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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 19
by | March 10, 2009 | 316 Comments

We’re back to fun and cute, hurrah.

I don’t actually think the new songs in this second half are any better than the songs in the first half (and they’re just as inappropriately used). It’s more a matter of not having had the songs hammered into our brains relentlessly (yet?), so they feel fresher and more interesting to my ears. (Although, I admit to having a few moments of wondering whether PD Jeon just recently saw Goong and is trying to recapture the ambiance of that score. No, they’re not the same songs, but a couple of them sound familiar.)


Boys Before Flowers (Second OST) – “애인만들기” by SS501. The title literally translates to “making a lover” but frankly that makes no sense in English; I think it’s more prettily (if loosely) translated as “Finding a Lover” or “Building a Romance.” [ Download ]

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After falling onto the bed, Jun-pyo quickly gets up and moves away from Jae-kyung.

Her proposal for a bet turns out to be a video game challenge, which she manages to win, bringing out his surly sore-loser side. She claims her winnings by dragging Jun-pyo around for the day.

Woo-bin tries to talk some sense into Yi-jung, who is hell-bent on drinking himself into oblivion. He’s unresponsive to Woo-bin’s worrying, though a phone call does jar him out of his liquor haze. (Rule of Kdramas: Bad news brings instant sobriety!) His mother has had another “episode” — a tantrum and pills — and has been asking for him at the hospital.

As in the previous episode, Yi-jung’s attitude is mostly detached, with a sprinkling of bitterness, so he answers that he’s busy. As he heads out, he shakes off Woo-bin’s arm and says, “If you don’t want to see me going crazy, leave me alone.”

He’s in a self-destructive mood, so he seeks out Ga-eul and asks if she still wants that date.

Encouraged, Ga-eul accompanies Yi-jung to a club, but her gladness soon dies because Yi-jung gets busy flirting with every woman who passes. He’s not even being subtle about it, and Ga-eul is naive enough to take his behavior at face value, when it’s clear (to us) that he’s doing this make a point.

Ga-eul steps out to the ladies’ room, and hesitates for a long moment over whether to return to the table. She decides to leave, not seeing Yi-jung until he calls out to her, “If this is enough to send you running, you shouldn’t have asked for the date in the first place.”

She’s gotten the message, but Yi-jung still has one “highlight” left.

Or maybe he really means “lowlight.” At dinner, Yi-jung’s father is friendly and open, but the more pleasant he is, the uglier Yi-jung’s mood grows. Yi-jung points out that it’s clear his father likes Ga-eul (insinuating that he like-likes her, if ya know what I mean). Personally, I don’t think his dad means to be skeevy when he calls Ga-eul cute, but Yi-jung turns everything into an innuendo.

He says caustically that father and son are similar — Mom’s lying in the hospital from an overdose and they’re both out. Dad suggests discussing family matters later, while Yi-jung’s smile twists further as he asks, “Then what should we talk about? This girl seems your type — want to borrow her?”

Ga-eul is really uncomfortable by now, but Yi-jung’s on a roll and he continues with the verbal jabs, saying Ga-eul is practically the same age as his father’s girlfriends anyway.

Fed up, Ga-eul throws water in Yi-jung’s face. She excuses herself and leaves, and Dad tells Yi-jung that he went too far. Coming from him, that’s got to be pretty lowering.

Since Jae-kyung won the bet, she drags Jun-pyo out on a grocery shopping run. (Note: She really is like a female Jun-pyo, and even uses some of his more commonly used phrases.)

Afterwards, Jae-kyung heads for a particular neighborhood, which starts looking familiar to Jun-pyo. Jae-kyung explains that they’re dropping by Jan-di’s new apartment — and given that Jae-kyung knows about the Jun/di relationship, feigning innocence while forcing them together makes Jae-kyung rather mean, doesn’t it? Or at least calculating?

But Jan-di’s not home, because she’s still out with Ji-hoo. While they wait, Jae-kyung and Jun-pyo cook some ramen, which they end up fighting over. (Jae-kyung claims most of it for herself.)

Jun-pyo notices that Kang-san hasn’t taken any — having eaten it every day, he’s not all that eager for more. Jun-pyo asks what he’d prefer to eat; Kang-sang answers that he’d die happy to stuff himself with pizza to his heart’s content.

They wonder what’s keeping Jan-di, but Kang-san can’t call her because Jan-di has no phone. Hearing this gives Jun-pyo a start, since he’d previously given her a phone. Kang-san explains that they’d given it to their parents in case of emergency.

This gives Jae-kyung an idea, and she drags Jun-pyo off to the cell phone store. Must be nice to be so rich you can just buy phones for your poor friends whenever the whim strikes.

Following their museum date, Ji-hoo drops Jan-di off at the clinic, where she invites him in for tea. At his hesitation, Jan-di guesses that he doesn’t want to run into his grandfather and assures him that he’s already left for the day.

Looking around, Ji-hoo finds that he’s unexpectedly affected at the sight of old family photos, which unleash a flood of memories of a happier childhood and a formerly loving relationship with his grandfather.

Grandpa Yoon walks in and catches him by surprise. Overwhelmed with emotion, the doctor is glad to see his estranged grandson and struggles to make an apology, knowing he has limited time to appeal to Ji-hoo before the latter storms out.

When Ji-hoo turns to exit, Dr. Grandpa stops him and hurriedly says he’s sorry, that he made a mistake years ago. Ji-hoo cynically says that he’s the one who made the mistake — for staying alive instead of his parents. “You must have hated me.”

Grandpa tells him, “It’s not your fault.”

(To be honest, I did want to put up a more attractive screencap of Kim Hyun-joong here… but this awkward eye-bulging look is more representative of his acting in this scene…)

Ji-hoo says, without turning to face him: “You should have said that fifteen years ago. Do you know how much that child waited for you? You don’t know, do you, how much that boy wanted to cry and be held in his grandfather’s arms!”

He storms out, which is when Jan-di finally comes in and guesses what’s happened. Dr. Grandpa is again seized with chest pains, but he urges Jan-di to go after Ji-hoo instead.

Jan-di runs outside into the rain, knowing that Ji-hoo has taken off on foot because his motorcycle is still parked out front. However, she chooses the wrong direction; Ji-hoo watches her leave, then is assailed by painful memories of his parents’ funeral.

His grandfather had shown up to the burial, but ignored him and driven off alone, leaving a young (and adorable) Ji-hoo sobbing. It’s got to be particularly traumatizing, since not only was he orphaned, he’d been forsaken by the one person he had left, whom he had depended on. Ji-hoo breaks down into tears, and man, he’s lucky it’s raining so he doesn’t have to fake those tears.

I’ve been softening on Kim Hyun-joong because he seems like a nice guy and the more I read about him in the press, the more I like him as a person. I’ve let his vague, dull acting slide in recent episodes because at least his character didn’t have much emoting to do. But when a spot of real emotion is required, it just can’t be ignored: He is not a good actor.

Unable to find Ji-hoo, Jan-di waits for him outside his house. Good thing, too, since she’s there to catch him (literally!) when he staggers home in a daze and collapses on top of her, exhausted both physically and mentally.

And we can never have too much emotionally battered staggering in one episode, because now it’s Yi-jung’s turn.

He arrives at his door inebriated, and fumbles with his keychain. He’s so drunk that he can’t pick out the right key or fit it in the lock, so after a couple tries, he throws down the keys in a fit of frustration.

Lucky for him, Ga-eul arrives to pick up the keys, and helps him inside.

Despite her assistance, Ga-eul isn’t over the harsh way he’d treated her before — as soon as she brings Yi-jung inside, she turns to leave.

But Yi-jung grabs her hand to pull her back. He mumbles, “I was afraid I’d make her cry, like my father, like my mother. I chased her away because I didn’t want her to cry because of me.”

(Does he mean Ga-eul? Eun-jae?)

I guess after all those episodes of damsels in distress saved by F4 swooping in for the rescue, this is the episode for the ladies to do a little swooping in of their own. Now it’s Jan-di’s turn to tend to Ji-hoo; she watches over him and, thinking he’s asleep, raises a hand to his cheek. She’s startled but doesn’t pull away when Ji-hoo reaches up to grasp her hand tightly.

Jan-di stays with Ji-hoo during the night, and prepares some porridge for him before she leaves.

When Ji-hoo wakes up, he finds the breakfast waiting for him, and sits down to eat his porridge of pity.

(Does anyone eat as miserably as Ji-hoo? Well, since food makes him so sad, I suppose it’s no wonder he’s so skinny.)

Meanwhile, Jun-pyo has spent all night anxiously pacing around his apartment, waiting for Jan-di to come home. When she finally does, he’s out on the landing to hound her about where she’s been and why she’s coming home now.

Jan-di’s knee-jerk reaction is to feel guilty, but then she remembers that she didn’t do anything wrong and shouldn’t feel defensive. So when he insists, “Tell me where you were!” she shouts back, “No!”

She declines to enlighten him even when he asks again in a calmer voice (albeit uneasily), “Are you really not going to tell me?” (She’s really not.)

Madam Kang arrives home. She’s happy to hear that Jun-pyo has been spending more time with Jae-kyung, but asks Mr. Jung meaningfully, “Don’t you have anything more to report to me?”

That makes Mr. Jung nervous. Madam Kang shows him photos of Jun-pyo with Jan-di (and how the hell did she get a camera inside Jan-di’s apartment showing them eating ramen together?). Luckily, she accepts Mr. Jung’s apology that he was inattentive, rather than suspecting that he has been purposely hiding things from her. She orders him to get on the ball and find out what’s going on.

Jun-pyo may have had bad luck with Jan-di, but he’s better at playing the big brother to Kang-san. Remembering his pizza wish, Jun-pyo sets up a large food stall outside Kang-san’s school, equipped with a whole buffet of different kinds of pizza. A sign reads, “Kang-san, be strong! Eat up.”

Jun-pyo tells him to dig in, and Kang-san’s classmates eagerly line up behind him.

At home that night, Jan-di notices how quiet it is — and although she routinely complains about Jun-pyo making a fuss, now that he isn’t, she thinks, “It worries me now that it’s so quiet.”

Jun-pyo’s merely having some problems with his rickety stove, and has to resort to eating his ramen dry (which, by the way, I totally used to do as a kid). An unexpected visit from his mother’s flunkies ruins the mood, though — they’ve been ordered to retrieve him, and drag him off. He protests, and runs into Ji-hoo down in the alley.

Ji-hoo has learned Jan-di’s new address from Ga-eul. He trades a long look with Jun-pyo, but the two friends don’t talk as Jun-pyo is pushed into the awaiting car. There’s something really nice about the way Jun-pyo shoots one last look up at Jan-di’s apartment, particularly because (1) he’s leaving her behind, and (2) he knows Ji-hoo is on his way to her.

Ji-hoo doesn’t go up immediately, though, because when he does knock on Jan-di’s door, he’s got Yi-jung and Woo-bin with him. They greet Jan-di cheerfully and announce that they’re here for a housewarming. Looking around, though, F3 are a little dismayed that at how shabby her new place is, although Jan-di assures them that it’s quite livable.

And then, another visitor crashes the party.

Oh, Madam Kang is so scary. It’s amazing how much Lee Hye-young can do with one direct stare.

Everyone comes out to see the latest visitor, stopping short at the sight of Madam Kang’s posse. Jan-di asks cautiously what the reason for the visit is — and while she’s not rude, she doesn’t grovel in the way Madam Kang probably expects from everyone. Madam Kang says in her cold way that the polite thing to do is invite her inside. Even commoners should know that that’s basic manners.

It’s the formality that she wants, not the actual offer, because when Jan-di complies and invites her inside, Madam Kang sniffs that it’s better to stay outside than step foot inside that hovel.

Indicating the guys, Madam Kang insinuates again that Jan-di’s got loose morals — and even they bristle at the implication and speak up for Jan-di. Jan-di says, “I haven’t behaved in such a wrong manner that I deserve those words.”

Madam Kang begs to differ: “You call an engaged man to your house secretly, and you say you haven’t behaved wrongly?”

She asks Jan-di for a “favor,” though it’s really more like an order: “Even if Jun-pyo comes to see you, please don’t meet him. As you said, you and he have nothing to do with each other anymore. I can trust you, can’t I? Miss Jan-di, I’ll have faith in that great sense of pride of yours.”

The words are polite, the tone is civil, and yet there’s a very steely undertone. Madam Kang then addresses F3: “This is why I oppose Jun-pyo meeting you, too. Think of your families, and for the love of god, come to your senses.”

It’s sweet of the guys to come to Jan-di’s defense, even if it’s ineffective against the Witch Mom. After her departure, Woo-bin tells Jan-di not to take her words to heart — she’s like that with everyone.

Next, the friends all pitch in to offer Jan-di a housewarming present — they show up armed with wallpaper, paint, and other cleaning supplies, and get to work redecorating the room.

On the downside, Kang-san has to live in a pink room covered in flowers. On the upside, it does look a lot better once it’s done.

Meanwhile, Witch Mom has punished Jun-pyo by grounding him. On the downside, the lone exception to the rule is Jae-kyung, who is admitted into his room. On the upside, she does offer a way out.

Jun-pyo’s annoyance gives way to interest when Jae-kyung says the magic words (which she knows will win his attention): “I was going to suggest dropping by Jan-di’s place together, but I guess I’ll go alone…”

At that, Jun-pyo tries to pretend he’s not interested, though obviously he’s desperate to go along, and agrees to accompany Jae-kyung.

When the Jun/kyung couple arrive, they find everyone else already there and in a festive mood. Done redecorating, F3 and the girls sit around the table and joke that this feels like an MT (membership training, a typical college ritual). Ga-eul suggests they play the quintessential MT game — the Truth Game — and Jae-kyung bursts in, “Me too!”

The rules are thus: The one who is asked the question must tell the truth. However, if s/he doesn’t want to answer, that person has to give up something to the asker. That “something ” varies based on what they decide — sometimes it’s a drink, or a slap on the arm. Jae-kyung suggests a kiss.

Going with the kiss idea, Yi-jung starts things off with a question for Ji-hoo: “Can you love someone other than Seo-hyun?”

It’s a simple question and the answer’s not difficult, but Ji-hoo wants to have some fun — he plants a kiss on Yi-jung’s cheek. It’s adorable.

Now it’s Ji-hoo’s turn to ask: “Jun-pyo, if the one you love runs into trouble because of you, could you let her go?”

I was hoping for another kiss, but Jun-pyo answers straightaway, “No, I won’t. I can’t. I’d grab on tight, and be sure to make her happy.”

Jun-pyo wastes no time in proceeding with his question: “Geum Jan-di, the promise you made before on the street — does it still stand?”

He’s referring, of course, to the sunset scene in Episode 10 after he kissed her in traffic. Back then, he’d asked her to promise, “No matter what happens, don’t run from me.” She had promised that his mother would never be the reason for breaking them apart.

But now, Jan-di answers, quiet and matter-of-fact: “No. The person who made the promise and the one who asked it are both gone now.”

It’s a sad moment, although she hurries to gloss over the silence by forcing a smile and asking her question. She picks Woo-bin, and says, “If F4 were women, who would you want to marry?” (Ha, like he needs the “if they were women” qualifier!)

But no, Woo-bin answers that he’d rather stay single — heck, he’d rather join a monastery — than have to settle down with one of these fools. He points out their faults — one is stuck-up (Jun-pyo), another is “fourth-dimensional” (oddball Ji-hoo), and the third is a cold-blooded Casanova.

When Jun-pyo drops off Jae-kyung, she asks him to answer one last Truth Game question: “Friendship or love: If you had to choose between them, which would you pick?”

Without hesitating, Jun-pyo replies, “Both. Because there’s no such thing as giving up in my dictionary.”

(After he leaves, Jae-kyung sighs that his answer — which bodes ill for her, since he’s got no intention of giving Jan-di up — appeals to her. What a dilemma.)

It’s funny how Mama Kang chooses her revenge(s), because when she faced Jan-di on the rooftop, she was actually rather civil. Her words were mean and she did insult Jan-di, but her attitude wasn’t one of hatred or fury. (I’d call it more resigned and frustrated.) And yet, when she does choose to act, it’s so calculated. Like with Jun-pyo, the cruelty really does hurt more when it’s so… carefully considered.

Her next step is to take away Jan-di’s home. It’s not enough for her to evict her from her apartment — which she could so easily do — but she actually has the entire building planned for demolition. A construction worker tells Jan-di to vacate immediately.

On the other hand, life is looking (slightly) better for Yi-jung. While packing up his pottery materials in his studio, he finds Ga-eul’s gift and looks at the arm socks fondly.

Ga-eul, meanwhile, is putting in some extra time at her pottery class. Eun-jae wishes her luck and starts to leave, which is when Ga-eul spots the little ceramic puzzle piece hanging from her purse. She takes an immediate liking to it, and asks to borrow it so she can make one for herself. Eun-jae hands it over, but asks her to take care of it, because the item has a lot of meaning for her.

If you’ll remember, Yi-jung had the other pieces in his collection — each jigsaw piece had been formed of clay, and made to fit together like a real puzzle — which I suppose symbolizes that Eun-jae is the one missing piece in Yi-jung’s heart. Or something.

To Ga-eul’s surprise, Yi-jung drops by her classroom, apparently not surprised to find her there.

And finally, Jan-di must say goodbye to the last of her family. With their finances in such dire straits, her brother has offered to move down to join their parents in their fishing village. Kang-san has an upbeat attitude and tries to talk like this is a great thing, that he’s lucky and looking forward to joining their parents.

Jan-di plays along, but it’s much harder for her to pretend this is what they all want. She wonders if she should join the family, too, but Kang-san reminds her she’s got to graduate and go on to medical school.

He boards the train and says his last goodbyes, reminding her to take care and eat well, and also: “I think Jun-pyo hyung still likes you.”


First of all, I always love seeing F3 in support of Jan-di, just as I loved how uncomfortable and stiff they were around Jae-kyung in a previous episode.

As for Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung: I’m willing to revise my sentiments from the prior episode, although I still think that the actors have more chemistry than the characters ought. And their interactions did muddle up the dynamics to make it seem more romantic than I wanted. Even though I agree with comments that they’re supposed to be friends more than lovers, I wasn’t getting that from the actual acting, which is why I found it confusing.

On the other hand, I think this episode went a long way in defining the lines of the relationships, and yes, now it does look much more obvious that the Jun/kyung relationship is meant to be platonic more than romantic (at least on Jun-pyo’s end) — the video game was a prime example of that, with Jun-pyo treating Jae-kyung like one of the guys.

Previous interactions aside, in this episode Jun-pyo makes it very clear that he has only ever wanted Jan-di, and that he is absolutely not giving up. I appreciated that his answer in the Truth Game came immediately — he doesn’t even have to think about it because the truth is so defined in his mind.

Same thing when Jae-kyung asks her question later. I’d wondered whether she was asking him to choose between friendship and love because she recognized that Jan-di had fully occupied the slot for “love” in Jun-pyo’s heart, relegating Jae-kyung to friendship. It seems like she’s grasping a bit at straws, like she’d settle for friendship if that meant she could still have him, even if that ruled out love. Because Jun-pyo may harbor doubt about whether he can win Jan-di back, but at least there are none about his feelings.


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    How did I love this episode?? The ways are too numerous to count. Some highlights:

    – Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung shopping together
    – Ji-hoo grabbing Jan-di’s hand while he slept (please Ji-hoo, hold my hand toooooo)
    – Ga-eul managing to see past Yi-jung’s jerky behaviour to rescue his drunk butt from freezing on his doorstep
    – F3 and Ga-eul showing what awesome friends they are (OK, I’d love friends who’d paint my house of their own accord)
    – Woo-bin, cause he got to say funny, non-ridiculous things in this episode
    – The truth or dare game – especially the Ji-hoo – Yi-jung kiss (I swear I swooned)
    – Jun-pyo being Jun-pyo. Straight-forward (just asking Jan-di about the promise in front of everyone), entitled (he wants both love and friendship. Don’t we all…..), adorable (hmmm….anyone else considering trying out uncooked ramen?)
    – What an awesome younger brother Kang-san is.

    This episode reminded me why I’m watching BBF. That fluffy, silly, cutesy squealy feeling I get when I watch something just adorable. My eyerolls were few and far between, I had no soundtrack complaints and I’m so excited for the next episode. According to the rules of the drinking game (had I been drinking) this would be one episode I’d actually come out sober. I was really losing steam after the past few episodes (which weren’t “bad” – just sort of draggy) but I’m waaaay back in BBF love.

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    I LOVE THIS DRAMA. I love everything about it. Every cheesy moment, every horrible bit of acting, every touching moment, everything. This drams will not be one of my all time favorites. Heck, it will not even be in the top 20, but it will rank high for being the most fun drama. I have had more fun watching this drama than any other. I love the anticipation of the episodes, I love reading everyone’s comments, I love the recaps, I love trying to read the director’s and the writer’s mind, and I love the cast. I can’t recall ever having this much fun with any other drama.

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    I’m kinda glad that Jun Pyo answered Ji Hoo’s question right away during the Truth Game too. He’s determined to win back Jan Di. I wonder why Jan Di was so quick to answer that she wouldn’t be able to keep the promise.

    I hope the PD end the Jae Kyung part really soon. The reason that Jun Pyo and Jae Kyung will never work because they and their life/family experiences are too similar. She won’t be able to give Jun Pyo what Jan Di can… UGH! I REALLY want to see so many, MANY more Jan Di and Jun Pyo moments before the end of the series.

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    Now – JP’s answer is such a problem, because it is exactly what JK wants too. (Augh. they are so similar.) JK definitely wants both as well. So JP doesn’t exactly clear up a path for JK to follow. He would do exactly what she is doing now: trying to hold on to both love and friendship.

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    up until yesterday i felt totally guilty thinking that junpyo and chaekyung looked OK together… even that they “belonged” together…

    but somehow… as of today.

    i will unfortunately have absolutely no qualms if this drama ended with jihoo+jandi & junpyo+chaekyung.

    there are six episodes left… is that really enough to rebuild my feeble memory of a junpyo+jandi couple?

    this is a drama… long term memory should not be required(and it isnt judging from the number of amnesia storylines they feed us)

    what junpyo and jandi had was first love and it was memorable and beautiful but from what the drama has told me thus far… they can find happiness in others. maybe not the same thing but still they would survive… which is odd. often when i watch these dramas i am left with the sense that the two main characters MUST end up together or the entire thing will far apart.. as it they are destined.

    i don think its bad that they did this.. but unfortunately i dont think it was intentional on the directors/writers part… which is annoying.

    i love this one to death but everything was too anticlimatic… they built stuff up and didnt use it…. i.e. junpyos guilt over jandi’s shoulder?

    sigh. i guess you can only hope for the best with these things. as for me, i am resigned. whichever way this turns out, ill just quitely watch and it try to enjoy it for what it is…. mindless entertainment.

  26. 26 BbBc

    Truth or dare game: I was hoping for another kiss too (JunPyo-Jihoo) Kha ha ha….

  27. 27 jennwpc

    TQ, agree with your comments. Really enjoy the TRUTH game scene, love the way JP expressed his emotion to JD, love the friendship of F4, JP and JK is too similar so they just could be friend from all the previous eps. could see, hope viewers don’t mad with JK, finally she will link both JP and JD together.

  28. 28 Mastisa

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was literally crying during the last episode and laughing at all the guys’ melodrama… And I think the plot sequence could have been improved… poor GJP’s lines could have been improved… he’s obviously being told to be sympathetic to JK but it’s like he isn’t even thinking about the company anymore, he’s just thinking about “how am I going to get Jan Di back and not make this girl hate me?” If he was REALLY thinking about the company he would be active too, perhaps pretend to like her, or at least make plans to elope… I would have cried with everyone else but been more satisfied with reality. Right now it is so confusing!

    OK, I liked Ji Hoo’s acting with grandpa for the first… .25 seconds. When his eyes popped out. And then they stayed popped out and he was trying to keep them popped out the whole time… oh, come on, even YJ is better than that!

    I think the only guy that can handle emotional scenes in this drama is GJP and the writers don’t even know how to use them – or they aren’t consistent…

    Anyway I want to see what happens when he finds out about mom! I shall watch for that! =)

  29. 29 Rebeca

    uuuuuuughhh. Im starting to get sick of these episodes where Jun Pyo seems powerless…..i want the good old mean, annoying, bossy, clueless, sick puppy in love Joon Pyo 😀
    I also want the fun and prideful and annoying Jan Di back…they are spending tooo many episodes on the Jae Kyung thing, and as a result we are getting (at least I am) a bit of an “angst overload”…..can we please have a happy episode?! lol

    And I truly hope that his witch mom goes away for the next episode…cuz she is really getting on my nerves……

    i can’t wait to see the rain scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and does anyone know if they are going to do the “amnesia” arc….cuz since this is a K-Drama, and there are only 6 eps left, i’m thinking that they are problably going to do the whole “stranded on island and then getting amnesia thing” and finish the series off like that
    (4 all of you that read the manga, you all remember the outcome of the amnesia regarding the mother, right?…that’s why i think its going to end with that arc)

    anyone else thinks so?

  30. 30 Lena

    I love your recaps =)
    I’m starting to like Jihoo and Jandi more as a couple. I really feel bad for Jihoo’s character. I’m kind of glad that they added a grandfather into this version so he won’t be completely alone at the end.

  31. 31 Kimche

    “And we can never have too much emotionally battered staggering in one episode, because now it’s Yi-jung’s turn.”
    “(Does anyone eat as miserably as Ji-hoo? Well, since food makes him so sad, I suppose it’s no wonder he’s so skinny.)”
    “On the downside, Kang-san has to live in a pink room covered in flowers.”

    lmao! Your recaps always crack me up! Love it. Thanks Javabeans 🙂

  32. 32 Annie101

    i think it’s gaeul that he’s referring to.
    1) he chased gaeul away to show her that he’s a player
    2) he LET eunjae go because he thought she was in love with his older bro.
    3) he was a butt face because he didn’t want to make gaeul cry.

    hek, i might be wayyy off, but from my observation, it seems most likely that it’s gaeul.

  33. 33 annieee

    i really liked the “truth game” scene. alot of f4 bonding, and the subtle dialogue and gestures showed the characters’ true inner feelings. theres something im confuzzled about, though: when jandi answered junpyo’s question, does she mean both of them have changed? or is she saying junpyo is now a “different” person b/c he has a fiancee? surely her feelings for junpyo and vice versa are still strong, so what does she mean by those words?
    the pattern seems to still be bad eps airing on mondays and better ones on tuesdays (except the numbers are now mixed up haha!)
    a very bittersweet ep, esp with more problems arising in the soeul couple. thanks once again for awesome recaps, dramabeans!

  34. 34 meikisis

    I might be out-to-lunch about this but…
    I think that Jae-Kyung is also talking about herself when she asked Jun-pyo at the very end if he had to choose love or friendship..
    I know that they didnt really show Jan-Di and Jae-kyung’s closeness or friendship lately.. but i think that she’s trying to make herself feel better when she know that she’s hurting Jan-Di.
    That she seems to be in favor of love over friendship but still torn in between.

  35. 35 japanese drama

    hyun joong..so adorable!!!!

    kim bum too…

    keep up a good jobs!!!

  36. 36 betchay

    Thank you.. hope to see JP/JD next ep. I miss that couple a lot!

  37. 37 tiki

    aah i loved this episode!!! the truth game was SO CUTE!!! omg ji hoo/yi jung!!! aaah!!!!

    ugh. now i can’t wait until monday. -_-

    thanks for the recap! (and thanks everyone for the awesome comments! i love reading them! =D)

  38. 38 javabeans

    #24 Chloe: “I think she was asking the question for herself; literally, if Junpyo were her, would he choose friendship or love; friendship being Jandi, love being Junpyo.”

    Oh HAHA you’re totally right. I think I read it the more complicated way when there was a simpler explanation available. Jae-kyung probably does feel conflicted choosing between friendship (with Jan-di) and love (Jun-pyo)… But I think my initial reading works too — that the question can apply to Jun-pyo as well as Jae-kyung. I actually like that this goes both ways.

  39. 39 Aye

    I am loving the brother-sister relationship between Jan-di and Kang-san. It’s sad that they had to part at the end. They are adorable. And I love watching Jun-pyo treat Kang-san like a little brother and calling him “dongsaeng.”

    Just a couple things about F4:

    I don’t know if anyone caught it but I loved how Jun-pyo sprinkled the seasoning powder onto the uncooked ramen noodle before eating it. How adorable was that?

    Ji-hoo made me laugh when he put the cellphone to his “ear” while he still had his thick helmet on. Ji-hoo really is 4D, lol. Other than that… the guy has a mighty fine haircut.

    Woo-bin is uber cool. He’s so mellow and such a natural at what he does. He’s officially my second favorite.

    Yi-jung, the little jerk. I didn’t get mad at him for what he did to Ga-eul though. He’s showing her what he could be like in the long run. After all, that’s why he broke up with his first love. I just hope he overcomes his fears and give us a happy ending. (Btw, I think he was talking about Eun-jae during the scene when he grabbed Ga-eul’s hand.)

    Thank you for the recap.

  40. 40 maria

    i am not liking this: the conflict has plateau-d already and IS NOT MOVING. WE NEED MOVEMENT. WE NEED PROGRESS. this isn’t it.

    jae kyung, you have had your time, it’s time to go! it’s not even like you’re already *suspicious*….. YOU ALREADY KNOW, FOR GLOB’S SAKE!!! get a move on already!

    the problem with this conflict is: we already know how this ends. and to pull out epi after epi of this never-ending conflict just infuriates us rather than excites us for the happy ending!

    jae kyung, you need to go, hunny. BYE.

  41. 41 Airajuliafor

    the truth or dare when ji-hoo kisses yi-jung was hilarious.
    I’ve always wondered why Madam Kang is so… PLAIN MEAN. Did this evil attitude towards everything result from an ugly past experience or was she just born with this wicked nature. Just the thought of her makes me shudder.

    I was thinking the same thing about Madam’s Kang photos once I saw them. Then I thought, ‘It’s Madam Kang.’ Seriously can anything ever stop this woman?
    She apparently knows no boundaries. I wonder what will happen if you suddenly take all her riches from her. (Evil laugh.)

    One of the biggest BBF question is whether Yi-jung is actually falling for Ga-Eul or not. Hopefully yes.

    If I go from the order of the other versions, it seems as if Jan-di will now become Jun-pyo’s maid… Hmmm…. I wonder.. will she? (Someone told me to watch the previews.. I’d rather not. Suspense is a great thing. =D)

    Thank you very much Java. Your reviews are so consistently cool.

  42. 42 BBF

    i had wished for jandi to pull an elizabeth-bennett-to-lady-catherine on madam kang. i can’t wait for the day someone told that eeevil woman off. yowza! that would make watching this show so much more worth it. oh, and seeing the two leads get back together wouldn’t be so bad, but they’ve been apart for so long that i completely don’t feel the love for the two anymore…kind of like when ross and rachel got back together in the last season.

  43. 43 Ya Yo

    @ Susie

    you know, i was thinking the same at yesterday’s ep.
    I really like Jae Kyung and Jun Pyo….but today’s ep actually changed my mind.

    I felt like Jae was in desperation to do anything to get Jun Pyo…even if it meant going to Jan Di’s house……and when it gets to that point, you see that Jae and Jun can’t work…cuz eventhough he allows himself to be mouth-fed, it doesn’t go deeper than that. It shows that Jun feels comfortable around her, but maybe that stems from the fact that she is someone he can relate to while still being cool enough not to be a snobby rich girl. The comfort doesn’t come from love or anything like that……

  44. 44 funniebones


    Thank you, Jun-pyo, for finally making it loud and clear that Jan-di’s the only one for you and you plan on holding on to her… BUT SRSLY they’re not even close to having any tender JP/JD moments! I hate that HE GETS FOILED ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

    And Ga-eul, you silly girl. I wish you’d treat him the same for once. Clearly we’re rooting for you, but we don’t know what Yi-young’s deal is…

  45. 45 Leslee

    I loved this episode. The Truth or Dare game was the best scene in a long time. I loved JP’s answer, and lack of hesitation and his total commitment to what he felt. I cannot wait for him to win back JD. And he has already warned JK, so she can’t feel too bad when she is left behind in the end. I kind of thought that when she asked him about love or friendship, she was trying to get him to consider JH, but maybe not.

    While I hated JD’s answer, I understand. She has to be terrified to give into her love for this guy again. His world AND him have been truly harsh and heartbreaking for her, and he has shown no evidence that he can be consistent or protect her from any of it. So he has his work cut out for him. I can’t wait to see him do it.

    The kiss was so cute! I liked the pause before JH decided not to answer. Just enough to drive JP crazy with jealousy.

    And JP’s mom. Scariest mom villan ever. I love to hate this woman!!

    I cannot wait for next week. I love this show!!

  46. 46 hanamichi-san

    is the friendship part pertaining to Jae Kyung or Ji hoo sunbae??? i mean, it is also possible that JK is talking about JP love vs. Ji hoo’s love/ obssession with Jan Di- which creates a rift between Jun Pyo and his F4 bff. i’m confused.. >_>

  47. 47 :)

    I really like this episode! and kimbum was soo mean T.T
    I especially like the truth or dare game. haha when hyungjoong was kissing kimbum, kimbum had a little glare directed towards hyungjoong bwahaha

    it was like he’s saying “that was mean!” but things got serious and then woobin made it fun again, which i loved, it broke the tension

    i wished the pd added woobin more in, he would’ve been a great character
    and did anyone else notice that they put kimbum’s hair the way it was before?? i just noticed it lol

  48. 48 Rebeca

    KANG SAM!!!! is so cute…….he HANDS DOWN wins the award for best “Susumu-san” drama interpretation.
    And i think we can all agree. We may disagree on which version had the best F4/Makino/Mama/Papa, etc…but Kang San is really the best!!! 😀 i love him…he is probably (and this is really sad, actually) the only character in this whole drama that (1) fits perfectly with the manga (2) never pisses us off (3) is pretty consistent throughout. LOL…..whoever the actor is, i shall def watch more of his stuff in the future.

  49. 49 JJ

    ohhh I thought the whole love or friendship thing for jun pyo was love with jandi or friendship w/ ji hoo… and on jae kyung’s side, love with jun pyo or friendship with jandi. But I think your perception makes more sense. =)

    lol that glare kim bum/yi jung had right after hyun joong/ji hoo kissed him was that of a kid that got kissed by his mom in front of his friends. annoyed & embarrassed. haha it was too cute!!

    I also loved jun pyo’s quick replies where he didn’t have to think about his answer.

    I was also wondering, when yi jung grabbed ga eul’s wrist and said that, if he was talking about ga eul or eun jae… leaning more toward ga eul tho. <3 SoEulmate!

  50. 50 eray

    I thought this episode did a lot more for the series than the previous few. It was definaetly more put together than the last one. Ep. 18 was so scattered, there was no flow. Ep 19 got that back. YAY!

    Hurray for Woo-bin! he’s my favorite! I loves him! okay, I am so glad that they are putting more of him in.

    I was wowed by the YiJung /GaEul story this episode. He was so mean and calculating and cruel, even Jun-pyo would have said it was to far. I get that he is going through some tough and rough times right now but still… Taking advantage of GaEul like that to vent all his frustrations by hurting, mocking and humiliating her really was going to far. I agree with what you said about how if his FATHER even said he went to far then damn it was low. That said I loved it.
    I am interested to know who he was talking about in all his drunken state. GaEul or Eun Jae?

    This was a brilliant twist in their relationship and for me it was ruined by having GaEul seemingly forgive him so quickly. He treated her like some cheap trick regular, humiliates her again and again, deliberatly hurts her and she is back to swooning inside of a couple minutes! (program time of course). Personally, GaEul is my favorite incarnation thus far of the Yuuki character, and having her be so forgiving brings her down in my eyes. I would have truly loved to see him have to show some actual remorse for his actions. This could have been the perfect chance to evolve their relationship more by having him actually have to work himself back into her good graces, by having her anger draw out just a tad bit longer. It was so intense in that moment she throws the water on him that we can see on his face the shocked ‘oh-damn-I-really-screwed-up’ realization, that her swift forgivness really made almost no sense.

    Anyway, now that my tirade is over (this just really bothered me), Thanks! so so much for all of your hardwork on your recaps and I can’t wait till next week for more!


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