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Boys Before Flowers actress commits suicide
by | March 7, 2009 | 169 Comments

Oh, this is sad.

Jang Ja-yeon, one of the Boys Before Flowers‘ Jin-Sun-Mi trio of Mean Girls, was found dead in her home on March 7. Her death has been deemed suicide.

The police are still are still looking into the matter, but police have stated that after a first examination of the deceased’s body, there do not appear to be signs of foul play or struggle. Jang’s family does not want an autopsy, so out of respect for their wishes, none will be performed.

Jang had hanged herself at her apartment; her older sister found the body on the evening of the 7th. She explains that Jang Ja-yeon had suffered from depression, and prior to her suicide had been staying inside her room for long periods of time more frequently, signaling perhaps that she was falling into deeper depression. About 10 years ago, Jang lost both parents in a car accident when she was in high school, and has lived with her sister ever since.

But to staff from Boys Before Flowers, the 27-year-old actress who played the dimwitted “Sunny” character was “always bright and positive, with a lot of passion for acting. I cannot believe that she would commit suicide.”

Another source from the drama, however, said, “She was lively and passionate, but as a rookie actress, I think she felt a lot of anxiety about her future.”

Jang Ja-yeon debuted in the entertainment industry with a CF in 2006, and acted in the drama My Lovely Fool and a Drama City production called Love Hunt, Thirty minus three (with Sohn Tae-young and Park Ki-woong).

Jang Ja-yeon is not a famous actress, but it’s particularly shocking (and worrisome) given the drama’s far reach into the youth population. As we saw with the untimely deaths of Choi Jin-shil and Ahn Jae-hwan last year, a spate of suicides followed, and while I don’t want to diminish each passing by calling them copycat acts, it’s unfortunately true that they got tremendous press coverage and seemed for a while to spawn a “trend.” Best wishes to Jang’s family.

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169 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dieunni17

    This is extremely depressing. I wonder why a lot of Korean actors turn to suicide?
    I hope her family will be okay.

  2. Empress

    Why is the BBF production plagued with such bad circumstances? This is so heartbreaking. Best wishes to her family.

  3. Sue

    scary scary scary! ):

  4. BOFfan

    What is up with this drama? Despite it’s success, the cast has had so many bad incidents and now with Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide, it seems weird to just continue filming as if nothing’s happened. This is really a tragedy. I only hope her family can be comforted at this extremely difficult time.

    • 4.1 Souenruka

      I am currently watching Boys Before Flowers again after having read about Jang Ja-Yeon’s suicide. I’ve noted several things about many K-Dramas lately, and this one in particular. First, the bully characters (yes, that includes Jang’s character Sunny) continuously make fun of others, saying things like they should just go commit suicide and die (yes, They really say stuff like that) as well as calling others ugly and therefore monsters. Despite the show’s many romantic moments, attractive people, and even quirky and hilarious scenes the main actors find themselves in, there is an underlining darkness to it all. This is not the only Kdrama that undermines the value of women. The shows themselves reflect the culture, making a woman out to be an ‘old maid’ after 30. In many KDramas, single and/or unwed mothers are looked down upon and treated like garbage. Plastic surgery is at its highest in South Korea and extremely common among almost all celeb Kpop stars. All of this is part of the problem.
      Since Jang Ja-Yeon’s suicide, she brought to light even more of the problems that occur within the industry. Unknown to everyone, she had kept a secret log of those who had sexually used her in order to get her acting roles. Some of the people she listed included: “* Former CEO of Chosun Journal
      * Vice-President of Sports Chosun – Bang Myung Hoon
      * Chosun Central Journal’s Director of Advertising – Lee Jae Young
      * Chairman of Kolon – Lee Woong Ryeol
      * Chairman of Lotte – Shin Kyuk Ho
      * Former KBS PD, CEO of Olive 9 – Go Dae Hwa
      * Producer (PD) of KBS’s “All My Love” – Jun Chang Geun
      * Producer (PD) for KBS, MBC, SBS – Jung Seho
      * Producer (PD) for KBS’s “Boys Over Flowers” – Jun Gi Sang
      * Broadcasting/Music PD of “Playful Kiss”, “Boys Over Flowers”, “Perfect Couple”, “Goong” – Song Byung Joon (Married actress Lee Seung Min in January of 2010)”

      It is so heartbreaking to know these are the kind of things that go on behind closed doors, and actresses like Jang should not have had to suffer the way she did.

      Read the fully story here: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/general/199670-jang-ja-yeon-story-hidden-side-of-s-korea

  5. :(

    I hope she rest in peace..
    I’ll be praying for the BBF cast, & her friends and family that they stay strong through this difficult time…


      Feel sorry for her parents may soul rest in peace(sunny)

  6. C_Janeth

    So Sad.
    Unfortunately many depressed people don’t see any other way out. They’re looking for a means to and end and they only see death as their choice.
    I will be praying for her, that she may be in a better place. And I will pray for the family in this difficult time.

  7. chickenfeeder

    what with this drama?? its full of accidents and now a suicide.. so sad.. i hope it wont affect the show… condolence to the family…

  8. reminds me of a movie

    ♫Teenage suicide~ don’t do it! ♪

  9. anne

    omg this is so aweful
    i feel so sad for her life.
    i cant believe she had to go through that
    this show is really cursed
    what a tragedy. i wonder how they will continue

  10. 10 maria

    there are so many questions surfacing from this, not the least of which is WHY? …for that matter, why are they so many of them?! i am not korean, so if someone could paint me a quick picture please of whether is it just the celebrities, or in general? …..if it’s just celebrities, it scares me to think that we, as an audience, contribute to this, inadvertently. are the netizens too fiercely critical? is it not in the general scope of the celebrity culture to be thickskinned and prepared enough for the sometimes-very scary anti-fans?? …are antifans– or is the culture that permits the existence of and permissiveness towards the brutality of antifans– to blame?

    …….. this is a sad, sad affair, and i honestly think there’s a bigger picture to this that we’re missing, or perhaps not taking the effort to see.

    technically, of course, i am curious about the event’s repercussions for production, but if there IS a bigger picture to this, that should be the least of our problems.

  11. 11 Anonymous

    That beautiful young woman??? We’d only just discovered her. This stuff is just baffling. It makes no sense at all. Surely things in South Korea can’t be worse than they are here in the United States. Horrible, frightening news. It’s just all too sad.

    • 11.1 wendy nwaigwe Alex

      she really did acted well, I really feel sorry for her sister. though I am not a Korean and i have never seen her, I know she had d passion for acting. God knows best, may her soul rest in peace. too sad.

  12. 12 lenrasoon

    omg i’m so sad…really i don’t know what else to say, i’m shocked…

  13. 13 anon

    i really just don’t know what to say, i feel as if all this press coverage is allowing…not exactly but indirectly so, allowing those who are depressed make an easier choice about suicide.

  14. 14 Mr. Kpop


    so sad!
    She was a beautiful women, I hope she is at peace now..

  15. 15 Evange

    Is this drama series cursed or what?

  16. 16 selva

    deeply shocked for this news! RIP is all I can say for now!

  17. 17 kate

    so shocked and so sad…very sad….heartbreaking…

  18. 18 Shrimp

    oh my! *goosebumps allover* im at lost for words…

    what is happening to the korean artists, another suicide?

    … is this still part of the BOF curse… ok i’ll shut up…

    may she finally rest in peace….

  19. 19 Sylvia

    Were things so bad for the poor girl? She was so young, and had her whole life ahead of her…so sad…such a beautiful person driven to suicide…
    The people of the korean entertainment industry should really think about whether they have the right to say “This one is more commercial, they’ll bring us more money, they’ll be more successful, etc”. Should anyone have the right to determine whether to bring alive a person’s dream or not…

  20. 20 eunyoung

    what is more sad news is that her parents(mother and father..) died from car accident 10years ago.
    Since her parents hand down her she did not need to worry about livelihood..
    I really hope she is at peace…

  21. 21 lidge_fan

    :( RIP….hope she’s finally found happiness in heaven…..gosh! to lose your parents in high school must’ve been horrific :(

  22. 22 zerohundred

    This really is such sad news. I’m sorry to hear it.

  23. 23 nikky


    when just a sudden death come its just shocking and disturbing.

    RIP to Jang family.

  24. 24 christinaaar

    holy shit

  25. 25 najmuthakib

    This is really really sad!

    So many young Korean actors and actresses committing suicide.

    Can some one please explain what will happen know….with BBF and everything else….i can’t imagine the shock everyone is going though. Who would want to carrying on making a drama after this.

    And how can they just replace her……

    whats going to happen?

  26. 26 Anonymous

    What!? how is that possible?!

  27. 27 icancrackanegg

    I’m still in shock over Jung Da Bin’s (from Rooftop Cat, My Sister-in-law is 19) death, even though it was such a long time ago. If only there was a way for actors to realize the true depth of their relationship with the viewers. Because we, as viewers, know how to appreciate genuine talent, and somtimes I wish there was a way to show the actors how we feel.

    Not that I’m comparing the deaths of these two young actresses, but it’s just so… tragic…

    Best wishes to their families, and to the rest of ya’ll, don’t give up!!!

  28. 28 khitee

    Oh my. Not again. Sad!

  29. 29 kimchii

    Ohmygosh.. I’m shocked.
    She was so gorgeous.
    Best wishes to the family..

  30. 30 Philippa

    that is sooooo sad! like seeing your family hang themselves.. or anybody…
    I feel sad for her family/sister…

  31. 31 Ashleigh

    I don’t mean to distract from the issue here, but a lot of people are tacking on comments about her beauty, as if that makes her suicide especially saddening. Are we saying that if this girl was ugly, it’d be less of a loss?

    I noticed that a lot when people were commenting about the Rihanna/Chris domestic violence story. Like, “How could he hit someone so beautiful?” A LOT of comments like that. So ugly people are fairer game for brutality?

    I mean, I know this sounds elementary, but it’s worth repeating that attractiveness does not make a person more worthwhile.

    That tangent out of the way, Jang Ja-yeon’s suicide is just tragic. Condolences to her family.

  32. 32 kushibo

    That was a disturbing thing to wake up to this morning. In response, I wrote up my own take on this latest celebrity suicide.

    One of my biggest fears about all this is that these celebrities killing themselves serve to make suicide seem not just acceptable but normative.

    Are we saying that if this girl was ugly, it’d be less of a loss?

    That’s a common reaction with celebrity suicides, unfortunately. But suicides are a tragedy for the loved ones of the deceased no matter the appearance or the personality.

  33. 33 seriously!

    i agree with Ashleigh, as if these beautiful people are problem-free, recession-free, violence-free, depression-free…that only the ugly deserve to be in this and that ugly situation. these people beautiful and not so blessed with looks are all equal…they are made of flesh and bone and that they are human…

    i feel sad…she is young and who knows what the future holds for her. i hope with the influence of BBF among the youths, no one will follow what Jang Ja-yeon did. depression is really a hard battle…people should only learn to think positive and see the world in a more optimistic way…

    they always say she was “happy and cheerful” on the set of BBF, well…that is a depressed person’s defense mechanism…and there are people who successfully overcome depression because the way they changed their mindset over things that happened to them, while there are those who resort to suicide.


  34. 34 flooooo

    I just google her name and a lot of website talk about the suicide.It s because she is a star that people talked about it but suicide are extremely common now because of a lot of reason; financial crisis depression..etc .and I think it s become natural for someone to kill themself than trying to survive. Careful, I am not blaming her act. I am blaming mostly what conducts to that way and I don t think it is drama industry itself.
    I feel sad that she arrived to that extend cos she really look like someone that can overcome her harder time.

  35. 35 Christina

    I think people tend to comment on her beauty because it seems almost like a waste to die when you’re that beautiful and people appreciate you more, or maybe that’s a reason to be depressed about. Suicides are just sad in general and I wish people wouldn’t go that far. It’s more sad than people who die naturally.

    On something off topic, I just noticed that on these comment forms, the name is automatically filled in.

  36. 36 kushibo

    seriously! wrote:
    they always say she was “happy and cheerful” on the set of BBF, well…that is a depressed person’s defense mechanism…

    That’s true. And for a lot of people “in the public eye,” the pressure of having to keep up that happy cheerful appearance in public becomes an even greater burden that can worsen the depression and the thoughts of suicide. The swing between happy-in-public and despair-in-private can exacerbate things, especially when you feel you can’t escape the cycle.

  37. 37 cutie

    it’s really a shocking news…
    she’s really a lively actress in BOF…
    there are so many people commiting suicide…. it’s really sad…
    may she Rest In Peace in gods hands…

  38. 38 summerxsummer00

    This is too sad. Another Korean celebrity suicide, just when you think its over.
    Its been a while, so i guess that makes this one more surprising, yet at the same time, its not surprising to hear of a korean celebrity commiting suicide. So many things are wrong with the entertainment circle for this to continue to happen. I really wish that these people could see suicide is not the answer. Its so sad to have to hear about. And for her, she was sooooo young, and had such a bright future ahead of her. Another bad thing to happen to the cast of BBF, this being the worst so far. Its quite shocking. I never expected her to do such a thing, but then again, i dont know much about her and her life. But i guess she was depressed, but still I can never understand how people can take their own lives.

    My condolences for her family, friends, and the whole cast/crew of BBF.


  39. 39 iluvkidnappers

    I thought the suicide wave was slowing down ;-; This is heartbreaking, and I’m pretty speechless even though I don’t watch BOF. Best wishes to her family.

  40. 40 jusash

    @ #36
    >>>they always say she was “happy and cheerful” on the set of BBF, well…that is a depressed person’s defense mechanism…
    >>>The swing between happy-in-public and despair-in-private can exacerbate things, especially when you feel you can’t escape the cycle.

    it’s about approach.

    the very sad thing is – a lot of people out there associate strength with someone positively not complaining about anything in life and just taking everything in their stride.
    people in general just get tired of hearing about negativity in anyone’s life. they normally prefer to hear about how good one’s days are.

    ~ the happy upbeat person who doesn’t complain is always perceived as stronger, tougher (even if they’re not and are always seeking help)

    ~ the one who whines is weak (even if they’re not weak and settle things themselves independently, after whinging).

    unfortunately, it is when one keeps stoicly mum about the many stressors or negative incidents in life that these things build up and become overwhelmingly out of control sometimes.

    once it gets to that point; coupled with more stress, serious lack of sleep (or insomnia – inability to sleep) ….
    accumulatively – it can totally escalate matters, rationality/reasoning ability and spin issues totally out of control.

    though we often hear depression is hormonally triggered and a mental imbalance … i believe depression does NOT just come out nowhere to plague someone.
    i personally feel their environment, social network, and people around the person contributes in a large part to the state/well-being of the depressed person’s mind and their perception of things as well.

    it’s sad it had to come to this shocking end for Jang Ja Yeon.
    i really hope there’s more peace for her now. RIP and condolences to her loved ones.

  41. 41 ed

    yes, it’s time somebody starts a movement, where it’s chic to go to the therapist. a sign of wealth and part of the fashionable me-first culture, to get your weekly session of mental health restoration. celebs with money can afford it, but what about those just starting out, like jang? maybe it comes down (again?) to how the higher-ups at star agencies (if she was attached to one), would allocate money to look after their investments. of course, it’s easier to just walk away, pretend/hope for the best, or keep the human meat-grinder switched On and scout for new faces to replace the old and weary?

  42. 42 Hannieoon

    That’s too sad. I think she had the potential to become a successful actress following BOF. I heard that a k-celebrity died but was shocked to find out it was her!! I hope that celebrities don’t think that suicide is the ‘only’ way out of their problems.

  43. 43 minsu

    I can’t believe this.. very sad !
    The truth is that i can’t believe that’s suicide
    in other countries they don’t make such enounce so quickly …it’s seem’s that it’s repeating in fast frequency, she’s just began to succeed…and maybe every person 1 of 5 get into heavy depression but you know they have medication for this, it’s just doesnt seems logic

    • 43.1 Onyinye

      Jeee…..this is awkward?! Rip fela…..but i really don’t think committing suicide sud b d next thing coming up unto someones head? If jesus didn’t commit suicide at his critical stage, I wonder y we sud commit suicide…..my condolences to her parents thou..save journey wherever u are but didn’t u think about being too young b4 u died?!¿

  44. 44 guuhhhrrace

    Its kind of hard to believe
    Best wishes to her family

  45. 45 mzpakipot

    awww….terrible news! RIP and condolence to her family.

    off topic: for some reason in this picture of her, she look almost like Sohn Tae Young.\

  46. 46 hmmmm

    always shocking to read about celebrity suicides. T_T

    I wonder if it had anything to do with her role in ‘boys before flowers’…
    she might’ve attracted lots of hate from evil netizens…that seems to happen often.
    Whatever the reason was for her depression….hope she’s at rest wherever she is now. RIP

  47. 47 Jo

    With all the attention she received due to BOF I was expecting to see her a lot more of her in the future. It’s mainly thanks to her character that I view the Vipers with amused indulgence rather than the dislike I have for them in other versions.

    We joke about the curse of BOF but this is just sad. Even with all the positive things happening to her all this poor girl could see and feel is the negative.

    My deepest condolences to her family.

  48. 48 crissie

    If you view this as one of the producers in the show – it may be a heartless view – but this is SOME press going on for BOF. While suicide and accidents are never a good thing to see in the news, these news of car crashes, hospital visits, suicide and the constant rumor of a “Boys Before Flowers” curse, will only make more people watch the show.

    Bad publicity is still good publicity.

  49. 49 nileey

    that’s shocking! my condolences to her family :(

  50. 50 :)

    that so sad! it’s such a shame, the drama is so popular and now this beautiful actress is gone T.T

    gosh has anyone realized that BOF drama has such horrible things happening to the main cast? first accidents and now a suicide!!

    i hope she rest in peace

  51. 51 bspanda

    This is so tragic, as with any suicide. Condolences to her family and friends. It is awful just to read about….cannot imagine the grief.

    It is disheartening the numerous comments of ‘oh but she was so beautiful…..why?’ Excuse me but having a ‘public profile’, being beautiful/famous/wealthy etc does not make one immune to depression. Please remember that depression is an illness. Actors are humans too. Is it because we love our dramas that we forget this fundamental fact?

    With the number of high profile suicides in Korean entertainment in recent years, (not sure if they is a general trend in Korea, apologises for my ignorance) one hopes that there is more counselling and awareness of depression in the wider community. Then those who are near the brink will realise that there is always hope, love and help for them. No matter how hard it may seem – it can/will get better.

    Regardless of whether BBF is a ‘teen’ drama or just a hugely popular one, I hope that this sad situation can somehow ‘use’ BOFs ‘influence’ for a positive outcome. (gee that just comes out wrong/heartless in the written form! – truly not meant to seem that way, hope you all know get what I mean…) Perhaps it’s high profile can help raise the awareness on depression (and it’s dangers), not suicide.

    Depression is an illness and to seek treatment (be it professional therapy, medication or just plan talking with friends) is the way to go.

    Given the number of CF campaigns that the BBF cast have been offered – if only one was a public service announcement on suicide prevention/depression THAT would be worthwhile. Now this is a cause worth backing. I’ll buy that over phones, donuts, clothes anyday.


    Oh. My. G. I still can’t believe it.
    My deepest condolences and prayers to her family and friends.

  53. 53 LuckyLinda

    I agree with #27~~~ I’m still in shock over Jung Da Bin’s (from Rooftop Cat, My Sister-in-law is 19) death, even though it was such a long time ago. If only there was a way for actors to realize the true depth of their relationship with the viewers. Because we, as viewers, know how to appreciate genuine talent, and somtimes I wish there was a way to show the actors how we feel.
    Not that I’m comparing the deaths of these two young actresses, but it’s just so… tragic…


    this is just tooo sad!!

    to the family of Jang Ja-yeon, u have my deepest sympathy!! May she RIP

  54. 54 stargazer377

    i agree with #51! i really hope BBF will do a public service announcement or something highlighting that help is available (if it is available).
    isn’t there any way people can seek help when they’re depressed in Korea? it seems like suicide is more prevalent among Korean actors and actresses than any where else in the world (please correct me if i’m wrong) and if these people can’t get help b/c there aren’t adequate services or they aren’t getting help b/c of a stigma attached to therapy, it must be even worse for the rest of the public.

    my condolences to the Jang family.

  55. 55 anonymous

    @ #27
    — Because we, as viewers, know how to appreciate genuine talent, and somtimes I wish there was a way to show the actors how we feel.

    —>agree! that’s why I make it a point to show my fave actress how much we appreciate her talent and how much she means to us. i think they need those cheers and encouragement.

  56. 56 Biscuit

    @54: Just like everywhere else, they’re are many places people can go to for help. Clinics/doctors/hospitals/etc etc/

    Although, honestly, the chances BBF will do an announcement telling people that help is available is really.. not gonna happen. Perhaps do a message like a short RIP message for the actress, but that’s probably it.

    I’m really gonna miss this actress – imo, the trio was one of the best out of all the trios we’ve had TT____________TT

  57. 57 Stephanie

    there is so much accidents happening to this drama i hope all the other cast members will stay okay and dont get hurt anymore

  58. 58 tuswit

    This is so sad for her family & her t.v. drama family BBF! May she rest in peace! Our prayers are with her & her family! This is really shocking!

  59. 59 Beleza

    I was seriously hoping this year not to come to this blog and hear celebrities committing suicide! I’m so shock that I’m speechless! beginning to think that this show is cursed! I do believe this show is cursed! each week there’s something bad happening to the BBF crew

    What is worse is that I know that there will be more celebrities committing suicide this year!

    I’m praying to Jesus that the suicide rate in Korea (which is the 1# in the world) is decrease this year and the years to come! There’s something evil that’s making these people killing themselves!

  60. 60 May

    I believe that her issues probably went much deeper than anyone of us can speculate. And with depression, there can be a moment when the depth of feeling is so overwhelming you are unable to see the possibility of a better time or place.

    My heart goes out to her sister.

  61. 61 tam

    this is such a shock! and very scary! who would ever think this would happen? no warning signs… the government got to do something about all these suicides. suicide is not the answer. they need to teach people how to look for warning signs to help save people like Jang Ja-yeon. I pray for her family.

  62. 62 bjharm

    ‘If only there was a way for actors to realize the true depth of their relationship with the viewers. Because we, as viewers, know how to appreciate genuine talent, and somtimes I wish there was a way to show the actors how we feel.’
    Sadly it is often the loud ‘Antifan’ that get heard/noticed, that why i think many turn to anti fanship, to get their 10 sec of so call fame in bringing someone else down.
    Though in this case i doubt if they had anything to do with this tragedy.
    Depression is like an onion there can be so many reasons and troubles one layer over the other, many often only in the mind of the victim of this mental disorder.
    I think the true sad thing is that her family seemed to know she was depressed but once again did not find help for her, most likely because it would be embarrassing or shameful to do so.
    I wish more celebrities where like Jang Nara, who has freely admitted to going to see a ‘shrink’ when she gets depressed and takes drugs to help her fear of flying, with strong family support.
    Celeb do live under horrid pressures and unnatural lives styles and if any section of the workforce would need ‘help’ in handling those pressures if would be them.

  63. 63 es

    oh no. I thought she was cute as Sunny, she did a really good job in BBF in my opinion. And she was so gorgeous too :[

    I liked her, and she’ll be missed.

  64. 64 marz

    this is so shocking. appearances are never what they seem. i feel bad for her family, and i bet the entire BOF production is in shock. how to shoot after this will be hard. and will they be even looking to replace?

    to such popularity such pain and heartbreaking accidents and misfortune.
    what a heavy price to pay.. my condolences goes out to her family and loved ones.

    the stigma attached to therapy should be lessened and people should be encouraged to go seek help. because its become so bad lately. plus the the deal with all the anti fan and whatnot. its not helping either.

    may she rest in peace.

  65. 65 Kim

    It seems like every couple of weeks there’s another suicide or another injury of some sort. What the heck is going on? It feels like there’s this giant cloud of bad luck and death hovering over everything lately.

  66. 66 daffodil

    This will happen when you have too much comments, publicity on actors and the dramas as if there is nothing else to talk about in korea.
    So when they can’t express it, they break down.
    Media should also be responsible and honest enough with their publications.
    Condolence to the Jang family.

  67. 67 hana

    oh comment 8 i know where that’s from. that’s from by fav movie Heathers!! and yeah dam this is so sad. best wished to her family. o and this sorta reminds me of Suicide Club cause in that movie suicide became a trend and everyone started to do it cause it’s popular

  68. 68 ella

    Condolence to her family. :(

    I personally don’t believe in curses, and I don’t believe BBF is cursed. They were overworked, stressed, thus the car accidents. With suicide, it’s not a curse that will drive a person to kill him/herself. It’s choices. There are things that happen that you have no control over, such as accidents, and there are things such as suicide that occur because of other people’s decisions. I just wish she could’ve told someone what she was going through. I was depressed for a while too, and it helped that I had friends and family who helped me get over it.

  69. 69 jc

    oh my goodness..
    I’m brought to tears again. :( Another suicide????

    There are so many chances in life, they can’t just throw it away!
    I pray that God will forgive her and watch over her soul. And I pray that her sister will be watched over as well.

    Commiting suicide is extreme selfishness. :(
    think about all the people around you that love you and care for you!

  70. 70 chajjye

    now i don’t know how to watch BOF.

    just when we hope that 2008’s suicide “wave” has end, 2009 proved otherwise.

    this is very very sad. i know that depression is serious cause i know how it feels like, but i wished she could have voiced it out. what a shock it is to her family…could her parents’ accident a contributing factor? maybe she did not deal with her grieve properly then.

    i hope her sister won’t blame herself for not detecting the symptoms and doing something about it.

    but yes, it hurts. shocks like these are hard to get over. hope that BOF will have to postpone production to let the cast & crew to grieve and get over it (meantime, giving them ample rest so car accidents won’t happen anymore!).

  71. 71 mie

    depression truly is a frightening thing.

    she was finally getting some recognition, yet it wasn’t enough. it’s so incredibly sad to think that someone will commit suicide when their life is actually on the rise.

  72. 72 k-lover

    Wow, is this heartbreaking and it’s going to be a bit hard watching BBF with the trio around.
    I agree with chajjye, hopefully they will have plenty of time for grieving and I wouldn’t mind if they have to delay a few episodes. Best condolescences to her sister and her loved ones.

  73. 73 popcorn

    Like I previously stated, I hate publicity of a famous person’s suicide. Not to be disrespectful but statistics show that a publicized suicide act especially that from a famous person tends to increase the rates in suicide (from a psychology book). It’s like causing an unwanted “trend”.

    What a lovely girl. I’m saddened that she chose to end her life. I pay my respect to her family and friends and hope that they will recover from this horrible shock.


  74. 74 koalabear

    I was hoping that we won’t see another celebrity suicide this year, but sadly another one took place, I condemn the act and I know depression kills but I just hope that the Korean Government will NOW take this seriously, since every year there is a celebrity suicide case, may Jang Ja-yeon rest in peace

  75. 75 @70 jc

    could we please leave the judgmental comments outside of the posts. Jang Ja-yeon’s death is already such a tragedy…i don’t think anyone is in a position to judge her actions as “selfish” or not.

    My condolences and prayers go out for her and her poor sister. After losing their parents like that, this is truly heartbreaking. I hope she can finally rest in peace with her parents and that her sister gets all the love and support she needs to get through this tragedy.

  76. 76 leidee

    SO very sad and our prayers be with her sister who found her.
    Let’s say special prayers for the all the casts and workers of BBF.
    God watch over all ofyou….and may all the angels walk your beats 24/7.

    You all are doing great as youngsters.
    RIP JJY!

  77. 77 Kaayla

    Is it me? or is Korean actors and actress fond of suicide? I mean come on! Everybody else wants ya to live so why don’t they want themselves to live..in life change is constant no one will stay depressed forever and one can always rise from it.That is why it’s best to hang on. I hope her sister is alright…after all she is the only one left.

  78. 78 showmiie

    hope that she will RIP…
    i really wonder there are so many unwanted things happening in BOF???

  79. 79 nanette

    OMG!!!!! I’m Sad
    when i heard the news I was shocked!!!!!
    I can’t believe that she commited suicide, she is very good actress.
    what happen now in BOF, who will be replacing in her role?
    I hope she will REST IN PEACE
    tnx for sharing your talent, we will miss u very much!!!

    CONDOLENCE for the family…

  80. 80 Jaimie

    Though I’m no expert, the ‘copycat’ suicides you’re talking about are a real issue related to suicide contagion. I think a lot of the media interest that will hover around any celebrity suicide probably adds to the risk of other at risk people opting for suicide because lets face it, a lot of the spin goes into all the attention surrounding the deceased person which is in its own way, glamorises suicide as a way out. I’m not sure if this is still true, but in Australia there was a list of ways that media outlets were NOT supposed to publicise a suicide (for example calling it a ‘successful suicide attempt’).

    I wonder if any Korean media outlets and organisations will use the focus to reach out to at risk people in a meaningful manner, and address the issue o stigma in regards to mental health that the general public may still harbour. You don’t have to be crazy to be depressed, or have anxiety, you just have to be a person.

    Nevertheless RIP to Jang Jae Yeon, and all others who have suicided.

  81. 81 angelsnow2u

    Sad about that!
    I really sad about that! after choi jin shil, jung da bin…korea entertainment have a sad. I think all fan of BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS are very sad about that.
    We don’t say about the die of Jang Jae Yeon , why did she do?
    We can hope she find peaceful in heaven!

  82. 82 knightkitten

    Many condolences and safe wishes to Ms Jang’s family, especially her sister. It’s sad that just as she was coming into success her past grief caught up with her. However I don’t believe this can be solely attritbuted to her position with the Korean entertainment industry. Suicide happens in the all entertainment industries and in everyday life unfortunately. While her career and the pressures associated with it are surely contributory, it seems Ms Jangs life has been a hard one.

    May she rest in peace, and again, may her sister find comfort in these difficult times.

  83. 83 CyNurse

    This is sad. And I hope these celebrity deaths end here.

  84. 84 ShutUP

    What? She was SUNNY right? aint she your favorite among the trio Javabeans?


    “This attracts the attention of the school’s three queen bees, who introduce themselves as Ginger (the leader), Sunny, and Miranda (or Shinhwa’s “jin, sun, and mi” — a way of saying they’re the most beautiful). Ginger’s affectation is to make horrified exclamations in English (e.g., “Oh. My. God.”), while Sunny’s my favorite because she seems vaguely dim. They stick up for F4 and tell Jan-di to watch what she says.”


  85. 85 person292

    oh man what is going on with this korean entertainment industry? these poor stars, they must be going through so much but i cant believe none of them get any help. i hope her sister will be alright. losing both parents and now her sister as well. what a tragic occurrence. i feel so terrible. i wish she hadnt turned to suicide as her escape but i hope that she can rest in peace.

  86. 86 Ariel

    Oh hell what is going on… Depression is not a good thing so family should intervene, be pro active people. This is such a waste of a future and a talent. You know what, one of our best artist died last Friday due to leukemia, he was an actor, a master rapper, photographer, host, painter and best of all a father to 8 kids. He was just 44 when he passed away but he fought so hard even if the only assurance he got was in prolonging his life for a few months. Fight! fight! fight! to those who are depressed, to their families, to their friends don’t let suicide happen do something, anything!!!

  87. 87 hanneebuff

    This is so sad and shocking… i think she has a bright future ahead of her with the success of BOF but i guess, there are still some things that we are not aware of that pushed her into depression despite her newfound popularity. suicide is never good but i guess she thought that is her only means to escape.

    may she rest is peace.

  88. 88 claire

    this is so sad :(
    my prayers go out to her and family….RIP.

    Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of comments discussing how suicide has almost (horribly) become kind of “trend” among these Korean celebrities and I found a really good article which talks about this issue if anyone is interested in reading. I thought it was very articulate and insightful:


  89. 89 lei

    RIP Jang Ja-yeon

  90. 90 Adriana

    Gosh!!! Is this drama like cursed or something!! I hope they all finish filming with no further interruptions! God bless them, all. T_T
    ♥R.I.P. Jan (Sunny)♥

  91. 91 peppero


  92. 92 KanioN


    It’s so sad…

  93. 93 Anonymous

    Oh no~…that’s horrible.
    RIP Jang JaYeon

  94. 94 PILK

    I don’t see a link with BBF production. Why someone tops him/herself is too complicated to reduce to a production.
    But still, @81 and Javabeans, definitely agree with you that the BBF base will hopefully not take away the wrong encouragement from this tragic death.

  95. 95 mel

    I think it’s so sad that all these talented and beautiful Korean actors/actresses commit suicide. I hope Korea will find a way to help cure the ones that have mental illness or need the help to prevent this.

  96. 96 asianromance

    i had been hoping that the suicides from last year- include that of the high-profile Choi Jin Shil would encourage actors/actresses to seek help for their depression- but I guess that is just wishful thinking. RIP Jang Ja-yeon. And my heart goes out to her older sister, who has now lost a younger sister in addition to her parents.

    An actress whose show is being watched by a good chunk of the Korean population- I hope more people will become aware of their loved ones depression and that more people will start talking about how to handle mental health issues and to not make it a stigma.

  97. 97 Beng

    depression is such a killer. i think i’m beginning to understand this. So i will not give any comments about people who can’t handle it, coz nobody will understand it unless they felt it. Anorexia, Bulimia are just another form of outlet for depression.

    Will pray for her family and fans.

  98. 98 Yukuri

    my deepest sympathy and condolence to the Jang’s family..

    may she rest in peace and she’ll be missed..

  99. 99 saharial

    Been away all weekend to come back and find this awful tragic news. I’m sitting at my workdesk tearing up. My prayers and thoughts are with her family at this time.

  100. 100 lady kier

    i wonder why a lot of korean actors and actresses commits suicide?
    hey, life has always been beautiful even theres a lot of trials on our way.
    i just hope theres nothing follows after this…
    how sad !!!

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