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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 14
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And the schizophrenia continues, because I really liked Episode 14. I don’t even think I would’ve gotten (that) drunk in our hypothetical Illogical Moments Drinking Game (although, let’s face it, there’s always going to be a reason for SOME drinky-drink in a BBF episode).

I didn’t hate Episode 13 — it’s just that it had so many problems, and BBF’s problems tend to be glaring and un-ignorable — but Episode 14 worked for me on several different levels. I love angst when it’s done well and not just manufactured out of nothing. The angst levels in 14 made sense and produced some great scenes with most (all?) of the characters.


G.O.D. – “사랑이 힘들때” (When Love Gets Difficult), with Lim Jeong-hee. Yes, G.O.D. is no longer together, but they’re like my go-to comfort kpop group. My favorite part of the song is the child chorus that goes, “However beautiful, however strong, I guess love still breaks down when things get difficult. Could we be the only ones who still believe that love conquers all?” [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(You know, looking through my songs, it occurs to me that we could probably reconstruct the whole plot of Boys Before Flowers purely in G.O.D. song titles. Hmm. Will have to think on that.)


At the Venetian casino-hotel, Jan-di sadly recalls how Jun-pyo ignored her. (Anyone else laugh out loud at the gondolier singing “Con te partiro” at the top of his lungs?)

Not to be outdone, another voice starts singing a different song: Ha Jae-kyung belts “Santa Lucia” from her gondola. She’s not a great singer, and I’m not sure if she is being jokey/mocking. If so, it’s kind of awesome. Particularly since she’s switched places with her gondolier — she takes the oar while he sits back like a passenger.

The guys remark that the girl is embarrassing, but Jan-di recognizes her and says she’s really cool. They wonder how she knows her; Jan-di answers that the girl saved her life. Woo-bin protests that saving Jan-di is their thing (in a cute, “Wait, what about us?” way). Guys, guys, don’t worry — Jan-di needs saving so often, there’s plenty to go around.

For those wondering how Jun-pyo can suddenly be made head of Shinhwa Group, he isn’t the only executive. Madam Kang still carries the title of 회장, which is like president or chair. Jun-pyo’s a managing director, which means he carries authority as a senior executive — but he’s not the sole power running Shinhwa. (Not that this plot point is realistic to begin with.)

Jun-pyo and Madam Kang greet their business associates, the heads of JK Group, who have been courted to work with Shinhwa in their global venture. The couple explain that their daughter, Jae-kyung, is off touring Macau alone, then compliment Mama Kang on her handsome son. Mom beams.

F3 take Jan-di to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, but Ji-hoo, who leads the group, spots Jun-pyo inside. Before the others have a chance to see, he turns and announces that he wants to go somewhere else. He shoots the guys a Meaningful Look, and they catch on quickly, changing their minds casually to keep Jan-di from guessing why.

Ji-hoo pauses to shoot a hard look in Jun-pyo’s direction, and I really think he should just be angry all the time. I didn’t find him interesting as the gentle prince (too bland and supposedly perfect), but he’s much more compelling being angry.

At the dinner table with Jae-kyung’s parents, Jun-pyo receives emailed photos on his phone. His expression grows troubled when he opens the messages surreptitiously to find a series of photos of Jan-di. The sender isn’t shown, but I’m guessing this is Mr. Jung working on Jun-pyo’s instructions.

Mama Kang notices his inattention and breaks in to interrupt his photo-time.

Attuned to Jan-di’s gloom, Ji-hoo asks if she regrets coming and whether she has a plan. She takes the philosophical approach — at least she got to visit a nice place — and says she doesn’t have a plan. “But it would be nice just to be able to see him and ask, ‘How’ve you been? I’ve been okay.'”

She wonders, “Isn’t it strange? It feels like it was ages ago that we were together. If he really does act like he doesn’t know me, I’ll wonder if I just dreamed it on my own.”

Ji-hoo answers firmly, “It’s not a dream. If it were, it wouldn’t have been so painful. After sending you off, I realized that I’d done nothing all this time. When I came to my senses, you were on the plane. So it’s not a dream. Because you’re in front of me now.”

Maybe he feels he’s revealed too much, because he abruptly says goodnight and leaves. Left alone, Jan-di breathes on the glass, then writes the character ㅈ (equivalent to “J”), but stops there.

Mr. Jung tries to convince Jun-pyo to meet F4, but Jun-pyo flatly refuses, reminding him that he has no time for playing around with friends. Therefore, Mr. Jung must go out of his way to coordinate with Yi-jung; citing a business meeting, he delivers Jun-pyo to a basketball court.

Seeing F3 waiting for him, Jun-pyo contains his reaction and says, devoid of any warmth, “Nice to see you.” Ji-hoo: “Do you mean that? Doesn’t seem like it.”

Yi-jung expects Jun-pyo to be happy that Jan-di came too, but Jun-pyo responds, “And why do I have to see her? Girls like her don’t mean anything to me now.” Yi-jung realizes, “So you not calling Jan-di was intentional?”

Jun-pyo says carelessly, “Intentional or not, I didn’t have time to bother worrying about stuff like that.” Being the most perceptive, Ji-hoo has guessed much of this and is not surprised, but Yi-jung and Woo-bin are taken aback at the extent of Jun-pyo’s coldness.

Growing angry, Yi-jung asks, “You call yourself a man?” Jun-pyo reminds him that the guys have all dated around, “So can’t I?” Yi-jung retorts that he may have dated around a lot, “but I never acted like you!” and lunges at Jun-pyo.

Woo-bin holds him back. Yi-jung glares: “What did you tell us back when we tried to stop you? You said a man takes responsibility from the beginning through the end!” Jun-pyo scorns, “And you believed it? No way you guys believed we would make it in the end.”

That’s too much. Yi-jung grabs Jun-pyo’s jacket and bursts out, “Whose fault is it that Jan-di can’t swim anymore?!” There’s a brief flicker of surprise in Jun-pyo’s expression before Yi-jung punches him.

Woo-bin tells Yi-jung to calm down, but Yi-jung snarls that he won’t: “Listen to what that asshole’s saying!” He reminds Jun-pyo: “I warned you. I told you not give encouragement too easily, you coward!”

Jun-pyo gripes, “Did you quit being my friend and all rush to be Jan-di’s black knights? If you came here as friends, then enjoy yourselves before going home. But if you even think about mentioning her name, leave immediately.”

Jun-pyo starts to walk away, but stops at Woo-bin’s question, “Why have you changed?” Without turning back, he responds:

Jun-pyo: “700 thousand. That’s the number of Shinhwa employees and family members I have to take responsibility for — 700 thousand. Try taking on 700 thousand lives, and see if you don’t change.”

Jan-di waits to hear the results of F3’s meeting with Jun-pyo, and can tell from their expressions that it was not good. Yi-jung figures she should know the truth, and Woo-bin explains that he’s changed a lot and probably been under a lot of stress.

Jan-di guesses, “He won’t see me?” They’re surprised she knew, but she assures them not to worry about her: “Whatever he has to say, I came to hear it directly from him. I’ll have to face him.”

They’re relieved at Jan-di’s ready acceptance of the truth, and impressed at her attitude. Feeling much better, Woo-bin suggests an old game — hide and seek in masks. Which… actually looks really fun.

Prince Song is named “It,” so everyone else scatters to hide.

Ji-hoo pulls Jan-di into his corner to escape Woo-bin’s notice. She’s having a good time until she looks up and sees Jun-pyo on the large TV screen, which kills the lively atmosphere. She starts to sob, and Ji-hoo comforts her.

That night, Ji-hoo calls out a reluctant Jun-pyo to ask for a favor — that Jun-pyo meet Jan-di just once.

Jun-pyo: “Why would you ask for that kind of favor?”
Ji-hoo: “Because that’s the only thing I can do for her right now.”

This ties into Ji-hoo’s earlier comment that he realized how he’d done nothing thus far. A flashback shows us the day Jan-di left for Macau, when she’d dropped by to tell Ji-hoo something: “After today, I’m not sure I can say these words. I’m really glad that I got to know you.”

At dawn, Ji-hoo takes Jan-di out for a “walk,” which turns out to be his way of delivering her to Jun-pyo. She approaches the bridge to find him already there, although he keeps his gaze firmly fixed away from her.

Jan-di starts hesitantly, “I was really worried after I heard about your father.” Flatly, he answers, “Thanks. Is that why you came all the way here?… As you see, I’m fine, and as you know, I’m extremely busy. Now that you know, go. Don’t bother worrying about my well-being.” (That last bit literally means: don’t presume you have the right to worry about my health, so don’t bother.)

Hurt, she takes this in. It’s only at this point that he turns to look at her:

Jun-pyo: “Do you have more to say?”
Jan-di: “Do you really mean it?”
Jun-pyo: “What do you want? You can’t be expecting me to say, ‘I’m sorry, forgive me, I’ll go back soon so wait for me,’ could you?”

Jan-di: “Why are you doing this?”
Jun-pyo: “I’ve started to wake up to reality, that’s all.”
Jan-di: “All right, I understand now. Then you really did intend to act like you didn’t see me, and to avoid meeting me. To you, I’m—”
Jun-pyo: “A stain I want to erase.”
Jan-di: “That’s cruel of you, Gu Jun-pyo. Really cruel.”
Jun-pyo: “No. I’ve always been this kind of guy. I just pretended I wasn’t.”

What can Jan-di say to that? She calms herself and tells him, “I’ll go. Take care.”

Jun-pyo returns carelessly, “Worry about yourself,” and leaves.

I LOVE this scene. Jun-pyo is so cold and mean, and although we the audience know there’s more to the story, his act in front of Jan-di is completely convincing — enough that you want to wince along with Jan-di at the force of his words.

Also, I like the line where Jun-pyo says that she couldn’t expect him to ask her forgiveness and beg her to wait — because that’s exactly what he would like to do, and he’s trying really hard to deny that.

It’s still early morning, so nobody’s in the faux courtyard but a gondolier, who takes her for a boat ride and treats her to a free song. Again, it’s “Con te partiro” (the English version of the song is called “Time to say goodbye”). I’m surprised I actually liked the song this time around — in the first scene it seemed silly, but here with Jan-di sitting alone, inside the empty shopping arcade, crying to herself while he sings… it’s sad.

(This is the “Con te partiro” version sung by “popera” singers Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.)
[ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Although Jun-pyo seemed unmoved when confronting Jan-di, that is far from the truth. He bursts in on his mother, asking furiously, “Are you satisfied now? Now that everything’s the way you want, are you satisfied?”

Mama Kang replies, “I don’t know, merely hearing about the likes of that girl doesn’t make me happy.”

Jun-pyo fires back, “She’s not just ‘that kind of girl‘! She’s the first girl that I — YOUR SON — ever loved.”

Oh my GOD. How does Lee Min-ho make his eyes fill up with tears, ever so gradually, to correspond with his growing frustration? HOW?

Madam Kang asks calmly, perhaps knowing she has an ace in the pocket, whether he will throw everything away to run to the girl — the company, the employees, his future. What about his father?

Knowing that she’s going to guilt him, Jun-pyo tells her to stop, but she continues, reminding him that his father put everything into the company: “Are you going to throw him away too?… What should I do about Jan-di? Should I make it impossible for her to live anywhere in Korea?”

Jun-pyo: “Be quiet. I told you TO STOP!” He warns, “Don’t mess with Jan-di. If you break your promise, I’ll destroy everything.”

Time to check in back at home. Jan-di’s brother, Kang-san, falls ill with mysterious stomach pains, and his parents rush him to … Doctor Former President?

I is confuzzled. If a former president started practicing medicine, wouldn’t people, um, know about it? Or maybe President Grandpa has a twin brother…

To cheer up Jan-di, Ji-hoo takes her around for the day. They sightsee, watch a Cirque du Soleil-style performance, and shop — the last of which Jun-pyo happens to see as he’s passing by a storefront.

While Ji-hoo looks around, Jan-di is drawn to a pretty shoe on display — which she hastily returns when she looks at the price tag.

Jun-pyo tries to ignore this, but ends up returning to the store to claim the shoe. Only, another shopper grabs it at the same moment. Jae-kyung and Jun-pyo grapple with the shoe, both refusing to let go. (They register no recognition; I’m guessing they’ve never met, since her parents had never seen him before, either.)

Jun-pyo wrenches it from her hand, but when Mr. Jung asks if he knows Jan-di’s shoe size, he stops short. He doesn’t know, so he sizes up Jae-kyung and shoves the shoes on her feet to get an approximation.

Jun-pyo is satisfied that they’ll fit and tells her to take them off. But now that she’s in possession, she refuses and tries to run off (without paying?). In a cute sequence, Jun-pyo chases her around the store and grabs Jae-kyung, who loses her balance.

Having won, Jun-pyo walks out with the shoes.

That night, Madam Kang hears that Jan-di intends to go home the next day. Given their break-up and the fact that Jun-pyo is currently working in the conference room, she is satisfied that both sides have come to their senses and returned to their “rightful” positions.

If only she knew that Jun-pyo isn’t actually working; instead, he’s looking at photos on his computer.

Clearly this slideshow presentation is Ji-hoo’s doing, because it closes with Jan-di’s recorded video message. A tear slips from Jun-pyo’s eye as it plays, after which he stands up purposely, as though to rush off to find her.

Just as he starts to leave, something seizes his attention — in place of the slideshow are old memories of him and his father. (The editing makes it seem for a moment that he’s watching video footage, but I’m pretty sure they’re in his head. If only because it’s crazy to think this particular conversation just happened to be recorded fifteen years ago. Not that BBF is known for its logic.) In the memories, a young Jun-pyo is with his loving father (uh, character inconsistency?), who asks, “What will you do when I’m not around?” Young Jun-pyo proudly makes a man-to-man promise, “I’ll take care of Mom, Noona, and Shinhwa Group.”

It’s his guilty conscience flaring, to keep him from throwing away his position for Jan-di. Torn between both very strong impulses, Jun-pyo bellows in frustration and sinks to the ground.


The next day, Ji-hoo and Jan-di check out of the hotel. I wonder if Ji-hoo is expecting Jun-pyo to show, but instead he’s recognized by someone else, an old friend. (The actor is Haiming, Chinese member of kpop group A’ST1; the character is shortened to “Ming.”)

Ming is thrilled to see Ji-hoo, but disappointed that they’re leaving today. Sensing that Jan-di is the key to convincing them to stay one more day, he gains her approval — then pushes her aside to cozy up to Ji-hoo. It’s hilarious at how much he adores Ji-hoo. I’m not sure if he loves him or is IN LOVE with him, but in any cause, it’s pretty amusing.

Ming takes them to his fancy home and prepares a lavish spread — all to impress Ji-hoo, of course. He and Jan-di engage in a silent battle over the food — Jan-di reaches for the delicious dishes, while Ming moves them away, offering them to Ji-hoo instead.

When Ji-hoo in turn passes the food to Jan-di, she eats with petty triumph. Lol.

Feeling threatened by Jan-di’s claim on Ji-hoo’s affections, Ming tells him grumpily, “She’s not pretty,” and highlights all her shortcomings. He asks if they’re dating, so Ji-hoo asks what Ming thinks.

Ming: “It seems that you like her. When you look at her, you smile, like back then.”
Ji-hoo: “Back then?”
Ming: “Like with Seo-hyun.”

Finally giving in to the impulse, Jun-pyo tries to call Jan-di’s hotel room, only to find that she’s already checked out.

He assumes that means they’ve headed back to Korea, but Mr. Jung informs him that they’re still in the country, visiting a friend. That’s news to Jun-pyo, who wonders who the friend is, but when Mr. Jung offers to find out, Jun-pyo tells him not to bother. (Mr. Jung smiles at this proof that Jun-pyo still cares.)

So Jan-di and Ji-hoo go sightseeing some more, and it is gorgeous.



I don’t know why I have so much to say about 1 hour of television, and I’m trying to keep things concise (ha!), but sorry in advance for rambling on so. I can’t seem to help it.

Anyway. I feel like PD Jeon just discovered how to shoot reflections in this episode, based on the sheer number of them we got, like —

There were a few standout scenes, which altogether include pretty much everyone in the main cast. So yeah, Episode 14 totally stepped up its game. (Just don’t hold your breath for Episode 15, based on our established pattern.)

One example: The F4 basketball scene. I LOVE that Yi-jung is the one who gets mad. It’s notable that Woo-bin tells Yi-jung to calm down because all series long, Yi-jung has been the one to tell people to calm down whenever they got upset. Perhaps Ji-hoo could have filled that role, but I’m glad Yi-jung was the one to throw the punch, for a few reasons:

First, we’ve seen plenty of Angry Ji-hoo (which I consider a good thing), so we already know how much he cares. Second, we already had a direct Ji-hoo versus Jun-pyo conflict in earlier episodes, so Yi-jung’s reaction gives us a different spin, as it involves someone who doesn’t have romantic feelings for Jan-di. I think that highlights just how badly Jun-pyo is treating Jan-di on a basic friend-to-friend level, that Yi-jung (and Woo-bin) also find his behavior appalling, not just Ji-hoo. And third, I’m thinking Yi-jung has been set off-kilter by Ga-eul’s insight (in Episode 13) into his fear of true love, etc., so his anger at Jun-pyo mistreating Jan-di is given an added layer of meaning. (Sorta like, I’m scared to death of finding true love, and you’ve got it in front of you, and you’re just going to trample all over it like this?)

I’m not jumping ship to root for the Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung pair, but I thought they were really cute together, and this is the first outsider love interest that made me nervous — which, yay! I never felt that the Jun-di pair was really endangered until this episode, and while I don’t think Jae-kyung will upset the order too much, I’m very glad that it at least makes me uneasy.

As for the scene with Madam Kang… I don’t even think I have to say much about it. It was GREAT.

And then, of course, the bridge scene. I am a big fan of this interpretation of Jun-pyo’s character, and part of that is because cruelty can be so much harsher when it’s quiet and contained, rather than overt tantrum-ing. Both Jun-pyo and Madam Kang do that beautifully. He can lash out in violence, too, but he’s at his worst when he’s in control, and wielding his cold cruelty with surgical precision.

That’s why this whole personality about-face — which, yes, I know was in the original — actually seems very in character for the way Jun-pyo has been established. (Like he said, he’s not becoming cold — he was always cold.) Also, we’re given the hint that Jun-pyo made a deal with his mother to do her bidding in exchange for leaving Jan-di alone. Therefore, his attitude change doesn’t feel like a weird personality morph that sprang up as an artificial plot contrivance; it actually feels like a natural development. (I know! I used “natural” to describe Boys Before Flowers!)

I really enjoyed Hana Yori Dango — I loved the manga over-the-topness and the cheesy storylines, which worked for that format. But what I appreciate — and what feels different — about Boys Before Flowers is that this second part feels… kinda real, actually. (Not necessarily plot-wise — but emotionally, oh yeah.) I’ve always felt like the J-version depicted kids who were playing grown-ups, but here it feels like they’re ACTUALLY growing up.


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  1. JJ

    thank you thank you!!

  2. meikisis

    Gawd… the waterworks!!!
    Don’t tell me you guys didn’t cry?!!!

    Lee Min Ho is such a good actor..
    I really appreciate him in this episode.

    Thanks for the recap!

  3. jinkzz

    thanks for the recap dramabeans

  4. Lucille


  5. Empress

    Soooo glad that Jun-pyo was more visible in this episode!

    I know that the previous episode was to convey what life was like back in Korea for the rest of F4 and Jan-di but his character absence just reiterated that Lee Min-ho’s presence in this series is so important. I’m not just saying that because of his aesthetic appeal but he truly is a wonderful actor (in my opinion). For a fairly newbie actor he commands such a great presence in every scene hes in, even if he’s having to spit out ridiculous lines. Case in point, when Jun-pyo met Jan-di at the bridge to basically tell (lie to her) her that he wanted to forget about her, he was able to deliver it with such a cold hearted spirit that my heart broke for Jan-di (there have been times during this series that I felt sorta bad for Jan-di but then easily forgot about it cause she just got herself into the most ridiculous situtaions and always seemed to be in multiple sad damsel in distress situations…but this time I really, really felt so sorry for her especially after she travelled all that way and received such a cold reception from someone she thought really cared for her. But then again the 6 months with no communication should have been an indicator) and then had to urge to smack him upside his bead. But then you lose all those feelings when you see him pleading with his overbearing mother to leave Jan-di alone and when he cried after seeing the video of Jan-di and his father.

    Gu Hye-sun has really redeemed herself a bit. Doing more dramatic scenes suits her better. I really get irritated with her acting when Jan-di is acting totally oblivious or plain stupid. She really impressed me when she came face to face with Jun-pyo’s mother in episode 12 (i think?). And in these last two episode, her precarious feelings towards Jun-pyo showed another side of her character. Before she was either totally irritated with Jun-pyo or completely wanted to avoid him but here she comes in with hesitation and vulnerability but still has the willpower to go face to face with him and find out what happened the last 6 months. I hope we get to see more of this from her and less of the absentminded Jan-di (and please no more of the “SAVE ME NOW” situations).

    As for the rest of F4:

    Oh, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy Kim Hyun-joong’s Ji-hoo when he doesn’t have the stoic look on his face at all times. It’s nice to see other expressions on his face, like happiness and joy! The longing gazes are getting irritating. It’s like either get over her now or make a move buddy. At first those glances are pleasant but when it’s permanently stamped on his face it gets really tiresome. What the hell is up with Ji-hoo’s Macau friend?! It was a little creepy watching him be so obviously enraptured by Ji-hoo.

    I must say I was glad to see Yi-jung get enraged with Jun-pyo at the gym. Although Kim Bum has such a adorable baby face I liked seeing a more fiery side of his character. Yi-jung is usually so cool and calm and seeing him be so upfront with Jun-pyo was pretty admirable.

    And last but not the least, Woo-bin. Why must the writers insist he speak ridiculous english? I mean the “Yo, Yo, Yo’s” in the first episode was…well…pretty whack, why must they continue on letting him speak english and sound ridiculous. Also, the other F4 boys have side stories going on but he seems to be lacking one. I really would like to see Kim Joon say something other than “gansta” talk. LOL!

    On a side note….I loved that the gondola boat singers sang (although it was quite a terrible rendition) Con te Partiro. Not only do I LOVE, LOVE the song, it’s also fitting to Jun-pyo and Jan-di’s situation. Although they are seperated and the situation isn’t favorable to their relationship deep within themselves their love for each other is still quite strong and still long for each other.

    Looking forward to next weeks episodes and recaps!

  6. Liv

    I think we saw some better acting from Jan-di in this episode; I’m specifically referring to the bridge scene with Jun-pyo where I felt she really managed to convey a multitude of emotions, without needing words.

    I’ve decided my main gripe with BBF is not really about the plot line, quality of acting or even character consistency. Rather, I feel like they are doing a poor job understanding when we need details and when we don’t. Huge pieces of the plot will be glossed over (leaving me with so many questions) and then we’ll have a slow-mo pan over somebody’s face for 2 minutes. I would understand the former given that there are likely time constraints and the full story can’t be told. But then I consider how much time is spent zooming into every pore of the character’s faces and I wonder if that time would be better spent telling us the story! Honestly, did the scene with Ji-hoo trying to figure out what to do about Jan-di/Jun-pyo really need to be that long? And then the scene when Jun-pyo bursts furiously into his mother’s office – why is he so angry (obviously he is angry that he has had to give up Jan-di, except he knew this in earlier scenes – can we see a lead up to him developing this rage?). And honestly, several minutes spent on a flashback montage of Jan-di and Jun-pyo (twice!) and then no explanation of how no one recognizes that the former president is a doctor?? Gah.

    Anyway. All that said, I still think this was a better episode overall – I like how they are setting up the Jae-kyung story so far, and I’m glad both Yi-jung and Woo-bin got to establish their roles a bit more, other than just being the sidekicks/tagalongs for the other two.

  7. jackieee

    Thanks Sarah! You’re super quick with those awesome recaps!!!!

    This episode was much, much better than Monday… im excited to see how the story progresses..! (And I laughed hysterically at the gondolier when he was singing… hahaha) Madam Kang is also awesomely acted!

  8. maria

    so… i chose to do my drinking game according to how many sidelong longing glances ji hoo gave jan di, AND how many times jan di would be sad/ cry/ almost die and f3 comes to help her.
    and i had my beer, and my shot glass (heehee) and all i’m saying is…

    thank god the epi had that bit where jun pyo goes,
    “she’s the first girl that i, your son, loved since being born”

    because lemme tell you, 30 seconds into episode and jan di smiles at ji hoo inside the gondola and he looks shyly at her and smiles to himself (*SWOON*, btw) and i already drank my first shot. ….and i started thinking, i am so near hauling my ass back to the ji hoo/jan di ship. but when we saw jun pyo looking at jan di’s pics and video and geting up, looking ready to fight for her, only to be stopped by the (incredibly r-r-r-random play of the) video of his dad and him (*break my heart* :’D ) …..my heart went out to him, seriously. how nuanced was that performance by lee min ho??? *clap*

    anyway, the point is: damn drinking game, i took so many shots that by the time jan di starting crying in the gondola, and while she still had her mask on, i was TOTALLY drunk and totally bawling with her too. ^-^

    mama kang, you, madam, are grade A- biotch for emotionally blackmailing your son and you have got to be sent to a corner and made to eat your hair. lol

    woo bin so cute for going, “what that’s supposed to be us (who saves you)”, and the hide and seek, with masks on (alllmosst paaaaraadiseee)

  9. Aye

    “A stain I want to erase” is simply OUCH.

    I thought this episode was great in spite of its sad tone. You’re right about the angst and the cast doing an excellent job!

    On the upside, it’s nice to see Jan-di together with F3. They really seem like friends. And it’s great to see that they’re friends not because she’s Jun-pyo’s girlfriend, but as Jan-di herself. This episode reminded me of why I fell in love with the previous versions of Hanazawa Rui (but not this time because, well, I don’t feel anything towards Kim Hyung-joon). He is such a big support to Jan-di at a time like this; more specifically, when Jun-pyo is being an ass. (Jun-pyo is forced to be in that position, but nevertheless, still an ass.)

    P.S.: Woo-bin is way cool. I like that he’s level-headed and reasonable. Kinda like a big brother you look up to, who keeps everything in order. I definitely think he plays an important role even if he doesn’t get a lot of screen time.

  10. 10 wandergirl

    Thanks for the recap.

  11. 11 sam

    I totally agree about the scene with Madam Kang! it felt powerful….like you could actually feel the rage coming out of him.

    thanks so much….
    will be back in a week. hahahaha or even sooner. =D

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    Awesome recaps. Glad that if the Monday-Tuesday trend has to continue, today is Tuesday (read: good episode day).

  13. 13 Alvina

    oh man did tears come out in this episode!
    There were many touching moments, I certainly cannot deny.

    Also, javabeans… please do compile a list of G.O.D. songs to match the drama. I love G.O.D. and I’m sure it will certainly leave me amused for days ^_^

  14. 14 sa

    All I can say is that I totally agree about the adult vs. kid thing in terms of the difference between Hana yori dango and BBF. This episode definately felt real to me.

  15. 15 maria

    @ liv: i AGREE x infinitishnizzle about BBF glossing over too many points that would make the plot waaay less hole-y, and opting for more glamour shots instead. they should really pick their battles. tsk tsk. ]

    that said, you are right, Aye: ” a stain i want to earse is just. plain. OUCH.”

  16. 16 PILK

    Bridge scene was heart-rending. All characters got a chance to act, even Mr Jung (which is reassuring cos he has a critical role in later parts of the story) and Jan-di’s little bro. Jae-kyung actually has great chemistry with Jun-pyo, so will the story actually veer closer to an alternate pairing of Jun-pyo Jae-kyung and Jan-di Ji-hoo? All their names start with ‘J’!

  17. 17 KK

    Thanks a lot…!!!

  18. 18 nanun

    lee min hoo is truly a wonderful actor, i love him not just bcoz he is handsome and good looking,but bcoz his acting is soo good. lee min hoo, you go guy!!

  19. 19 Lucille

    hey thanks!!

  20. 20 stargazer377

    AHHHH! thanks so much javabeans!!!!

    i loved this episode! LOVED it. and i also thought the same thing about ji-hoo’s grandpa being a doctor. you’d think people would recognize him! including jan-di and ga-eul, but i guess there are always mistaken identities all the time. i’m waiting for that plot line to develop b/c it seems interesting and i want to know how they incorporate that into the story.

    i like the direction this drama is taking! and lee min-ho! ack! my heart hurt in this episode a lot.

    can’t wait for episode 16 to come out! (b/c i know 15 will be a let down… though hopefully not!)

  21. 21 kerori

    thanks so much for the summary! been waiting for it!

  22. 22 cg96

    I am very impressed with Lee Min Ho’s acting in this episode especially the way he spoke with GJD.I hope we won’t be disappointed with next week’s episodes.

  23. 23 heesoup

    Loved this episode! Two of my favorite scenes had to be when they’re playing hide and seek and Jan di seeing a commericial of jun pyo starts crying and refuses to take off the mask or even face ji hoo. You could see how much effort it was for her to hold herself together and pretend everthing was okay. Second scene was the scene with her and jun pyo. Everything was on the acting the dialogue even the scenery. I actually gasped when he called her a “stain he wanted to erase.” Dramabeans love your recaps!

  24. 24 Anonymous

    Omo omo! That look on Junpyo’s face while arguing with his mother is just WOW. Ok I think I like LMH even more now. Even though he’s being all cold to Jandi and his friends I still can’t hate him. Ok, I did once but that was it. And Kim Bum is great too:)

  25. 25 lorie

    thanks for the recap!

    I reaaalllyy loved the scene where jun pyo was looking at the slide show of jan di’s pictures…

    oh the emotion was so intense that this was the first time that I cried for the whole series..

    lee min ho is the best gu jun pyo/domyouji tsukasa/dao ming si ever!!!

  26. 26 stargazer377

    @ maria <– you are hilarious! hahaha!

  27. 27 sarah

    If there is one word to describe this episode it would be “OUCHHHHHH”…
    I really felt that F4 characters have emerged very well in this episode….Yi-jung showed very well-acted expressive anger, Woo-bin said more than 5 sentences with some cute english, Ji-hoo’s facial expressions were much less puzzling, and JUN-PYO’s serious acting was just what the word great is all about ….add to that, jandi showed a sensitive side that I haven’t really felt until this episode…All these little things contributed to make this episode, in my opinion the best so far…
    there were some stuff that weren’t really necessary like Jae-kyung singing nonsense, if the point behind that scene was to introduce F3 to Jae-kyung, i think they could’ve done that differently…also, the scene where the guy that was trying to wake jun-pyo up was a “give-me-a-break” scene for me…
    one more thing, I FINALLY started to feel something between Ji-hoo and jandi when they’re together (especially when he grabbed her in the hide and seek game)…before this episode, I always felt that they’re not on the same page…
    I can’t wait to see what Jun-pyo is gonna do to make it up to Jandi….he has A LOT to do for her now….
    I have a question: there are a couple of new songs they’re playing in the drama now that I really liked…anyone knows their titles?

  28. 28 bird

    oh! i honestly thought the ‘video’ of little jun-pyo and his father was a sneaky work of mama kang’s.. hahaha. but your interpretation makes a lot of sense, and now i get why it made jun-pyo stop in his tracks when it seemed for a moment that he was going to run after jan-di.

  29. 29 Liv

    @ maria – Yeah, I was ready to breakdown right alongside Jan-di after the stain comment. And I was stone-cold sober! (Apologies for betraying Our Cause. I promise I’ll do better next week!)

    Also, I’ve decided to assume that Jan-di was actually going to write Jae-kyung on the window, because we don’t have quite enough plot twists yet. 😛

  30. 30 yumi-chan

    I’ll admit yesterday’s episode pissed me off to the point where YES I PUNCHED MY TV! But today one scene really hit me and it was because of Jan Di, I said this before about Hye Sun being a good actress and today they really brought it out of her. The boat scene where the guy sing and she cries, that scene hit me so hard. I admire the Jun Pyo character because he sacrificed his happiness for the corny shinhwa group but watching him walk away and simply leaving Jan Di there… that one scene kicked ass.

    I still hate the drama.

  31. 31 Debbie

    Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun provided some GREAT acting in this episode.

    I teared up… MAJORLY… during the Jun Pyo-Jan Di bridge scene. I felt Jun Pyo’s coldness towards Jan Di and Jan Di’s pain. My tears came down even more heavily (and pathetically) when Jan Di cried on the gondola. And I definitely felt Jun Pyo’s pain and anguish during the scene where he watched slides of Jan Di. Seriously great acting!!

    I don’t see the chemistry between Jae Hyung and Jun Pyo… perhaps it’s because I’m SUCH a Jun Pyo and Jan Di fan that I refuse to see any inkling of chemistry between the fiancee and Jun Pyo. I thought the fiancees in the previous 2 verions of Hana Yori Dango were extremely annoying. I had hoped that the Korean version would be too… it doesn’t seem like it now.

  32. 32 Jennifer

    This episode was without a doubt the best one yet. I cried so much and loved every minute of it because the story and the characters were effortlessly connecting with me. I felt their pain, anger, and longing. I even cried while reading this recap 😀

    LMH took it to the next level and has proven without a doubt just how talented he is. That scene with his mother was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I really love their scenes together especially when it’s an intense moment.

    I also really enjoyed the scene with JP and Jae-kyung. I went “oh oh” because I could really see myself liking them as a pair. I’m anxious to see how they handle their relationship and how i’ll feel about it.

    Gosh, I don’t know what else to say! I want to watch it again :)

  33. 33 Airajuliafor

    First, I think the two leads are better off for drama, not comedy. XP

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels unusually nervous about Jae-kyung. And while I think her apring with Jun-pyo is cute, I just have to…. not like her. (not hate, just not like.) But who knows? Maybe she’ll grow to me. xD

    I wish they brought Ga-Eul to Macau. It would’ve been more fun. (and I know you agree, Yi-Jung!)

    I wish there was another outsider. A guy, this time. It’s mostly been pretty lame for outsiders going for Jan-di. (Especially that freaky revenge kidnapper dude.. wonder what happened to him?) That way, it’s give Jun-pyo even more of a push, or Jan-di too. or Ji-Hoo. or anyone… but just PUSH!

    I hope they’ll exaplin that president-turned-medical doctor/cooking master clearly later on. It just won’t dun make sense.

    Anyhoo, thanks Java. Can’t wait for next week’s ep!

  34. 34 JJ

    I agreed with everything you said

    My fave scene has got to be the one with jun pyo & his mom too! I LOVED it b/c Lee Min Ho is so fantastic…he made it so believable & it revealed to us his true feelings & a REASON for his cold actions. Like Ji Hoo said in a previous episode that when a guy likes a woman, he wouldn’t do something without a reason.

    I also loved the scene between jun pyo and yi jung at the bball court… I actually cried when yi jung was yelling at him and asking “whose fault do you think it is that Jandi can no longer swim?!” and Jun Pyo’s flicker of surprise.. dang that got to me.

    The scenes with f3 and jandi were great… they are actually friends and care for her…not just their friend’s g/f (er… ex g/f?)
    Ji hoo & Jandi scenes were cute!! He is so good to her & she is extremely lucky to have him on her side despite the feelings he has for her.
    The scene btwn those two in the hotel room was good. I liked the convo, when Ji Hoo is referring to himself about the dream thing.

    This episode has got to be one of my fave episodes even tho it was extremely sad… b/c the acting was sooo great here (even tho it was prob the first episode they shot since it was in dec) & we see so much depth in Jun Pyo’s character! Like in that conference room scene when he is watching the slideshow & after seeing the vid of jandi, he is about to run to her but is stopped by the vid with his dad… he is caught in a dilemma and it is heart wrenching.
    KAH Lee Min Ho!
    LEE MIN HO IS AMAZING! I am SOOO glad Jang Geun Suk (who was originally offered this role but wanted the Ji Hoo role) didn’t play this role & Lee Min Ho got it! it would not be this successful or the same without Lee Min Ho.

  35. 35 Akiddo

    Thanks for the recap! As usual – spot on!

    The Kdrama-rama is finally here in episode 14. Though this is a rehash of earlier versions, it has a flavour of its own. The emotional scenes between Jandi-Jun Pyo, Jun Pyo alone, Jun Pyo-Mdm Kang, Jandi-Jihoo, F3-Jun Pyo (he is temporary kicked out i supposed) – all very well done.

    Kudos to Yi-jung for standing up – guess Ga-eul was right about him in episode 13 – he badly wants to believe in true love, that it exists.

    Jun Pyo was so so cruel – how did he do that when he was so vulnerable. In my mind when watching, I was thinking that he must be trying his darnest to hold back ths instinct to hold jandi in his arms – someone he probably missed every single day since the time he left her. LMH brought a whole new dimension to the character. He is awesome.

    * Jun-pyo fires back, “She’s not just ‘that kind of girl‘! She’s the first girl that I — YOUR SON — ever loved.” *

    This line broke my heart (i am sure plenty of others as well). And JanDi – she was so heartbroken – sad sad sad…

    Well..this is weird – i like Mr Jeong’s character!! He is so steady and has Jun Pyo’s well being at heart without comprising his loyalty to the chairman. Actor with a lot of depth – he could show his concern with just a slight change in facial expression.

    Cannot wait for episode 15!

  36. 36 moomincandylalala

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps!

    Let me first say how glad I am that they didn’t use the amnesia plot (my biggest fear). Watching JP have to feign his disinterest in JD and how he is struggling between his promise to his dad and his love for JD was much much more interesting and definitely showed another dimension to this character and made his change and growth into an adult more believable. It’s also more demanding for the actor to portray this role than in previous versions.

    It’s nice to see that KHJ has improved since the beginning! I feel so sad for Ji Hoon in this ep- every woman he love has always led him to waiting and sacrificing. He’s really going far and beyond for JD.

    It was definitely a significant moment when YJ punched JP… JP’s actions probably touched a nerve with him because it reminded him of his dad who (from YJ’s perspective) has been fooling around with other women and breaking the heart of his mother (I wonder if they will elaborate more on this in the kr version later?)

    LMH totally wowed me today! He really brings JP to life. I almost see a young KMM in the making…

  37. 37 BOFfan

    Thanks for the recaps and commentary Javabeans. Few of my favorites scenes in this episode: When Yi Jung got angry with Jun Pyo in the gym. Finally, someone stands up to Jun Pyo’s jerky behavior with Jandi. although Yi Jung is the playboy, this shows that his character is deeper than i thought and it gives me hope for him and GaEul to get together. Also I had to crack up again at Woo Bin’s attempts at gangsta English, but he was cute when he reminded Jandi that they were the ones saving her butt (too true). I also loved the scene between Jun Pyo and Jae Kyung fighting over the shoe. I have to admit, she is really cute and they make a cute pair even though we know that Jun Pyo and Jandi are meant for each other. Jun Pyo’s confrontation with his mom was also really intense as we see that he does love Jandi but there is some agreement made between mom and son that explains why he is distancing himself from her. I guess he was trying to play the jerk/mean guy so that Jandi could let go of him? Waiting for ep. 15!!!!

  38. 38 anner

    wouldn’t that just show he can never be together with Jan-Di if he continues to do his mother’s bidding? and yeah, Lee Min-Ho did his tearing and emotional scenes really well, i don’t think he cried in the previous 12 episodes. I LOVE HIM! <3

  39. 39 sneee

    thank you so much ♥
    watching ghs and lmh cry in this episode was heartbreaking. i cringed at the “stain” bit, i thought it was so real how ghs’ chin was trembling and she was trying so hard not to cry while gjp was being vicious but she just couldn’t hold it in on the gondola ride. (the gondolier’s such a sweetheart) and lmh, i have no words. he is amazing and pleasantly surprising every time i watch him. Mdm Kang too!
    i really hope that jun-pyo won’t show the tiniest hint of affection for jae-hyung, jun-di shipper that i am. can’t wait for the next episode. (i really wish jae-kyung were easier to hate but right now, she isn’t at all and that really worries me :/)
    i thought the masked hide and seek was very lovely somehow as well as the cirque du soleil (?) show they watched. it brought in the flavour of macau and a holiday for me, and i appreciated that immensely. woo bin worked the mask very well 😀

  40. 40 aoi

    I’m guessing JH’s grandfather purposely fell off the map after he left office. So most ppl probably don’t really know what their former president’s doing now. Also, even if ppl did recognize him, there’s always that “is he or isn’t he” question, where you think this guy looks like a famous person and you’re not really sure if he is. There are a lot of lookalikes and dopplegangers running around in this world. I’m sure that if ppl asked if he was the former president, he’d probably said no–because he wanted to lay low and also so that he could watch over JH from afar.

    @ yumi-chan: lol @ the punching the TV part. rock on!

  41. 41 kamee

    I think this is the best episode so far. ALL the actors were at their best!

  42. 42 dkeos

    Dramabeans don’t even bother try figuring out the whole ex-president thing. You are better off drinking the alcohol. lol.

  43. 43 BOFfan

    Oh, and by the way, that Ming guy definitely was gay, the way he was drooling over Ji Hoo. LOL.

  44. 44 andygal86

    Once again, thanks for your recaps and wit! I just could not hold back the tears! I totally despised Jun Pyo’s coldness towards Jan Di, but we all know that Madam Kang was behind it. It was so hard to watch Jun Pyo break down in tears! I only hope that the next episode gets better!

  45. 45 nOr

    thank you very much for the fabulous recaps. i have to say it’s pretty amazing how your recaps always make me laugh out loud. love them!

  46. 46 KATE

    We are all addicted to your blog and to BBF…i hope Jun-pyo doesn’t have a mental breakdown (please don’t let it be amnesia)….again thanks for the recap…let us all look forword to next week…Jun-pyo+Jan-di *fighting*BBF FIGHTING*.*

  47. 47 I♥♡Angst

    I think BBF will stay super painful all the way up to the very end of the show! Because BBF moved two major plotlines from HYD2 to the first 12 episodes, I think in this version there will be nothing but a slow buildup of the love quadrangle. I am rethinking “I♥♡Angst” to “not so into Angst” because today’s episode left me depressed for hours. Too, too painful. JD has JH to comfort her–GJP has no one. There needs to be someone there to comfort GJP–he needs at least a friend (not just the manager guy) who feels for him, especially now that the F3 are with Team JD .

    My favorite scene: JH embracing (kind of) JD from behind (while both in masks). Very, very touching.

    Least favorite: All the freaking montages, JP in corridors, JP with future fiancee.

    Sigh–I don’t want the drama to end but i also need to know that JP and JD are together, married, with children and grandchildren soon. My heart hurts today for my boy. I can only imagine the pain he has been through for six months, with no one to talk with, too.

  48. 48 penny

    oh my heart breaks for Jandi.. i know it’s just a drama but those words were cold and heart breaking i wanted to run up to her and give her a BIG hug and tell her everything is going to be ok…but i’m glad that the F3 stood up for Jandi like someone mention above not because she’s their friend’s girlfriend because she’s their friend too..we need to see more of that..

    hahaha about the president-doctor thing maybe no one liked him as president so no one remembers him?? from previous episodes i thought he didn’t have a job i thought he just fish all day, but he’s a doctor?? interesting, i want to see more of his storyline and see where he has been all this time, ignoring his grandson like that..if he was a doctor why didn’t he help his grandson overcome his autism?

    thanks again for another great recap =)

  49. 49 deeta

    Jihoo’s weird friend is easily the funniest bit of this episode. I don’t know the purpose of his introduction is, nor do I really care because he’s hilarious. He’s SO into Jihoo and SO apparent about it that it’s just funny instead of creepy.

    The Ex president that becomes a pediatrician? Who also wanders around the city by himself without so much as a bodyguard or a driver? And not one of his patients recognize him even though he has his popular family picture behind him. No logic whatsoever.

    Ha Jaekyung is so far very entertaining, she’s got good chemistry with Junpyo.

  50. 50 moomincandylalala

    I’ve been having some questions in mind- so who’s side is Mr Jung really on?Madame Kang or JP or even Jan Di? surely he’s keeping tabs on everything. What is the outcome he is rooting for?

    Is the Doctor/CEO going to be JD’s next fairygodfather? Surely he would want her to end up with her grandson given her effect on JH…

    hmmm… really excited to see how these characters will play out.

  51. 51 Jooni

    Please always have a lot to say. I enjoy your comments.

    And you’re right. I was thinking that I have more trouble with Ji hoo showing up in Macau to help Jandi than with Rui showing up in NYC and that is might be because the BOF characters seem young to me. Rui and the rest of Japanese F4 seem more capable of doing those heroic things.

  52. 52 LJ

    Thank you so much for the humorous recap. I wait patiently for the subs since I don’t understand anything but one or two words here and there. In the meantime, I still watched the episode and the scene between Jun-pyo and Jan-di on the bridge in the earlier morning hours brought tears to my eyes. Boy, was I shocked I felt that way. The acting was terrific and the facial expressions, perfect…hope they can keep up the quality displayed in tonight’s episode!

  53. 53 sonam

    I agree that HYD F4 felt like boys playing grown ups but I feel the same can be said of the Korean F3. LMH’s JP is the only one who looks like he’s growing up.
    I have always found that song by SB and AB so cheesy. My friend used to listen to it all the time at one point and it drove me crazy.
    This episode was one of the best so far. It didn’t leave me feeling high and dry like the last 8 episodes.
    Jae kyung is awesome. How can you not like a girl who takes over from the gondolier and sings the song herself? She’s so free sprited….something I wanted Jandi to be. I wish the director had given us a shot of the guys’s (gondolier) bemused face. It’s little details like that makes a drama great. Her scene with JP was great tho’ i was surprised he didn’t try to speak Cantonese first. How would he know she’s Korean?

  54. 54 DUMBO

    Everyone is commenting on how the acting has gotten better but weren’t thse macau scenes shot in December? Doesn’t that mean that their acting hasn’t improved but rather worsened in the past few weeks?

  55. 55 Tay

    Now i really find that tue episode is better than mon episode lol…alot of JP in this episode. i wanna watch JD and JP again. funny that the ex-president of Korea becomes a doctor and nobody recognise him…i want more episodes…

  56. 56 tiki

    @54 HAHAHAHAHA!!! omg… i didnt even remember that… -_- but i dont think their acting’s gotten worse.. i just think the situation in this particular episode let everyone shine. in the previous episodes it was mostly happy happy things.. this episode was incredibly angsty…

    anyway, this episode brought tears to my eyes.. (NOT an easy thing to do, that) i loved it… *pretty much speechless*

  57. 57 SueNoona

    Well… Curse you BOF for making me cry and think and cried and think….
    I never cried so hard after watching an episode!
    It toils my emotions that makes me wanna hate Junpyo but knowing that he’s one tru love is only Jandi, I guess i have to wait for more….

    Yijung is so outspoken…. I like….. I see more character building in this episode so till then, get ready your tissue or hanky and get ready to cry more!

    I am so loving u…. the one responsible for all the recaps and so loving BOF to the core.

  58. 58 javabeans

    Isn’t the tone of comments a remarkable change from yesterday? (Not that I’m complaining. Not at all. Tuesdays rule.)

    Regarding the timeline — not ALL the scenes were shot in December. Only the Macau ones. The ones that are indoors may have been shot recently, such as the the basketball scene (maybe also the Mama Kang scene, the conference room scene). The basketball one is the most telling example of a recent shoot because of Kim Hyun-joong’s shorter hair. (It’s shaggier in all the Macau scenes.)

  59. 59 docmitasha

    Lee Min Ho was absolutely terrific. When they both go through their flashbacks, you can literally see that there was this teenager who was having fun and throwing tantrums and being spoiled, and now there’s this man who has the burden of this company and his mother’s anger to deal with, and he is frustrated and tired but trying. And the scene with Mama Kang…wowsa. Its almost like he’s inherited his anger from his mother, and both actors do such a great job that you’re almost convinced that they are actually related, since they have the same character traits.

    For the slideshow of pictures, I had a different interpretation…I think they were always on Jun Pyo’s computer along with all of his other pictures, and the video had been added when Ji Hoo sent it. And as he’s flitting through them, he is struck by Jan Di’s video and gets up in emotion (to go to her or whatnot), but in a sad twist the next video is one from his childhood (and yes, the dad was so lovey dovey before? huh?). For me, looking at it this way fit in with the editing of the episode that he’s actually looking at it and its not in his head, and second, it just seemed like another plot twist to show that the universe is just against it…right when he thinks no, I need to go to her, something comes up to remind him of who he is and what he needs to do. Love the scream he does here.

    I like that Gu Hye Sun is not weepy-over-melo, and Jan Di’s character doesn’t wallow too much. I agreed that Yi Jung’s angry-friend scene was very good, and it fit in very well, for all the reasons you mentioned. That was an awesome scene.

    I love Macau and go there all the time so that was an added plus for me :-) This weekend I’m actually heading to the Venetian for an event and I’ll be thinking of all these scenes all the time: darn it!

  60. 60 YGfangirl

    wow…i loved this episode..mostly because Lee Min Ho’s acting was AMAZING…gosh he had me tearing up with him….he held the whole episode down today….as much as I love BOF…i think Min Ho is going to make such a fine actor once the show is done…he’s awesome at everything he’s given….

    Jandi was pretty decent, she’s a pretty crier (she doesnt make weird cry faces when she’s sobbing) which makes the whole thing bearable

    Ji Hoo is cute, and i think his scene with Jandi when they were talking about the dream was cute…

    ooh did anyone catch the bloopers at the end…lol

    Director: “Min Ho, i told you to touch lips not open them!”
    *Min Ho and Hye Sun blush and hid their faces*

  61. 61 BBFan

    This is bad, really really bad. BBF is my new crack. I’m like those rubberneckers who can’t take their eyes off the accident on the other side of the freeway.
    It’s detrimental to my health, but I can’t cure this addiction without a 12 step program.

    The first time I saw Ji Hoo on BBF I thought to myself, “buddy, go easy on the botox”.
    Being metrosexual is great, but he’s kinda effeminate right? Come on, you know you’ve thought it too.
    However… I’ve been watching “We Got Married” online, and he’s hysterical! Now I love Hyun Joong Oppa!
    People, you have got to watch Hyun Joong on WGM, it’s a riot.

    Javabeans I’m not Korean, so your episode recaps are really helpful. Thank you so much for your hard work.
    Now, instead of watching the new episodes in Korean, I can just view your summaries and watch the episodes later when they’ve been subbed.

    This is off topic, but every time I watch Kdramas, I hear “Aja, aja….fighting”.
    Being Canadian and a new Kdrama addict, I find this hysterical. Why do Koreans use “fighting” as encouragement?
    Where did this come from? Am I missing something?

  62. 62 diviney87

    so will this be the same as Meteor Garden 1 and 2???. where GJP loses his memory…yada..yada..or will it be slightly different???.. i didnt really like Meteor garden 2…

  63. 63 Ariana

    I’m rooting for the Jae-kyung and Jun-yo pairing. I know it’s impossible for them to be together but…

    [I really enjoyed Hana Yori Dango — I loved the manga over-the-topness and the cheesy storylines, which worked for that format. But what I appreciate — and what feels different — about Boys Before Flowers is that this second part feels… kinda real, actually. (Not necessarily plot-wise — but emotionally, oh yeah.) I’ve always felt like the J-version depicted kids who were playing grown-ups, but here it feels like they’re ACTUALLY growing up.]

    I don’t really agree. I was invested in Hana yori Dango emotionally, despite the cheesy storylines and manga over-the-top-ness.

    What makes me appreciate and think a particular drama is good is when that drama has succeeded in making you live in that world. It’s like for an hour or so, their world exists and you’re lost in it. I got that in Hana yori Dango, and even Meteor Garden.

    I can’t get lost in Boys Before Flowers. Part of that is I have a lot of questions, there are a lot of details that are missing. I am occupied trying to figure out why the grandfather / former president is now an ordinary old man (when he visits the restaurant) and then a doctor. Part of that is the stupid plot lines that go one way and then the scriptwriters would force the direction to go another way to keep up with the drama.

  64. 64 Angela

    Wow. I just love the way you write–you have an amazing way with words. I watched that same episode, and my summary/recap could never do it justice (and JP’s confrontation with his mother was my favorite scene too). It just seems more powerful and beautiful to hear you describe it. Thank you so much. ^_^

  65. 65 Jennifer

    I haven’t read the manga so i’m not sure when the amnesia happens. I really hope they skip that here. It was terrible in the other versions and it would be in this one too.

  66. 66 ava

    Thanks so much for the recaps! Next Monday can’t come soon enough…!

  67. 67 Ployathina

    I love your recaps! I’ve convinced my roommate to read them after weeks of coaxing her. You made a lot of good observations, and I love that. Any who…. I really liked this episode, even though Lee Min-Ho wasn’t in it a lot, but they have to start on a clean slate of sorts to get things back in some order.

    For someone who hasn’t had much experience with acting, Lee Min-Ho has done a great job with what he is given, I’ve said that before. I’m just blown away by him, not in the fanatical “Oh my god, he’s so hot I don’t know what to do with myself!” way. But he portrays his character really well. Now, this is the only work of his that I’ve seen, but from the past 14 episodes that I have diligently watched, I’ve been very impressed. I’m usually very critical of actor’s acting. By all means, I can’t act to save my life, and I don’t go around saying that I can, but I can detect good acting and bad acting. I don’t completely say that people suck, because I feel that there are positive and negative aspect to everyone’s acting, no matter how long they’ve been in the business. But on with the comment….

    This episode breaks my heart in so many ways. When Jun-Pyo went and stormed into his mom’s room and had that confrontation, I was on the edge of my seat. I was anticipating him flipping the table or doing something drastic, but I think the character handled it very well, by tossing threat of, “If you break your promise, I’ll destroy everything.” If I was in his mom’s seat, I’d be shaking. And I feel that the character has that recklessness to him that if he’s pushed far enough, anything is possible. I think his mom knows that too.

    Another part that really got me going was when he was looking at the slide show. Now, I wasn’t sure if it was in his memory or if he was watching, but I got the idea that it just popped up on his computer. My thought was, whoever edit that slide show is a d-bag. It was as if someone was playing with his emotions, going, “Here Jun-Pyo, the girl you love. She loves you! Go to her…. Oh wait! Don’t forget the promise you made to your father when you were practically infantile!” as if his emotions aren’t already fragile. Again, Lee Min-Ho did a superb job. The guy can cry, still look attractive, and have me sympathize at the same time.

    I swear, these two are going to make me cry. The bridge scene was by far the saddest scene. Jun-Pyo’s coldheartedness was heartbreaking to say the least. It made me want to tell Jan-Di to go to Ji-Hoo, but I know that’s not feasible. The two actors were great. The fact that this was filmed first really shows that the acting has been on the spot from the get go. Props and kudos.

    His quick interaction with his future fiancée was really cute, I really liked it. I think that if anything were to come out of these two would be a solid friendship, if anything. It was good to see the carefree side of Jun-Pyo again after all the angst that was there. I hope she sticks around, but to help patch things back between Jun-Pyo and Jan-Di…. Her dad did say she was the type to do things her own way, I hope that means that she has no romantic interest in Jun-Pyo and isn’t going to try to break Jun-Pyo and Jan-Di, I think his mom’s done a fine enough job of that.

    On to other people….

    I think my favorite scene tonight was Yi-Jung confrontation. Kim-Bum was great. I was totally cheering him on, although I think the punch he gave Jun-Pyo was a bit on the puny side. I mean, I guess, I understand that they’re best friends, but seriously? He punched the thugs in the alley with more gusto than that, and I’m sure he wasn’t as upset with them as he was with Jun-Pyo at that time. But, I liked the fact that he was stepping up and saying something. When he brought up her injuries, I was so proud. Thank goodness, I think Ga-Eul is really getting to him, which is wonderful, because I love them! Props to Kim-Bum for that scene. On a side note: I was very upset that I didn’t see Kim So-Eun in this episode.

    Kim-Joon is the comic relief that is there but not necessary. But I definitely think he adds a nice flavor to the mix. I love him during the scene with the gondola. I’m really excited to see his story being worked a bit. I like to know more about this carefree guy. I mean the other 3 has such tragic childhoods, (Ji-Hoo: Car crash, dead parents, estranged grandfather. Jun-Pyo: Kidnapped, drowning, crazy mother. Yi-Jung: Philandering father, suicidal mother. Is it me or do rich people have really major family problems?) it’s ridiculous that Woo-Bin didn’t have one.

    I really love Ji-Hoon. His character has always been my favorite ever since I watched Meteor Garden. Kim Hyun-Joong is getting better, I hope. I mean, I think he’s trying really hard. It’s not exactly the easiest first role. I know that Zhou Yu Min/Zai Zai wasn’t all that great as Hua Ze Lei either, but he was still my favorite (Maybe because I was harboring a childish crush on Zai Zai at that time). Maybe it’s something about singers-turned-actors? But it’s nice to see another layer of Ji-Hoon, he’s like an onion…. the closer you get to the center the more you want to cry. He is trying to be a good friend to both Jan-Di and Jun-Pyo. I think the guy’s pretty selfless. Ji-Hoon fighting!

    As for Koo Hye Sun, she’s amazing. My favorite scene was a tie between the two scenes, both of which were where she just broke down and cried. The first one when she had the mask on. I wanted to cry so badly for her. She was finally able to come to terms with her feelings for the guy that she likes/loves. Just when she was about to tell him, he ups and leaves for another country. Six months later she’s ready to go and find him, only to have him treat her like something that did not matter. If I was in that situation, I don’t even know how I would have handled it. The scene in the gondola was done beautifully I think, just everything about it. The music choice was great, I was so excited because that’s one of my favorite songs since I heard it the first time on my visit to Bellagio in Las Vegas. She was on the gondola, which is a boat ride for lovers, by herself after having just been rejected by the guy she loves. I give props to the crew, that was a great scene, Koo Hye Sun was marvelous. *Applause*

    I honestly think that Koreans need to be retaught Korean history on this show. I mean seriously, how can no one recognize their former president? I think that storyline is just out of whack, I just don’t think that it’s logically possible that no one noticed him. Although, he doesn’t really dress or act like someone who was a former president. And I don’t really know what former presidents of Korea do after their term is over, but still…. No one?

    I have faith that this show is going to get better. I mean they’re veering off from the other versions, which is nice. I was worried when I remembered that in Meteor Garden, Dao Ming Si lost his memory, that was tragic and the process onward was just tedious and time consuming. I’m just praying and hoping that the writing is getting better. Maybe because the first part they had to go off the manga so it was hard to write anything with substance? Hopefully, now that it’s a completely new territory, it’ll be different? I have high hopes for them.
    Thanks again for recapping, I look forward to it every Monday and Tuesday nights!

  68. 68 JD

    hey javabeans, thanks for the recaps. i haven’t watched episode 14 but i tear just reading the Jun Pyo-Madam Kang confrontation. do you know that you have that skill?

  69. 69 EUNWHUI

    thanks so much javabeans!
    a great summary…..as always.
    this episode made me cry so much……

  70. 70 Xamich

    You know, maybe they do it on purpose? Try to make tuesday BETTER so people tune in on monday after a week long wait? :-)

    First of all, I agree. Yi Jong is ALWAYS saying ‘jin jeong hae’ so I squeed with delight when I heard someone else say it to him.

    And of that scene. The way you see that brief, controlled flicker of surprise on Minho’s face… doesn’t it make you DIE?!?! It was AMAZING.

    Lee MinHo, maybe I’m just being fangirlish, is an AMAZING actor. Well, amazing in a sense that he manages to portray Go Jyun Pyo perfectly enough that I think I started to cry while watching him watch the video of Jandi…

    Although I am frustrated that it ended like that (have you noticed usually tuesday episodes do have a slight conclusion to them, so it’s not such a OMGWTFBBQ cliffhanger? except for this one…) I have to admire the actor. Enough. That I’ve watched it 3 times in the last…. 12 hours.

    (It’s a sickness. Really)

  71. 71 Xamich

    Actually, I have to disagree on the rant about Koreans not recognizing their president.

    Honestly, IRL: if your president was dressed down, without the attention, the body guards, the glory… and he walked into your restaurant, how are you supposed to recognize him?

    I think it’s the same way if someone absuredly famous walked into your store, and you had him on the magazine. I don’t think it would occur to anyone, until much later– or even then, simply a coincidence.

  72. 72 javabeans

    i haven’t watched episode 14 but i tear just reading the Jun Pyo-Madam Kang confrontation. do you know that you have that skill?

    JD, thanks so much for your comment. I think the two greatest compliments someone can give about a person’s writing is that it either made you laugh or cry for real, so I’m honored, really.

  73. 73 Annie

    awwww crappp…. i’m seeing the sparks for jaekyung and GJP. NOOOO!!!! I can’t cross over to the dark side yet. I’ll give it some time…….CRAP.

  74. 74 BOFfan

    i so totally looove Yi Jung’s anger at Jun Pyo for mistreating Jan Di. it basically explains the reason why he has been trying his best not to encourage Ga Eul’s feelings for him. why he only goes out with women who play his game, why he was the first to be worried about JP’s feelings for JD, – he doesn’t want to hurt women. Because, it could be that he doesn’t want to see the pain his mother feels mirrored in another woman, especially one as good a girl as Jandi.

    the drama’s coming along really really well… but there are times when i can’t help but wonder how awesome it would be if the PD is the same one that did Coffee Prince.

  75. 75 elmo

    man even i shed an invisible tear for jan di in this episode
    but the guy who plays jun pyo! he’s a great actor, i like the frustration tears very realistic
    it’s so something that actually happens
    SO frustrated that you cried

    can’t wait for subs

  76. 76 sonam

    I agree the montage with JP and JK was ridiculous. What was the point? They have just met. It doesn’t make any sense. This director is so lazy!
    I also don’t like the sound effects he uses. That ‘ gust of wind ‘ whoosh sound. Like in the pivotal scene of the episode between JP and JD. We get it already!!!! And then he piled it on with the crudely manipulative cheesy ‘waiting for you’ song. The scene was just fine with the subtle piano piece it started with and LMH and GHS’s fine acting.
    Also why did he make Jandi wear that tee shirt with an alien’s face for such an important scene? She looked so good in the off white cardigan she was wearing while playing hide and seek with the F3. I really would find Jandi more endearing if she dressed more plain and repeated some outfits. It would dramatize the contrast between her world and JP’s . Right now it looks like she has too many clothes to mix and match. Makes her look like a frivolous girl.

  77. 77 Kdramalovers

    Just wanted to share something a poster posted on soompi BOF that I thought was hilarious!

    I laughed my head off because this was the reaction I had for ep. 14

    Ji Hoo’s non-confession confession? Killed me. Killed me. I want him to be happy by the end, please? You know, while Jandi has this zing and chemistry with JP, and matching personalities, I don’t think anyone will understand her as well, and ‘get’ her as well as Ji Hoo – they bond on a whole other level.
    Ahahahahahhaaaaa! That’s the jerk’s excuse???? All the Shinhwa employees? LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! You fail at life, Jun Pyo. RAGE. BURN. DIE. I fail to see how dating someone, unless they are Osama Bin Laden’s daughter, affects the running of the corporation. I HATE YOU. BURN AND DIE. Also, seriously! For once, think before you charge in! Your friends warned you early on not to get into a relationship with Jandi in part on these types of grounds – socially unsuitable etc and you were all ‘it doesn’t matter’ but clearly to you it does and you didn’t think and charged through and wrecked her life and I hate you. I want Ji Hoo and Jandi to make out and hell, have sex or whatever, and videotape it and send it to you.

  78. 78 Lara

    About Jan Di no longer being able to swim… Isn’t she on a swimming scholarship to Shinhwa Academy?

  79. 79 Nea

    Although there are so many things that I could say, above all I agree the most with this statement….(plus I practically said this verbatim to a friend earlier today)

    “I really enjoyed Hana Yori Dango — I loved the manga over-the-topness and the cheesy storylines, which worked for that format. But what I appreciate — and what feels different — about Boys Before Flowers is that this second part feels… kinda real…”

    Thank you!

  80. 80 Ployathina

    I get what you’re saying about if he dresses down and all of that. I guess I’m just surprised that the patients didn’t know who he was. Once again, I do realize he’s not the same person now as he was. I didn’t mean to offend anyone either, if I did I apologize a hundred times! I think that storyline with Ji-Hoo has potential to be very interesting though, I can’t wait to see it.

  81. 81 anna

    I’m surprised at how these guys are supposed childhood friends, yet they (mostly Yi-jung) already jumped on him for Jandi, who they barely know just yet. Do these guys NOT know each other or something? I would think if you know someone since you were still in diapers, you would actually KNOW them, you know? Lol

    They’re quite quick to judge the guy. The least they could do is find out what’s going on with him. Yes, he is acting strange, and you’re not even curious as to why??? Communication, they could really use some.

    Yeah, if people would just sit down and talk things out, there wouldn’t be much drama, would it? Then again, there wouldn’t be A drama if it was that easy.

  82. 82 Hkanchi

    Damn….have to agree in one thing…I cried :( . This epi made me cry like I did when I read the Manga series.

    I am just loving this show. BTW Thanks a lot.

  83. 83 gemmi

    i really enjoyed bbf a lot the first few episodes, and since then they’re just been going down… down… down. i can honestly say i enjoy your recaps more than i do the actual episodes. and yet i still watch the episodes bc your recaps intrigue me just enough, and when i watch it, i remember your recaps and i laugh. so… thank you for making bbf bearable? hahaha.

    also PROPS to you for choosing a god song <3 i feel like they’re so underrated internationally, and it’s just nice to see them get a nod here and there even though they’re inactive xP

  84. 84 Arianna


    I agree!

  85. 85 BOFfan

    Sonam (#53), I can’t agree with you more. I think the reason I love JaeKyung so much is she is what I wish Jandi was more of: beauty mixed with sassiness and a tomboyish carefree spirit. She looks more like the perfect match for JunPyo than Jandi right now. (don’t hate me people, i’m still rooting for Jandi, but I can’t be hating JaeKyung just yet) and BBFan (#61), I am right there with you. I started watching WGM after Boys Over/Before Flowers, and Hyun Joong is sooooo charming! I hope he really is like that in real life, because he really became loveable after I watched that show. He’s not only good looking, but he is hilarious and can make fun of himself. Everyone, you gotta watch episodes of Hyun Joong on We Got Married. You can see it on youtube as Star Wedding ep. 12?-38. it’s got subtitles too.

  86. 86 ina

    I am glad at last people referring Hyun Jong instead of orange hair boy.

  87. 87 xoxcinderellaxox

    Let me just say: this has got to be the best episode (by ranking of intensity)!

    Lee Min Ho expresses his character well even at a tender age. I would usually expect this from someone who’s a veteran in the industry but I’m surprised… in a VERY GOOD way!

    BTW, I tried to do the Lee Min Ho tear-scene when he bursts in on his mom with the gondolier-song playing.. I can do it, but definitely not as good as Lee Min Ho did it!

    Also, that pic of Jun Pyo sticking his tongue out was priceless! I would have expected him to use that on JanDi in their earlier days and not on Jae Kyung…. which makes me quite nervous for our Jan-pyo pair.

    And… don’t even worry about making the posts more concise! This is the reason why I like your recaps! You provide us with your opinion and symbolism of most scenes. i simply don’t have enough patience to just watch it.

    You’re the best!

  88. 88 RSzeto

    I second everybody that enjoyed epi 14. It was really good! One of the better ones if not best. Everybody had a toughie and they portrayed it well. Again Lee Min-ho is so charismatic that he is definitely a heavy-weight in this drama, you know something big is missing especially obvious in epi 13 when he was so oh absent. Gu Hye-sun showed her prowess, she did the scene at the bridge A++ very well done. Forget about her ditzyness or cutesy silly etc, she did have it in her for the real stuff too and the camera loves her for it. I liked everything in epi 14. Evil mom was worth a mention too. If they continue putting in this kind of quality it’s not just you rambling on … look at the entries here.. some heavy thots by fans as well… so satisfied and happy…now gotta wait for next monday to drag by…

    Not forgeting a mention is Jae-kyung who is an unexpectedly likeable character!! A worthwhile opponent to Jan-di!

  89. 89 Marie

    wow. Episode 13 made me angry at Gu Jun Pyo, but then episode 14 made me =(. Gu Jun Pyo being so cold to Jan Di…that was so harsh, even though Jun Pyo’s intentions are obvious to the audience. Nevertheless, episode 14 made me feel a lot better about Gu Jun Pyo (thanks to more air time haha).

    Thanks for sharing!

  90. 90 sitknee

    first episode i cried in!
    the mother is such a witch…
    i cant believe she would torture her son like that :[

    also can i say is that GRANDPA/EX-PRES/DOCTOR
    how creepy??…..

    one more thing
    are so adorable
    i know that i am not suppose to root for them but seriously
    they are adorable!

    thanks i love your recaps they are so hilarious and make me laugh…and make want to scream “i TOTALLY know what you are talk about about!!!”

  91. 91 hjkomo

    Am I the only one who was LMAO at the hide-and-seek scene set to ALMOST PARADIIISSSSSEEEE!!! ?????? While Woo Bin was counting, the rest looked like headless chickens running around in circles. Haha. (And JH’s mask was so much prettier than JD’s! LOL.) 😛
    No, just me? Then, I’d better take it easy on the shots… 😉

    Thanks, Sarah. 😀

  92. 92 Genie

    I remember sitting in my room in Korea over the summer vacation, not being able to go outside and stumbling across your site for the first time. I literally went through ALL your entries because after reading a few of them, I was hooked. It was so well written but also, after reading them (whether, it was just news or your opinions from recaps) I always felt like I learned something, or laughed, chuckled, just basically felt some kind of emotion.

    I don’t comment much here, but as a half silent lurker here. I want to say thanks for everything :) you’re so insightful and your music taste is super!

    Also, this episode got me into the Jun-di couple. I was more focused on Ga Eul and Yi Jeong but this episode changed that.

  93. 93 neeko

    khj is starting to look more and more like those walking japanese robots….. he walks weird.. did he in wgm?

  94. 94 hannieoon

    OMg!!! Yi Jung was awesome! I had this sort of sadness when he mentioned to Joon Pyo that Jan di couldn’t swim. I wish I had an awesome friend like that. Hell… I wish the F4 were real ^.^

    The “old friend” of Ji Hoo. was kind of weird though. The vibe he gave me was of a gay guy in love with Ji hoo.

    Waiting for next Monday/Tuesday is pure torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 95 veve

    Thank you for you recap! You are a great presenter and your comments are all the time right. Hope the director or producer read this.

    Good work in sharing with us.

  96. 96 kimche

    Komawoyo for the recap Javabeans! You write, I read. It’s pretty much an involuntary thing now :)

    This episode was really great. Especially because I’d been lowering my expectations recently, this episode had like, a ‘woah’ effect on me. haha

    I really liked that mask scene. Really cool. It just seemed really fitting in this episode where characters, esp Jun Pyo, are all about hiding their true feelings. And I’m pretty much convinced that darn Paaaaradiiise song was made for this scene, cause for the first time, it worked. lol

    And ouch at Jun Pyo’s words at the bridge scene. I also winced! That was cold. Really cold. But awesome cold because Min Ho’s acting amazes me. His delivery of those lines was just spot on. I’m totally feeling what you wrote about less is more when it comes to acting really dramatic scenes. Jun was great as Domyouji, but I have to admit some of his dramatic scenes veered towards hammyville. I don’t think I have ever seen Min Ho overact yet. Brilliant stuff.

  97. 97 cullenhale

    horrible angst.

    The conversation between Jandi/Junpyo was absolutely heartbreaking. Like, I don’t cry over KDramas (the only drama I cried was during ISWAK, at the end just because I was happy more than anything else) however Lee Min Ho pulls off the cold demeanor so well! The confrontation between him and his mother was also perfect…how angry he got, was just ah, no words. Also, the slide show and video…heartbreaking-heartbreaking. Oh yeah, Lee Min Ho, wow, he is amazing!

    Also, I’m slightly enjoying the Ji Hoo and Jandi relationship, it’s sweet. I also like your take on Yi-jung freaking out at Junpyo!

    However, Junpyo getting the shoes for Jandi very cute and I like how Mr.Jung is silently supporting their relationship. However, Jae Kyung-hmm, I’m still indifferent to her, and her outfits? Why does she look like she belongs at all boy European boarding school? Anyways, it was a cute scene but just like you javabeans, I’m a little nervous about this pairing!

    another long wait for ep 15/16…I can’t take this!

  98. 98 ZZzen

    Great episode, love it. Thanks for the recap, Javabeans
    I’m so agree with you, no.61 BBFAN.
    JH (Kim Hyun Yoong)in We Got Married was a hit , so adorable.
    I heard that JH fainted for the second times while filming BBF!?!!


  99. 99 bluelime

    honestly, after watching this episode, i truly think kim joon (as woo-bin) is a pretty good actor. he just doesn’t get much screen time at all.

    kim hyun joong (as ji-hoo) is definitely getting better in terms of his acting in BOF.

    kim bum (as yi-jung) did a great job in episode 14!! kim bum really brought depth and complexity to the character so yi-jung. i loved his sequence on the basketball court. he is truly an actor with lots of potential!! : )

  100. 100 Sarah

    Love your recaps for BBF!! I agree with you on the whole Monday episodes being absurd and then Tuesday episodes being much better. The first half of the series was great (full of fun and teen angst), but this second half has a bit of a different feel; there seems to be a maturity in the characters and with the storylines. I can’t wait for next Monday and Tuesday to find out what happens!! ^__^

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