster jan-di, she was much cooler. i hope they wont continue to make her like that. but i really am looking forward to the development of ga-eul and yi-jung story. am always a sucker for playboy falls for innocent girl type of romance.

  48. 48 sable starr

    “I suppose now she’s lost part of her heart to go with her missing brain and courage. Now all she needs is some tricked-out ruby shoes to get back home.”

    Best. Line. EVER!

  49. 49 EmpressPnai

    #26….. I agree with you as well. It’s like sometimes the writers in this show give Jan-Di a spine to stand on and then the next episode they take it away. It’s like she’s bipolar in the confidence department. One minute you want to cheer for her when shes in crappy situations and then other times you wanna slap her upside her head and wish she had some kind of senses in her brain. When I watched the Japanese version I was always cheering on Makino but in this one sometimes I want to just say the hell with Jan-Di.

  50. 50 Jennifer

    JiHoo said “Don’t make me regret it.” because he felt like he wasted his time not pursuing Jandi if she was going to just break JunPyo’s heart. He gave her up because of JunPyo.
    Also I like the song OST Lucky, but yeah it is played a lot of times. Still, i admit, its a good song. I just really hate how they play Paradise in the most NON-paradise like moments. That song NEEDS to be stabbed.

    This episode never really was my favorite episode. I always hated this part of the book. Its so bland because we know what happens next. But otherwise, I think Haje was a really intriguing character. He really has a past and character to him. They should develop his character more.
    Though people seem to HATE HyunJoong’s acting, I’ve loved it so far. I especially liked his talk with Jandi. It seems to me that she’s more truthful with JiHoo than she is with JunPyo. I’ve always loved the Rei-Makino FRIENDSHIP 🙂 Their love story is cute too, but their friendship is so truthful!

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