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Choi Ji-woo wants a cameo on Cain and Abel
by | February 15, 2009 | 24 Comments

When Choi Ji-woo‘s drama A Star’s Lover premiered, her Stairway to Heaven co-star Shin Hyun-joon made a cameo appearance in Episode 1 as her ex-boyfriend. Now she wants to return the favor.

Shin’s new drama Cain and Abel is set to take over Choi’s timeslot (SBS, Wednesdays and Thursdays) this week, and to pass the figurative baton, both Choi and her Star’s Lover co-star Yoo Ji-tae gave messages of encouragement to the Cain cast. Choi said that she’d like to appear as one of the patients for Shin’s doctor character (she and Shin are under the same management company and good friends).

Will Choi Ji-woo get her cameo wish? Well, now that she’s offered, it’s entirely possible — although to be perfectly frank, I don’t think that the super-hyped and star-studded Cain and Abel (boasting So Ji-sub‘s anticipated comeback) needs it.



24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. belleza

    “I don’t think that the super-hyped and star-studded Cain and Abel (boasting So Ji-sub’s anticipated comeback) needs it.”

    It’s SBS, so I’d be surprised if they say no. If she were to do it, presumably she would have some eye affliction.

    It would be actually awesome if the show pulled an On Air and brought in cameos from Kang Ji Hwan, Kwon Sang Woo, Im Soo Jung, etc.

  2. jtwave


  3. Anonymous

    better not appear in the drama. she may jinx it. she appeared throughout STAR’s LOVER and she could not even beat “GENERAL HOSPITAL 2” from the rating not even half of the series’ rating.

    the way i see it stars from previous HIT dramas usually have FLOP follow-up series…SHIN HYUN JOON has not broken yet the jinx of Stairway to Heaven. KSW and CJW both suffered comeback flop series. SJS only has one HIT drama which he led and that was MISA which may still have the jinx even if it were 5 years ago. we’ll see how C&A will fare starting this week. will it beat RETURN OF ILJIMAE to say the least or it will suffer the same fate as STAR’s LOVER. my bet is it will premier at 7-8% despite the many netizens anticipating for this series. and it is not an assurance that good actor as SJS can save a drama if the story will go nowhere. Hyun Bin gave his best in his latest flop drama “WORLD THEY LIVE IN” and it didn’t attract people despite it being popular among netizens. Lee Dong Wook’s “BITTERSWEET LIFE” was also a disappointment despite LDW’s good acting. it takes more than acting to attract audience…it needs good script and good directing, and most importantly GOOD TIMING…TIMING is all that matters actually.

  4. cherrie

    Well even if Cain doesn’t need it, it would certainly be a plus if she makes an appearance.

  5. belleza


    I’m expecting the show to do around mid-teens because it’s a medical drama, which have consistently performed well. Since General Hospital just finished a few months ago, C&A will also test whether the current audience still has a big appetite for medical soaps.

    So Ji Sup anticipation has been pretty strong. The “U-Turn” shorts did better than expected; his movie with Kang Ji Hwan, “Rough Cut”, was a surprise hit.

    One danger I can see is Shin Hyun-joon overshadowing So Ji Sup. Presumably, So Ji Sup plays “Abel”, which would be a less interesting role than Shin Hyun-joon’s Cain chacter. Plus, SMJ (who’s more polished as an actor than SJS) excels at playing complex, brooding characters (both for laughs and tears.) Plus, I also think Chae Jung Ahn is more consistent in the romantic chemistry department than Han Ji Min.

  6. Ishida

    I’m the one who think it’s a “desperate” tentative for remind viewers to nor forget her after the flop of Star’s Lover? Maybe I’m harsh but still…

  7. samo

    Ishida no youre not the only one! My first thought was she is trying to get onto a show that has decent ratings since nobody watched Star Lover. Cause even if Cain n Abel flops later its prolly gonna have good ratings in the beginning at least.

  8. Anonymous


    i am also expecting than SHJ will overshadow SJS. SHJ has been around and has wide range of genre in his acting…he can be a villain, pitiful, comic and dramatic…while SJS only knows melancholic acting like what he has been doing since his debut…GLASS SHOES, WHAT HAPPENED IN BALI, MISA…when i watched the preview of C&A, i dont’ find him suited for the role. SHJ has more screen presence as a doctor than SJS. to me SJS looks more like an INTERN than a GENIUS in SURGERY Dept. he could not deliver the aura of a genius doctor…

    anyway, i only wish good luck to this series. i like SJS, unfortunately i am the only i guess who has not watched MISA in its entirety. i gave it a pass after seeing several episodes. i am not really fond of dark genre with too many crying here and there…i prefer dark comedy.

  9. thunderbolt

    #8 anon: “SJS only knows melancholic acting like what he has been doing since his debut…”


    SJS has done more than his fair share of comedy. Look at his acting career and see how many of these were NON-melancholic roles.

    2009 Feb [SBS] Cain & Abel
    2008 Sep Rough Cut (movie)
    2008 Jul Gegege no Kitaro (movie)
    2004 Nov [KBS] I’m Sorry, I Love You
    2004 Jan [SBS] What Happened In Bali
    2003 Mar [SBS] Love for A Thousand Years
    2002 Mar [SBS] Glass Shoes
    2002 Sep Can’t Live Without Robbery /Steal It If You Can (movie)
    2002 Jan [SBS] We Are Dating Now
    2001 Jun [SBS] Law Firm
    2001 Feb [MBC] Delicious Proposal
    2001 Jan [SBS] Long Way (New Year Day Special TV movie)
    2000 Nov [SBS] Cheers for the Women
    2000 April [MBC] Because of You
    2000 April [SBS] Good Good
    2000 Jan [SBS] Wanglung’s Land
    2000 Jan [MBC] Have You Said ‘I Love You?’ (Best Theater)
    2000 Jan [SBS] Miss Hiphop & Mister Rock (TV movie)
    1999 [SBS] Hate or Like
    1998 [MBC] Three Men Three Women
    1998 June [MBC] What You Keep Is Unforgettable (Best Theater]
    1997 [KBS] Oh Happy Day
    1997 April [SBS] Model

    credit: jisubaddicts.com

  10. 10 azzuri

    I’d rather see Yoo Ji-tae in a cameo. Never too much of a good thing, no?

  11. 11 Me

    I’ve been thinking about this too if CJW will make cameo. Sinche SHJ had been invited before. So are they 2 are dating or something. Well since KSW is not in the way already. I so love to know that KSW is getting married n dashed hope of KSW-CJW shipper of STH.

    Agreed that SHJ have versatile acting. He had done everything and can really pulled it off.

  12. 12 daffodil

    My opinion their days are coming so make full use off every opportunities they could lean on either their friends and others, it is all about survival it is not about relationship, in the film industry once you reach thirty better to look for something else even if it is a small role, many younger actors are queing up for their turn.

  13. 13 hmmmm

    What happened…dang Choi Ji woo asking for cameo roles?? A big hallyu star like Choi should be offered more important roles, not some 2 second stint.

  14. 14 belleza


    As Thundie was showing, the brooding “silent type guy” is not really indicative of his career. In fact, even accounting for Glass Shoes, it’s only true of his last drama roles from Bali and MiSa. His Bali character had to be “enigmatic” in order to function as the story’s “villain” or “antihero.” Then, of course, Cha Moo Hyuk became kind of an iconic character in recent K-drama.

    I actually wanted him to do a rom-com opposite Kim Sun Ah, kind of a reunion of their sitcom days. His comic skills are what sets up his dramatic acting. It’s in finding irony and acquiring distance in incredibly painful moments does he pull us closer to his character’s emotions. It’s also his inappropriate intensity (or temper or sincerity) in comic bits that sets up laughs.

  15. 15 Crayola

    “I don’t think that the super-hyped and star-studded Cain and Abel (boasting So Ji-sub’s anticipated comeback) needs it.”

    Of Course they don’t need a cameo regardless of who appears as cameo be it Choi Ji Woo or Lee Young Ae or some big name star. Cameos never significantly affect the rating. It’s more like icing on cake. So, please don’t be so bias and stop bashing Ji Woo. Yes, I am a big fan of Star’s Lover and yes, I am Ji Woo’s fan.

  16. 16 anti

    NO!!! I don’t want to see CJW in “Cain and Abel”! Couldn’t stand to watch even 1 episode of “Star Lover” (although I adore Yoo Ji-Tae!) because I simply don’t like her.

  17. 17 belleza

    If she appears, she’s going to be a patient for an episode. It’s not just going to affect the flow of the story one way or the other.

    HOWEVER . . .

    What’s this about Cain and Abel being the next East of Eden? Dare I dream the impossible dream (and can Han Ji Min actually pull off a North Korean accent?) 😀 Can SHJ fill my need for some Shin Tae Hwan evil goodness?

    From the trailer, the comparisons look plausible. I think the story goes like this: So Ji Sup goes on a good will program in North Korea, which is really a set up by his jealous brother to kill him off. So Ji Sup is on the run. His brother moves in on his girlfriend; Han Ji Min adopts the Jandi-cut and saves SJS from dying in the same desert that buried the Lobbyist. Oh and apparently Evanescence gets played a lot in North Korea? Lee Dae Hae approves!!

  18. 18 anastassia

    Its all up’s to their company inst it.


    I beg to differ. People who tends to say that SJS is always on melancholic mood is NEVER watch all his peices just yet. I have to say that his face is somehow kind of melancholic expression but heck ya, he really know how to act, how to put all string of emotion in just one look. Even though, he made me cried bucket in MISA but I remembered his comical skills, tones and expression more. I have no one up till now that can make me laugh and cry at the same drama just as he made me. Remembering his comical expression while humming a rap tone during waiting for Im So Jong just cracked me up and I have to say MISA just have all the sentiments needed in a drama. A funny, sad and intriguing emotion well blended.

    I agreed with Belleza

    ” His comic skills are what sets up his dramatic acting. It’s in finding irony and acquiring distance in incredibly painful moments does he pull us closer to his character’s emotions. It’s also his inappropriate intensity (or temper or sincerity) in comic bits that sets up laughs.”

    I only have two worries:

    1) I didnt want it to be like the next East of Eden.

    2) The doctor charisma on So Ji Sub. My husband is a doc with or without charisma I don’t know. But an actor need the aura and yet I have to wait and see. Nevertheless, I love both lead actors.

  19. 19 belleza

    MiSa’s the most genuinely funny tearjerker I’ve seen. It just makes the sadder bits that much sadder.

    “I didnt want it to be like the next East of Eden.”

    From the trailer, I think this is probably more like Prison Break than East of Eden or Gray’s Anatomy. In fact, I’m not sure how you transition the story to a “normal” medical drama after you barely survived your brother’s wacky plot to leave you in the middle of a Chinese desert. Forget the White Tower; this is the Tower of Death!!

  20. 20 Me

    No… cannot be the EoE. Don’t want SHJ image been tainted with that. Does he character must be evil. I gave up already after all hype on SJS.

  21. 21 belleza

    In contrast with his film career, SHJ prefers supporting roles for TV. (I guess he’s like Huh Jung Hoo in that way.) They offered him the lead role for Stairway, but he opted to play the other character instead. I felt that his chemistry with CJW was so strong that I was kinda rooting for the rather creepy situation between him and his “sister.” They were also good in Rondo (I thought he and Ishibashi Ryo were the best bits of the show.)

  22. 22 anastassia

    @belleza: Agreed. I have stopped watching Kdramas when I spotted MISA last year and I’m giving another chances to myself to look for if there is any great drama in K industry which lead me to Shin Do, Damo, Conspiracy in Court, Rulers of your own world etc.

    Surprisingly, Cain and Abel first episode suppressed most of predictions.

    17.3%. I’m not a rating sucker, but it made a good enough rating to be notable and exceed expectation on what others saying.

  23. 23 kate09

    A big NO NO…are you kidding me CJW?? what on earth has gotten into her gorgeous head?? I thought she was in love…but doing a cameo 4 Cain and Abel…stop it!! don’t need her there..the drama is wonderful as it is…..

  24. 24 cathy

    Agree , cain and Abel drama doesn’t need new actress , This is great drama , 4 casts are acting wonderful for their part.
    Star’s lover is terrible drama ,. None of actress is able to attract so many decent
    rich handsome guys as in this drama . It gives the wrong message to the young
    girl dreaming to be famous , rich in easy way.

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