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Stars in love: Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-wook
by | February 18, 2009 | 89 Comments

Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-wook promoting Air City in 2007

Whoa. This is unexpected.

News has just come out that Choi Ji-woo is dating Lee Jin-wook, with whom she starred in the 2007 airport action drama Air City.

This may turn into one of these developing/changing stories, because while Choi’s rep made the statement to a news source, apparently Lee Jin-wook’s side is having trouble contacting the actor, who is lying low as the story breaks.

The couple reportedly met on the set of Air City and have been dating quietly these past two years. The fact was revealed by Choi’s representative from entertainment company Olive Nine in an on-the-record interview.

Huh. I remember rooting for their romance in Air City, even though I LOVE Lee Jung-jae and thought she had good chemistry with him (I just preferred Lee Jin-wook’s character). But she always did seem like a big sister more than a love interest in the drama, emphasized by their six-year age difference. Still, if it’s true (and it looks like it is), good for them.

The 34-year-old Choi (Korean age; she was born in 1975) was most recently in SBS’s A Star’s Lover, while 28-year-old Lee is acting in the SBS weekend series City of Glass (or Glass Castle). He is expected to enlist for his mandatory army service in the coming year.

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89 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. GreenFreak

    I’m a little surprise.. seems a little odd..
    But, she is one lucky girl!!!

  2. grumpynomore

    whoa! my pretty cute little boy from Someday is now taken! I’m happy for him!

    I remember trying to watch Air City, but when I had the feeling that they weren’t going to end up together, i stopped!

  3. Jane

    Wow, really unexpected.

  4. jazz

    what a surprise !!! 6 years difference…..

  5. tiffy

    He seems like a decent guy. He’s always been casting good guy you see.. As long as they are happy, I’ll root for them!

    Cheers to romance!

  6. fizzle

    Whaaat? First Tablo & Kang Hye Jung… now this? Two odd/unexpected celebrity couples revealed in just one month are a little too much to handle.

    I must say though, they do look cute together. Noona + younger male pairings always make me go “Awww”.

  7. IheartBFF

    Seems odd to announce this from one side only. Is there is any indication as to why Choi’s reps felt the need to announce this? why after two years would one do that?

    Regardless, a BIG THUMBS up to older women and younger men dating. It always made sense to me (men die younger and also lose sexual potency younger while women mature sexually after 35 and live close to an average of 10 years longer), but we are seeing it only now because women are more empowered and gender roles are being redefined.

    I had no idea that Choi was so young (I thought she was in her 40s). Yay to gorgeous women dating gorgeous men. I hope they get married and have many babbiehz.

  8. deeta

    WHOA!!! This is surprising. I’m glad for them, they looked great in Air City.

  9. lavy


  10. 10 peachys2sleep

    I wonder if this is being reported on Japanese sites being that Choi Ji Woo is really popular there

  11. 11 Cheerios

    I am happy for both of them. They both look gorgeous together. It’s obvious that during the filming of Air City, Lee Jin Wook appeared to have crush on Ji Woo. 6 years younger is not an issue at all or should be an issue. They both are mature adults and have the right to date whomever they want. I feel sorry that they had to hide their relationship and dated in parking lots. Romantic eh.? I just hope that their relationship can get stronger now that the news is out in the open. Whether Ji Woo will wait for JW who will get enlist for two years …I hope so. We’ll see.
    One more beautiful Korean actress becomes unavailable…

  12. 12 belleza

    From Air City interviews, Lee Jin-wook was really, really starstruck by Choi Ji Woo. And at least to me, it doesn’t seem surprising that Ji Woo would prefer 20-something men. Good for them.

  13. 13 more

    go to soompi they pics of them together

  14. 14 tweety

    im wondering if there are no paparazzis in Korea? wow it took two years before the news came out . quite a shock really.

  15. 15 djes

    I kinda like Lee Jin Wook, and Choi Ji Woo for me is blegh.
    Well if they are happy together, good for them.

  16. 16 Porcelain

    Noona love FTW!

    Hmm… Lee Jin Wook… he was so squishable in Alone in Love…

    I dunno, the pairing caught me by suprise maybe coz. I hadnt see Air City… but as long as they are happy… I am glad for them.

  17. 17 Wow

    During the filming of Air City, LJW actually called “Air City” as “Ji Woo City”. I remember seeing an interview where LJW being so playful to JW and made her so blushed. I guess all those playful acts were real then. As somebody already mentioned, LJW worships her. Hope the best for the couple.

  18. 18 stranger

    AWWWW…. I loved Lee Jin Wook in Powerful Opponents ….wow, drama becomes reality, how ironic?

  19. 19 DeCaf

    wow! that caught me off guard!! happy for them…at least this couple is one of the few out there who finally came out in the open. I wonder how they managed to hide it all this time….
    waaaah, LJW is taken!!! πŸ™ love CJW though…..

  20. 20 ed

    haha i knew it! just the way he stood next to her in some scenes, there was “tension”…hmm mm!
    so this makes for jin-wook ouji? πŸ˜€

  21. 21 Bolt

    Surprise! Surprise! Not so suprise!! ^_________^

    It is indeed an irony to be caught on camera with a covered face!! No smoke without fire? The sequel of Star’s Lover is just unfolding…..

    Let’s wait for the confirmation of the facts or denial of the rumours from them individually!! For the time being, let’s give them a bit of space and privacy. Good luck and be yourself CJW!

  22. 22 LJ

    Well, if they’re happy then I’m happy for them.

    I was rooting for them too in Air City, so this makes me smile.

  23. 23 lucky_kiss

    unexpected news & add to that the 6 years difference, she is lucky to fall in love with him..

  24. 24 kk

    Hmm…He hasn’t enlisted yet? I wonder if they’ll stay together? I remember rooting for their romance in Air City, but not really much else, that drama was very bleghhh…

  25. 25 SuMi

    FOR REAL..?!

    it’s kinda surprising though coz i thought she would have went for someone older…. but all the best to them if they’ve really hooked up πŸ™‚

    she’s a lucky girl…. hehe

  26. 26 daffodil

    She did mentioned in an interview after air city that she is ready to settle down.

    so this was what she hinted to him ??.

  27. 27 Bolt

    Haha…kk…this is the first time I heard you giving not so positive comments about CJW’s dramas, BTW, I did remember you commenting only on her clothing in Air City. During then, I was a bit puzzle.

    Recalled that I did give various all round constructive criticisms on CJW when Air City was aired or immediately after the drama. Still remembered being bashed up quite badly by the rest of CJW’s fans!!

    So, I have learned my lessons i.e. to speak only the truth of not the truth, but yet only the truth!! Hahaha…. ^_________^

  28. 28 bspanda

    For all the love I have for Lee Jung Jae (and there is a lot, since Il Mare days) I did not/could not finish Air City (and I was soooo looking forward to it too!) But did note that CJW looked great with both LJJ and LJW. Lucky woman!

    Wow good for them – they make a very good looking couple. It’s actually refreshing how korean celebs are sudeenly open/honest about being in a relationship. First Tablo/Kang Hye Jung and now CJW and LJW. Cause hey love ain’t a crime!

    (Honestly it is a shame when so called fans go nuts when actors/actresses admit relationships. If you respect their work you should respect their choice)

    Hmm is it weird that Lee Jin-Wook’s mgt company can’t find him to comment? haha Is this Lee Jin-Wooks way of avoiding interferrring mgrs (‘Star Lovers’ plotline in real life? LOL)
    (BTW thanks Dramabeans for the recaps! Although I have yet to watch Star Lover’s, your recaps makes me seem like I already have. I can only handle one obsession, a bloody huge one aka Boys Before Flowers, at a time.

    Let’s hope the paparazzi will leave them alone…..but doubt it will happen. CJW would obviously know that, so perhaps there is further news to come.

    (just realised that Lee Jin-Wook was in another one of my fav kdramas – Alone in Love!)

  29. 29 jastinel

    Wow, they look good together. Age really doesn`t matter as long two people in love are happy and the relationship is going strong.
    I`m not a fan of CJW, so I don`t have any update on her. She got married one or two yrs ago, right? What happen?

  30. 30 6927HollywoodBlvd.

    I wish all the happiness on the couple. May their relationship stay strong now that it is out in the open. they worked hard to date quietly for the past two years and may they continue to stay in love…

  31. 31 Melvoyance


    That’s my expression when reading this, I thought she’s dating an older guy lol
    But I’m happy for them, 2 years of secret relationship. I hope their love would last until he finish his mandatory service. I heard that when a guy enter mandatory service their relationship will a bit shaky, I remember when Park Sol Mi break up with Ji Sung when he was still in the military service.
    I’m happy for the new couple, it’s about time she start dating ^ ^

  32. 32 anon

    “This may turn into one of these developing/changing stories, because while Choi’s rep made the statement to a news source, apparently Lee Jin-wook’s side is having trouble contacting the actor, who is lying low as the story breaks.”

    Got a little confused here, isn’t it Choi and Lee under the same management which is Olive9?

  33. 33 gracias

    My support for the couple. They look good together and I was rooting for them also in AirCity. Hope the relationship will last.

  34. 34 Rose

    Why do korean guys like to date older women lately.? I have an issue over women that dates younger guys, i dont know why, but i just think it feels awkward.

  35. 35 Jill

    JiWoo was always rumoured to be linked to her co-stars ..I read about the speculations between JiWoo and JiTae (Star’s Lovers) too. It’s so hard to be her..but i hope she has finally found her right man now..I’m happy if she’s dating JinWook. He’s young and hot!. Lucky gal! BTW who’s black Porsche were they driving there??..

  36. 36 Friends

    Bae Yong Joon when will we know your happy news?.

  37. 37 vis

    Oh, wow! That’s cool πŸ˜€ Had no idea~ I also rooted for this couple in Air City back then ^_____^ As long as they’re happy together it’s all good!

  38. 38 jinju

    I always like Li & Choi — i think age doesn’t matter as long as they’re truly in love & it’s high time I guess for Choi to go on dating. I’m very happy for them & wish them all the best!

  39. 39 clarice

    WOw surprise! anyway congratulation

  40. 40 chajjye

    #28: yeah, now is STAR’S LOVER for real.

    interesting how this surfaced after Star’s Lover finished. If irony has its way, the 5 year marriage broke up and Lee Mari’s got a new man. Then we will have Star’s Lover 2! Haha.

    Sorry, talking nonsense here. πŸ˜› must be the BOF alcohol.

  41. 41 sunox888

    yey!!!! hope this is a happy ending for both of them….they both seem really sweet…

  42. 42 coco

    I hope they are happy and the press etc. will leave them alone.
    There’s nothing wrong in a 6yr age gap! My husband was 6 yrs my junior and if I’d let other peoples opinions get in the way I would now be looking back with regret. He died of cancer at age 29! You never know what may happen down the road.

  43. 43 ic3cream

    Wow really time to find out who that guy is hahha, why the sudden announcement though ?

  44. 44 sonam

    I am happy for any sister who finds Love! The age difference is not that much.

  45. 45 anonymous

    LOL @ iheartBFF

    But I agree, before, I thought she was in her 40s.

    But goodluck to them.

  46. 46 hmmmm

    she looks kinda old for 33yr old, even with the botox and all. It’s like aunt and nephew standing side by side.

  47. 47 alleyesonme

    i do agree that she looks much older than 33. i can’t even bear to watch ‘star’s lover’ because her botox face is just a bit too much for me to take in. there’s just something so unnatural going on there. hahaha

  48. 48 Anonymous

    If she got Botox, shouldn’t she look like in her 20’s. The fact that u said that she is much older than 33 indicates that she didn’t get botox? why do surgery or/and botox if they don’t make u look younger?

  49. 49 Nordelm

    Jastinel, Ji Woo was never married. I think you saw the pictures of Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook in wedding attires in the 2007 Andre Kim’s fashion show.
    Anon, Ji Woo & Jin Wook don’t have the same management agency. Rose, wake up, it’s the modern times. 6 years is not a big gap at all. Look at Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher, American actors, there’s 15 years gap & they are still married happily to this day. After all, statistically women live longer than men. So, to be married to younger men is perfect because they will live together longer. I’m very happy for Ji Woo & Jin Wook. Ji Woo looks very young. People please just be happy for them & stop given ugly comments. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Ji Woo is very pretty, elegant, sophisticated & talented. As Jin Wook stated before, Ji Woo is very pretty & elegant quite a few times. It’s love at first sight. Let’s just wish them happiness & I hope people & the media will leave them alone. They have the right to love just like anybody else. CONGRATULATIONS & GOD BLESS JI WOO & JIN WOOK.

  50. 50 le

    really shocking. i don’t get why they would make it public, especially since ot has been a secret for so long, well maybe cause they want to see each other freely, anyways good luck to them.

    its kind of funny in most of the dramas Lee Jin Wook’s character doesn’t get the girl, but in real life he does.

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