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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 9
by | February 2, 2009 | 192 Comments

I was mightily annoyed that one of the big moments in this episode was spoiled by, oh, practically every site out there. You couldn’t go anywhere on the k-internets without running into huge headlines — with pictures! — of said moment. I know the news was probably released to drum up interest in the episode (like that was necessary) — but it’s one thing to talk about something after it airs, and another to spoil it before it even broadcasts. Booooo.


Like somebody commented, this show is like crack. Maybe not the best thing for your brain, but OMG NEED MOAR NOW.


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The morning after, Jun-pyo rises to a large (by Geum family standards) spread, and Jan-di’s parents urge him to eat up. Mom takes particular care in attending to him, but to the fastidious Jun-pyo, it’s a bit hard to swallow (literally) when she uses her hands to tear up his meat before serving it to him. Commoner-style living has some unforeseen drawbacks.

What’s cute is that they call him “son-in-law,” and while it’s not that unusual to use the term with a daughter’s (serious) boyfriend, it’s a bit early for that. Still, cute.

Breakfast is an entirely different affair at Jun-pyo’s estate, where Mom (Madam Kang) joins Jun-hee for a rare meal together and wonders where Jun-pyo is. (“Do you know how rarely I have breakfast with you two?” Jun-hee: “Is that our fault?”)

Jun-hee covers for her brother, saying he’s still asleep, having been out late with his F4 friends last night. Madam Kang grumbles that he’s outgrown those childish friends, reminding her, “Even if the Shinhwa Group successor has friends, he doesn’t need them.” His position, after all, “requires him to be so cool-headed that he is capable of even cutting off his family.”

Mom heads to Jun-pyo’s room to fetch him personally, looking around in annoyance to see that he’s not there. The butler gulps nervously, hesitating when she demands to know his whereabouts.

At the Geum household, Jun-pyo watches in fascinated curiosity while Jan-di’s family prepares a massive batch of cabbage to be made into kimchi.

He stays on the sidelines at first, but seeing how much fun they’re having together, Jun-pyo soon joins in.

At school, Ji-hoo visits the empty pool, probably expecting to see Jan-di there and disappointed that she isn’t. With a rueful (?) expression, he remembers their boat ride together during their trip to New Caledonia. He floats a paper boat into the pool, then walks away with a sigh.

I think this scene is supposed to be… sad?

(It’s just that it’s so hard to read Ji-hoo’s face. An expressive actor can let you know how the character is feeling without words, but I find Ji-hoo always requires explanation to understand.)

Jun-pyo joins the Geum men at the public bath, and participates in that grand exercise of male bonding: scrubbing dead skin from each other’s backs.

(Having never had his back scrubbed before, Jun-pyo is particularly sensitive to the abrasive scrubbing rag. The expression on Lee Min-ho’s face cracks me up — even the veins in his chest are protruding.)

They emerge from the bath and beeline for some fish-cake skewers from a street vending cart, which Jun-pyo tastes for the first time. He likes them so much that soon, a mound of little skewers sits in front of him.

Reliving the moments of his family outing later makes Jun-pyo chuckle to himself. And just in case we’ve forgotten what happened a mere five minutes ago, a whole series of flashbacks fills us in on his memories.

Yi-jung and Woo-bin wonder what has him so happy, to which Jun-pyo asks whether they’ve ever made kimchi, or had their backs scrubbed at a public bath, or eaten fish sticks from a street cart. Loftily, he tsk-tsks that they’re missing out: “What do you know about life?”

Yi-jung quips, “I liked him better when he was messing up proverbs.”

Ji-hoo finds Jan-di after her swim, figuring that she must have a lot on her mind to be swimming so much. After the last time they met when she ran off to avoid Jun-pyo, he guesses that’s the issue. He notices her wet hair and gives her his hat, followed by a spot of advice: “Don’t avoid him. Someone once told me that avoidance is cowardly. Don’t avoid him, and give him a chance.”

Jan-di admits, “To be honest, being dragged along into Gu Jun-pyo’s world is uncomfortable.” Ji-hoo responds, “There’s no such thing as Jun-pyo’s world or Jan-di’s world. We’re in the same world right now. If Jun-pyo’s world is too much for you, go along at your pace.”

Because Jan-di has been feeling uncomfortable, she’s been keeping her distance, which drives Jun-pyo crazy. He’s determined to wait for her to make the first move, and paces in agitation. Woo-bin, ever the voice of reason, tells him to call her, but Yi-jung reminds him of the player’s code. Relationships require a certain give and take and it’s better if he waits.

Thus when Jan-di does finally call, Jun-pyo tries to calm his reaction before answering the phone. I admit, I cried tears of laughter at Jun-pyo’s abysmal attempt to play it cool. First, he feigns disinterest: “Geum Jan-di? Who’s that?”

The guys sigh that he’s overdoing it, so he corrects himself, saying, “Ah right, I remember now.” But in an effort to pretend he hasn’t noticed her absence, he assures her, “I’ve been SO busy, I haven’t been able to recall that you haven’t called in three days and thirteen hours.” Yi-jung grimaces, “It’s embarrassing calling him friend.”

Jan-di makes a suggestion which Jun-pyo finds disagreeable, and he balks, “Why would I want to go there?” and hangs up. And then crows to his buddies, “Did you see how I hung up first?” LOL.

Asked what he found so unpleasant, Jun-pyo answers that Jan-di had suggested a double date with her friend. (Yi-jung plays it off, but he says with some coolness, “Ga-eul? Good for her.”) Since Jun-pyo finds the double date distasteful, Yi-jung offers half-jokingly, “Want me to go instead?” (His reasoning being that it would be interesting to observe how common folk date.)

The next day, Jan-di tries to pretend she’s not disappointed that he turned down the invitation. When Jun-pyo makes his appearance, he pulls the old “I was just in the neighborhood” excuse and offers to stay as a favor to keep her from being a third wheel. Seriously, between the two of them, they’ve got enough pride to make a third person.

Ga-eul’s boyfriend, Su-pyo, makes a bad impression right off the bat, arriving a half-hour late and mocking Jun-pyo with what he probably thinks is good-natured charm. But his careless remarks come off rude and when he makes fun of Jun-pyo’s hair and tells him to call him hyung, the girls trade uneasy glances.

Sensing Jun-pyo’s aggravation, Jan-di says they can leave, but Jun-pyo grits his teeth and is committed to seeing this commoner date through to the end.

Things only get worse when the foursome go out to eat, and Su-pyo taunts Jun-pyo for his uneasiness at the food (it’s gopchang, or cow intestines). Goaded by Su-pyo’s patronizing remarks, Jun-pyo forces himself to eat with difficulty. He misstates another proverb in an attempt to warn Su-pyo to check himself (before he wrecks himself), but the mistake causes Su-pyo to laugh harder.

Things improve when the couples split up to skate on an outdoor rink. Jan-di admires the pretty lights, having never come to a place like this before, which she describes as fairy-tale-like.

Seeing Jan-di’s bare hands, Jun-pyo gives her one of his gloves, then tucks her uncovered hand into his pocket. Perhaps thinking of the display of lights, he suggests, “Let’s go someday.” She asks, “Where?” Jun-pyo: “Champs-Elysées.”

At Su-pyo’s suggestion, Jun-pyo reluctantly joins him to grab some hot drinks. As they head off together, Su-pyo answers a phone call while the girls chat.

Ga-eul apologizes for her boyfriend’s rudeness, but admits that she was touched to see Jun-pyo trying so hard to accommodate everyone. It was touching, really.

Wondering where the guys went, the girls look for their dates. They find them almost immediately: A crowd has gathered to watch Jun-pyo pummeling Ga-eul’s boyfriend.

Jan-di is appalled — she knows he was struggling to remain calm but beating up the guy is unforgivable — and grows angrier when he addresses Ga-eul: “If you’re going to date, pick a decent boyfriend.” Jan-di insists that he apologize, warning, “if you leave like this, we’re over.” Jun-pyo stalks off angrily.

In the following days, a dejected Ga-eul can’t get in touch with her boyfriend despite leaving numerous messages. Jan-di feels responsible for her unhappiness, deploring Jun-pyo’s rash temper. But Ga-eul reasons, “I don’t think Jun-pyo sunbae would do that without a reason.”

Vowing to extract an apology, Jan-di drops by the F4 hangout. The other guys, having heard none of the story from Jun-pyo, are alarmed at their chilly exchange, sensing that whatever happened was serious.

Jan-di: “Please tell him that this is my last warning. Thanks to his fists, my friend is crying. If he doesn’t apologize, we’re really over.”

Jun-pyo: “Why would I apologize when she can’t be thankful that I got rid of that trash for her?”

At his unpenitent response, Jan-di retorts that this attitude is typical of him — it was clearly beyond him to adjust to suit someone else. But now Ga-eul has to suffer for his actions. She shocks the others with the severity of her words when she says, “Don’t act like you know me anymore.”

The next time Ji-hoo finds Jan-di at the pool, she’s on the verge of a cold from all the swimming (and walking around with wet hair). Jan-di cautions, “If this is about Gu Jun-pyo, I’m not going to talk,” then proceeds to complain all about him. Because this involves her friend, “This time, I really can’t forgive him.”

Ji-hoo hands her some cold medicine — he’d anticipated that she would need it — and leaves her with one last bit of advice:

“Guys don’t do things for no reason in front of the girl they like. There’s always a reason. I’m speaking from experience, so you can trust me.”

Su-pyo continues to ignore Ga-eul’s calls, so Jan-di proposes seeking him out rather than waiting for him to call. Arriving near the club where he works, they spot him walking with a pretty, older girl. From a distance, the girls overhear as he complains about his ridiculous double-date fiasco.

Su-pyo makes himself out to be the martyr, then proceeds to trash both Ga-eul and Jan-di, calling them unfashionable and dumpy. He’d suggested to Jun-pyo that they ditch the girls and offered to introduce him to some club babes — which is when Jun-pyo had attacked, saying, “If you call my girlfriend names, you won’t be able to eat gopchang anymore with that mouth!”

At that point, Su-pyo glances over and notices the girls. Jan-di asks, “Is that true?” Ga-eul is hurt at Su-pyo’s dismissal — he tells her to stop bugging him, like some kind of stalker — which enrages Jan-di.

With a howl, Jan-di hops a fence, leaps at Su-pyo, and delivers her trademark spinning back kick to his face. Stomping on his chest, she yells, “One was for Ga-eul, and one was for my boyfriend!”

(Honestly, she and Jun-pyo really are two of a kind, aren’t they?)

Afterward, Ga-eul attempts to look on the bright side: “I’m glad. At least we found out that Jun-pyo sunbae isn’t a bad person.”

Though in a glum mood, Ga-eul urges Jan-di to apologize and make up with Jun-pyo, assuring her friend she’ll be fine on her own.

And now, Yi-jung gets his own storyline! He receives a hysterical call from a woman threatening suicide because of his father — who is also a ceramic artist and professor, who takes advantage of his position to have numerous affairs, presumably with his students. Yi-jung witnesses his father romancing yet another woman, and turns away in disgust.

In the lobby, he intercepts the woman as she’s leaving, attracting her attention by speaking flirtatiously. But then his voice hardens and he tells her she’s just one in a string of his father’s girlfriends — she’s too beautiful for that kind of treatment.

We can see where he gets his playboy tendencies, although I suppose Yi-jung isn’t so far gone as his father, because he still has a conscience.

Afterward, Yi-jung happens to be driving by as a depressed Ga-eul trudges along the busy sidewalk, then sits on the ground and starts to cry. Yi-jung tries to ignore her, then decides somewhat unenthusiastically to approach.

He teases Ga-eul for crying on the street, telling her, “Sometimes girls think they look pretty when they cry, but they’re wrong.” Unfortunately, his words push her over the edge, and her soft cries turn into loud sobs. Hilariously, Yi-jung uneasily pleads with her to stop, while insisting to curious passers-by that he’s not the one who made her cry.

At F4 headquarters, Ji-hoo asks if Jun-pyo has made up with Jan-di yet. Not noticing Jan-di’s silent arrival behind him, Jun-pyo vows that he wouldn’t make up with Jan-di even if she begged and insists on his innocence in the matter.

Amused, Woo-bin addresses Jan-di: “I guess you’ll have to go home then.” Jun-pyo looks up, startled, to see her standing there with a contrite expression.

Jan-di says, “I didn’t know you were so angry. I was just thinking of myself. I’m sorry, I’ll go.” Jun-pyo leaps over the couch to stop her.

Working up her nerve, Jan-di says haltingly, “Gu Jun-pyo… accept my apology!” and holds out an apple. (The word for apology and apple are pronounced the same.) Jun-pyo’s obviously pleased, but he’s got his pride to think of, so he keeps a straight face. He wants three wishes before accepting her apology. Jan-di reluctantly relents — but he has to name his wishes within one minute. Go!

Jun-pyo sputters that that’s not fair, all the while Jan-di counts steadily. Flustered, he instructs her to sit, then stand — which Jan-di counts as two wishes. With five seconds left, Jun-pyo blurts out his wish — she has to apologize while calling him “oppa.” In a baby voice. (Akin to saying, “Oppa, I’m sowwy.”)

Cringing, she tries to muster the words… then exclaims, “I can’t! Take the apology or leave it!” Woo-bin says wisely, “You should have accepted the apology when she offered.” Ji-hoo takes a bite of the apology apple, which Jun-pyo grabs back possessively.

Yi-jung takes Ga-eul to his pottery studio for some tea and sympathy. He startles her by dropping a ceramic bowl to the ground, but instead of breaking, it remains intact. “It’s stronger than it looks,” he says. Using a pottery metaphor, he asks if she knows how long it took for the bowl to get so strong, and explains the process for shaping it, then baking it in fire. But if, at the end of all that, it still isn’t right, “You have to let it go, cleanly, like this.” With that, he takes the bowl, wraps it in a towel, and smashes it with a hammer.

Yi-jung: “What I mean is, there are things we have to go through in order to become stronger, and to find our true selves. Like what you went through today.” Ga-eul answers, “I think I know what you’re saying. Thank you.”

He suggests going out to have some fun, since he had a bad day too. After taking her out for a makeover — which is frankly a little ridiculous since she’s so pretty to begin with — Yi-jung takes Ga-eul to a club.

But it seems Yi-jung has something more up his sleeve than mere flirtation, because her ex-boyfriend Su-pyo is there (which suggests this is the club where he works).

Yi-jung leaves Ga-eul by the bar and heads to the front of the club, where he makes a splash with a grand entrance. Even Su-pyo’s new girlfriend is impressed, recognizing Yi-jung. Thus she’s flattered when he addresses her, and asks if he can take the liberty of performing.

And then he busts out the saxophone.

It’s not often that I find an Yi-jung scene unwatchable, and yet here we are for the second time. Yi-jung makes the ladies’ hearts flutter by announcing, “There’s a person here who’s stolen my heart. I’ll perform this on her behalf.”

(To Kim Bum’s credit, he delivers this admirably with nary a grimace or smirk.)

Jun-pyo calls Jan-di out, and she grumbles all the way, still chafing at his treatment of her apology. She walks past the darkened park, looking up in wonder when an extravagant display of lights suddenly flickers on.

Jun-pyo stands in the middle of the playground, which he’s decorated with yet more lights: This is his version of Champs-Elysées. He asks, “Do you like it?” Happily, Jan-di nods, “It’s pretty. It’s like Christmas.”

(Okay, I get that this is a romantic gesture. But PD Jeon, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? He has used this exact same scenario not once, but TWICE in prior dramas. (Clicky here for comparisons.) Seriously, the man must be in a creative slump, or maybe he just can’t work without the Hong sisters. COME ON. Way to ruin a perfectly nice romantic moment. I guess we should be glad Jun-pyo didn’t present Jan-di with a random cake, apropos of nothing.)

But back to the scene: Jun-pyo wonders what’s so great about Christmas, and she responds that it’s a happy day. Jun-pyo answers, “I’ve never had a happy memory of it.”

A flashback shows us a lonely Little Jun-pyo, being entertained by maids and his butler, delivered impersonal gifts from his parents.

Jun-pyo asks about the kimchi he helped make, and says, “I’d like to eat some.” Also, he enjoyed her mother’s cooking and the vending-cart fish sticks her father bought him.

Jun-pyo: “You know, I didn’t know what family was, but looking at your family, I think I have an idea. Can I drop by again?”
Jan-di: “Did you ever ask permission before coming?”
Jun-pyo: “I’m not joking.”

Jun-pyo rises from his swing and kneels in front of Jan-di: “I want to go. I want to, every day.”


What I particularly like about Jun-pyo is that while I think it’s pretty clear his feelings for Jan-di exist with or without family (or friend) approval, their relationship has now introduced an additional, equally meaningful, aspect: a longing for family which I don’t think he realized he even had. Little Jun-pyo definitely felt his parents’ neglect, but I don’t think he’s ever really recognized the longing in a clear way.

Jun-hee, as the older sibling, holds more of a grudge against their cold mother, but Jun-pyo’s understanding of his loveless upbringing remains at an almost childlike level. That’s why he looks on at Jan-di’s family interactions with a naive kind of wonder — it’s not just the activities like kimchi-making or sauna-sharing that are new, but the emotions that underlie those interactions.

(Speaking of whom, I really like the tense dynamic between Jun-hee and her mother, and I hope Jun-hee’s character sticks around for a while.)

One reason I dig this development of Jun-pyo’s character is because when the couple inevitably faces family opposition in the future and is threatened with separation, the loss is going to be felt on both sides. (This isn’t a spoiler, just speculation — but c’mon, we all see it coming, right?) It’s not just that Jan-di may lose her rich, caring boyfriend, but her boyfriend loses his source of familial rapport as well. Also, I have felt (particularly in episodes 5 through 7, for instance) that Jan-di has not really brought a lot to this relationship, aside from capturing Jun-pyo’s interest. She had until recently gone along with his plans, but never really initiated anything until this episode. Now, she offers him something that balances out their relationship, and I am relieved.


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    I think Yi-Jung got his phone call from his hysterical mother instead of his father’s girl friend (by the way, his dad is also very very famous old rock singer! dang, how much money are they willing to spend on casting?). He went to see his father,so he can talk to him about his mother’s fragile state (threatening her own son with suicidal comments? wow!) , but finds that his dad is ever the same, he turns in disgust.
    Also, I think you should mention the scene where WooBin delievers bickering between JunPyo and Jandi

  32. 32 Chocolatetree

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    Haven’t watched it yet, but it sounds mind-numbingly awesome!

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    There was also a similar lights scene in MyGirl. Yikes. When they’re all put together in a row, it’s a little sad. I really liked the scene in all the dramas–but maybe I just think christmas lights are really romantic too^^

    YES THE CRACK. I WAS DOWNRIGHT GIDDY ALL DAY. Mondays and Tuesdays are definitely the best of the week.

  34. 34 lalalala

    “”””It’s mean to say, but I do not care about the orange hair guy! I just don’t! He only has two face expression ; happy or sad! thtat’ it”””

    Boooo at your comments, cuz you seem to not have much to say either; other than repeating the same thing over and over again. You’re even worse than the orange hair guy. At least he switch back and forth between those few expressions he has. You on the other hand are just plain boring with “that orange hair guy”….It’s Jihoo you dumbass. Have you been watching the drama?

  35. 35 Esther

    this was a cute episode.
    i can’t get enough of this drama…and min ho ^.^
    the bath scene was great!

  36. 36 javabeans

    wandergirl, the Hong sisters and PD Jeon worked together on Delightful Girl and My Girl. I didn’t mind the lights scene in My Girl because it had its own logic so it didn’t seem like a cheap reusing of the same scene, but when Jeon went on to use it in Wtich Amusement (which the Hong sisters did not write), it felt like a cop-out. And again here.

    Whoa, #34, no flaming please.

  37. 37 ob

    Do you know how cool you are? You are so cool that even though I already watched (and understood) this episode, I’m still tuning in to your (once again) insightful recap:

    “Seriously, between the two of them, they’ve got enough pride to make a third person.” (Ha!)

    You rock.

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    I replayed that scene so many times as well. Thanks for your recap! I always look forward to them right after I watch BOF.

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    i keep telling myself the drama’s not that worth getting excited about, cause after all there are some major problems with it. but as always, i still get uber impatient for mondays to come, and check for subtitles/recaps consistently throughout the day. this drama is really like crack! im totally addicted!
    speaking of which, i think jan di is also meant to teach jun pyo a lot of “life lessons,” as jun hee mentioned in previous episodes. jan di is supposed to help jun pyo realize alot of things he doesn’t and help him grow, melt his cold exterior, all that good stuff.

  40. 40 stargazer377

    javabeans, you always manage to put into words what i’m feeling after i finish watching episodes. and i was relieved too when Jandi finally brought something to the relationship. this drama just keeps getting better and better!

    one pet peeve of mine: ji hoo’s face when he doesn’t have any lines. for example, after he gave the cold medicine to jandi and was leaving, his face was a total blank like, “i’m done with my lines, time to get out of here.” i wish he was better at emoting w/out words. even kim joon who plays woo bin is doing a better job! and woo bin is supposedly the ultra noob!

  41. 41 mehreen

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    Love the developing storyline between YJ/GE!! And now that we see a bit more of Woo Bin, I’m hoping he’ll have some more interesting screen time too.

    As for Ji Hoo, I think I’m about ready to give up any hope of liking him.

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    Though reading your recap, it almost seems as if you’re reading too much into THIS drama (but for force of sheer habit or as a reasoning for your senseless liking?)

  43. 43 amanda

    Yi-jung trying to deny responsibility for Ga Eul crying was hilarious!
    I’m so glad he and eul are getting their own stories, i think i’m falling towards being more interested in their relationship then to Jp+Jd.

    I did fast forward through the sax performance, just unwatchable to me.
    I always heard Kim Bum was a good actor, etc but he really is i wish he had a bigger role in the drama

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    I really loved Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s conversation leading up to the kiss. It was very sweet and personal. It expresses how much Jun Pyo longs for a real family and I’m glad that Jan Di and her family can give that to him. The last scene was definitely well acted.

    Speaking of acting, I really, really loved the acting of the two main characters in this episode. Lee Min Ho was awesome as always. Loved his child-like expression when he was witnessing the Geum family making kimchi, and the many other scenes that he was in. Most of all, I loved Gu Hye Sun’s acting in this. She did not over exaggerate her acting in this episode and thus, made everything looked really well. With her downplaying her acting, I can really see and feel the chemistry between her and Lee Min Ho.

    Keep it up!!

    OH! And I just read somewhere that Gu Hye Sun and Kim Ji Hoon (Love & Marriage) have been dating for the past 4 months. Truth or rumor??

  46. 46 hagrid

    LOL at your recycled scene comment… actually he’s done it in all his dramas… even in MY GIRL… Remember when YR was pranking GC, he closed his eyes only to open it with the parade of lights con-incidentally lighting up at the same time… then he saw YR… haha tsktsk someone give the director new ideas…

  47. 47 Cinamoroll

    oh one more thing, when they mentioned Ga-Eul’s boyfriend’s name Gong Su Pyo, I laughed so hard because obviously his name means “returned check (empty check) ” lol also I found Ga-Eul’s boyfriend choice very surprising because dang, high school girl dating a guy who works at club?

  48. 48 BOFfan

    Thanks for the recap javabeans. i always look forward to your comments. I thought Woo Bin was really funny here when he played the messenger between Jun Pyo and Jan Di. and personally, i think Ji Hoo’s acting is improving. And Ga Eul looked so beautiful… i hope Yi Jung and her get together.
    You’re right Javabeans, this drama is like crack. Mondays and Tuesdays just don’t arrive fast enough!

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    I love your recaps javabeans, it’s the the icing on the cake.
    Can’t wait for episode 10, only a few hours left. YES!

    PS: I loved the lights…but then again, I haven’t watched the other two dramas you mentioned.

  50. 50 Tired and Hungry

    #34 I am sorry If I offended you by saying those remarks, but there’s no need to start calling me names. Everybody has different thoughts about this drama! Not everyone will have the same opinions ! So just chill and relax= chillax :-) lol!

  51. 51 lina

    The light part was hilarious, and then there’s “My Girl” too (the close your eyes, countdown from 5, and open your eyes part), even though it’s not prepared before hand but it still was a scene full of lights. Now that you mentioned it, in all of his dramas, there has to be a light scene for it to be completed. However, this drama is a little different though, we do know where the character gets the light idea from, unlike the characters in other dramas, they just got the idea out of the blue.

  52. 52 Just saying

    What I find the most impressive is, Lee Min Ho is obviously getting handed very shitty lines and shitty direction but he’s still working it; he makes the cheesiest and the lamest lines actually enjoyable, when with the wrong actor they probably would not even be tolerable. That’s why Junpyo is obviously shining.

    I can’t fault other actors like Hyunjoong for the delivery of the lines because obviously he’s new at this, and like Lee Min Ho, he is given pretty shitty lines and direction as well, and his acting can’t possibly suffice to actually deliver those lines or expressions well.

    This drama is shining solely for the cast and the development of the characters as the plot progresses; I am actually more impressed that most, actually all, of the cast are bringing this back to life when I feel like the pd is kind of stomping it dead.

    I guess.. that’s kind of rude to the PD. I’m sure he’s working hard, I just wish that the direction was adding to the drama rather than taking away, because I think that is indeed what it’s doing.

    Lastly :(
    Anyone else kind of wish that the full shot of them on the playground was the last shot instead of them kissing like right in your face? Ugh i’m picky i know i’m sorry~

  53. 53 Carol

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  54. 54 hanamichi-san

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    why do they have to include a flashback scene of the young jun pyo? it almost ruined the ‘most memorable moment’ of all. hihihi. however, kudos to that kid. he seriously had that same look lee min ho gives whenever he’s disgusted.

    who the crap is that #34?! have some respect. if javabeans is a dumbass, then we’re all dumbasses! thankyouverymuch.. we all like this show. atleast we’re not just plain ol’ A-S-S like someone here.

  55. 55 Len

    “Was that really his mother in the car phone call?”
    javabeans, I think so. His mother threatening to commit suicide because of his father’s philandering ways is apparently something she does habitually — according to the Join News article. It’s probably the main reason why Yi Jeong looked so disgusted when he saw his father romancing yet another young woman.

  56. 56 Winnie

    I’ve been iffy about this drama, but I really enjoyed this episode. The first few scenes absolutely got me – I loved the family bonding of eating breakfast (Mom picking the fish apart for her “seobang”), making kimchi, going to the sauna. It’s just so exactly what Korean families are like, and you could see Jun-pyo start to come alive.

    The last scene, I admit, got me too. The leads have chemistry, Lee Minho’s doing a great job (and Gu Hye-sun a fine job herself), and I thought the characters’ progression here has been natural. I don’t usually go mushy for drama kisses, but this one made me happy.

    Thanks for a great recap as always, Javabeans!

  57. 57 Akiddo

    48 Cinamoroll – Feb 2, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Gong Su Pyo – That IS SO FUNNNY..i almost fell off my chair when i realised it means blank cheque! Thanks!

    Loved the last scene as Goo Hye Sun did not overact – it was balannced and well done. LMH – what else can i say – he is such a good actor. 😀 Goo Jun Pyo has such a strong, passionate side which I can’t wait to see him unfold. The undying love..”you are the air that i breathe” kind of passion.

    Arghh..i am so addicted to this drama.

  58. 58 deeta

    Just one question, right after Junpyo snatched the apology apple from Woobin, did he curse, like really curse? He mumbled something that sounds, to my untrained ears, like a curse, lols..

    I’ve been a huge supporter of So-Eul storyline, but dear lord, I couldn’t stand the whole playing sax in the club scene.

  59. 59 Aye

    Fortunately for me, I don’t remember the similar scene from Delightful Girl Chun Hyang because I skimmed through it. And I never saw Witch Amusement past episode 3. So the romantic effect worked on me! Everything about the last scene was great (especially the last part where they were having serious talk about their future). However, I did check out the provided link for comparisons and both scenes from those dramas look absolutely ridiculous. I am glad I never wasted much time on them.

  60. 60 peony

    OMG. This series is like crack. I’m so mad that I have to wait for another episode to air. I’m totally in love with the drama and I can’t get enough. I go to bed thinking about it and wake up praying another episode has been posted.

  61. 61 haezi

    thank you! you’re posts are super fast…true signs of a boys before flower junky, like the rest of us.

    i loved the family element in this drama. in the other versions, the family members were just peripheral characters that offered cheap comic relief and were often sent on unlikely trips probably to focus more on the f4. here, in true korean style, the family ties have a stronger part in the story and make junpyo’s attraction to jandi and her “world” multilayered.

    i also loved how the last scene with junpyo saying he wanted to go to her “every day” is a nice contrast to his earlier awkward attempts at playing the aloof playboy. his sincerity really made the scene real in spite of the over-the-top lights and flowers. someone needs to tell the pd that not every romantic scene has to be all dazzle and glitz.

    yijung’s little comment when he heard about the double date was too cute and his angst during the lipstick scene with his father’s gf of the week was intense, though the shallow part of me wished he wore clothes that didn’t make his neck disappear. i cringed at the saxaphone scene, as well, but can’t wait for tomorrow!
    yes, i am a sucker for the requisite makeover scene that is part of every trendy drama i love, though ga eul is gorgeous even before the “transformation.” i’m also relieved that her dress doesn’t look as horrible as jandi’s previous dresses.

  62. 62 sweetsorrow

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  63. 63 badmilk

    I think that last scene where junpyo is kneeling down is really nice; her looking at him at almost eye-level is kind of poetic isn’t it? Junpyo lowering himself to “match” Jandi’s place in the world, like what Jihoo said…

  64. 64 Christine Cheng

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  65. 65 nixxochick

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  66. 66 Rin

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    1. Jun Pyo hanging out with Jan Di’s father and brother.
    2. Jan Di’s call to Jun Pyo lol hilarious.
    3. Yi Jung on the street trying to console Ga Eul <33
    4. “Oppa~ I’m sowwwory.” ^^
    5. ROLF at Yi Jung playing the sax… you got to be kidding.. again! XD

  67. 67 Heejae

    Oh my goodness *laughs*
    It’s so very fun to see the “Almighty” Gu Jun Pyo be such a novice in love. I love the dimension it adds to his character. Seriously, Jandi and Junpyo are two of a kind.

    Thanks for the recap. As always, it’s appreciated<3

  68. 68 Amy

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  69. 69 alice

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    “See how I hung up first?” ~ LOLOL this is so adorkably KYOOOOT.

  73. 73 K-drama fan

    I watched through episode 6 and I can’t believe that many people like this drama. I feel repulsed by whole bunch of conglomerate spoiled brats who treat people like dirt and waste their parents’ money. I keep expecting that these kids will learn something but they don’t. I can’t believe myself that I sat through 6 hours. I am going to stop watching now. The leading lady’s acting is not bad but F4 boys’ acting are so horrible that I can’t even watch them. Ok..their looks are not bad especially the guy who likes Jan Di’s friend. What’s with the songs?? they suck to the core. I am so disappointed because I thought this drama will be good since it receives high ratings. I guess high rating doesn’t equal to good drama.

  74. 74 maria

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    and HAHA at the lights scene favorite… i crfacked up laughing coz i was thinkinh the same thing when i watched it.. yo hee, my girl, chun hyang and now bbf?? OVERDOING THE REPRRESSIONS A LITTLE , PD. 😛 LOL but, amusing nonetheless… aaaaha t the last scene.

    so.. yeah, i’ve never ben addicted to anything, much less crack, but OMG YES WANT MOAR NAAAOOO. 😛

  75. 75 crazylazybum

    u missed out the best part… “hey man, woah woah” by woo-bin

  76. 76 Mai

    Ah… This episode was enjoyable yet tense, in a way.. =) I really liked Yi Jung & Ga Eul, they’re just super cute together! =D BUT this episode was okay to my likings, although I saw a whole bunch of spoilers, the episode was different. =) I LOVE your reviews, and I know I’d already told you already. =) BUT it always gives me a better understanding. =)

  77. 77 ichigopan

    I have been reading your recaps since I decided I wasn’t going to watch this version of HYD/BBF because I had previously watched Meteor Garden and HYD 1 & 2 (and that silly Final movie which was totally unnecessary). But like BBF, your recaps are also like crack. I can’t wait to read them every week and the more I read, the more I am intrigued. I just might jump on the bandwagon. Thanks for reviewing. =D

  78. 78 minho

    thanx so much for your lovely recaps!
    oh my, lee min ho has got to be the CUTEST guy in the world!
    and he plays his character so well…hahaha he makes me laugh just by thinking about him..
    jandi still annoys me a little becuz she basically just takes him for granted…i don’t think she knows how lucky she is.
    but i loved this episode!
    can’t wait for tmrw!

  79. 79 lisa

    Are the characters just growing on me, or is this series getting better with every single episode? <3

  80. 80 moi

    one thing that i really really love about korean dramas is the emphasis given on family relationships/family values. i’m not saying that it is lacking in dramas / films of other countries. it’s just that it is somewhat more emphasized or magnified in kdramas. and this i believe is a reflection of and a manifestation of the korean culture.
    in both HYD & MG, makino/sanchai’s families seem too greedy. they get themselves into all sorts of trouble that all the f4 did was bail them out.
    but, though they are supposed to be “ambitious”, BBF established the family relationship by “bonding”. i loved it that they are still themselves even when he’s around. i mean they could’ve scheduled kimchi-making on another day, so that they could wait on him hand and foot. but no, they went about their usual business and in the process got him to do things with them. which he immensely enjoyed. because had they overly-attended to him, then it would be exactly like the treatment he got at home from all the maids & the butler. because he is longing to belong and he felt he does in JD family, this further strengthens the attachment he has for her.

  81. 81 #34

    I do apologize if the “d….sss” was such a strong/bad choice of word. AND it wasn’t about dramabeans. I’m here cuz I love reading dramabeans’ recaps on these shows, like Dal Ja’s Spring, Star’s Lover, and BOF. I like how she/he expresses his/her POVs very well either in liking or disliking the characters. It’s just that I got annoyed at the person who wrote “the orange hair guy” just about every single epi. Even though I was in love with Rui but so-so about Jihoo, borderline passing, I still acknowledge that he has a name. When I see that person wrote that phrase repeatedly, my brain automatically said “it’s Jihoo, you………!!!!.”. I’m sure we all if not most have experienced that kinda moment of frustration before. Gosh I guess I’m too into the drama too.

  82. 82 Anne

    Keke. I agree; this series is seriously like crack. I’m really enjoying the series but there are quite a few cringe-worthy moments in this drama, although thankfully the number is reducing every episode. I really loved the directing in Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang and it turns out there was another director alongside PD Jeon for that series. I wonder what happened to him?

  83. 83 Jane

    One of the biggest things that I have to point out that’s really touching me with this drama is that somehow they make everything feel so real and fresh and completely genuine. One of the best examples of this would be the kiss scene between Jan-Di and Jun-Pyo; when I was watching that scene it felt so real to me. I didn’t feel like I was watching two actors press their lips together in a rehearsed and scriped kiss; I felt like I was watching Jan-Di and Jun-Pyo share their first kiss. Though this should probably be more credited to the two leads’ great chemistry rather than anything else.

    And everything else, too! I had more examples prepped in my head beforehand but, of course, I’ve forgotten them all in the course of writing this comment. Suffice to say that I feel like everything I’m watching is real — which is great!

    I’ve completely fallen head-over-heels for this drama; no other drama out there has managed to excite me (and everybody else) this much and I can’t get enough of the euphoria that I feel every time I watch an episode.

    Java, you’re right, DEFINITELY like crack. :]]

  84. 84 cullenhale

    A good episode…I was waiting for it all day 😀 Anyways, a lot of sweet moments in this episode and I agree with Javabeans-BBF is like crack! I NEED more!

    I loved how Jun-pyo jumped over furniture just to keep Jan Di from leaving, his devotion to her is quite endearing. Also, I was very happy at the fact that both of them refer to each other as Boyfriend/Girlfriend! Finally, a stable declaration I can hold on to….

    Also, please no more saxophone playing…it makes me squirm, too horrible to verbalize!

    The preview for the next episode..I agree with javabeans-I really wish KBS didn’t spoil this for us..now, we will just be waiting for it, I would rather be surprised with it like the ending of this episode, very heartfelt and sweet moment between JanDi and Junpyo. And like many others, I find myself so in love with Lee Min Ho’s character-how natural and lovable the character is. Also, I wish for more Jun Hee! She is so awesome!

  85. 85 Jane

    LOL, lisa (#80), I completely agree!

  86. 86 bluelime

    the yi-jung and ga-eul storyline/sequence at the club seemed a bit like a cliffhanger to me. i hope the writer(s)/producers provide a more complete closure to this particular storyline/sequence in episode 10. i am really impressed by kim bum and kim so eun. : )


    best episode yet. As you have mentioned, it did a really good job on bringing out the family love that JUNPYO lacks from his own family. and i hope this romance part lasts a lil longer than just this episode but knowing how fast this drama is progressing, i bet tomorrow they will alread ybe conflicted thanks to junpyo’s WITCH MOM. well that brings more romance in some ways i guess. but i so totally agree with the spoilers… BEFORE I EVEN WATCHED THIS EPISODE I KNEW THE WHOLE STORY LINE and frankly it takes away tension and interest away from me. AND AS A RESULT I KEPT ON FASTFORWARDING because i knew what was going to happen adn stuff….

  88. 88 minime

    I feel like wrangling Kim HyunJoon, he is too stoic, too robotic, maybe even Autistic, who knows?

  89. 89 Pups

    Moments that made me cringed:

    (1) Woo Bin’s line in English: “Hey man, whoa, whoa”
    (2) Yi Jung’s sax scene


  90. 90 JOY

    I’m hyperventilating from KimBum/GaEul overdrive.

  91. 91 Jo


  92. 92 gail

    i loved the last scene when JP knelt before JD and talked about family; i thought it was so romantic. though there was so much emotion and feeling there, both actors were restrained.

    p.s. about the lights, i think i’m like one of the previous commenters who finds christmas lights romantic. 😀 although i agree with you on the Witch Amusement light scene mirroring Choon Hyang’s light scene, i thought this drama’s scene was different. i think JP had a reason to set it up because of the wistful time our couple had together at the skating rink. since they can’t go to Champs-Elysees yet, he brought his version of it to her. I’d be touched with that “trivial thing” just like JD was. 😀

    still, i’m glad PD Jeon did not have JP bring out the random cake.

    thanks for the recap!

  93. 93 MT

    I SQUEALED when I watched Junpyo say “I’m sowwy.” It was extremely corny that it was funny. LOL I absolutely liked watching this episode. It is very nice to see both characters (JP&JD) develop their relationship. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s!!

    I’m glad I avoided the spoilers on the other sites… it made this ep especially hilarious and thrilling.

  94. 94 gracelee

    I look forward to the Woobin character every episode. He is charming in his own way and seems the nicest guy. The actor playing him actually seems to get better with each episode- so I hope he gets a storyline too!

  95. 95 flooooo

    I read your recaps firstly because i wanted to understand the jihoo part with the empty pool…i am really clueless of what he has in his mind. Did he want to help? did he just stick around JD because he knows what he is thinking. Anyway I really scratched my head at this moment trying to understand…the two others moments with JH, I understand that he wanted to help but that one..Argggg

    WB is such a cutie. he is so calm and so trustfull. really if I could have only one friend it must be him. and he do his job so seriously when he had to be “the guy who had to pass on”..me immo lauging a lot

    the last part I think it was because of the “changing place”. but as i didn t saw witch yoo hee i didn t really mind but maybe it is a blink-eyes to PD previous job like he like to do..:p

  96. 96 Lei

    you write great recaps! even after seein the whole episode I still go here to read your “wrtie-ups” lol thanks for giving these meaningful insights on each episode. it’s really funny that you actually write things that I felt while watching the episodes. great recap really! looking forward to next episode =)

  97. 97 elmo

    i am enjoying the side story with ga eul more
    kim bum yayyy

  98. 98 Myshal

    Read the click thru to Witch Yoo Hee. yes, the comparison is strong. Must be that the lighted feature is a too irresistable romantic scene for directors to pass up. Note that you can add: Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung, who uses a similar bridge to Witch Yoo Hee and ALSO the same manager who lights up the bridge!

  99. 99 Tangy

    I actually liked KHJ’s acting in the pool scene. The scene didn’t seem sad, but rather regretful/nostalgic maybe? Like he was musing over possible love lost? He seemed lost and sentimental somehow.

    I know KHJ’s acting skills aren’t exactly Oscar winning – and when acting alongside LMH as the gorgeously over-the-top melodrama that is Jun-Pyo, anyone would seem pale in comparison. But I think he’s playing the character Rui fairly true. Seriously, type AB anyone? He plays the typical reserved, indifferent, (yes, even stoic) introvert who is far too guarded with his emotions and at best can be described as “cool” or “controlled”

    Wait! Could it be??
    O.M.G. He’s the infamous manga archetype: the Ice Prince! Good Lord!

    This would be a hard role for anyone – how to portray deep emotion while still remaining stoic and impassive? Not to say this can’t be done well, of course it can. But nonetheless it is an extremely difficult role to pull off effectively, and I actually think KHJ is doing a tolerable job of it (not the best, mind you, but good enough for me). Keep in mind that his character rarely portrays emotion anyway, so to expect him to have some all out “gawd-my-girlfriend-left-me-oh-the-memories” sob fest is quite contrary to his character.

    And now, I’ve realized that I’m rambling. Well, to finish off my spewing, I absolutely love these recaps – I’ve read and re-read them! (Stalker you say? Potato, Pootato XD)

    Anyway, thanks for the good reads Java, and the smexy caps ;D
    Can’t have enough of the pure joy that is F4 eyecandy XD

  100. 100 DBSK

    gahh ep. 9 was so cute! one of the best ones so far in my opinion. i loved seeing the humanity of the characters more clearly than ever before.

    wahh for ga eul and yijung! adorableeee 😀

    can’t wait for ep. 10!!!

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