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Kang Ji-hwan drops Triple, Lee Jung-jae steps in
by | February 19, 2009 | 46 Comments


My first reaction to this news was actually more like a mishmash of a dozen reactions, which went a little something like this:

“OH NO I was afraid of this but YAAAAY it’s Lee Jung-jae, but OH WOE, no Kang Ji-hwan?? *waaaaail* is so sad and yet, also *hurrahhhh* is excited, and oh who cares must see right now right away

Or, in coherent language: Kang Ji-hwan (Hong Gil Dong), as I had feared, has dropped out of MBC’s upcoming figure-skating drama Triple. This is sad, but not too unexpected, because his name had been quietly dropped from press releases after the initial announcement.

On the other hand, perhaps the only other actor-crush that rivals mine on Kang Ji-hwan would be the one I reserve for Lee Jung-jae (Typhoon, Air City). My love for him is long-standing and perhaps older than some of you kiddies. (It dates back to 1994’s Feeling and was reinforced by 1995’s Sandglass. Hey, I was young, but I knew what love was.)

Also, this seems to suggest that the drama, while it had originally seemed fluffy and girly, may not be as silly as it first seemed. Lee Jung-jae has been known in his later career for tough action roles and while he definitely has comic chops (which are really underrated), I don’t see him doing a frilly drama. His casting, combined with Coffee Prince‘s director at the helm, suggests this could be something really interesting.

So let’s see now:

  • Yoon Kye-sang (Who Are You)
  • Lee Seon-kyun (Coffee Prince, White Tower)
  • Lee Jung-jae (Il Mare, Typhoon)
  • Director Lee Yoon-jung (Coffee Prince)
  • Writer Lee Jung-ah of both the novels AND dramas for Coffee Prince and Capital Scandal

Yup. This is gonna be awesome. Can’t wait for June!

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46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jinkzz

    thanks for the article dramabeans

    Awww… i’m sad that Ji Hwan is no longer going to be part of Triple…now, i dont really have a reason to anticipate this drama πŸ™

  2. sonam

    What’s with the BBF outfit? He’s beginning to look gaunt. He need to put on some weight. My fav film of his is An Affair.

  3. otk

    Oh !! the cast looks really nice , Lee Jung Jae is good at acting and I am not a big KJH fan therefore it didn’t bother me , but YKS and LSK are good too so I might give it a try.

    Btw has any1 watch Cain & Abel ? Is it just me or was the drama style completely riped off east of eden , such as the 1st scene and the themes as well as flashback/going back to the past . Although the story is well set !

  4. ripgal


    I already had a gut feeling before that KJH would drop out of Triple, and I felt better after he decided on another project…

    But this ONE news is just AWESOMENESS!!!! <333
    Lee Jung Jae coming back to drama!! I’m beyond words right now…erhmm…WHATT? Should really control myself right now…phew..

    I didn’t know that the writer of CP and CS is involved in this… the more reason to watch this…

    *still in shock!*


  5. liz

    omg i’m soooo excited! i’m sooo glad lee jung jae was cast, he’s such a good actor and his presence will probably make the drama less fluffy and more like a drama. yay!!!

  6. Linda

    awww… no more kang ji hwan =/ but yoon kye sang is still a good enough reason :]

  7. Irene

    Wooo that’s definitely a good news..
    Sorry dramabean and other Kang’s fans, but I do prefer Lee Jung-jae more than Kang Ji-hwan. πŸ˜›

  8. Liv

    Hm – so I haven’t seen Lee Jung-jae in anything, but I did read your Air City summaries, which were a hilarious mix of disdain and (dare I say it) fangirling over Lee Jung-jae. So as soon as I read the title, I had a feeling you wouldn’t be that bothered πŸ™‚

    I was watching this drama for Yoon Kye-sang and Lee Seon-kyun (*swoon*) anyway, so I remain unmoved. But I assure you, come June, I’ll be out-fangirling everyone!

  9. stargazer377

    oh nooooo!!! KJH!!!! =( i was looking forward to seeing him in this drama. oh well. this still sounds like it’ll be an interesting drama! i hope the female lead can hold up with these 3 great actors, writer and director at the helm!

  10. 10 Red Raven

    Wow….a coffee prince connection. Can’ wait!!!!

  11. 11 missmartypants08

    Yea I dunno… on one hand I’m glad because KJH will be the lead actor in another show that sounds like it’ll be good, as opposed to Triple, he won’t be paired with such a youngster (that 19 yr old girl), but disappointed because I won’t see him skate πŸ™ But the guy stepping in sounds okay. I won’t be looking out for Triple anyway πŸ˜›

  12. 12 ed

    so he’s taking over the role of…what was it, a manager or agent?
    it certainly suits his image. still, i hope he returns to the movies w/ a meaty role soon.

    > “Hey, I was young, but I knew what love was.”
    thanks javabeans, now i’ll be pondering this line for days.

  13. 13 Empress

    WOW…. I was already looking forward to this before the casting change but this news is good. The male cast lineup is making me go B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  14. 14 rainey

    I’m happy for you. πŸ˜‰

    I was really meh on this drama but the more i read the more it moves up on my must watch list. Hmmm.

    here’s hoping 2009 dramas does wash last year’s bad taste out of our mouths,

  15. 15 Marie

    wow, what a cast!
    hmm yes, this will get veryyy interesting…

  16. 16 amy

    My reaction to this news was exactly the same as yours but I think I’m definitely excited! All those hotties and it’s going to be directed by my favorite PD!!!! Wow this is unexpected..

  17. 17 wandergirl

    Aw, dang. Was disappointed at first, but I like Lee Jung Jae also, so I’m not too sad.

  18. 18 Auntie Mame

    WOW! WOW!! AND TRIPLE WOW! (sorry, couldn’t resist the stupid pun)

    I’ll watch anything with those three guys in it! All three are good actors.

    And, my limited knowledge is that all three have different amounts and lengths of acting experience, which should make it interesting to see how they play off of each other.

    Thanks for the update.

  19. 19 docmitasha

    aw man. i was so looking forward to kang ji hwan. :((
    not huge on lee jung jae, but maybe i will be after this! still happy for seeing YKS again!

  20. 20 XinXin

    Love Yoon kye-sang so much^^

    you are the best


  21. 21 thunderbolt

    “YAAAAY it’s Lee Jung-jae.”

    “*hurrahhhh* is excited.”

    “who cares must see right now right away.”

    “This is gonna be awesome. Can’t wait for June!”

    Ditto, ditto, ditto, and DITTO!!

    (May I add that you always pick the most awesome LJJ pics?)

  22. 22 cc

    WOW , LJJ in Triple now?
    Now I’m kinda interested in the drama!
    Thanks for the news.

  23. 23 zetta

    i`m really really happy KJH out from TRIPLE..hehe..
    i dont like all casts there..
    even if i have to watch TRIPLE..its only for my Ji Hwan..hehehehe
    but now..no reason anymore to watch this series..

  24. 24 movall

    And WOOOW………

    Although I was disappointed KJH has dropped out The Triple, the drama is still highly anticipated with YKS (love love love) and awesome CP members. And now, Lee Jung-Jae !!!
    YAAAY, can’t wait for June. Thank you Sarah.

  25. 25 belleza

    “I don’t see him doing a frilly drama.”

    Amen. When Lee Jung Jae scowls, ice cracks. And when he smiles, ice melts. Either way, ice is going to be really screwed, so I’m holding breath about LJJ’s Triple actually happening!

    Anyway, usual Belleza response to anything Lee Jung Jae: He is mine, and I will fight you all. Carry on now. πŸ˜€

    Oh and strange that Triple and Queen Seon Duk will essentially make up the MBC schedule this summer. You got Chae Si Ra, Choi Jae Sung, Ko Hyung Jung, Lee Jung Jae, and Son Ji Nah involved in drama projects this year.

  26. 26 marz

    :O i still cant believe this. no more ji hwan????
    waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. im sad for this news.
    and well LJJ being in his place is a sort of relief in a way.
    great relief. and excitement of course.
    but still remains to be seen since this could or couldnt be his genre.
    still looking forward to it. casting looks good and so does the direction.

  27. 27 belleza


    “Is it just me or was the drama style completely riped off east of eden , such as the 1st scene and the themes as well as flashback/going back to the past”

    Ehhhhh . . . I think brotherly rivalries are kinda standard fodder for SBS dramas. If anything, Han Ji Min reminded me of BBF’s Jandi (right to the Kim Jong Il unsanctioned finger salute), except she does it right. Han Ji Min is even spunkier than in Capital Scandal, but it never feels forced or strange. It doesn’t seem like the brother is directly responsible for So Ji Sup’s Drew Carey moment in China.

    I was actually mesmerized by how Shin Hyung Joon wears his clothes. So Ji Sup looked like such a goober next to his ultra-refined, tailored bro. I thought I read somewhere that SHJ dabbles in fashion design, and he certainly wears his clothes like he does. I mean, he’s just so MMMM!!!

  28. 28 koalabear

    I can’t contain my excitement right now as I read the news…honestly I was not really interested in watching this drama but after this news, I think I might reconsider, and I forgot that Yoon Kye-sang and Lee Seon-gyun’s casting is a plus as well, I think Min Hyo-rin might be the weakest link here but who knows? anyway I’m now looking forward to his one

  29. 29 Ichiru

    I’ve only seen Lee Jung Jae act a few times and the first one was on IL Mare, and it was love at first sight! Maybe because he resembles my first crush when I was little, believe it or not…but I just recently found out that my life-long crush prefers men than women–oh well at least LJJ is still here! haha

    I would love to see this drama eventhough KJH is out….since it’s about ice-skating wonder how he’ll look “if” he wear thights?! hahaha

  30. 30 ay_link

    OMONA? O________O!?

    … not that I don’t care about Kang Ji Hwan, but TRIPLE just stepped up a notch…
    me…too… kenot waitz for June~~~

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH, life’s goooood.

    Is ‘Triple’ some kind of symbolism or something? that’ll have TRIPLE AWESOMENESS? (beside the hotties: YKS, LSG, LJJ <3)

    Thanks for the news, Sarahbeans <3

  31. 31 aloneinthedark

    I like Kang Ji-Hwan alot, so this news makes me sad. I’m courious of what make him drop out from the project that I thought is good (good co-star, not sure about the leading lady, and offcourse the best PD). Before, I thought his involvement in this drama can up grade his acting skill alot (because of Coffee Prince director). But after reading this news I just feel…I don’t know…disappointed maybe, couse I feel he waste a good opportunity. I hope he’ll find a good project soon (pssst…YEH is looking for a leading man, after her drama “Lady Castle” been confirmed). As for Lee Jung-Jae, isn’t he too old for this role ?

  32. 32 yeohweping

    All they have to do is to bring in Nam Sang Mi for the other female lead, then I’ll say that the casting is more prefect. Hee.. he.. he..

  33. 33 belleza

    “As for Lee Jung-Jae, isn’t he too old for this role ?”

    My man is immortal, so no. πŸ˜€

    Probably yeah. If he’s playing a short track racer, then both Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Jung Jae would well past the prime age. It would make more sense if they made him play an assistant coach or something. I’m still wary of this actually happening though. He was the original choice for Full House, but that fell through.

    “Nam Sang Mi for the other female lead,”

    If she could skate, then she’d be perfect. Then again, so would have Song Hye Kyo. I would have loved to see LJJ pair up with SHK.

  34. 34 ripgal

    ^ Ditto. Lee Jung Jae never ages… for me and you, and some another crazy fanatics…..XP

    Have a feeling that they will bring in another female lead or two. I just can’t see Min Hyo Rin pitching against those 3 (wonderful) men. She’s new, and she’s so much younger then they are… But then again, she’s not the reason I’m tuning in eh? hehehee…

  35. 35 Atsirk


    nooooooohhhh!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH…

    I wanted to see another side of my man…

    Huhuhu…I think I’d have to deal with the telecinema thing…

    2 episodes with KJH in it…

    It would’ve been great if he were in it…

    But then Lee Jung-jae is OK…he’s hot enough…

  36. 36 crzycpl

    Anything with the director AND writer of Coffee Prince will be good … surely? I’m all on board and ready for another great drama. Bring it on!

  37. 37 Bradamante

    My sky is illuminated by the immense of my happiness.
    How much I have waited for this news…

  38. 38 Sere

    Javabeans, I reacted just like you! I was so looking forward to Kang Ji-hwan in Triple (I dropped Hang Gil Dong around ep 6, but that cost me a lot cos Kang Ji-hwan was very very very good in it).

    I really can’t wait for Triple, either, but I’m *trying* not to get my hopes too high. Dramas are so fickle: something that seems awesome on papar may turn into a total disaster and viceversa. Still, can’t wait! *g*

  39. 39 surfergirl

    Lee Jung Jae — it’s awesome!

    Do you know where to write him? Hahah!

  40. 40 km

    AW. yoon kye sang, lee seon kyun AND kang ji hwan would have been a brilliant combination. oh well (: i’m still fairly interested in this drama. i wonder how min hyo rin will pull it off, performing alongside such seasoned charming costars.

  41. 41 ndegeocello

    Meanwhile, in real figure skating news, Kim Yeon Ah broke the world record for the highest amount of points achieved in a Short Program earlier this month at 4CC. The previous record was also held by her. If you haven’t seen it already, go youtube Yuna Kim 4CC SP. I enjoy CBC’s commentary with Kurt Browning (remember him??) the most. You know the skating is good when the commentators are silent because they’re too in awe to speak. Her previous record SP in 2007 is also a must see performance. Go youtube Yuna Kim 2007 Worlds SP. ^^ All right, no more talk about Kim Yeon Ah.

    I’m still pessimistic about Triple. I wouldn’t automatically trust Lee Jung Jae’s choices. Remember Air City? That was lame and forgettable. I still fear Triple is going to be a cheesefest. It’s just another vehicle to cash in on the popularity of Kim Yeon Ah and figure skating.

  42. 42 joicy

    For me, Lee Jung Jae is better than Kang Ji Hwan. Making me want to see this drama ASAP. Amen. Yes, this man is immortal.

  43. 43 goldlilys

    AWWW, Kang Ji Hwan isn’t in this drama anymore? I was anticipating so much for his comeback since Hong Gil Dong and now he dropped it. I don’t even know who Lee Jung Jae is!! Geeh, another drama dropped from my list.

  44. 44 chaitealove

    This sounds like a remake of The Cutting Edge…

  45. 45 faye

    i just read it today but it made me curious why Kang Ji hwan dropped it… Can anyone tell me the reason??

  46. 46 Saki

    actually, lee jung ah produced Coffee Prince. Lee sun mi wrote coffee prince and capital scandal. i went through data crisis thinking everything i knew is wrong till i search again to figure out you made a mistake. at one point i thought both lees are one woman lol

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