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Open Thread #71
by | February 20, 2009 | 64 Comments

It’s Open Thread Friday!

Go wild.


Modest Mouse – “Missed The Boat” [ Download ]

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64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shu

    what do open threads do???

    and javabeans, how come you are so good at all this k pop stuff

  2. rei

    yaaaay! happy friday!!

    btw, i LOVE your spring-themed banners with a number of the BBF cast in solos, especially LMH <3

  3. KTV

    Have good Friday everyone. Another week went by. We’re almost moving to another Monday γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  4. lavy

    Javabeans, did you have the chance to watch the first episodes of Cain & Abel?

  5. K4Ice4Thu

    ARGHHH! On Monday I got the summons for jury duty for next month..

    Have you done jury duty yet Sarah? and if yes, any advice for not tearing my hair out by the end of the day?

  6. stargazer377

    ahhh! i can’t wait for the parodies to be posted!!!!

    @ #5 K4Ice4Thu: oh jury duty. the only advice i can give you is to bring a book or mp3 or both and snacks because you’ll be waiting a long time, and if your number gets called to be a potential jury member, think of any excuse you can to get out of it. although that’s the hard part, especially if you sit in the first row. if you’re lucky like i was, they would pick everyone they needed before they get to you. otherwise, jury duty isn’t all that bad. it’s just a waste of a day. GOOD LUCK! (i hope that helped!)

    ack sorry! i miss interpreted your comment! but all i can say is… actually idk how to prevent you from pulling out your hair. haha. i would too. =/

    darn. i can’t believe a week of vacation is over already. time to go back to work on monday.

  7. heejung

    hmm. i just forgot what day my piano lessons are on, and i’ve been taking them for about a month or so… must be the lack of lee minho in my system…

    and does anyone know when project runway korea airs (and on which station)? i just happened to read the twitter:)

    happy friday everyone!

  8. Jo

    My doctor changed my anti depression tablets, yesterday I was fine today I feel like throwing up.

    I want my old ones back, in comparison a little drowsiness is nothing.

    Is the BOF contest over yet? I wanted to see what people made.

  9. Shrimp

    …whatta soul draining FRIDAY!

    …Shrimp is sleepy!

    ….Carpe Diem to YOU and
    …G’ Night to YOU =]

  10. 10 blue_penguin

    will be working on my senior thesis and will finally finish and graduate in three weeks. sweet freedom from college. i’m soooo over it.

    my rewards this week have been BBF and all the recaps that people have posted. of course, dramabeans is the first one I go to after watching an episode.

    this week so glad it’s over. anyone watch cain and abel yet? dramabeans twittered that abel = eden and that worries me…

  11. 11 javabeans

    shu, Open Threads = open conversation, whatever you want to talk about.

    I’ve seen about half of Episode 1 of Cain and Abel. It was likened to East of Eden in the media for story similarities and a similar emphasis on very “dramatic” events (lots of strife, brotherly love-hate, violence, etc) although it doesn’t feel that much like Eden so far. It’s very well shot but I’m not sure about the story yet.

    Heejung, Project Runway Korea airs on Fridays on On Style. Today’s Episode 3. And, well, I think I can say — I’m going to be subbing it with WithS2, hee. So we should have links available when I, uh, manage to get the subbing done.

  12. 12 ic3cream

    I saw first part of Cain and Abel and i thought it was interesting, but ya i get what you mean about it being very dramatic . My week of vacation is also over it went by so fast ….and i didn’t get any work done * sigh *

  13. 13 Ivuson

    Tgif! Its been a long short week here in the states.

    Been trying to watch bbf and it’s O K. Doesn’t really hook u but ill continue to watch since its such a phenom.

    Hey java I know you’re not a big fan of sung yuri and I remember we had a debate about her ability to play that queen role. U compared her to lindsay lohan while I picked reese witherspoon. Well I’ve found a perfect comparison….jennifer aniston. Both are known more for their success in other mediums (friends, finkl) and both have been pigeonholed in romantic comedy roles and I can see y its wouild b hard to see either playing an authoritative role. Oh well, hopefully with sy’s movie n new drama she’ll be able to continue to improve and impress.

    Happy weekend everybody!

  14. 14 mcjayjay

    for me, my weekend starts from thursday in this part of the world.. so one more day then its back to uni and midterms. cant wait for sprin break!

    oh i really want to see cain and abel, but its also dramatic like east of eden ill wait a bit, until i finish east of eden, im only on episode 42.. i really hoped they didnt extend it by four episodes :S now i have 13 episodes to watch *sigh*

    I cant wait for BOF!! *as always* and wow project runway? ive only seen 2 seasons of the american version.. it might be interesting =) ill wait for the subs then!

    oh has any of u guys started watching when its at night?? i thought it would be popular with the big names and all, but weird, havent met anyone who watched it…

  15. 15 bird

    episode 2 of cain was better than episode 1! i think they cramped too much into episode 1 as well.. and YES, EDEN PARALLELS. when they did the scene with so ji sub topless i was wincing -.- but in episode 2 there aren’t so many consecutive plot turns, so you won’t be shifting uncomfortably too often. lotsss of treacheryyy.. mmm (:

    i’m so glad we’re on this topic because.. i entered this thread with a motive: do you think you could recap cain and abel, dramabeans? (: pretty please? i know you usually avoid the dramatic ones but.. it feels kinda weird not reading your take on a drama after i watch it ): hehe you’ve spoilt me

  16. 16 Miss_Sandalettes

    hum can someone remind me what “Project Runway Korea ” is ?

  17. 17 mj

    Well, i’m one of those dying fans of the Boys Before Flowers and waiting for monday night to come is quite loooooongggg….tried viewing a little of Caen and Abel but it doesn’t get me through, its seems like the two main characters are too much into love and hate brotherhood that i have had enough already of Dongchul and Dong Wook drama…it may be diffirent then but i guess its another tragique family drama…i’d better stick on the love affaire of Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di…though tha story line is not that new to us anymore…but quite exciting how korean adaptation get through it.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

  18. 18 Dele

    I just finished my improv dance class. It is such a fun way to end a hectic school week and start my weekend. Too bad I have to work all weekend to save up money for Spring Break New York:)….but it is worth it since I have a goal.

    I am looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend. It is so hard to see each other since we all have busy lives. In a few months I will be a college graduate, and right now it feels like a really scary thought.

  19. 19 Bella

    I can’t get “Almost paradise” and “Because I’m dumb” outta my head!! I keep humming it at work then I catch myself and laugh and people are staring…….LMAO

    Even though I keep hearing GJP and Jandi end up together in the other remakes I keep little candle of hope for her to go to jihoo……

    Am I really watching anything else on tv? I must because they only air this show twice a week yet I feel I am not……..

    And thus ends my Rant- (Oh and I looooove the recaps) -THE END… πŸ™‚

  20. 20 mehreen

    TGIF indeed!! Can’t wait for this overload of midterms to BE OVER ALREADY and can’t wait to graduate in….2 years?!! Sigh……..

    I’ve never had ramen before (Gasp! I know, I know) and I’ve been craving it for the past week. (Instant noodles don’t count, right?) So me gonna find a good Asian supermarket nearby and me gonna stuff my face till it bursts..yeahh..

    Anybody know a good place in Long Island for bibimbap and jajangmyeon?

  21. 21 K4Ice4Thu

    @#6 stargazer377:
    Thanks for the advice! I get the feeling I’m gonna end up bringing my laptop along and be watching dramas for 2 weeks LOL O_o…

    ahaha and I’ll make sure I sit in the back row also XD
    Do you have to dress up or anything? Or are nice jeans and a decent shirt alright?

  22. 22 bethany

    wahoo! project runway!

    ps: new rotating headers are super springy and bbf-happy. yay!

  23. 23 Lil


    Such a long week. I had two exams that was soul-suckingly hideous. But thanks to Dramabean! I can get a break every once in a while during the week!

  24. 24 Sere

    Am sick. What do you guys do when you’re sick?

  25. 25 midgee

    This sounds pretty dumb of me, but people in Korea do they really ever act that way like in the kdramas? I figured not but then I was just curious.

  26. 26 Infiniti512

    Livvie sis! Sorry you got jury duty!

    The last time I had it, I just spent the day Shinhwa’ing on the computer. I only had to do it for one day. Dramas and Shinhwa will get you through.

    As for dress, I wore a suit with capris instead of pants and I was angry because there were people in jeans. Just dress comfortably I guess.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  27. 27 Christina

    I know i’m random, but this is my favorite poem

    Your Catfish Friend By Richard Brautigan
    If I were to live my life
    in catfish forms
    in scaffolds of skin and whiskers
    at the bottom of a pond
    and you were to come by
    one evening
    when the moon was shining
    down into my dark home
    and stand there at the edge
    of my affection
    and think, “It’s beautiful
    here by this pond. I wish
    somebody loved me,”
    I’d love you and be your catfish
    friend and drive such lonely
    thoughts from your mind
    and suddenly you would be
    at peace,
    and ask yourself, “I wonder
    if there are any catfish
    in this pond? It seems like
    a perfect place for them.”

  28. 28 funniebones

    Yeay for Friday (meaning time to catch up and watch eps of BBF)! And Hooray for Dramabeans getting me my fix of BBF through recaps even though I have no time to watch the episodes during the week! I concur with Bethany for the spring-y feel of the rotating headers! I can’t wait until spring and sunshiny warm weather.

    Now does it disturb anyone else or at least strike them as odd that I will be a college graduate soon yet I still get really giddy about a show that is supposedly about kids who are in the threshold of high school/university age?

  29. 29 queen_of_the_game

    Can someone help me please…i want to make a parody for jandi and jun pyo using the song “weak” but because i’m stupid when it come to computer (all i really do with it is watch korean drama and hang out in youtube) i don’t know where to start…can someone please make it for me…and then email me a link or something….that is if you want to do it…i would really appreciate it….the song goes..

    I dont know what it is that you’ve done to me ..but it caused me to act in such a crazy way..what ever it is that you do when you do what ur doing…it’s feeling that i cannot forget…

    coz my heart starts beating triple times w/ thoughts of loving you on my mind i can’t figure out just what to do when the cause and cure is you./…i get so weak in the knees i could hardly speak…i lose all control and something takes over a daze an its so amazing it’s not a phase i want you to stay w/ my side i swallow my pride your love is so sweet it knocks me right off of my feet…can’t explain why ur love it makes me weak….thanksss

  30. 30 birdscout

    @28 funniebones,

    No, don’t worry…you are perfectly alright. I’m 42, have 15-,13-, 11-year old kids, and when I watch BBF, I feel as if I’m still a giddy high-school student! (THAT’S the power of BBF).


    I was reading your latest entry about “Triple” and that led me to the May,2007 entry on the drama, “Feelings”. I noticed that alongside the English title, you wrote the drama title in Korean characters and romanized English. I love that as I am trying to expand my rudimentary Korean. Could you continue to do that? or is it too hard ?(along with all the other zillions of things you do to upkeep this fantastic blog.) I would really appreciate it, but I understand if it’s not do-able.

    From one of your very appreciative fans.

  31. 31 khitee

    Have a great weekend Javabeans. ΓΌ

  32. 32 ;D

    Happy Friday everyone!!! I ran out of kdramas to watch, waiting on new episodes. Does anyone recommend any american shows?

  33. 33 coco

    Happy Weekend Everyone!
    @ funniebones- If you’re enjoying BBF who cares how old you are. I thought it wasn’t a drama for me but got lured by the hype and have watched it so far. I’m a dinosaur compared most of y’all!
    While on the subject of age, I just read some of the comments on the article about Choi JI-woo and Lee Jin-Wook, and was appalled by the lack of maturity shown by some of the comments. I guess if you’re 16 or have the mentality of a 16yr old 34 is old!

  34. 34 feelin'sweetsixteenmom

    @birdscout…me too am a mother and its right what you said that with our certain ages now ( ajumma’s ) we’re still thrilled over on this BBF drama…age doesn’t matter at all – its the head and the heart that counts most…LOL!

  35. 35 Sue

    is anyyyyyyyyyyone a yoondohyun/yb fan here?
    i read in articles that they were planning an american tour around march, but i haven’t found any more details on it. as far as i know, their 8th album also didn’t come out yet..

    anyone know anything more in-depth?

  36. 36 Bess

    Javabeans! Have you seen We Got Married yet? What kind of show is it?
    Is it good?

  37. 37 ellle

    ah, thank goodness it’s friday!

    but i’m going to dread the weekend. it’s full of studying for midterms! ahh..

    on the sidenote…choi ji woo, what a cougar.

  38. 38 Zzen

    Anybody out there knows a website for Korean music MP3 download? free? :o)
    Thanks a ton

  39. 39 Abby

    Thank you for the songs you upload~~ I love them all~!!

  40. 40 lime

    i love modest mouse<3

    my friend met james mcavoy a few days ago. i’m so jealous. (this has nothing to do with kpop or dramas or ANYTHING. i just have no one to talk to [: )

  41. 41 tired

    college letters are rolling in…


  42. 42 rtan

    This is a good day! I’ve received a lot of good news… Life is beautiful so hang in there my friends…

    is somebody subbing return of iljimae? i wanted to watch it reading your recaps.

  43. 43 minime

    college is exhausting

  44. 44 nixxochick

    this is pretty random stuff but im kind of lost with this problem….

    im not korean, i am not even in the Asian family…im Mexican and i just started going out with a Korean-American but his family the issue here…any ideas on how i could possibly win them?

    is there anything i should take them when i visit…? anything?

  45. 45 javabeans

    nixxochick, i think this depends on your age/stage in life (as in, a high schooler faces different issues than a 30-year-old) but my advice for a non-korean dating a korean is — visible effort makes a big statement.

    by which i mean: you’re not expected to know korean customs, so that’s not the issue. if your boyfriend’s parents are the type who look down on any non-koreans dating their son purely because they’re non-korean, then you will face trouble no matter if you do everything perfectly. on the other hand, if they’re nice and open and welcoming, then if you just make an effort, they will likely look favorably on you.

    how to do this? there’s nothing specific, but just be attentive. remember that “elders first” is a huge component, so always offer them food first, let them order first, give them first choice of anything. oldest male, then oldest female, and so on. place yourself in the lowest position in anything — not because you’re worthless, but because it shows you’re humble and frankly, it’s better to err on the side of too humble than too proud. bringing a nice gift is good — a box of nice fruit is the typical go-to gift. (fuji apples, tangerines, in-season melons or whatnot). just… be attentive and polite and that’s as much as you can do.

  46. 46 birdscout

    @34 feelin’sweetsixteenmom

    Love your name!! I think I know how you feel…LOL

  47. 47 Ichiru

    This is the worst day ever!
    I went out just to have my hair cut with my sister, and on the way home I was so nevous when a police car suddenly blown his horn on me! I thought I was just on the way so I stopped on the side, but then I looked back and she waved, so I drove again then she horned again! so I fully stopped and the officer came to me! She said I was speeding 45 on a 30 miles/per hour! Crap! and the worst thing is I forgot my liscence and any ids..not even my state id! I was so nervous I was shaking!
    And of course to make me feel worse the officer told me to follow her in the station since I don’t have any id to show! That was the 2nd time i’ve been on a police station, the first was when I was filing an vehicle accident report!
    But Im glad I only get to pay the speeding ticket, but still have to go to a court appearance and I have to show them that I do have a driver’s liscence!
    And at home I have to face another scolding aside from my sister who was with me but from my dad whose car I was driving!
    Can’t believe it happened to me and coincidently I forgot my driver’s lic. when I actually always check my bag before I leave the house this time it’s just crap!
    I feel better now…sorryi I have to let it out here+)

    By the way, I’ve seen Sandara Park act on a filipino movie before, I think she made her acting debut in the Philippines?

  48. 48 jae

    I have a long weekend ahead!! No classes on Monday! Oye~ BOF episodes come sooner!! ><!

    Have a great weekend everyone… ^^

  49. 49 jae

    @Ichiru. Yes, she debuted in the Philippines and made a Filipino movie (with former loveteam partner Hero Angeles). Her career sort of went down when she returned to Korea and stayed there for a long time. When she returned to the PH, her career became (bluntly) absent.

  50. 50 MyMyMai

    I want to thank Javabeans for introducing Drama Fever on your site. It is FANTASTIC! I’ve finally got a chance to enjoy Que Sera Sera, Soulmate, La Dolce Vita, and Last Scandal in high quality video and compelling translations. I really don’t mind the commercials in between at all. They are sparse and short. They make the site LEGAL! I’d pay more attention to these advertisements just to support the site. What’s even more amazing is the Drama Fever Team are extremely proficient in responding to viewers’ feedback and recommendation.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Javabean! <3